Overflowing with Monsters
Chapter 52 At the ends of despair
………Why do I have to face this?

Such a doubt entered my head suddenly.
I desperately ran, terrified to death, and had to encounter this monster on top of that.
Did I really do something that bad that I have to be forced into a situation like this?
The world is unreasonable. Seriously.

“Haa…… haha, hahahaha……”

It’s weird.
Even though this situation is not the least funny, I can’t help but laugh.
My tears fell and knees shook.

The high orc came closer, one step at a time.
It felt like the distance between me and him was my remaining time alive.

And suddenly, my eyes met the high orc’s.

He was sneering.
What’s with that? Are you having that much fun just by killing me?
Don’t give me that shit.
I don’t wanna die.
I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die!

“……! D-don’t come any closeerrrr!!”

I started throwing anything I could find in the item box towards it.
Machine guns, big boulders, earth, broken vehicle, refrigerator, washing machine, plastic bottles, tabasco bottles, food, fruits–everything.


The high orc irritably pushed those aside.
As if it was shooing away insects or something. As if it was kicking away a pebble.
Don’t give me that shit.
How can a boulder be broken with such little movement?
How can a vehicle be kicked away like a soccer ball?
He dodged the other balls and crushed the fruits on the ground.

Everything it did was utter nonsense.
Power befitting of that size. Unbalanced extreme speed on top of that, as well.
It was just too overwhelming, it was on a completely different level.
And before I realized, it had crossed in front of me.


The high orc gave a big grin.
As if its eyes were saying ‘what will you throw at me next?’.
At that moment, there was a loud sound.


Only after I was blown away by the punch and fell to the ground did I realize that it was the high orc’s punch.
With just that, I was blown meters away.
I fell and rolled on the ground.

“Uuu…… ahh… it hurts……”

It hurts.
If Aka hadn’t acted as a cushion, my bones would have probably been broken by now.
It has been long since I felt ‘pain’.
Now that I think about it, even in monster fights, which I rarely did, I never got wounded.
It hurts this much from just one blow?
I wonder how much it would hurt to have a bone fracture or to be cut…
Ha, hahaha……

“S-save me……”

Before I realized, I was pleading for help.

“Someone, anyone…… save me……”

Tears came running down.
I am scared.
My body won’t move.

Fear of the monsters.
The high orc’s overwhelming strength was more than enough to curve in despair within me.

“Someoneeeeeeeeeeee!! Is no one thereeee?! I will get killed at this rate! Please! Anyone! Saaaaveee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

I desperately screamed out.
I let go of everything and disgracefully screamed.

But–there was no reply.

Just silence.
Silence fell on the shopping mall’s parking lot.
No one answered my call.
No on—-



Momo came out from my shadow.
He came and stood beside me and looked straight at the high orc.

“Uuuu……! Woof! Woof!”

Momo barked at the high orc.
Why, Momo……?
Are you, not scared…?

……No, that’s not it.
When I looked closely, I noticed Momo’s body shaking.
Momo was also scared.
But, he was desperately trying to press down that fear.

“St-stop it, Momo! That’s enough, at least you should run aw—ow?!”

Momo got close to me and bit my hand.
Wh-what are you doing, Momo?!”


And then, he licked my face.



And after giving a sad bark, he faced forward.
What are you doing, Momo?
Stop it.

“Uuuuu…… Grrrrrrrr!!”

Momo ran.
He turned his back on me, and ran towards the high orc.

“Goaa…… AaaaaaaaaAAAAAAoooooooooooooooooohhh!!”

The high orc approached Momo with a grin.
‘Shadows’ extended from underneath Momo.
And it transformed into a spear and attacked the high orc.


But, it did not work.
The spear which attacked the high orc’s skin was only able to scratch it.
Warding off the spear, the high orc kicked the ground and leaped at Momo.


The high orc’s roar shook the atmosphere.
I was saved because of Aka’s expanded body.
Even though the ‘shadow’ was defending, Momo was blown away.
He fell to the ground and rolled.


Resisting the pain, he still stood up.
And dashed through the surface.
Stop it, just stop it already…


He bit into the high orc’s arm.
He desperately tried to bite in but his fangs won’t pierce through.
The high orc glared at Momo, annoyed, as he wasn’t letting go even as the high orc swung its arms.
And suddenly, he raised his cleaver with his other hand.

If you slash him with something like that—-Momo will die.


The blade drew near Momo.

“Stoooooooppppppp iiiiiitttttt!!!”

I threw some block pieces in between Momo and the high orc and created a small ‘wall’.
And with the help of the ‘wall’, Momo and the high orc were forcibly detached.

And before I realized, I had started running, bearing the pain.
I jumped and caught Momo before he fell to the ground and tumbled on.

“You idiot! Do you want to die, Momo?!”

I yelled at Momo, who was now in my arms.


Even though he was being yelled at, Momo happily licked my cheeks.
As if he had believed I would come to rescue him.

Why… why do you believe in me so much?
How can you try so hard for me…?
Even though you were shaking with fear.
Even though you could have died.

“Why… Momo…?”


As if he was saying ‘isn’t it only natural?’.
I see… I see…
So that’s natural for Momo, eh?

“Ah, I see…… I got it.”

I hugged Momo and slowly let him down.
And then, I stood up and brought out the ‘orcs knife’.
And glared at high orc with all my might.
I had strengthened my resolve.

<<Proficiency has increased>>
<<Fear Resistance has leveled up to 7 from 6>>

<<Proficiency has increased>>
Fear Resistance has leveled up to 8 from 7>>

A close fear of death.
What about it?
Get over it.

If I don’t stand up here, Momo will die.
I will also die. Aka will also die.

If so, then I could at least struggle.
Live, even if it’s a moment longer.

My heartbeat increased and I took in more shallow breaths.

How to break through this situation?

How to survive?

How to defeat this bastard?

At it, the high orc.

The fight till now, the movements till now.
All of it.

<<Proficiency has increased>>
<<Observation has leveled up to 8 from 7>>

<<Proficiency has increased>>
<<Observation has leveled up to 9 from 8>>

We met at the shopping mall.
The escape started there.
All the movements leading to this point.
My skill, level, item box, Momo, Aka.
The self-defense force’s fight, guns, line of sight, goblin, washing machine, affinity, shadow wolf, lesser wolf, mimic, zombie, magic stone, howling, home center, fire, Nishino-kun, high school girl, Ichinose-san, sniping, high-rise building, mail, game of tag, obstacles, screams, movements, line of sight, weird feeling—-remember, remember everything.

My heart beat louder and louder.
I took in more oxygen and adjusted my breathing.
My body feels hot, as if it was burning.
Fear, tension, and excitement’s melting pot burned my brain without mercy.

Think…… think………!

Think, think, think.
Think, think, think, think, think, think.
Think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think.

<<A certain condition has been matched>>
<<Skill – ‘Concentration’ has been acquired>>

<<Proficiency has increased>>
<<Concentration leveled up from 1 to 2>>

<<Proficiency has increased>>
<<Concentration leveled up from 2 to 3>>


And finally, arriving at something.
Remembering every single memory of it—-suddenly, I remembered a certain ‘strange feeling’.
That’s right… now that I think about it, why is this guy……

“Momo…… Aka……”

While looking straight at the enemy in front of me,

“—–We will survive this, definitely.”



I made my mind.
I could see a slight radiance of hope.
A very thin line, too thin to be called a possibility.
But I will make it happen.

Now then—-it’s time to struggle.

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