Overflowing with Monsters
Chapter 54 Epilogue – End of the beginning
I can hear a cry.
A cry of a puppy, a cry so weak that one wouldn’t probably notice if they weren’t trying hard to listen.

[A stray dog, eh……]

That day, after doing overtime, I was returning to my run-down apartment.
When I parked the car in the parking lot, I could hear a small cry.
Wondering what it was, I got close and found one small, stray puppy.
He was probably still a baby. His body was alarmingly small.


A weak, feeble cry.
When I saw the puppy, I wrapped it around my arms and calmed it down.

[It’s okay. Don’t cry.]

Pets are forbidden in this apartment.
I can’t do anything irresponsible.
But, I did end up finding it.
I can’t help feeling attached, can I?

[Hide here normally, alright? I will bring you food secretly.]


I beamed at the shaking, anxious puppy.
To make it relax, as much as I can.

[It’s okay. I won’t abandon you.]


[So, you can rest easy. Ah, I know, I will give you a name.]

The puppy looked at me with curious eyes.

[Hmmm, right, then—]

Your name is—-


I woke up.
I could see an endless, blue sky expand out into the horizon.
My consciousness slowly came together.

Ah, right.
I was… did I faint after the fight with the high orc ended?

“Why was I having a dream of that time—-”


I could hear a cry.
Right beside me, Momo was in sitting posture, looking at me.



Maybe he was really relieved to see me wake up, Momo came nuzzling against me.
He continued to lick my face.

“Sorry, to make you worry.”

Aka was also there, beside Momo.
He slowly moved towards me.
Seems like both of them are fine.

“We survived, huh……?”

That reality came hitting me once again.
It wouldn’t have been weird at all if we were to die any moment there.
That’s how dangerous of a monster that high orc was.
I felt goosebumps remembering his dreadfulness.

“Hmmm? Now that I think about it—”

I checked my body.
There’s no pain. My wounds have…… healed?
My clothes are still torn but my wounds have closed up.
Is this the effect of auto-regen……?
Or is it that ‘someone’ healed me?
Someone…… the only person that comes to mind is—-


I opened up my mail app.
There were about 80 unread mails.

While feeling a chill run down my spine, I looked through the contents of the mails and they were just what I expected.
After the battle, she dashed here and used her skill to heal me.
It also said how she patted Momo after that. And that his hair was really nice. And that she was very satisfied.
She also wrote about how she left this place to Momo and Aka after healing my wounds.
The reason she left was simple–it is nerve wracking for her to talk to people directly.
What’s with that………

But, she saved me.
I should say thank you by mail.
A reply came immediately.

[I haven’t received your reply, after all. It would be bothersome to have you die.]

I couldn’t help but give a bitter smile reading that.
Really, this person doesn’t change, huh?

But, it is true.
I should probably reply.

“Momo, Aka……”

I asked the two.

“I want to add Ichinose-san to the party. Is that okay?”

This time, I would have died without her help.
Even before that, if she hadn’t informed me about the home center, I wouldn’t have realized the high orc’s weakness.
This much is enough.
I don’t need to be stubborn.
It should be fine to trust her.


“….(wobble, wobble)”

Both of them agreed.
Thanks, guys.

Then, I will add her as a party member…… wait, how do you request to be a in a party through mail again?
I tried searching it up but couldn’t find anything relevant.

“Is it that…… it is impossible unless we meet directly?”

Now that I think about it, even in Momo or Aka’s time, the party request was only available when they were visible.
If that’s also the case when the other person is a human, there’s a need to meet Ichinose-san.
And so, I mailed that to her.
A reply came back immediately.
This was written in it:

[I understand. Thank you for letting me in
Then, let us meet up after fixing a time. Until then, I will also proceed with preparations.]

Preparations for what?
I tried asking.

[Ummm… it’s really nerve-wracking to directly meet with people so I need to concentrate my mental strength……]

I couldn’t help but laugh a little.
What an interesting person.

For now, Ichinose-san said she needed a day.
I also agreed and closed the mail app.

“Now then……”

I stood up and stretched.
I guess I will enter the shopping mall for the time being.
I want to check the skills and stats I got after leveling up and there’s also the checking of magic stones and what not.
I ended up using most of the stuff I stored in this battle so I need to start refilling again.
There’s a lot of things that need to be done.

“Well then, shall we go?”


“….(Wobble, wobble)”

We are alive.
And, we will also survive from now on.

In this—-world overflowing with monster.

With renewed resolve, we started walking once again.

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