• The End of the Second Day

I quickly stash the cars I used for the fight back into the Item Box.
Might as well collect a few more cars while I’m at it, I think.
Of course, I can’t forget the magic stones from the shadow wolf and other monsters either.

It was clear that I was able to store much more than before.
My estimate would be around twenty meters or so?
It’s much bigger now. How incredibly useful.

I look over toward the home center.
The students were still fighting the monsters.
But the monster’s numbers were dwindling.
That female student with the billhook was putting up quite the fight.
Her glowing red pupils were almost scary to look at.
She had such a force in her movements, that for a moment I almost felt as if she were the real monster.

“All of you! We’ve almost got them! Just a little more and they will be annihilated! Stay strong!”


They all raised their voice in unison as a reply to Nishino’s encouragement.
…They would have no problem if they could keep this up.
They didn’t need my help.

I think, and turn to move away. But then–Nishino’s gaze moved directly towards me.


–Could he see me?
No, he couldn’t.
He was carrying a flashlight and even had a light attached to his helmet. That meant he didn’t have the ‘Night Vision’ skill.
He couldn’t see me, but he sensed–that someone was here. It was that kind of look.
After all, he quickly looked away and returned his focus to the fight in front of him.

Well, it wouldn’t be strange if he had noticed me.
I had made such a loud racket before, and I was aware of the risk while I was fighting the monsters.
It was something I had to risk, or I would never have defeated the shadow wolf.

Even so… I was impressed by him.
In this situation, he had not tried to talk to me.
He must have decided that he couldn’t allow his men to be distracted.

Which was quite convenient for me.
As I leave the scene, I kill any goblins and zombies that happened to be nearby.
Thanks to this, I was able to level up once again.
And just like that, Momo and I left the home center behind us.

After that, no monsters chased after us, and we were able to leave the area safely.
We were now in the living room of an abandoned house.
The door hadn’t been locked and there was no one there, so we had let ourselves in.
I would have liked to just go to sleep like this, but I needed to get this job and skill leveling out of the way first.
And there was also something that I wanted to confirm.
I had gained three levels at once from this last fight.
Thanks to this, I had 53 points of SP(3 points remaining + 60 points – 10 points used for the Item Box) and 30 points of JP.

I guess I should raise my job levels first.
And so I raise ‘Assassin’ and ‘Hunter’ to level 6.
It took exactly 30 points to do this.
Now that both were raised to level 6, I could raise the level of their accompanying skills as well.

Next was the skill points. But there was something that I wanted to check first.
It was about that voice I had heard when the item box level was raised.
The voice had said:

<<The Item Box has reached its MAX LV>>
<<You have reached the requirements>>
<<You may select an additional feature>>

So I guess LV 10 really was the limit for each skill.
It seemed that reaching the limit for higher level skills unlocked extra features in them.

I click on the Item Box category.
And then a new field that was labelled ‘Item Box Extra Features’ appeared.

‘Item Box Extra Features’
Expand Storage Amount Limit (MAX 5 times)
Expand Storage Size Limit (MAX 5 times)
Expand Simultaneous Storage Limit (MAX 5 times)
Expand Simultaneous Extraction Limit (MAX 4 times)
Expand Range of Effect (MAX 5 times)
Add Preservation Feature.

I see the item on the bottom and smile.
I was waiting to be able to use this feature.
With this, I would be able to store food in the item box without it going bad.
This issue about food was my biggest concern, and now it was solved.
I’m glad I leveled up by order of importance.

I try clicking all of them, but it seems that they all require 3 skill points each to add.
The expansions could be done up to 5 times.
They did look very interesting, but there was no need for me to upgrade those right now.
I used three points and add the ‘Preservation Feature’ to the Item Box.

Now I had 50 points left.
I should probably use the remaining points for raising my current skills.
There were no more initial skills that were important.

Considering that there would be fights like with the shadow wolf, where an ambush was not possible, it was probably wise to raise my physical strength. And so I raised this to LV 9 first.
After this, I raised Alertness and Scouting to LV 7 and Swordsmanship to LV 4.
Then I saved the last 3 points.

“Momo, do you want to eat some magical stones?”


I give Momo all of the magic stones I got from the home center.
Now my Status was like this:

Kazuto Kudou
Level 10
HP: 70/70
MP: 10/10
Strength: 73
Defence: 69
Alertness: 217
Dexterity: 185
Magic: 0
Magic Defense: 0
SP: 3
JP: 0

Assassin LV6
Hunter LV6

Character Skill
Early Maturity

Silent Movement LV5, Night Vision LV3, Vitals Thrust LV3, Presence Block LV6, Appraisal Disturb LV3, Scouting LV7, Telescope LV3, Alertness Enhance LV7, Dexterity Enhance LV4, Observe LV4, Listening LV4, Physical Strength LV9, Swordsmanship LV4, Stress Resistance LV5, Fear Resistance LV5, Poison Resistance LV1, Paralysis Resistance LV2, Virus Resistance LV1, Heat Resistance LV1, Blast Resistance LV1, HP Auto-recover LV1, Hostility Detection LV4, Danger Detection LV5, Conceal LV2, Escape LV1, Defense Instinct LV1, Item Box LV10.

Party Member
Shiba LV8

Alertness and Dexterity were as high as ever.
They’d increased quite a bit since I last checked.

Also, Momo’s level had increased as well.
It wouldn’t be long until she reached level 10.
Since initial job and skill levels were limited to level 10, I wonder if Momo would also change once she reached it? It made me wonder.

Oh, well… I should get some rest for now.
I create a barricade like I did last time, before falling asleep along with Momo.

And that was how the second night ended.

And then it was morning.
The start of the third day.

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