The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 68

  1. Akari’s Wedding



“The stars of Marineforest…?”


Everyone gasped at these words from the knight. They had never seen anything like this happen before, nor had they heard of such a thing happening in the past.

Tiararose racked her brain, trying to understand how this could be. But Liliarge shouted before she could come to a conclusion.


“Pheles must have become even more unstable…! If this continues, it won’t be just the stars, but even the land will be affected!!”


“Hurry…we must hurry and purify the ring.”


Liliarge said in a panic as she pleaded with Tiararose. It was clear, through looking at her, that the situation was very bad.


“But, the stars disappearing… Queen Lilia. What will become of Marineforest?”

“I do not know. Pheles has never been in such a bad condition before… But, yes… I believe it will no longer be habitable.”



Everyone gasped at this.

Marineforest was a great and rich country with the protection of the fairies. It would take a lot to make it unlivable for its population.

Perhaps the sun would disappear now that the stars were gone. Maybe the water would dry up and the plants would fail to grow. There was no end to the possibilities.


Tiararose and Aquasteed nodded to each other. Something needed to be done immediately. They could agree on that.


“Prince Aqua…”

“It’s fine, Tiara. My father is there. Our country is not so weak to be in danger over this.”


Tiararose wondered if it wouldn’t be best to return to their country at once. She shuddered with worry, but Aquasteed smiled and said, ‘It’s fine.’

Changes in nature were one thing, but if it affected the lives of the people, it could cause much chaos.


Tiararose listened to him and nodded.

Akari and Olivia were here now, and so it would not do to appear to be in a panic, as they were royals. Tiararose repressed her urge to speak to Aquasteed about the matter, and she looked on ahead.


“Lady Akari, Lady Olivia. We do not want to increase the level of chaos. Could you please withhold this news for now?”

“Of course.”

“I understand.”


Tiararose asked them to keep it to themselves, and they readily agreed.

She was relieved by this and could now think about what it was that she must do. At the same time, it was necessary to support Aquasteed and Liliarge, so they could act.


–We must ensure that Lapis Lazuli will help us if it comes to it.

She considered writing a letter to her father, the prime minister, explaining the situation to him. As Akari knew about it as well, she would surely offer her help.

These were all things that she could do, as someone who was sent from Lapis as a bride.


–We must leave Marineforest to His Majesty and do what we can here.

But, also…


“Queen Lilia. Would it not be best for you to return to King Pheles…”

“Tiara… No, things will not be improved by my returning. There is no point if I do not have the purified item.”


And so Liliarge declared that she must stay until the end of Akari’s wedding.

Marineforest was important, but she was likely the most worried about Pheles. Tiararose had also been so worried, and so Liliarge’s strength surprised her.


–I too must be strong as the princess of Marineforest.


“Elliot. We must have more information about Marineforest. As we’ll have to adjust our schedules based on what we know.”

“I will work on that immediately.”


The knight who had brought the message returned ahead of them.

Tiararose and the others went inside of the carriage and talked on their way back to the castle. Aquasteed and Elliot rode in the driver’s seat in the front, as they had urgent matters to discuss.

Tiararose and the others rode in the carriage and thought about what was happening.

Everyone who had knowledge of the game was here, yet none of them knew of such an event as this. And so they had no idea what was happening.

Akari looked a little worried, but tried to remain positive. ‘It will be fine,’ she said with a laugh.


“For now, we just have to purify the ring. Returning the hero to normal by using a purified item. That is something straight out of an otome game, isn’t it?”

“Lady Akari… This isn’t a game. It’s real.”

“I know that. Still, there is surely a way to a happy ending!”


Tiararose was slightly exasperated by Akari’s words, but she had to admit that her high spirits was also encouraging. As a royal, her anxiety would spread to the people if they saw her.


“We must do what we can for now. I will make preparations so you can return to Marineforest as soon as my wedding ceremony is finished.”

“Yes… Thank you, Lady Akari. And Lady Olivia…”

“I will return with you. Levy, please arrange things so I can return immediately after the wedding.”

“As you wish.”


As they knew nothing right now, they each focused on trying to gain information about Marineforest. Tiararose. Olivia. Perhaps they would be able to grasp something different from their own perspective.

In any case, they all decided that preparations had to be made so they would be able to return immediately after the wedding.

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