The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 66

A Fun Girls Party



When Tiararose and Aquasteed retired to their room once dinner was over, they were immediately visited by one of Akari’s maids.

Philiane went to meet her, but she let out a cry of surprise when she heard what the maid had to say.



“It is a gift from Lady Akari to Prince Aquasteed and Princess Tiararose.”

“Oh… but surely this is…”


–What was she thinking?

Philiane felt a little rage well up within her, but she tried to keep it from showing, and smiled.


As for Akari’s gift, it was–pajamas.

They were wrapped in cute, colorful ribbons and placed in a bag. It was wrapped just like the gifts that the capture targets gave you inside of the game. Of course, they never actually gifted you pajamas.


Philiane looked confused by this, but Akari’s maid had been given orders, and would not easily back down.


“We also wondered if it was alright to give something so tasteless…and said as much to her.”



Ah, so even these maids were aware that they were serving someone very unusual… Philiane felt a little sorry for them.


“Well, I will accept it then…”

“Thank you. That would be a great help to us…”


The maids bowed deeply and Philiane sighed.



As Philiane wondered what to do with the gift, Tiararose came out of the bath and asked her what was wrong.


“Oh, Lady Akari sent some pajamas as a present–!!”


–The way that it’s wrapped up!

Tiararose immediate recognized that it was the same as in the game, and she was so moved that she gasped audibly.

Philiane looked at her with suspicion. ‘Oh it’s nothing.’ Tiararose smiled and caught her breath so that Philiane wouldn’t notice.


–Now that I think of it, she did say something about a surprise for me after dinner.

And so Tiararose realized that the pajamas were the surprise.


“Princess Tiararose… You should not accept something like this that is to be worn at night…”

“Well, I promised to meet with Akari tonight. So I will accept mine. But Prince Aquasteed will have no use for his, so those can be returned.”



Tiararose gave Philiane the order and then moved to her bedroom so she could change.

Akari’s maid was willing to compromise, as long as one pair was accepted. And she took Aquasteed’s pajamas and left quietly.


◇ ◇ ◇


The chandeliers gave off only a dim light, as the rest of the room was illuminated by aromatic candles.

Cakes, macarons, cookies, madeleines, chocolates… A wide variety of sweets were prepared. The smell and warmth of the tea made their bodies relax.


The pajamas that Akari had prepared looked like t-shirts that went down to your knees. They were very common in modern Japan, but such clothes were not sold in this world.

Tiararose felt that it was quite a departure from the norm.


She had been invited to Akari’s own room.

And here, Tiararose, Akari and Olivia would participate in a girls party. Of course, Tiararose brought Liliarge with her.

They all lay on the wide bed and talked.


“Princess Tiararose, it’s been a while.”

“Lady Olivia! I am so happy to see you again.”


They said to each other. Then Akari looked at Liliarge as Tiararose held her, and her eyes shone.


“That’s not…a stuffed animal, is it?”

“No. I brought her in order to introduce her to you two.”


“Her?” Akari tilted her head to the side. Olivia commented that she had never seen such an animal before.


“I am Liliarge. But please call me Lilia.”

“You can talk…how adorable!!”

“What is happening? An animal…?”


Akari became quite excited over Lilia’s fluffy adorableness. She hugged her tightly and buried her face into Lilia’s fur.

She had moved so quickly that Tiararose became a little worried. While she looked like a cute animal, Liliarge was the first queen of Marineforest.


“Lady Akari, please stop that! Lilia is not the kind of person you can casually pet like that!”



Tiararose was practically panting as Akari hesitated and looked down at Liliarge. Both Akari and Olivia looked puzzled. They were probably thinking about how there was no such character inside of the game.


“Isn’t it a fairy?”

“Oh, I think you might be onto something…Olivia!”


Akari nodded to herself.


“No, that is wrong.”


Liliarge said as she shook her head.


“I am Liliarge Marineforest. The wife of Pheles.”



Liiliarge said, almost as if she was embarrassed. Akari and Olivia both sputtered in unison.


“I am the wife of King Pheles, the first king of Marineforest.”

“You have the most amazing acquaintances, Princess Tiara…!”


As Tiararose explained it to them, Akari excitedly continued with her excited outbursts, ‘wow!’

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