Heroine, ring, Fairy Kings. All of that to defeat the monster.

Could the three of them do it themselves? Of course not.


“But if we’re only going to look at it… This underground place is the only site that I haven’t been to that doesn’t require the blessing of a Fairy King.”

“Lady Olivia…”


Olivia said that she had seen the castle grounds and gardens during evening parties.

However, she was unable to check the underground of the castle, which had been a great disappointment to her. She said that she had repressed the urge because she did not want to trouble Duke Ariadale if something were to happen.

While that might seem very noble of her…what she wanted was too much.


As Tiararose wondered what she should do, a clear voice echoed in the room.


“…What an interesting discussion you are having.”

“King Grail…!”


–Yes, King Grail’s weapon was information.

They had let their guard down after making all the servants leave, but that was not good enough to shut out the Fairy King of the sky.


–What should I do?

This was the Fairy King of the sky who had given Aquasteed his blessing.

That meant that he was an ally of Aquasteed, but not necessarily hers. An uncomfortable sweat began to run down her back. She smiled as a way of distracting from it.


While Tiararose was considering her options, Akari slapped her hands together loudly as if she had just had the most brilliant idea.


“King Grail. Let us go to the underground together! We wish to go to the Sealed Room of the King.”

“…Do you know of that place? That is a surprise.”


Who are you? Grail asked her. But Akari ignored the question and whispered into his ear.


–Lady Akari?


Grail seemed to be thinking for a moment, and then he said, ‘Sure.’ And he casually agreed.


“What? King Grail…?”

“I will go along with Akari’s suggestion. Don’t you want to go to the underground, Tiararose?”



She became speechless at Grail’s question.

Her heart was pounding rapidly and she felt indescribable anxiety.


She held her hands together tightly in front of her chest and stared at Grail.



“…I am afraid. What if I remember Prince Aqua, and my current memories disappear…”


She added that it was merely a possibility, and chuckled.

However, when one loses their memory and then regains it later… She had heard of cases in her past life where the person would lose their memories of the time between losing and regaining their old memories.

Of course, this was a special case, so perhaps it would be alright. But there was no guarantee.


And so she felt terribly afraid of being active in different things in this state.


“Princess Tiara… So that is what you were thinking. I’m your friend…but was unable to detect your fears. I am sorry.”

“No, it is nothing for you to worry about, Lady Akari.”


–I wish that I was strong like Akari.

If this was only about me, I would not care as much. Nothing else would matter, and I would do everything I could to regain my memories.



Now she was starting to feel like she did not want to forget these memories of Aquasteed that she had now…


“Tears do not look good on you, Tiararose.”

“King Grail…I am so sorry, I…”

“Don’t talk.”


Grail took out a handkerchief and wiped Tiarorose’s tears.


“Well, I suppose I can understand why you are anxious. But…if you are afraid of losing your current memories, then that is how you should do it.”

“Yes, I agree.”



Grail and Akari continued to talk at a rushed pace, and Tiararose could not keep up with them at all. She tilted her head and wondered what on earth they could be talking about. Then Akari laughed and just said, ‘It’s fine!’

Was it because she was smiling so broadly that Tiararose felt uneasy…?


“If King Grail agrees to it, then Prince Aqua will surely allow it. Then we should go at once!”

“What? Right now…!?”


She had not prepared herself at all for such a thing.

What if the monster’s seal was broken? There was a mountain of things that needed to be considered first.

Tiararose held the sides of her head–this was going to give her a headache.



◇ ◇ ◇


Aquasteed felt a chill…he knew that something troublesome was about to happen.


“Prince Aquasteed, what is it?”

“An uninvited guest is here.”



He had been looking through documents in his study when the air in the room suddenly started to move.


Grail teleported inside with a gentle breeze–that was fine, but then Akari followed right after him. Grail was one thing, but Akari was nothing short of trouble.


“King Grail, Lady Akari…I will have some tea prepared…”

“There is no need for that! We’ll be leaving right away.”



Elliot had been about to prepare some tea for them, but Akari rejected it immediately.

She stepped forward towards Aquasteed and explained to him what they had already decided. Aquasteed could feel his head beginning to hurt already.


“…So there it is.”

“Underground, beneath the castle. I see. I cannot allow that.”


–I have never heard of anything being under the castle.

It was likely that even the king did not know. Aquasteed sighed deeply. He could not so easily suggest that they should go at once.


Akari saw Aquasteed shake his head firmly and she pouted. However, her expression soon became serious, and she gave Aquasteed some additional information.


“…Even if the place to make the King’s Ring is there?”

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