The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 57

A Tea Party and Midnight Meeting



A tea party will be so fun! Declared Akari. And so instead of sending out invitations–she charged into the rooms of the invited guests.

She was quick to make decisions and quick to act. It was like the speed of light… Tiararose could only laugh awkwardly.

Tiararose, Aquasteed, and Elliot were now left in the room. All of them looked on dumbly and sighed.


“If that is what she says, then this tea party will definitely be happening soon. I will go and make the preparations. Prince Aquasteed, you should stay here with Princess Tiararose.”

“Yes, thank you.”


While somewhat exasperated, Aquasteed asked Tiararose if she was fine with having a tea party. If she was not well, then it would be best to rest.


“I am fine. …And besides, I would like for my memory to return as soon as possible.”

“I see.”


Aquasteed stretched out a hand and caressed her hair. Her eyes closed halfway, and she could not help but wish…that this moment would last forever.



◇ ◇ ◇


Later that day, Akari smiled and announced the beginning of the tea party.

As for who had come, it was Aishira, Keith, Grail, and…Olivia. Akari smiled with satisfaction, but everyone else felt that she had done too much.

Aquasteed stood behind Tiararose. He would be ready to support her if necessary, but otherwise, he would watch over her. With these people, it would be forgivable for him to only give them a short greeting.

They would understand the situation with Tiararose, and why he would talk less.


“What’s this Tiara, you have lost your memories?”

“…I remember you, Keith.”

“Ah, you have just forgotten about Aquasteed then.”


Keith laughed happily and was the first one to take a seat.


The tea party was set up in the gorgeous guest room.

A coral chandelier lit the room gently. It suited the color of the black tea that was being poured into their cups. Tiararose’s eyes shone at the sweets that were being carried into the room as she greeted the guests.


“Thank you so much for coming. Please relax and enjoy your time here.”

“Thank you for inviting me, Tiararose.”


Grail chuckled and said, ‘I brought a gift,’ and handed some baked sweets to Tiararose. Her face lit up, but at the same time, she was surprised by his appearance.


–So, he has stopped wearing women’s clothing.

Indeed, as Pearl was now sleeping, there was no need for him to dress as a woman for that man-hater. However, she also missed seeing him like that.

Was it because he seemed less glamorous? Tiararose thought and thanked him for the gift.


“Thank you, King Grail. I prepared your favorite tea for you.”

“That’s wonderful.”


Grail smiled and then took a seat next to Keith.

Next, Aishira came up to Tiararose with an uneasy expression. She had said something rather rude in front of Grail at Pearl’s palace, and so she felt uncomfortable here.


“Princess Tiararose…I, I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t worry, Lady Aishira. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and have tea with me.”

“No, not at all. I will do anything I can to help you.”


As Aishira was loved by the fairies of the sea, she was in charge of caring for the sea. On top of that, she was also busy with creating new types of fish and corals.

Tiararose felt a little bad as she imagined how much force Akari must have used to drag her here.


“Also, I have brought a cake with me. Please enjoy it.”

“Oh, thank you.”


Aishira smiled and said that she had her cook make it.

Tiararose wondered what kind of cake it was as she handed it over to Philiane. Of course, she asked her to have it prepared so they could eat it with their tea.


Aishira took a seat. And so the last person to appear was Olivia, who was being pulled in by Akari. Olivia was holding a handkerchief to her nose, but quickly fixed her posture when she saw Tiararose.


“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Princess Tiararose. I am Olivia Ariadale. It such an honor.”

“I am Tiararose Lapis Marineforest. I am also very happy to make your acquaintance.”


This was her current name, Aquasteed had told her. She felt somewhat embarrassed in saying it here now.



She suddenly thought.


She looked to the side and saw that Akari was smiling.

Aquasteed was standing behind her and looking exhausted. All of this was Akari’s doing. She chuckled.


–Wasn’t Lady Olivia supposed to be confined somewhere? And her butler, Levy was in a cell.

Aquasteed had explained this to her. Maybe it was fine since Levy was not here, but seeing as that Aquasteed had not said anything, he must have given his permission.


“Um… I know that I have caused a great inconvenience to you, and I am terribly sorry.”

“No, I have heard that you have been through much as well, Lady Olivia. How are you feeling now?”

“Yes. Thank you for being concerned about me.”


Olivia smiled and told her that she was kind.


“Now, let’s start this tea party!”



Akari said cheerfully, and so Tiararose and Aquasteed took their seats.

They sat around a circular table in the following order, Aquasteed, Tiararose, Akari, Aishira, Olivia, Keith, and Grail.


“Princess Tiararose has lost some of her memories… I thought it would be nice if she could regain them by having a tea party, and so I called all of you here.”

“I am sorry to take your precious time. But thank you.”


Akari lightly explained the situation and then the party was started.

The cake that Aishira had brought was sliced under Tiararose’s shining gaze. She didn’t have any memories of eating sweets recently. She wanted to eat a lot… Suddenly, a chilling atmosphere enveloped the room.




“…This cake tastes terrible.”

“Oh, I am so sorry…Lady Olivia.”


Olivia had taken one bite and then made the cold declaration.

She had seemed so cute only a moment ago, and Tiararose could not understand what had happened to her.

Aishira, who sat next to her, was swaying from side to side and apologizing.


–But it tastes delicious.

The cakes that Aishira brought were always delicious, and Tiararose always liked them. She wondered why Olivia didn’t like them. Akari’s eyes were shining as she sat next to her.


–Ah, is that what this is?

She couldn’t help but realize it. And as expected, she heard the quiet but forceful voice from the side.


“The real villainous daughter! You aren’t villainous at all, Tiara. So I am so happy to witness some real villainy here!”


I’m sorry for disappointing you–she joked silently. But then, would it mean anything to remonstrate Olivia? She didn’t even know if this was an event or just her personality.


–But Aishira did say that Olivia did not think kindly of her.


Aishira and Olivia’s fathers were no friends. And perhaps it was no surprise that Olivia would be jealous of Aishira, who was the heroine and managed the sea.

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