“Oh, wow. So King Pheles had a fetish for non-humans?!”

“That is a surprise… But I can get used to that idea.”

“Yes, yes… I like it.”


This perfect king who was also the first king. It would only be normal for him to have at least one odd quality. And if he liked non-humans, then we must accept it. Akari said this with the most serious expression.



“Queen Lilia, you are so fluffy… I can see why he would have wanted to hug you.”

“Yes, King Pheles would not have been able to resist your fluffiness.”


Before Tiararose knew what was happening, their delusions became more and more serious.


“Oh! Wait a minute, Olivia…! I just thought of something amazing!”

“What is it, Akari?”

“If she is the first queen…that means she is related to Prince Aqua! That means that Prince Aqua has non-human blood in him!”

“Oh, that’s true…! But can you have human children while looking like a beast?”

“Hehe. I know! They probably turn into humans when there is a full moon…!!”

“Oh, I can see that!!”




Tiararose held Liliarge and looked at them sadly. In the first place, there was a full moon tonight, so Akari’s theory was clearly way off.


Liliarge was confused by their exclamations and could not keep up.

‘What should I do?’ her face seemed to say.


“Um, I do look like this now. But I am actually a human.”



Akari and Olivia looked up with surprise at this confession. And then they both looked at her understandingly, but with a little disappointment.


“Both of you. You mustn’t speak about Queen Lilia so rudely…”

“I’m sorry.”

“I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry…”


Both of them looked very dejected now. And so Liliarge smiled and said, ‘please don’t worry about it.’


“But, why did you come to Lapis Lazuli?”

“Oh, was it to come and meet with me?”


Olivia asked, and Akari came up with her own answer.


“It’s because King Pheles’s power is unstable…”

“Huh? What does that…?”

“She says that if things remain like this, Marineforest could be in great danger.”


Tiararose explained that this was the reason that Liliarge had come with her.


“There is an item lying in the grave of Pheles’s parents in Lapis Lazuli. It will help calm things down.”

“However, too much time has passed. I do not know where the grave is…or if it even exists now.”


Akari listened to this and nodded.

Among them, Olivia had the most knowledge about the game. However, Akari lived in Lapis Lazuli, and currently lived happily, considering her life to be the sequel to the game. And so she knew the most about this country at the present.

She was the most likely to have new information.


“Well, this is quite a coincidence.”


“You know, I wrote Tiararose a letter. I sent it because I had discovered an old grave.”



Maybe, maybe… Wasn’t there a chance that it could be Pheles’s parents grave? Liliarge’s eyes were full of hope as she looked at Akari.


“I do not know if it is King Pheles’s parents’ grave, but I felt a mysterious power… And so it must be an important place.”

“I want to go! I want to go as soon as possible! Please take me to it, Tiararose!!”

“Of-of course… But we cannot go at night, Queen Lilia.”


As they could not go out alone, Tiararose said that it was not possible.

They would have to have guards and make the proper preparations.

And as Aquasteed was recognized as the king by Pheles, he should also go with them. And so Tiararose told her to wait until tomorrow.

Liliarge nodded at this explanation.


“I’m sorry for being so selfish…”

“No. It is understandable that you are very anxious.”

“Yes. I will go with you tomorrow as well. We will surely find this item you are searching for!”

“I will accompany you too. Levy will help us investigate.”

“Tiararose, Lady Akari, Lady Olivia…thank you so much.”


A tear spilled from Liliarge’s eyes.


“I did not expect to be treated so kindly. And Lady Akari and Lady Olivia, we have only just met…”

“Oh, please don’t cry, Queen Lilia. You should smile, because you’re so cute. Eat some sweets and lie down and relax. We must put on some strength for tomorrow!”



Liliarge smiled at Akari’s suggestion and started to bite into some macarons.


“I do love these sweet macarons!”

“You have great taste, Queen Lilia! I love macarons as well.”

“Tiara, you love macarons and pretty much everything else!”

“…Oh, that’s true.”


Olivia burst into laughter at this, and the others joined.


“Hehe. Rolling around in bed and eating sweets…there is no greater luxury.”

“It was quite normal back in Japan, but is considered very bad manners here.”

“Yes, yes! My maid would get so angry.”

“Please, Lady Akari, don’t do that…”


They could only act like this today because they have made sure that no one else was in the room. Tiararose and Olivia assured Akari that this was no way to act in front of the maids.

“I know that.” Akari stated. And with that, they realized that it was too late. She had already done this and had been warned.


“While the kingdoms develop and flourish…life has become much more stifling, I see.”

“Queen Lilia…”


Liliarge said sadly. She had been living in Marineforest over one thousand and five hundred years ago. There was more natural beauty back then, and people and fairies were closer.

Compared to now, people were much more free.


“But… The current Marineforest is peaceful and warm. I do love it.”

“Yes. I too love Marineforst.


Tiararose agreed with her. Akari and Olivia followed, professing their own love for Marineforest.


“Thank you. Thank you both.”


And like that, Akari’s sweets party continued until midnight.


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