“I swear to use the power of holy prayer to make this world a place that is overflowing with love and happiness. And so everyone who is here today, please send your love to this world!”



Hartknights heard these words and was quite startled, as it was not something that they had rehearsed. Tiararose couldn’t help but chuckle, but thought it was very much something that Akari would do.

Akari was a citizen of Lapis Lazuli, but this entire world was that of a game she had loved.

Even if she hadn’t played in a certain country in the game, she still wanted to protect them all.

“She never changes.” Aquasteed laughed. Olivia was standing a short distance away, her eyes shining. Yes! Don’t hold back! She seemed to be saying.


Akari accepted Hartknights’s ring and looked at it with adoration before they kissed.

Her eyes closed slowly, and she offered a prayer. At the same time, the audience also put their hands together, closed their eyes, and prayed with love for the world.


“Please pray with me, Prince Hartknights.”



He nodded, and then placed his hands over hers.


“I pray for incredible productivity for Lapis Lazuli. And I convert this power into something holy, in order to purify that which is foul and unclean!”


Akari declared. Just then her beautiful black hair began to float in the air as it was enveloped in white light. This mystical sight drew the attention of everyone in the hall.

There was a pillar of light made from holy power. Akari thought nostalgically about the time she had first awakened to this power.

The purifying light shot through the roof of the great cathedral and rained down over the kingdom. This of course, included Philliane and Liliarge, who were waiting in a guest room, and the ring Liliarge carried.


The light was so bright that everyone squinted as it filled the room. ‘So this is holy prayer…’

‘Our country is safe.’ Words of praise for Akari rang in the hall.


“This is amazing. Holy prayer is so powerful.”

“Now the ring that is to be given to Pheles will be purified.”

“Oh, that is right.”


Tiararose and Aquasteed had planned to leave for Marineforest as soon as the ceremony was complete. Usually, they would have visited Tiararose’s family for a few days, but that would have to wait.

Currently, the stars had vanished from the sky, but people had not been hurt yet. And they had not made a report to any other countries either. They would return first and meet with Pheles before deciding on how to act in the future.


Tiararose was relieved that the ceremony had gone smoothly.

They just needed to wait for it to be over, and for Akari and Hartknights to leave the building. –But just then, Akari opened her mouth and said, ‘Alright, the next thing is…’


“Akari? Isn’t it over…?”

“No, I still haven’t thrown the bouquet yet.”

“Throw the bouquet…?”


–Lady Akari, please leave right now!


Tiararose started to get a headache as she watched them talk. As she was invited as royalty, she was in the front row and could hear them talking.

There was no custom of throwing the bouquet here, and so Hartknights had no idea what she was talking about.

Unlike Japan, most of the women here were married or engaged.

Tiararose wondered if this wasn’t an instance of misplaced kindness, but then she saw the Akari was looking straight at Olivia.


“What, is that what this is…?!”


“Oh, nothing. There is an old tradition of having the bride throw her bouquet. The person who catches it is supposed to be the next person to be happily married.”

“I see. So that’s why…”


Aquasteed knew that Olivia was not engaged, and he understood through Tiararose’s words, that Akari was trying to interfere.


However, the music was already playing, and it signalled that it was time to leave.

She clearly had not said anything about tossing the bouquet during rehearsals… Akari was always so free. Tiararose looked to Olivia as she wondered what would happen next.

Olivia was clapping her hands excitedly and looking at the bouquet. It was clear that she was targeting it with the utmost seriousness.


–Wouldn’t catching the bouquet of holy prayer make her marriage with a second son of a count even less likely?

She will probably end up receiving proposals of marriage from princes and sons of dukes.

But as Olivia’s hobby was to travel, her goal was to marry a second son who would allow her to do as she pleased.


“The girl who catches my bouquet will become very happy!”



Akari declared in a loud voice as she threw it high into the air. It looked like she had tossed it up randomly, but it was actually thrown directly towards Olivia.

A joyous cry came from the girls who heard Akari’s words, and all eyes moved to the bouquet. However, would they be able to beat Olivia, who was in full battle mode?


–I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Olivia burn with such fire before.


She generally did come off pretty energetic, but she also liked to look calm. She had played the part of a perfect, smiling lady during the ceremony up until this point.

But now, her arms were raised towards the bouquet that was headed towards her.


Just as it descended gracefully in the air, Olivia’s hands were about to take hold of it—but missed.






Tiararose, Akari and Olivia…all seemed to have question marks hovering over their heads.

The bouquet had been right in front of Olivia’s eyes. It would not have been possible for any of the other ladies to have caught it.

What could this mean? Their eyes scanned the grand cathedral–and then they saw it.


“Levy has is…”

“…What is the deal with that butler?”


Tiararose whispered. Aquasteed answered, ‘I don’t understand.’




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