The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 58

The Castle’s Underground Passage



Out of nowhere, the question about just how this sequel was supposed to end—entered Tiararose’s mind.

Well, it was an otome game, which meant that there would be multiple endings. The Ring of Lapis Lazuli had many ending routes. A single character might have as many as three separate endings.


–Perhaps I will ask Lady Akari.


“I will have Philiane set up a tea party.”


Tiararose closed the book she was reading and then rang a bell that was on the table in order to call Philiane.

Several days had passed since Akari’s tea party, and yet her memories had not returned at all. She was starting to feel very anxious, but Aquasteed told her that she mustn’t worry.


–He spoils me so much.

While it wasn’t the most magical method, she had thought that maybe if she fell and hit her head, her memories would return!

But when she tried to do this, Aquasteed had stopped her.

Other then that, she tried going to places that she had often visited together with Aquasteed and repeated similar conversations with him. And while they all made her happy, they did not bring her memories back.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Well, of course. If we’re talking about the endings of Aquasteed’s routes, there is only one right answer!”

“Yes, yes! I get so emotional no matter how many times I see it!”

“Is-is that so…”


She had invited Akari to her tea party, and an overly excited Olivia had tagged along.

When no one else was present, Tiararose had asked them about the endings, and the two of them became increasingly enthusiastic as they talked. Tiara wondered if it really was that good, and she cursed herself for not being able to play it.


“Lady Olivia, you were in Japan in your past life as well then.”

“That is true. Though I am a little embarrassed to admit it…”


She had been reincarnated and had her memories of Japan since she was born, she explained.

As someone who had only recovered her memories towards the game’s ending, Tiararose was quite jealous of her. But she also saw that it was a difficult thing as well.


“I just could not pretend to be the villainous daughter very well. I needed to be much more ruthless against Aishira, but I don’t like to act like that…”

“You were acting like that on purpose?”


Unlike Tiararose, Olivia believed that she had to fulfill her role. She nodded now and said ‘acting is difficult,’ and laughed awkwardly.


“Lady Olivia is more of a spectator. I want to play, so I go wherever I want.”

“That’s true. I am not worthy of interacting with the kings and princes. It suits me best just to gaze at them from afar.”


Originally, she was supposed to be Aquasteed’s fiance, but she realized that being so close to her beloved character would cause her to ascend into heaven, and so she declined.

Tiararose didn’t know what to think, other than that she was a very strange girl.


And then the subject turned to the endings.


“That being said, we have already gone off from the official route.”

“Yes… In the official route, you are supposed to cooperate with the Fairy Kings to defeat the monster that they had been sealing away…I believe.”

“…But Queen Pearl is sleeping, so she cannot help to defeat any monster.”


There was already no Aquasteed route the moment it was apparent that Aishira would not be marrying him. But no one brought this point up.


“By the way, where is this monster sealed?”


“Under this very castle.”



The other two were very casual about it, but Tiararose was so surprised that her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

She would never have guessed that such a thing existed under the place where she lived. And then she wondered if even Aquasteed or the king knew about it.


“What was supposed to happen is…the heroine, Aishira was to be blessed by the Fairy Kings. Then she acquires the ring in order to start the event.”

“But Aishira has not been blessed by any of the Fairy Kings.”

“Not only that, but Prince Aqua is wearing the sky ring. It’s ridiculous!”


Akari grumbled, but also admitted that it was an interesting development.

And it was unlikely that she would miss the opportunity to witness an episode that she had not played through. Her eyes glimmered as she talked about how much she was looking forward to it. It would not be easy to stop her now.


At the same time, Olivia was also looking at Tiararose with expectant eyes.

Since she was playing the role of the villainous daughter, Tiararose had assumed that Olivia would not involve herself too much–that she would not show too much interest in this new episode.


But apparently, that was not the case.


“Tiararose, Akari. I really, really…want to go the ‘Sealed Room of the King’ that is under this castle!”

“Yes, I would like to see it as well. Now that I think of it, Olivia, your hobby is to go around visiting these sights. You should visit Lapis Lazuli some time.”

“Oh! I would love to go and visit!”


The two were getting out of hand, and so Tiararose had to finally raise her voice in objection.


“And why not? You’re curious about it too, aren’t you Tiara?”

“Well… But, what will you do if the seal that is holding the monster is broken?”

“Hmm. We’ll have to do something, I suppose.”

“It won’t.”

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