The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 61

  1. A Forest Tea Party



There were coral chandeliers and lace curtains. The room’s interior was mostly white and allowed for much sunlight to enter, which enriched its already luxurious appearance.

This was the princess’s personal room in the royal castle of the Kingdom of Marineforest. The princess had soft, honey-pink hair and a gentle smile that everyone who saw it would fall in love with…However, she was a villainous daughter.


She had married into the kingdom of Marineforest, which neighbored the Kingdom of Lapis Lazuli. And it was nearing two years since that event.

As the wife of the crown prince, Aquasteed, her popularity with the public was strong. She had been blessed by the Fairy Kings of the forest and sea. And the people all told each other that the future of the kingdom was stable.


Her name was Tiararose Lapis Marineforest.

The name ‘Lapis’ was from her home country, and it assured her a certain position back at Lapis Lazuli.

She was the villainess in the game, ‘The Ring of Lapis Lazuli,’ but now lived very happily.




The quiet voice escaped from Tiararose’s lips. After that, she called to Philiane, her maid.


“Philiane, are we prepared for the tea party?”

“Yes, Princess Tiararose. It will not be a problem if they arrived now.”


She sighed in relief at Philiane’s answer.

She had hosted a number of tea parties now, but she never stopped worrying about being ill-prepared for them. She was careful that the event would be enjoyable and that she was a good hostess.


“Even the cook was praising the sweets you made today, Princess Tiararose. I saw them myself, and I must say that they looked not only delicious but very adorable with all of the strawberries you used.”

“Really? I’m glad! Thank you.”


Tiararose thanked her as she twirled her honey pink hair around her finger.

Her hair was done half up and brushed to the side. Her empire line dress was accessorized with cute jewelry that resembled strawberries.


The theme for this tea party was strawberries.

Aside from the obvious shortcake, there would be some mousse, tarts, macarons, and even some mochi, to add a Japanese flavor. And they were all made by Tiararose.


“Hehe. How lucky for everyone who is invited to your tea parties, Princess Tiararose.”

“I do hope they feel that way…”


Philiane told her with a smile.

The tea parties that Tiararose hosted were called ‘forest tea parties’ and were very popular among the young ladies.

The reason for this was that Tiararose was the only one in the entire kingdom who had been blessed by the Fairy King of the forest.

As someone who had easily accomplished something that they would never, Tiararose had become somewhat of an idol for them.

Nevertheless, Tiararose believed that it was only because of the fact that she was Aquasteed’s wife. After all, there were many who wished to be friends with the future queen.

Especially since Tiararose was so heavily adored by Aquasteed.


Now, it was almost time for the invited ladies to arrive.

Just as Tiararose had gotten up in order to go and greet them, the door opened.


“Tiara, is it time for the tear party already?”

“Prince Aqua. Yes, it is almost time…is something the matter?”


It was Aquasteed who had appeared.

He was the crown prince of this kingdom and Tiararose’s husband.


“No, I only came as I had some free time.”


So saying, Aquasteed laughed.

He was busy from the beginning of the day, and so he always visited Tiararose when he found some time.

Tiararose had suggested that he should rest instead…but he told her that being with her made him feel rested.


“I’m sorry that we can’t relax too much…”

“It is nothing for you to be worried about, Tiara.”


He patted her gently on the head and said ‘enjoy your party.’ Tiararose nodded and she too ran her hand over his head.

His shiny, dark blue hair seemed to constantly invite her to touch it.


“What is it, Tiara?”

“Oh, it’s just that you are always touching my head, and so I thought I would touch yours too… I think that I enjoy it.”

“…Oh, Tiara…”


–Now I know why Prince Aqua is always touching my hair.


There was something exciting about petting a person you liked…

As she thought of such things, a maid entered the room and told her that the guests had arrived. At the same time, Aquasteed’s attendant, Elliot, arrived.

While Aquasteed had been resting, Elliot seemed a little anxious. Tiararose wondered what it was.


“It seems that your guests have arrived. And I have my own work.”

“Yes. …Well, see you tonight.”



◇ ◇ ◇



The forest tea party was usually hosted in one of several rooms that Tiararose had been given. Had the weather permitted it, they could have had it in the gardens, but spending too much time under the sun would cause them to get sunburnt.

And so the tea party was prepared indoors today.


She had invited three ladies.


Olivia Ariadale was Tiararose’s closest friend in all of Marineforest.

She was the daughter of a duke and the villainess in the sequel of ‘The Ring of Lapis Lazuli.’ As a child, she had once been engaged to Aquasteed, but that had quickly been called off, and she now lived a happy and peaceful life.

She also had memories of living in Japan before her reincarnation, and so her hobby was to visit all of the famous landmarks in the game. Her hopes for the future was to marry no higher than the second son of a count and live the rest of her life freely.


Lucia Bardenstein, the daughter of a count.

Her family ran a business that made sweets, and she was a great lover of them herself.


Christina Foxuto, the daughter of a baron.

She loved to gossip and told Tiararose about the latest fashions.


“Ohh, how wonderful! The sweets that you make are always so beautiful, Princess Tiararose.”

“Yes, they are. It is such an honor to be invited to a tea party by you!”


Lucia and Christina exclaimed when they saw the prepared sweets. Olivia’s eyes were also shining as she said, ‘I’m so impressed.’


And it was amidst this excitement…that Tiararose’s ‘Forest Tea Party’ began.



“I have heard that the circulation of honey is increasing greatly. After all, it is now possible to collect much of the rich nectar from Princess Tiararose’s flowers.”

“So you know it already? It’s a little embarrassing, as the flowers are named after me. But I am glad to see how useful they are.”


Tiararose smiled with embarrassment at Lucia’s words.

‘Tiararose’s flower’ was not only the national flower but seemed to exist for the purpose of making sweets. Its petals were sweet, and its seeds were filled with fine sugar. The large pink flower was loved by the people and had become an important symbol of the country.


The first thing that they talked about at the tea party, was sweets.

As the hostess, Tiararose, loved sweets, her guests always brought her the latest news that concerned it.

Of course, they would later discuss popular dresses and talk about love as well.


Then Olivia said, ‘by the way…’ and changed the subject.


“We are nearing the wedding of Prince Hartknights and Lady Akari.”

“Yes. It is in a months time, and preparations are being made.”


Tiararose nodded and thought about how nice it would be if it was a happy wedding.

Akari was the heroine of ‘The Ring of Lapis Lazuli.’ They had been enemies when they first met, but now they were not only on good terms, but Tiararose considered Akari to be one of her closest friends.


In spite of this, Lucia sounded anxious as she added,


“It’s wonderful that Prince Hartknights is getting married… But hasn’t the right to ascend the throne been passed onto his younger brother, Prince Sirius?”


“Akari can use the power of holy prayer. Why must she marry Prince Hartknights? Lapis Lazuli would be much safer if she were to marry Prince Sirius…”


Christina nodded in agreement.

If you thought about the country, it would be better for the future king to take Akari as his wife. Everyone agreed, except for Tiararose.


—At the end of the day, Akari loved Hartknights.

And Hartknights loves Akari, so there was no problem. And this was a combination that was probably the best for all of Lapis Lazuli.

Olivia knew this as well, and so she nodded.


“Lady Akari and Prince Hartknights are very fond of each other. I do not see why they shouldn’t be married.”

“Oh, is that right.”

“In that case, I am relieved.”


Lucia and Christina sighed upon hearing Olivia’s words.

As Lapis Lazuli was Tiararose’s home country, the entire kingdom wished for it to enjoy peace. As both countries were united by trust and goodwill, they expected this good relationship to continue.


“I hope that you will tell us all about the wedding? Your own wedding was most marvelous, Princess Tiararose.”

“Thank you. I am looking forward to it.”


She nodded at Lucia’s words. Next, Christina seemed to notice Tiararose’s finger.


“Oh, was that a gift from Prince Aquasteed?”



There were three rings on Tiararose’s finger.

The wedding ring that Aquasteed had given her and the ring of the starry sky that he had made for her.

And also the ring of the sea, that was from Pearl, Fairy Queen of the sea.


“Yes. Prince Aquasteed made this for me.”

“Oh…it is beautiful!”


Tiararose touched the ring lightly and nodded. As for the ring of the sea, Tiararose was not able to make the story behind it public, and so she said that it was a ring that she had made and liked very much.


Lucia and Christina looked at them…with jealous and dreamy eyes, hoping that they would one day have similar rings.


“Marineforest has changed much since Princess Tiararose arrived. There are more sweets shops now, and dress designs have improved. But more than anything, because of the blessing from the fairies of the forest, the natural beauty of the country shines brighter.”


The yield of the crops had improved, and life for the people had become richer.

Olivia listened to Christina’s words and agreed.


“Not only are there more sweets shops, but more children are training to become pastry chefs. Perhaps we will one day be able to have a sweets festival.”

“Lady Olivia, what a wonderful idea…!”


There had been sweets tournaments a long time ago, and Tiararose’s eyes shined at the prospect of it making a return.

Lucia and Christina were no different. ‘We must promise to make that happen.’ And with that, the tea party rose to a new level of excitement.





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