Why Are They Coming Towards Me?

The presence of monsters increased around me.
And it wasn’t just one type.
I could sense zombies and goblins too.
So that howling wasn’t just for monsters of the same species then, it lured any monsters that were in its vicinity? No… It was also possible that the other monsters were just trying to get whatever spoils remained after the fight.
Whichever the case, I had clearly let my guard down.
I had lost my opening to pull out.

Well then, I better run.
I could sense the presence of monsters all around me, but with my status, I should be able to break through at some point.
But first.

“…I have to do something about these guys.”


As if surrounding the area that I and Momo were in, lesser wolves began to appear from the darkness.
There were four of them in all.
They must have been the first to arrive after hearing the howling of the wolves.
But I had been using ‘Conceal’ and ‘Presence Block,’ and they still noticed me…

“So they really can tell by the smell…”

While I had anticipated this, it was still the worst result.
The biggest merit to my skills was now useless.

“You know, the guys who called you are over there? Go that way!”


I tried half-heartedly, and of course, they did not understand what I was saying.
If anything, it seemed to have increased their alertness, and they began to close in.
They really were looking for a fight here.

“…Momo, let’s get them.”


I had no choice. I would have to kill these guys here and now.
It might have been possible to run as well, but these monsters had a really sharp sense of smell.
Once they learned I and Momo’s ‘scent’ then they would chase after us. That would be bad, to say the least.
And they also moved in packs.
I didn’t want to imagine a scenario where a whole pack continually tailed us.

I pull out a kitchen knife from the item box and brandish it.
The lesser wolves are cautious of it, but continue to move forward.
I was surrounded on all four sides. They probably meant to jump on me all at once.
But I had a method of dealing with large groups of enemies.
The lesser wolves come one more step closer.

“–They’re in the effective range now.”

In the next instant, I aim for the area above the heads of the lesser wolves and unleash home appliances and vending machines.
The instant murder by way of home appliances method.
The lesser wolves screeched in surprise as the deadly machines appeared in the air and then fell on their heads.


Not being able to dodge it in time, three of the lesser wolves were flattened.
They weren’t as tough as goblins it seemed.
There was an audible wet noise as they were crushed.

<<You have gained EXP points>>
<<Your EXP has reached the required level>>
<<Kazuto Kudo’s LV has been raised from 7 to 8>>

My level up was announced.
That was nice, but now was not the time to think about it.
After all, one wolf, who had dodged the attack was coming right at me.



Momo’s ‘shadow’ began to stretch.
It wrapped around the legs of the lesser wolf and stopped it in its tracks.


The lesser wolf was now immobilized.
It was now trying to unleash its own ‘shadow’ as well, but I would not give it enough time.
Immediately, another vending machine appeared and then fell onto its head.

<<You have gained EXP points>>

There were now four purple colored magic stones on the ground.
I quickly retrieved them and tossed them to Momo.
She caught them in her mouth perfectly and ate them.

“They just keep coming…”

The howling was still continuing.
More and more monsters were gathering around now.
From what I could confirm with my eyes, there were already a few dozens including the goblins and zombies.
There was even a hobgoblin.
How many more could be hiding in the shadows…
I would have to move to an area where there were fewer of them.

“Alright, Momo! I think we may be able to escape from over there! Let’s go.”


Sorry about it, guys.
I’m leaving.
Do your best and survive this.
I think as a look back at the home center.
The students were now fighting against the lesser wolves and goblins.
It looked like a few of the refugees had also joined the fight. Some of them were using blocks of wood for weapons.

I looked for Nishino and saw that he was standing behind everyone.
He was shouting out orders and holding his hands over the others.
What was that? There was a faint glow emanating from his hands.
It seemed to me that whenever the light hit one of the students, their speed and strength would increase.
Was it support magic? Was there such a skill?

“But even then, they weren’t moving that much…”

It looked like they were only focused on defense.
Also…there were a lot fewer monsters there, than I thought there would be.
Shouldn’t there be much more of them?
Where did the other monsters go?


And then I realized it.
It was the center of the parking lot that was a short distance from the entrance.
The rest of the monsters had gathered there.
The person that they were fighting as they swarmed around was a single female student.
She was a bit gaudy-looking and had a side-ponytail.
There were two billhooks in her hands which she swung around her against the monsters.

“Are you kidding me…what the?”

There was something that looked like steam rising out from her body.
And even in this darkness, I could see that her eyes were glowing with a red light.
The two billhooks that she was wielding was shredding through the bodies of the monsters, and every time she kicked, a goblin went flying several meters into the air. Oh, her underwear was showing.
Even when a lesser wolf would try to bind her with its ‘shadow,’ the student would forcefully tear the shadow apart and continue her rampage.
Along with her angry shouts, monsters fell one after another.
It was a most unusual sight, even though I was watching from afar.

“That has to be some kind of skill, right…”

No, ‘Berzerk’?
It must be some skill that raised your combat abilities.
Was she perhaps the strongest in the group of delinquents?
It sort of looked like the other students were staying in their defensive position as to not get in her way.

“…maybe things would turn out well for them after all.”

Apparently, they were a lot more capable in terms of their fighting force than I had thought.
If that’s the case, they could get out of this mess on their own.

“…ah, I shouldn’t be wasting my time and staring at this. I need to run–”

Just as I was thinking this–a chill ran up my spine.

‘Danger Detection’ was ringing its alarm.
‘Hostility Detection’ was reacting too.
Something was here…!


I heard a distant howl.
I looked in the direction of that voice. It was the roof of the building where I had been a moment ago.
And there was lone monster standing there.

There was something almost fantastical about the way it stood there with the moon at its back.
Thanks to ‘Night Vision,’ I had no trouble seeing what it was.
It was much larger than a lesser wolf.
It was unmistakable.
The monster I had first killed after the world changed.

“…Shadow Wolf.”

And this one was even bigger than the one I had run over.
It looked about the same size as a lion.
The pair of glowing red eyes in the darkness were clearly staring directly at me and Momo.

“Again, why are you targeting me… Go over there!”

Of course, there was no reply to that.
Not that it would have even been able to hear me at this distance.
But to me, it had looked like the shadow wolf had laughed.
It ran through the shadows and made its way down from the building.

“…It looks like it has no intention of letting me get away then.”


Momo released her ‘shadow’ and prepared to battle.
It seemed that I would not be allowed to run away until I dealt with this guy.
Without taking my eyes off of the shadow wolf, I quickly bring out my status screen.

<<Use 10 SP to raise your item box level?>>

I select YES.

<<You have used your SP. Your item box is now LV 10>>

My item box was finally LV10.

Then there is a further announcement that sounds in my head.
I listen, and a smile appears on my face.

“Okay, let’s go then. Momo!”


Psyched up now, I rush forward with Momo to meet the monster.

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