“It would be nice if all three of us could visit all of those famous places… If Princess Tiararose is with us, we should be allowed to go anywhere!”



Tiararose would not dream of abusing her authority like that, but she only laughed. She thought that surely Olivia had more common sense than that, and so she ignored it. Right then, they heard another knock on the door.



“Prince Aqua.”


It was Aquasteed who had peeked into the room.


“Ah, am I bothering you?”

He saw that Akari and Olivia were there, and asked if he should come back later. However, Akari shook her head and said, ‘I am just about to leave.’


“In fact, I must leave Marineforest today.”




He sighed at these sudden words from Akari.

He had not made preparations for an escort. He quickly gave orders to Elliot to make the preparations for her departure.


“Lady Akari, you must tell us of this more quickly.”

“I’m sorry. But I didn’t want to ruin this moment.”


Akari stood up from her seat and took Tiararose’s hands into her. She held them tightly as she apologized for having gotten so carried away.


“I didn’t mean to put any extra stress on you, Princess Tiara. …Especially about your memories.”

“No. I’m glad that you told me about it. And I was able to become friends with Lady Olivia. And Prince Aqua gave me a ring.”


Tiararose told her that she was happy from the bottom of her heart.

In that case… Akari said, and nodded with a laugh.


“Then we must have an even bigger adventure next time! I’m going to return to Lapis Lazuli and train so I can defeat the monster!!”

“I beg you, please settle down, Lady Akari.”


Tiararose said as Akari suddenly became very energetic. She could only pray that nothing would happen for the foreseeable future.


◇ ◇ ◇



After seeing that Akari was safely escorted away, the incident was finally able to come to a close.

Tiararose had moved by herself out of a desire to see the hidden stage, and the result was that she had inconvenienced many people. Of course, some of them were quite happy about it, but Tiararose felt that she had troubled Aquasteed more than what was necessary.


Aquasteed now brought in a bottle of fine wine to their bedroom, as he thought it would help them sleep.


“I am sure that you are tired. You should drink some before bed.”

“Thank you, Prince Aqua. …I am afraid that I’ve caused you much trouble.”


Tiararose apologized and bowed her head. Aquasteed saw this and chuckled. Then he gently put a hand on her head.




He tousled her hair and then laughed.


“Don’t worry about that. I wish that you would tell me about all the things you wanted to do. I want to continue to live happily with you.”


Aquasteed said that what he was about to say was not exactly proper for the crown prince, and he put a finger to his lips.


“Having such simple duties every day… It makes you crave some stimulation, doesn’t it?”

“Prince Aqua…”


She couldn’t help but burst into laughter with him.

They both sat down on the bed and touched their wine glasses together. The moonlight from the window was the only light in the room, creating a sweet atmosphere around them.


Aquasteed took Tiararose’s hand and touched the ring he had made. It shone even in the dark. Tiararose felt that it contained all of his emotions.


It was the most precious treasure.


Aquasteed slowly brought it to his lips as he kissed the ring.

It tickled her a little as if he were teasing her. He continued on to her cheek, her forehead, and then her lips–his gentle kisses rained on her. And then he pulled away and their eyes met.


His golden eyes looked only at her.

She could not help but get lost in those eyes that shone just like her ring. She slowly brought her hand up to his cheek and touched him.


She wanted to look at his eyes more. That was what she thought—then she realized it.


—Golden eyes.


“Prince Aqua…”

“Hm? What, Tiara?”

“…No. I, I love you.”


Slowly, she brought her lips to the corner of his eye. And while making sure that the wine did not spill, they hugged. She called his name once again, and he called hers.


Golden eyes were kings’ eyes.

All of the Fairy Kings are born with golden eyes. No one else would have such a color.


–But Prince Aqua’s were the same as the Fairy Kings…?

She had not thought about it before, but it suddenly filled her head.

She had assumed that Aquasteed had been able to make the ring because he was a main character in the game. However, realistically speaking, that did not seem like a big enough reason to be able to make a ring.

Even if it was with Pheles’s help.


“Allow me to spoil you, Tiara.”


Aquasteed’s large hand rubbed her back.

His warmth was comfortable, and she placed her wineglass on the side table before she dropped it. And just like that, they lay down on the bed and kissed each other good night before falling asleep.


Within Tiara was a suspicion. A suspicion that Aquasteed was something greater than just a human.






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