The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life 35

35. The Start of the 3rd Day

I wake up as the morning sun enters the windows.

“Ahhh…it’s morning already…”

I slept well.
Guess I must have been very tired…
The thought occurred to me yesterday as well, but I would really, honestly like to get ‘Fatigue Resistance.’
Would I be able to acquire it if I was tired to the absolute limit? I didn’t want to try that.

I look at my watch and see that the time is 6 AM.
It had always been a habit for me, so I can’t help but get up at this time.
But I wasn’t quite sure if it was a good or bad thing that I became awake a lot faster now…


Momo was already up.
She always got up early.

“Good morning Momo.”

I give her a morning pet and enjoy the texture of her fur.
Momo rubs her body against me. Hehe, cutie.
Good, now I was completely awake.

“Huh…? Momo, did you get a little bit bigger?”


Momo tilts her head to the side. But it was unmistakable.
She had become a little bigger compared to yesterday.
I try picking her up with both arms just to see, and she feels heavier.

“Why all of a sudden…? Maybe, it’s an effect of the magic stones?”

Or an effect of leveling up.
But I don’t think there was a difference yesterday?
Maybe the number of magical stones wasn’t enough yet?
I couldn’t think of another explanation…

“Momo, do you sense anything strange with your body? Is there any pain?”


Momo says that she doesn’t feel anything strange at all.
If anything, she seems to be full of energy as she runs circles around me.
I guess there’s no…problem then?
Hopefully, that was the case…

“Alright. But if you do feel anything, you tell me quickly, okay? Got it?”


Momo replies happily.

“Okay, let’s eat breakfast then.”

I took out some food from the Item Box and we had a light breakfast.
Thanks to the ‘Preservation Feature’ being added, we wouldn’t have to worry about food going bad.
Somehow, I was able to taste and enjoy the food more than I did yesterday.

After that, I washed my face and lightly wiped my body.
What I really wanted was a bath. I sweated quite a lot.
But there was no hot water, so it was impossible.
This house used electricity for everything.
People shouldn’t do that. At least leave something that uses gas.
I had no choice but to use a portable gas stove to heat up some water.
I lightly washed Momo while I was at it. It was easy because she didn’t move around.

“Still, I wonder why electricity is the only thing we can’t use…?”

The water and gas were still running, but the electricity has been down from the beginning.
Well, small battery-powered electronics work, but everything else was unusable.
I haven’t tried out the emergency power generator yet. But those things are so loud that I was sure they would attract monsters.

Perhaps the power station just happened to be attacked on the first day.
Or there was some other ‘reason’…
But I couldn’t figure it out no matter how much I thought about it.
And the power station was much too far to go and check.

“I wonder if the electricity works in neighboring towns?”

Of course, I would have to actually go in order to find that out as well.
If only there was news or internet available…

Ah, right. The radio.
I have a radio.
At least, I think I had one.
Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I’m so stupid.
I take the radio out of the Item Box and switch it on.

“It’s no use…”

Nothing but noise emits from the speakers regardless of the channel.
Was there also an issue with the radio waves?
What did this mean?

“It’s no good. I don’t have enough information…”

Perhaps I should have joined with another group?
No, that in itself would cause all sorts of trouble…

“I will have to eavesdrop like I did yesterday…”

I felt like that was the best choice.
In that case, I should probably head over to the home center.

…No, there was a different place I should head to first.
I’ll go there.

“Okay, Momo. Let’s go.”


I finish preparing for the trip and go outside.
If my memory is correct, then it shouldn’t be too far a walk from here.

Several minutes later—-.

“Ah, there it is.”

I find the place I was looking for.
There is a sign that reads ‘under construction.’
Abandoned cranes. The metal frame of a half-constructed building.

Yes, I came to a construction site.
A new apartment was supposed to have been built here.
It was different compared to the home center, but there were plenty of things that could be used as weapons here.
A mountain of gravel, steel pipes, blocks, concrete and heavy machinery.
All of them would fit nicely in my Item Box.

“There doesn’t seem to be any monsters nearby. Let’s just gather everything.”


Several minutes later—-.
My LV10 Item Box easily contained everything I wanted from the construction site.
I even tested a new way of using it as well. And it was a success.
I was quite satisfied with everything I had been able to collect, and so we left the construction site behind us.

“Now, let’s go to the home center.”

We begin to move again.
It seemed like there were fewer monsters compared to yesterday…
There was no reaction when I used ‘Scouting.’
The only thing I could sense was people who were hiding in their houses.

Maybe all of the monsters in this area gathered together after that howling last night?
They could have also migrated somewhere else.
I didn’t mind the strong monsters leaving, but it was not a good thing that even the weaker monsters were gone.
I wouldn’t get any experience.
If only there were some weak goblins around…

We were now only a few minutes away from the home center.
And here I discovered something strange.


I couldn’t help exclaiming in a dumb voice.
I looked at it carefully.

“Are you serious…”

There wasn’t anything like that here yesterday.
There was a cross section in front of me.
And something sat in the center of it.

It was a chest made of wood.
It was ornately decorated and there was something like a keyhole in the middle.
Well, it was obvious.
A mainstay in games.
Something everyone has seen at least once.

“That’s a…treasure chest?”

Yes. What was sitting there was a treasure chest, no matter how you looked at it.
Seriously. I didn’t think this world would have something like that…

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