The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 70

The Ring of the Forest Fairy King



While the announcement of Aquasteed’s speech was rather sudden, many people gathered to hear him. Tiararose was proud, as it showed how much they respected him.


The speech was to take place in a public square that had been set up next to the royal castle.

It was a place that the general public were allowed to enter, and was usually a park for people to rest and talk to each other. And now, it was filled with the people of the country.


Tiararose was quietly watching from a window before the start of the speech.


“Oh, there are so many people…”


She felt that more than half the kingdom must have come. People who weren’t able to fit in the square were standing by the roads. Everyone seemed impatient to get a glimpse of Aquasteed.


Then she moved her gaze to the side and looked at the plants in the square. She had heard Elliot’s report, but had not seen the wilted plants herself yet.

She had expected a most dreadful sight indeed, but there were still flowers blooming and the trees were still covered in leaves. That was a relief. But on closer inspection…they did seem to be losing their vibrant colors. Yes, the wilting had just begun.

She was worried. Would Pheles regaining his balance really reverse these effects? Bringing dead plants back to life seemed just as unlikely as bringing dead people back.



“Prince Aqua…”


As she stared out of the window, Aquasteed wrapped his arms around her and said, ‘it will be fine.’

Tiararose looked troubled as he gently stroked her hair. His fingers brushed the hair away from her face and he softly kissed her forehead.


“I am worried about all of this…but I know it will be resolved. You are here, Prince Aqua…and Queen Lilia is doing her best for King Pheles.”

“Yes. Besides, since I have you, I can do the work of one hundred men.”


Aquasteed’s fingers moved from her hair to her cheek. His hand was warm, and Tiararose brushed against it as if she were a small animal.

They wished that they could stay like this forever–that’s the kind of atmosphere they were in. Without thinking, their lips found each other and their bodies pressed together as if searching for warmth.

As if replenishing energy that they would need to overcome these troubling times.


“Mmm…Prince Aqua…Aqua.”

“Yes. Just a little more. Bless me Tiara, so that my words will reach the people.”



Tiararose smiled as if to say that she would offer it whenever he wanted. They kissed again and again. And before they knew it, the time for Aquasteed’s speech had arrived.




When Aquasteed appeared on the balcony with Tiararose, the crowd erupted with cheers. Tiararose felt goosebumps on her arms. The air seemed to shake as the people raised their voices.


“Prince Aquasteed! Prince Aquasteed!”

“Our country will be safe if we have these two!”

“Marineforest has the blessing of the Fairy Kings!”


–This was more than I expected.

So this was the kind of pressure the people put on the royal family. Tiararose had thought that she knew it, but having it in front of her now caused her feet to shake. Without thinking, she clutched at the sides of her dress.

Aquasteed accepted this great weight and looked straight at the crowd of people. She was doing nothing but standing right next to him. This was no time shake.

And so Tiararose too looked straight at the people.

She had married Aquasteed and was part of the royal family now. She was not just the daughter of a marquis who ate sweets all day.


Aquasteed took one step forward. Before speaking, he turned back to look at Tiararose.


“Tiara. Stand by me.”



She took his offered hand and also took a step forward to stand next to him.

And with that, the crowd erupted into shouts of ‘Princess Tiararose!’


“My wife is loved by the people. Maybe too much.”

“Prince Aqua…”


Aquasteed chuckled and raised his right hand. When they saw this, everyone’s mouths closed and a silence fell over the square.

It was hard to believe that so many people could be in one place without making any noise.


“I thank you all for gathering here together on such short notice.”


Aquasteed said, as if looking at each and every face.

His voice was low and clear. Reaching out passed the people and into the town as well. The spectators widened their eyes in surprise at how loud his voice was.


Aquasteed was using the ring of the Fairy King of the sky. It allowed the wearer to amplify his voice. The ring was used for kings to talk to the people.


“As you all live in this kingdom, you would already be aware of what has befallen it. Stars have vanished from the night sky. Plants and crops are weakening and beginning to wilt.”


Aquasteed slowly took in a deep breath.


“…But. This kingdom is loved by the fairies and their kings. I have been blessed by the Fairy King as well. And so here, I will declare. Marineforest shall not die.”


He said strongly. Then Aquasteed wrapped his arm around Tiararose. He wanted to show that it wasn’t just him, but Tiararose, who had also been blessed, was also here.

Tiararose smiled and waved her hand, as if to say that they should all be relieved.



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