The Villainess Is Being Doted on by the Crown Prince of the Neighboring Country 74 – An Eventful Sweets Tournament



Participation in the Sweets Tournament:


– No restrictions on class or age. However, there will be preliminaries if more than 30 teams compete.

– You can participate alone or as a group of 3.

– Contestants can report the ingredients they will use in advance and it will be provided for them.

– The people will be the judges. The winner will be decided by vote. There will also be special judges, but they will only judge for the Special Prize.


The rules were fairly simple, and they were put up all over Marineforest. At the same time, the country was enveloped in a festive atmosphere.


As it had been announced quite suddenly, Tiararose assumed that a few dozen teams would appear at most, but there was an unexpectedly high amount of requests, and so preliminary competitions were held.

They were held in each of the towns and villages until the final 32 teams were decided. Most of them were commoners who had restaurants and shops. Tiararose very much looked forward to how it would all go.


Of course, Tiararose herself would compete.

Her team consisted of herself, Akari and Olivia.


◇ ◇ ◇


Inside the calm dressing room. Akari was chatting excitedly while Tiarose nodded. Sirius listened and smiled.

Aquasteed and Hartknights sat next to him and drank tea with tired expressions. Aquasteed was tired from planning the event while Hartknights was tired from the road.


The only ones who seemed to have any energy were Akari and Sirius.


“I didn’t think you would come all the way here for your honeymoon.”


Aquasteed said as he looked at Hartknights with exasperation. ‘Neither did I,’ Hartknights replied with a shrug.


“Akari said she wanted to come here no matter what. Besides, I thought Sirius could learn about diplomacy, and so I brought him with us.”

“I see.”

“And since Marineforest is having a festival held by the royal family, it seemed like the perfect time to come.”


Aquasteed nodded. Sirius was going to be the king of Lapis Lazuli one day. Besides, having guests would only help make the event feel me festive.

After the festival, Sirius would return alone while Akari and Hartknights would stay and take a tour of the kingdom.


“The real tournament starts tomorrow. Princess Tiara, have you decided what you are going to make?”

“Yes. I have prepared a recipe.”

“Then we will have to have a meeting about it later!”


Akari added that she had high expectations for this special recipe that Tiararose had made. It was hard to believe that Akari had only arrived a moment ago and demanded to be part of Tiararose’s team.

Sirius looked at them with drooping shoulders and said, ‘I wish you would allow me to be in the team too.’ However, there was nothing to be done about the three-person limit.


“By the way, did you compete in the preliminaries?”

“Of course, we did. And we won.”

“Levi was on our team at that time.”


Tiararose and Olivia answered Akari’s question.

Levi was the kind of butler who accepted all of Olivia’s often ridiculous demands, and his skills in the kitchen were perfect. He had been especially brilliant when beating the egg white into meringue.


Aquasteed and Hartknights watched the ladies and admired their energy.



◇ ◇ ◇



The sweets tournament was held on the following day.

Tiararose had patisserie uniforms made for this very day, and her team was brimming with enthusiasm both on the inside and out.


Team 1 was Tiararose, Akari and Olivia.

Team 2 was Pheles, Kieth and Grail.

Team 3 was Hartknights and Sirius, who represented their country.

The other teams were mostly civilians. But there were a few noble ladies who brought their own chef and even a cook who wore a mask to hide his identity.


“Woah, there are so many people! I can’t wait!!”


Akari said excitedly as she rushed to the cooking space that had been set up. Tiararose followed after her. And after a while, all of the contestants were in place.

Once this was confirmed, the man who was presiding over the competition announced in a loud voice.


“And now, let the first annual Sweets Tournament begin!”


And with that, a magic firecracker was launched into the sky and the competition began. The gallery was filled with spectators who looked on eagerly to see what kinds of sweets would be made.


“Alright. Let’s do this! Lady Akari, Lady Olivia!”

“Yes, let’s make a circle!”

“Oh, yes. Like a real team!”


Olivia suggested, and Akari readily agreed. The three of them faced each other in a circle and nodded to one another.

Tiararose wondered if she should say something, but Akari quickly took in a deep breath.


“We won’t lose to anyone!!”


“Ahhh. The heroine of the The Ring of Lapis Lazuli and the villainous daughter teaming up…how exciting.”


Tiararose was a little taken aback by Akari’s loud voice and her shoulders shook. As for Olivia, she was squirming with excitement over this pairing. It was a little odd with her being there as well, but she didn’t care too much about that.


“Now, let’s begin! We are going to make a cake with candy decorations!”

“I and Tiararose will be in charge of the cake. And you are in charge of the candy decorations, Akari.”


As the people of the country would be the judges, they would have to make quite a few of them. And so they each had different roles to help things go smoothly.

Akari melted the candy with magic and put on a show of freely shaping them at will. The crowds clapped and cheered while Akari made more and more of the candy decorations.

Tiararose saw this and chuckled at the idea of the incredibly fancy cake that would result from this.



“Each team seems to be making good progress. Now, let me introduce to you our special judges! King Sotiris and Queen Lavina. It is a great honor to have the king and queen taste your food! And we also have the head chef and the sous-chef from the royal palace. And here, we have Princess Tiararose’s dear friend, Liliarge!!”

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