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Home Center Showdown


The shadow wolf howls.
The atmosphere shakes as if pierced by thunder. Even the other monsters are cowering with fear.
Its force was overpowering.
But I could still stand it. This was still cute compared to ‘that other’ roar.

“Momo! It’s coming!”


The ‘shadow’ emerged from the shadow wolf’s feet.
It spread out into countless tendrils that lashed out at us like whips.
So it was going to use the same skill as Momo, eh? …Wait, it’s the other way around.


I take out a drawer from the item box.
An instant wall.
The tendrils of ‘shadow’ wrap around the drawer and strangle it until it shatters.
The splinters fly into the air.
At that moment, the shadow wolf charged forward.

“! –it’s so fast, hey!”

Momo and I dodge it by moving in opposite directions
I already had an idea about the shadow wolf’s speed through ‘Scouting,’ but it was still much faster than I had imagined.
I only barely got out of the way.


But the shadow wolf just turned its body around and started to run in my direction again.


It wasn’t just fast!
This guy’s moves were so agile, it wasn’t even comparable to a goblin or a lesser wolf!
He had the light-footedness typical of canines and there was a springiness to its movements.
And now its fangs were approaching me at the speed of a bullet!
‘Danger Detection’ was sounding its maximum alarm.
A wall–no, that won’t work. There’s no time!


My agility had reached three-digits now.
I used it to the fullest as I forced my body to twist and move out of the way.
The shadow wolf’s teeth passed the position I had been a second ago.
That was close.
Had I evaded the attack even a split-second later, then my arms would have been chopped off?


As soon as I was out of the way, Momo controlled my ‘shadow’ and tried to bind the shadow wolf with it.


The wolf seemed to react as if saying ‘Don’t underestimate me!’ and then used its own shadow to counteract Momos. Seriously? At this distance, at this speed, he can stop it?

Still, while it was for an instant, his movement had stopped. It was my chance.
And so I unleashed a vending machine on top of the shadow wolf’s head.
Now you’ll be pulp!


The shadow wolf howled.
And then countless tendrils of shadow spewed from its feet.
It transformed into something resembling a spiders web as it wrapped around the vending machine and held it in the air.


Hey, is this for real?
Do you know how many hundreds of kilograms that machine weighs?
It was I and Momo’s trump card that has sent many monsters to their graves.
And now it was completely worthless.
The trapped vending machine was making eerie noises as the metal began to bend.
…Things would get really bad if I was caught in that ‘shadow.’
I wouldn’t be able to escape. I would just get choked to death.

Damn… He was much stronger than I had anticipated.

Judging by the reaction from ‘Danger Detection,’ I thought it would be just a little stronger than a hobgoblin. I was so wrong.

But, I could still win.

Considering the first one I ran over and how the lesser wolves die, these guys must have low ‘Endurance.’
If I could only land a hit, it should deal a lot of damage at once.

“The problem was, how was I supposed to do that…”

The most troublesome thing was its speed and the ‘shadow.’
I would have to do something about those two if I ever wanted to land a hit.
As I was considering all of this, ‘Hostility Detection’ displayed something new.


What had appeared were, even more, lesser wolves.
Five in total.
Again, why is it always me that you guys are after!
Go over there! Over there! To the home centre!

I glance over to the home centre.
The students were still fighting the monsters.
I wonder if they’ve noticed me yet?
They would have clearly heard the shadow wolf’s howl. Even if they couldn’t see me because of the darkness, they would still know that ‘someone’ was fighting over here–at least, you would think.
If possible, I wanted to avoid any actions that would draw any more attention…

“Though, that doesn’t seem very realistic…”

I would die if I didn’t fight with everything I had.
That was how strong my opponent was.
My item box had reached level 10.
Well, let’s see what it was capable of now.


The shadow wolf howled as it charged for me.
The lesser wolves followed behind him.
Once again, I unleash a washing machine over their heads.


But they moved out of the way.
One after another, I drop heavyweight electronics onto their heads.
Some of them hit the lesser wolves, but none of them reaches the shadow wolf.
I was dropping them as close to his head as possible, but he used his ‘shadow’ to catch them and toss them aside as he ran.
…Maybe they were too small. In that case–.

<<You have gained EXP points>>

Oh, I guess that was from killing the lesser wolves.
The voice echoes in my head.

“Over here!”

I launched different home appliances at him to slow him down as I ran into the parking lot.
Then I immediately put that ‘thing’ that entered my eyes into my item box.
The shadow wolf was fast, but I could somehow maintain a distance between it by tossing items and having Momo’s ‘shadow’ get in its way.
Good, I now had acquired enough of them.
Now I just needed the right place.
Over there looked better than here.

“Momo! Over here!”


I reunited with Momo and we ran out of the parking lot and into a wide road.
The shadow wolf exited the parking lot too and chased after us.
It was the main road with a clear view.
With nothing to cover us, we could see each other very clearly.
Momo and I stopped running and stood our ground in the middle of the road.


The shadow wolf stopped as well and glared at us as if he was cautious of a trap.
Well, too bad.
You lost the moment you got lured out here.

“Take this—!”

I launched my new trump card at it.
The beloved car that I had been saving for a while–well, it was more of a ‘wreck’ as it now appeared over the shadow wolf’s head.


It seemed that the sheer size of this one caught it by surprise because the shadow wolf’s ‘shadow’ tendrils were much more numerous than before. They caught the wrecked car in the air.
And the moment it caught it, the wolf tried to escape.

“Not yet!”

However, I unleashed yet another car in the spot where it was trying to escape.


The shadow wolf’s face contorted in surprise yet again.
A car ‘wall’ had appeared.
Then another, and another. I create a barrier of cars around him.

These were all abandoned cars from the parking lot.
I already knew that I was able to store ‘discarded items,’ and so I had picked these up during the fight a moment ago.
The question was whether or not the item box would be able to carry all these cars. But thankfully, I had reached level 10 and its capacity had increased.

“Grr… Rrrrr…”

It was blocked by cars on all sides and could no longer escape.

“What’s wrong? You can escape if you jump over the cars, can’t you?”

I say, but he only stares back bitterly.
Oh, that’s right. I know.
I know that if your skill is similar to Momo’s, then you would have a similar weakness as well.

“You can’t emit the ‘shadow’ unless your feet are planted on the ground.”

Yes, that was the weakness of the ‘shadow.’
It couldn’t control the ‘shadows’ unless its feet were on the ground.
I’m glad I had asked Momo about this.
Well, they only needed one paw to touch the ground, so it wasn’t much of an issue during a fight.

But it would not be possible in a moment like this where you were surrounded on all sides.
It would not be able to make use of its speed either.
Its shadow would disappear the moment that it jumped into the air.

The one doubt I had was whether or not he had the ‘Shadow Dive’ skill like Momo. And judging by the fact that he had yet to use it, it seemed that he did not have that skill.
I wasn’t sure if it was something unique to Momo or if it was just this shadow wolf who couldn’t use it.

I add yet another car over its head as if creating a lid.
Now there was nowhere to run.
All it could do now was use its ‘shadow’ to protect himself.
But there would be a limit to the amount of ‘shadow’ it could put out.

“We got him…Momo.”


Momo’s shadow had now captured the shadow wolf.
Previously, it had been able to use its own shadow to counteract this, but it no longer had the reserve as it now held up a car above its head.
Now it was completely wrapped up and unable to move.
Perhaps the shadow wolf had realized that it had lost because it let out a vicious howl.

“Goodbye, shadow wolf. You’ve lost this one.”

I add yet another car on top of the one that it was supporting with its shadow.
That must have been the limit for it because the shadow dispersed in the next instant.
And then the mass above it came down and crushed the shadow wolf.

<<You have gained EXP points>>
<<Your EXP has reached a new level>>
<<Kazuto Kudou’s level has gone up from 8 to 9>>

Phew. I was somehow able to beat it.
Well then, it seemed like the students were still fighting over there. I better run away while I can.


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