◇ ◇ ◇


“Thinking about the wedding that is about to begin, perhaps it’s shameless of me…but I am rather excited.”

“Yes. While there is this whole matter regarding Marineforest, I think we should bless Lady Akari for now.”


Before the ceremony, Tiararose and Olivia were relaxing and drinking tea together. Akari was currently getting ready, and when that was done, they would move to a different location.

Philliane was taking care of Liliarge now, and so it was Olivia’s butler, Levy who now served them.


Aquasteed was currently talking with Elliot about their journey back, and so he was not with them.


“I suppose Akari will not be able to visit Marineforest as regularly, once she is married.”

“Yes, that’s true.”


Olivia drank her tea and said, ‘I will miss her.’ Tiararose nodded in agreement.

Tiararose was also the wife of Aquasteed, the crown prince, and so she was not able to travel so easily.


“Thinking of it like that, marriage is not only about things that are good…”

“Lady Olivia… I do think you will have a change of heart, if ever you meet someone you truly want to be with.”

“Do you really think so?”


Olivia seemed like the type who would rather stay alone forever, if it meant she could travel to her favorite spots. But she was the daughter of a duke in Marineforest, so it would not be surprising for her to receive offers of marriage.

But Olivia found this hard to imagine. ‘The second son of a count…’ she muttered.


Levy saw Olivia and said, ‘I don’t see what is wrong with it.’



“I cannot agree to any proposals of marriage that will cause Olivia to suffer.”

“Oh…thank you. Well then, if I am ever in danger of marrying someone above the eldest son of a count, you must help me then.”



Still, Tiararose could see that for Olivia, traveling around with Levy and visiting the different famous sites from the game was what made her happy in the present.

Levy was not only brilliant as a butler, but he was highly trained and reliable as a guard. Even a group of the palace guards would not be able to beat him.


–Still, should she really be giving him such orders?

Both of them seemed to be dead serious, which made her anxious.

She wanted Olivia to be happily married one day, but it seemed like it would be rather difficult with this butler around–Tiararose was a little worried.


◇ ◇ ◇


Akari and Hartknights’s wedding took place in the grand cathedral, just like in the game. There were colorful stained glass windows and chandeliers that shone like the stars.

The great pipe organ accompanied the melody of the choir.


“Oh, how beautiful…”


–It was just like the game.

Akari was in a pure white wedding dress that was covered in lace. Hartknights wore a frock coat that was white and sepia.


–I am so glad they were able to be happily married.

While relieved, she could not help but recall all of the events that had happened between Akari and Hartknights. Hartknights had originally been her fiance.

But he had fallen for Akari, and while things didn’t necessarily play out exactly as they did in the game…it was still quite a happy ending.

After all, Akari was the heroine, and Hartknights was her capture target. And now they were getting married.



“Prince Aqua?”


As she thought about the game, Aquasteed whispered to her. She tilted her head, wondering what it was. And he looked at her with a worried expression.


“…It’s just that, since it’s his wedding. I was a little worried. You must have awful memories?”

“…I am fine. Now, I want nothing but for the two of them to be happy together.”

“I see…”


–Tiara is strong.

In Aquasteed’s mind, Tiararose was a victim who had been ill-treated when she was suddenly faced with the annulment of their engagement. He had proposed to her shortly after, but he still felt conflicted about the whole affair.

Would he have been so strong had he been in her shoes? He could not help but wonder.


And even if he was…

–I doubt I could be happy for them now.

It was surprising that she could forgive someone who had hurt her so much. It was because she had a big heart and was quick to bless others—that the fairies of the forest, who had not loved anyone up until now, had blessed her.


“Besides, it resulted in me being with you, Prince Aqua. I do believe that I am the happiest person in the world.”


And so everything was good. Tiararose said with a smile.


“Tiararose. I really am no match for you. And I am sure that I am the happiest of us two.”



Aquasteed said in agreement. Then he smiled gently.

He looked so handsome then that Tiararose turned bright red. She saw Aquasteed every day now, and yet he was still capable of making her heart race.


“Don’t look at me like that here… I won’t be able to retrain myself, will I?”

“Oh! Prince Aqua…”


This was Akari’s wedding. Tiararose quickly brought her handkerchief to her face in order to cover the fact that she was blushing. It was just as the couple were exchanging rings and vows.


“Do you promise to care for this country, and love and support each other, in sickness and in health? Hartknights Lapis Lazuli Lactomut.”

“I do.”

“And do you promise to care for this country, and love and support each other, in sickness and in health? Akari Tetoleyete.”

“Yes. I do.”


After the priest said these words, Hartknights swore his love to Akari. And Akari, in turn, swore herself to him.

Tiararose sighed as she saw them looking happily at each other. She had seen this scene in the game so many times, but it was even more moving to watch it play out for real.


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