“It would be better for you to see it then for me to try and explain. …Tiararose.”

“Yes. Prince Aquasteed.”


Tiararose looked just like a goddess in her white dress. The people all gasped and wondered what was going to happen now.

If it was just a report about how the stars had returned, then Prince Aquasteed could have done that. However, it was Tiararose that now stood before them.


She was the only woman in the whole kingdom who had been blessed by the Fairy King of the forest.

And so they all knew that something important was about to happen. However, Tiararose would exceed their expectations as if it were the simplest thing.


Without saying a word, she put her hands together as if in prayer, and then closed her eyes.

And then a pale light surrounded her. It was coming from the ring of the Fairy King of the Forest.


“This… What is happening?”

“Is Princess Tiararose a goddess!?”


Voices asked from the crowd.


The light grew larger and then rose in a single pillar. It was very mystical. It rose so high that you could no longer see where it ended. And then the miracle occurred.


The light that had come from Tiararose now rained down from the sky as if it were the birth of new life.


Who was it that shouted first?


“Something is growing from where the light touched.”

“What a beautiful light…!”

“It’s a miracle. So this is what you can do when you are blessed by the Fairy King of the Forest.”


At the same time, dead plants regained their strength, and new flowers blossomed. The world was healing and everyone’s eyes were glued to Tiararose.

Even Aquasteed could not look away from her.


“So this if the power of the ring of the Fairy King of the Forest.”


Aquasteed was sure that it exceeded the power of the other Fairy Kings. As the trees and grass grew everywhere, so did his love for Tiararose.


“Thank you, Tiara.”

“Prince Aqua. …No, I only did what I had to. And more than anything, I wanted to repay you and this country for giving me a home.”

“Repay? It was I who loved you and asked you to marry me. You do not owe anyone anything.”


Aquasteed’s fingers touched Tiararose’s hand. And then he raised it to his lips and kissed it.


“Oh, Prince Aqua… Everyone is watching.”


Tiararose was embarrassed–but he wasn’t listening.


“I too want your blessing.”



He said as he kissed her on the mouth.

She didn’t have a blessing. What a silly thing to say. However, Aquasteed’s lips were so gentle and warm.

Before she knew it, she was kissing him back.




“Woah. They’re really passionate.”

“Pheles. You must not make fun of them like that.”

“Yes, after all. I have you, Lilia.”



There was a large tree that offered a good view of the balcony that Tiararose and Aquasteed were on. And in this large tree, sat Pheles, Liliarge, Keith, and Grail.

Pheles laughed happily after seeing his descendant fulfill his duty.


“Well, that settles things for now.”

“Yes. Lilia feels better now as well. It should hold for a long time, right?”

“Yes. Tiara accepted a lot of it. So I should be alright for a while.”


Grail and Keith agreed as Liliarge nodded. They didn’t have any exact numbers, but they felt it should hold for a few hundred years.

Still, Grail looked at Pheles and Liliarge.


“Why did you come out here? I hope you don’t think that I will take care of you?”

“Yes, that’s true. I was surprised that you were able to leave. Especially Lilia. She was supposed to be sealed.”


There was no place for Pheles in the castle. And Grail didn’t like to be involved. Pheles laughed and said, ‘how stingy of you!’


“I don’t intend to be indebted to either of you. Lilia and I are thinking about traveling around Marineforest. I want to see what has happened to this kingdom…that I built.”

“I see. I won’t stop you then. But you must let me know if you noticed anything strange.”

“Of course.”


Pheles had died before seeing much of the country, and so he was very curious to see what had happened.

They did not need to worry about money. There were hidden treasures that only Pheles knew about. And he didn’t mind working if it came to it.

Keith and Grail sighed when they saw how excited Pheles looked. Still, they smiled.


“Oh? The effect of the ring is finished now. Something is about to start.”

“Ah, you mean that.”

“Why do you know about it, Grail?”

“Information is my weapon. This is nothing.”


Keith didn’t know what was going to happen, and he looked at Tiararose with an annoyed expression. Pheles and Liliarge also didn’t know, and they watched anxiously.

And then Aquasteeds voice echoed around them.


“We have decided to make this day a day of celebration for the rebirth of Marineforest. Every year, the entire country shall celebrate.”


Aquasteed announced. And the people cheered loudly.


“Tiararose will hold a sweets tournament. Starting this year. There are no requirements to join. You can enter by yourself or as a team of three.”


He continued to announce the specifics and said that it would be held in one month from now.


“Sweets are very delicious. I fell in love with them after Tiararose gave me some. I cannot wait.”


Liliarge clapped excitedly. Pheles grinned. He went behind Keith and Grail and wrapped his arms around their necks.


“Alright. We must participate as well!”


“Why would I…”


A team of three, right? Pheles said with a laugh.





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