Overflowing with Monsters
Chapter 53 Overcoming the screams

I adjusted my breathing and confirmed my current status.

Kudou Kazuto
Level 13
HP : 82/100
MP : 13/13
Strength : 83
Endurance : 79
Agility : 224
Dexterity : 193
Magic power : 0
Anti-magic power : 0
SP : 3
JP : 6

Assassin LVL 9
Hunter LVL 6

Unique Skill

Silent movement LVL 6, night vision LVL 4, vital stab LVL 4, cut off presence LVL 7, appraisal obstruction LVL 4, enemy search LVL 7, distant view LVL 3, agility reinforce LVL 7, dexterity reinforce LVL 4, observation LVL 8, hearing LVL 4, body reinforcement LVL 9, swordsmanship LVL 4, stress resistance LVL 6, fear resistance LVL 7, poison resistance LVL 1, paralysis resistance LVL 2, virus resistance LVL 1, heat resistance LVL 1, HP auto regenerate LVL 1, hostility detection LVL 6, danger detection LVL 9, conceal LVL 2, escape LVL 4, defensive instinct LVL 1, item box LVL 10, mail LVL 2, concentration LVL 3.

Party members
Momo- Assassin dog LVL 2

Aka- Red slime LVL 7

My HP has decreased.
Probably by that blow from the high orc before.
With just a punch, he took almost 20% of my health.
I will definitely die if I take a proper hit.

“But…… I have no other choice……”

Our current skill and strength.
If we don’t use all of it, we can’t win against this.
I took stance and glared at the high orc.
First, we need to make sure of something.

“Let’s goooooooooooooo!!”

I ran while shouting.
The high orc felt my determination and grinned.
An atrocious grin with ecstacy.


Without any hesitation, we advanced forward.
High orc’s cleaver closed in in front of my eyes.
‘Danger detection’ and ‘hostility detection’ were giving out warnings like crazy.
Scary, scary!
But don’t avert your eyes!
‘Observe’ it! It’s movements! The blade’s course!
Use ‘swordsmanship’ and ‘defensive instinct’ freely and ‘turn away’ the blade.


And with a loud noise, the high orc’s cleaver cut through the air and pierced into the ground.
I did it. I was somehow able to avert the attack.


The high orc’s eyes opened wide.
Surprise, fright.
And the slight gap in the high orc’s attention obstructed its movements.

This is where it starts.
I brought out a ‘thing’ from the item box and threw it at him.
A throw from close range.
Now then, what will you do?


The high orc screamed and then ‘dodged’.
He twisted his body forcibly and pulled out the cleaver from the ground.
And within that time, I took some distance away from it.

“As I thought… I see…”

Observing his movements, I confirmed that my prediction was correct.
The ‘weird feeling’ took shape.
It was worth confirming even with the risk.
I glanced at the high orc from the distance.

“I thought of it as strange to begin with.”


I don’t know if my words are getting through to him.
However, the high orc was listening to me.

“Why, at that time, you let us go……”

I muttered.
As if I were explaining it to Momo and Aka.
As if I were confirming it with myself.

“You were actively hunting humans. You killed everyone here, from the ones barricading themselves to the self-defense squad. If so, then isn’t it strange? Why were they killed but we were let go? Why were we able to survive?”

As I spoke of it myself, I clearly understood how unnatural it was.
I didn’t think much of it since I was saved but it was weird when I thought about it properly.

“And it’s not just us. Even Nishino-kun and the others.”

They also encountered the high orc’s attack but survived.
At first, I thought it was just this guy’s whim.
I thought that we weren’t good enough of an opponent to face seriously.

“But, I was wrong. It wasn’t a whim of yours.”

There was a reason behind it.
The reason why he let us go—no, why he had to let us go.

I threw that towards the high orc’s head. Not just one, several, and more. As high as I could, as wide as I could, to the limits of the item box.
He would evade it otherwise.

“This is—-”

I pointed my index finger towards the sky.
Being drawn in, the high orc also looked up.
At that moment—his expression changed.
He immediately tried to run but he wouldn’t make it.

“The answer.”

And within milliseconds, ‘that’ rained down on the high orc and me.
Cold water made me wet.
The ‘thing’ I threw up in the air was water.
Dozens of plastic bottles I had stored up.
When I throw them up in the sky with the lids open, they instantly become ‘rain’.

“Guuooo…… Oooooooooooohhh!!”

The effect was immediate.
Being drenched in water, the high orc started suffering, with smoke coming out from its body.
And along with the water, a huge number of plastic bottles also fell to the ground.

This is the reason why the high orc let Nishino-kun and me go.

Just like how slimes are weak against fire but strong against physical attacks.
Just like how shadow wolves have weak physical defense but are very agile.
Even orcs have weak points.

“Who would have thought that for orcs, it is water.”

I realized from the little skirmish we had before.
The time when I was throwing stuff at random at it from the item box.
He easily destroyed vehicles and even boulders but was ‘dodging’ the plastic bottles for some reason.
Why would he dodge something he had no reason to dodge?

That was the ‘weird feeling’ I got.
The moment I had that feeling, the doubt within was cleared.

Why were we let go?
How did Nishino-kun run away?
It isn’t because we are weak or because he couldn’t smell us because of the rain.

He just simply didn’t want to get wet in the rain.

To confirm that, the moment I dodged his blade, I threw a plastic bottle at him.
To dodge something like that, which doesn’t even act as a weapon, he went as far as to lose his balance.

I was sure of it by then.
His weak point is water.

And the result of that, is this.
But…… I didn’t think it would affect him this much.
Due to the impromptu ‘rain’, the high orc’s skin inflamed, as if sulfuric acid was poured on to it.
In contrast to having immense strength and tough muscles, it takes damage just by touching water–an extreme species.
That is the monster called orc.

“Momo, now!”


An opportunity. Don’t let this go!
Momo used ‘shadow’ and I kept using the mass attack of the item box on the high orc.


Momo’s ‘shadow spear’ stabbed into his body this time, making him shriek in pain.
Looks like his defensive abilities also decrease when it’s wet.

I made the ‘rain’ once again with the plastic bottles.
The high orc screamed in pain.
Steam was coming out from his entire body and he was even bleeding from parts.
But, even still—-

“…..! are you serious… this bastard……!”

The high orc laughed.
As if it was having the most fun.
As if this was the kind of situation he was asking for.


High orc screamed once again.
And in the next moment, his body transformed.
Its brown skin turned dark red. The dark portions of its eyes turned red and the white portions turned dark.

“This is…… don’t tell me?!”

I have seen a similar state.
The high school girl with Nishino-kun—it is the same as the form she had when she was fighting.

“You have ‘maddening’…..?!”

I don’t know the details but it is probably a skill which strengthens one’s body.
What an absurd monster.
Even though he’s as strong as already he is, he has even more strength.
After using ‘maddening’, the high orc came running at me straight.



I couldn’t see it at all.
Before I realized, I was blown away.
If Aka didn’t absorb the impact, I would have probably died from that.


Oi, wait.
How are you able to catch up to me even though I was blown away?!
I barely saw the high orc’s fist thrusting out.


Aka expanded once again and wrapped up his fist.
But it seems like he was unable to absorb all the impact.
And poof, Aka’s mimic wore off and his real body floated on the sky.
And I received the portion of the attack Aka couldn’t take.


Intense pain, as if my internal organs were being stirred up.
This is bad, my consciousness is fading.
Persist, persist!
I was barely able to hold my consciousness and made a wall with the item box immediately.
Even though my body was more or less numb due to the impact, I tried to retreat at once.


However, the wall was broken and the distance between us was closed in an instant.
I could see the high orc’s atrocious expression through my teary vision.

Don’t run, fight, let me have more and more fun.

As if it was saying something like that.
You monster!
While cursing at it in my heart, I swung the orc’s blade towards it.
A high pitched sound reverberated.
The orc’s blade was easily deflected.


This is bad, this is bad…… this is bad!

My stance is broken, I can’t evade.
Item box too—no good. In this distance, I will be chopped off along with the wall.

Momo’s shadow won’t make it in time either.
He was too far away.

It also looks like Aka had his hands full trying to bring back his form.
I could see my HP.


My HP had almost run out from that one attack.
The auto regen won’t make it in time.
If I take another hit now—

The high orc’s face distorted into a grin.
It was an expression convinced of victory.
Ah, damn it. I thought I went quite far too……
Death closed in.
And at that moment, I heard a noise.



What happened?
The high orc was pressing his hand against his right eye and was in agony.
That just now—-a gunshot?

Taken aback, I turned to look at a building slightly far away. There was a human silhouette there.
A girl of a small build.
She had a huge gun in her hands.

“Don’t tell me…… Ichinose-san?”

As if reacting to my mutters, she held out her thumb and looked at me.
So you were alive…… I am glad.
She was also quite wounded but it seems like she was at least alive.

I had questions like why she came back but for now, I am saved.
I should send a mail to her later.

But, before that.
Don’t let this opportunity she made go away.

“Take this!”

I made it ‘rain’.
I didn’t have anymore plastic bottles.
This is the last rain.
The downpouring rain wounded the high orc’s body without mercy.

—-Go down.


The high orc screamed.
With a terrific look on his face, he dashed at me.
Even at this situation, he doesn’t know the word ‘retreat’.


Momo roared.
The ‘shadow spear’ stabbed into the high orc without mercy.
Even then, the high orc’s momentum didn’t decrease.


I threw the remaining mass in the item box.
Vehicles, boulders, lumber.
Unlike before, all these were now clearly damaging the high orc.
Just fall.


His screams reverberated.
The intimidating aura of the high orc as it drew closer was dreadful.
Exactly what you would call a wounded beast’s force when it’s prepared to die.
But even still, he is probably enjoying this situation to the fullest.
The grin on his face hasn’t disappeared.

—-Fighting is everything.

The last block hit his body.
His body was already very wounded and skin was now falling apart.
He was closing in.
At the end, just a small knife was left in my hand.
It was the first weapon I took when I went outside.
I gripped the knife–the knife which I had used over and over, which had rust all over it now.


And with the scream, I squeezed out the remaining bit of energy I had left.
Reinforced agility. And ‘vitals stab’.
And barely, before the high orc swung his blade, my knife had pierced through his heart.
The high orc’s cleaver fell to the ground.


I twisted the blade.
The knife easily broke.

The high orc roared.
It was surely his death scream.

The moment he was falling, our eyes met.

—-Well done.

I felt like that was what he was saying.
The high orc’s body dispersed, leaving a big fat magic stone there.

For a moment there, I felt the time had stopped.
My heart’s beating, rough breathing.

“Did we…… win?”

As if to answer my question, a voice echoed in my head.

<<Experience points earned>>
<<Experience points have reached a certain point>>
<<Kudou Kazuto–LVL increased from 13 to 14>>

<<Experience points have reached a certain point>>
<<Kudou Kazuto–LVL increased from 14 to 15>>

<<Experience points have reached a certain point>>
<<Kudou Kazuto–LVL increased from 15 to 16>>

<<Named monster–Leuven–subjugated>>
<<Subjugation bonus will be given>>


“Haha…… we… we did it… Mo… mo………——”

Without being able to listen to the voice till the end, I collapsed.
I survived.
I was able to survive.
Maybe because of the exhaustion and tension, my consciousness slipped deep into the darkness.

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