The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 69

The Lost Sky of Stars



“I never would have expected Levy to steal the bouquet that was thrown towards me!”

“It is certainly a surprise. Even Lady Akari was shocked…”


Olivia sighed as if exasperated.

Tiararose and Aquasteed could only smile. This would probably be joked about for a long time to come.


Akari’s wedding ceremony had now ended, and they were inside a carriage in order to return to Marineforest. Elliot and Levy sat in the driver’s seat. The other knights rode horses and surrounded the carriage.

As traveling in a large group would slow them down, they had decided to return to Marineforest with as few people as possible.


“In any case, it is a good thing we were able to attend the wedding. While I am sad that we could not stay for long, we can come back once things have settled.”

“Yes. I look forward to it.”


Aquasteed stroked Tiararose’s hair and talked about how it would be nice if they could visit other countries as well.

Olivia watched them with a smile and thought about how pretty they looked; just like a scene from the game.


“Oh…water…I would like some water.”

“Are you alright? Queen Lilia…?”



Liliarge had been lying on Olivia’s lap. She now looked very ill as she pleaded for some water. Tiaraose called to her with concern, while Olivia gave her some water to drink.

As Tiararose gently patted her on the back, Olivia opened a window to let in some fresh air.


◇ ◇ ◇


A wind blew just as they crossed the border into Marineforest, and Keith and Grail suddenly appeared.(Could they not leave the country?)

Marineforest had become unstable, and they were waiting for Aquasteed and the others to return.


“I did not expect to see you immediately after our return, Grail.”

“I did not expect this to happen either. But only something serious could cause Lilia to leave Marineforest.”


Aquasteed got out of the carriage first and went to Grail.


“We must talk at once.”


Grail seemed a little tired as he sighed. He glanced towards Liliarge, who was in the carriage. Then he snapped his fingers.




In the next instant, along with Grail, Tiararose, Aquasteed, Liliarge, Elliot, Olivia and Levy had all disappeared.


They were in Grail’s territory now, the sky temple.

It was a huge room with a round table in the center with enough chairs for everyone to take a seat.


This was the first time that humans who had not received Grail’s protection had ever entered here. Olivia had once tried, as it was a famous place in the game…but had not been successful.

She nearly let out a gasp, but then realized that this was not the time, and she covered her mouth with her hands.


“Grail. You could have at least said something before teleporting us like this.”

“Well, we didn’t have much time.”


The knights who had been left behind had probably received quite a shock.

While they would likely wait nearby, Aquasteed felt that they should return as soon as was possible.


“Tiara. How are you doing?”

“Keith! What happened?”

“Well, that’s what we came here to talk about. I guess we should start by explaining the current state of things.”


Keith was the Fairy King of the forest who had blessed Tiararose.

He had long, loosely tied up hair and was a thin, tall man who had the appearance of a king. However, his voice sounded quite casual as he said, ‘what a lot of trouble this is.’


Once they had all taken their seats, it was Grail who first opened his mouth.


“First, the current state of Marineforest. The stars have vanished from the night sky and the power of the fairies has weakened. If we do not do something soon, the land will start to lose its power next.”

“Is this related to King Pheles? Why did this happen?”


Nothing like this had happened before, so why did it suddenly happen now? Aquasteed asked Grail.

Grail looked at Liliarge and said, ‘I’ll tell you in the right order.’


“First, Pheles…the first king. And his wife, Liliarge. We gave Pheles power during the founding of this country. It was much more power than an ordinary blessing.”

“However, the power was much too great for a human like Pheles.”



Liliarge’s face contorted with pain as she heard Grail and Keith speak. Still, she did not say anything and waited for them to continue.


“This immense power turned Pheles into the king of the stars. It was a power much like ours. And like us Fairy Kings, Pheles created a ring–a ring of the stars that held his power.”



Upon hearing that Pheles had received inhuman power from the Fairy Kings, Aquasteed gasped.

Because he too had been confirmed king by Pheles, and created a ring of the stars.

In other words, just like Pheles, Aquasteed had become something that was not quite human.

Aquasteed’s eyes went towards the ring that was on Tiararose’s finger.


“We three Fairy Kings and Pheles, king of the starry sky, we created this country. And that was the start of Marineforest.”

“I see. Grail. Can I ask you one question?”

“Please do, Aquasteed.”

“Why is there no information about Pheles, when he is the first king? Since you were all so intimate with him, it is very strange that nothing is known about him.”


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