That was why, although she currently had the help of a Fairy King—she was able to use magic that consumed a great deal of energy. People who did not have much magic would usually pass out.


She had not expected her position as the villainous daughter to suddenly become useful to Aquasteed.


“In any case, we need to do something about Pheles now. Lilia, you went to Lapis Lazuli because you had a plan, right?”

“Of course. If I put this on Pheles, it will absorb the excess magic and help him stabilize.”

“I see.”


Keith looked at the bracelet that Liliarge was holding and nodded.


“Then we just need to figure out how to get it on him…”

“Yes. Currently, it will not be very easy to go down and meet him.”


The words of the two Fairy Kings suggested that the situation was very bad. It would probably be best to make preparations at once and go underground to see him.


“I am so sorry to have troubled you all.”

“Please don’t worry about us, Queen Liliarge. We are also part of the royal family. It is our duty.”

“…You are very much like Pheles, Aquasteed. You know what it means to be a king.”


Liliarge smiled and then looked at everyone.

Then she opened her mouth–as if making a decision.


“Then I ask all of you, if we do not do something, Pheles’s power will swallow up all of Marineforest. Please don’t let Pheles do that to the country that he loved. Help me…help me save Pheles.”

“Of course, Queen Lilia. I will help protect this country with Prince Aqua until the day that I die.”

“I will not let this country fall. There are too many famous places that I still want to visit.”


Said Tiararose and Oliva with a nod.

Aquasteed stood up and looked around at the others.


“Things will be very hard from here on out. I am sorry that you had to be involved, Lady Olivia. But we need everyone’s help in order to save Marineforest.”

“I will always be by your side, Prince Aqua.”

“Oh, I don’t think that I was involved. I am a noblewoman of Marineforest. And I will do what I can. You can also use Levy as if he was your own man.”


Tiararose and Olivia smiled. The two Fairy Kings nodded. They would move to save this country and Pheles.


◇ ◇ ◇


Once they were all in agreement, Grail teleported them all to the castle in Marineforest. They were thankful for this and immediately went about making preparations.

Aquasteed was about to go and talk to the king, but the king came to Aquasteed himself. He had heard that they had returned and decided that there was no time to wait.

They headed towards the office and Aquasteed listened to the news about Marineforest. It seemed that not too much had changed since Grail received his information.


“I have a report to make myself. Well, I know the reason for all of this.”

“You have received that much information then? …Well, it’s no wonder, as you were blessed by the Fairy King of the sky.”


One of the Fairy King’s weapons was information.

And the king was aware of this, even though he had not been blessed.


His relief did not last long.

Bad things kept happening one after another—


“Prince Aquasteed. We have had a report that all the plants are starting to dry up!”

“The plants!?”


They were in Aquasteed’s office.

Elliot had immediately left to learn more of the situation. When he returned, his face was very pale. It had felt so impossible that the land would be affected like this…

There was no way that they could restore plants that had died.


As Aquasteed wondered about this, the king made one suggestion.


“If we are to move at once…in order to contain the chaos of the people, we will have to give them comforting words.”

“A speech…you mean…?”


Yes, that was what the king was suggesting.

And there was a reason that he wanted Aquasteed, the crown prince to do it instead of him. It was because he was more popular.

The crown prince had been blessed by the Fairy Kings and was trusted even more than the king. Now only that, but his wife, Tiararose, had also been blessed.

He also felt that Aquasteed was more fitting for this job than himself at this time.


“You should do it instead of me. Don’t you agree, Lady Olivia?”


The king asked Olivia and she clapped her hands in agreement.


“That is a wonderful idea. Aquasteed is most loved by the people. If he can offer them words of comfort, I think that they will feel much safer.”

“Currently, we don’t know how long it will take for everything to be resolved. But we should do everything that can be done immediately.”


Elliot agreed with the king and immediately left the office in order to make preparations. Aquasteed chuckled at his incredible speed, and then got up in order to get ready.

While he hadn’t told him the details yet, Aquasteed told the king what he would have Elliot do during the speech.

The king nodded and smiled at the growth of his son. If he could be this reliable, he was willing to give him full authority.


“You seem to know much more than I on this matter. Leave the castle to me and go out and work to find the solution.”

“Thank you. I promise to save Marineforest.”


Aquasteed and the king looked at each other and nodded.

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