Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 11


Chapter 11 : Upgrading and Renovating

Perhaps the heaven heard Duan Jiaze’s prayers, after two days, he really managed to hire a suitable employee.

When Duan Jiaze received the call, he was hearing a gentle and kind voice saying he was forty-one this year, called Xu Chenggong. He recently lost a job and used to be a security guard. He did not have any special skills but he could help to fix the lights and change the lightbulbs. He felt that he was rather attentive so he could take up this job.

Duan Jiaze was not expecting to hire any professional employee anymore. After meeting this person, he realized that this Brother Xu Chenggong and his voice was not matching at all.

His voice was kind and gentle, but his appearance was fierce and evil. He does not have any scars to exaggerate his appearance, but he just looked like a bad person…

Xu Chenggong was initiative and he introduced himself: “We that take care of the security must all look threatening. It was just slightly harder to find a partner.” He had a self-deprecating laugh, “Who doesn’t duck when they see me. This is why I am still single.”

The company he worked in recently closed down, so he had no choice but to come out again to search for another job. He, along with Xiao Su and Liu Bin, do not have a house for themselves. He used to stay at his company’s hostel, so even if the workplace was far, he had no problem.

At least, before the poisoning incident, Duan Jiaze will definitely not hire such a fierce looking employee. However, after the recent incident, he felt that having Xu Chenggong would not be a bad option. Moreover, he was in quite a tight spot. He can figure out the rest after he hired and completed the task.

Thus, Duan Jiaze and Xu Chenggong talked more in details and they ensured that each party did not have any issues before they signed the contract.

After the contract was done, he brought Xu Chenggong, Xiao Su, and Liu Bin to meet. As Xu Chenggong was more than ten years older, he was called Brother Xu. Although Brother Xu looked fierce, his temper was good and also stable. Duan Jiaze was more and more satisfied.

The moment they headed back, Duan Jiaze was very contented to tell Luya: “Now that there’s Brother Xu, our zoo’s security measures will be greatly improved. You see, he is such a deterrent force!”

Luya gave a cold laugh, “You mean, this deity has no deterrent force?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze sincerely said: “Daojun, let me say something you may or may not like to hear. There is a disparity in the ideology in these two worlds. You have no deterrent force in our human society, at most, you can help to defend or do some counterattacking. However, if you were to reveal your original shape, most likely you will be eaten up. If you are in your human shape, not only do you not have any deterrent forces, you will be easily eyed…”


This was a big and honest truth. Would the villagers not come and stir trouble just because Luya was handsome? And Luya could not just spit fire the moment he saw someone, well, that was truly a deterrent force but the made the government’s supervision closer too.

Luya was speechless, he really had nothing to retort nor did he had a solution. He was a bird species, especially the males who relies on being flashy and enticing, he cannot possibly control himself to become ugly!


After Xu Chenggong signed the contract, Duan Jiaze took out his phone and looked. The task was indeed completed, he can receive two rewards. The rations would be automatically queued, as for the upgrading of house cages and facilities in the zoo, it showed that after he chooses to receive, there would be a three-day time limit to upgrade them.

Duan Jiaze first told the three employees that the zoo would be closed for upgrading. When they left, he covered the gate before he clicked on receiving the reward. He was unsure of the upgrading method and was afraid the technology would be too black and outsiders might see it.

However, Duan Jiaze worried too much, after clicking on the receive button, there was no black technology upgrading the cages in right at the ground. After waiting for half an hour, a team of at least a few hundred people came as a construction team and said that according to the contract, they came to replace the cages and do upgrading of the zoo.

Duan Jiaze observed that they are real human. This construction team was not local and it was unknown how they reached here in half an hour time. It was probably arranged by the system.

They acted in a professional manner and immediately became busy and the speed was incredibly fast. They changed the layout of the entire zoo, re-distributed the space more scientifically and rationally, demolished the old cage houses, installed new cage houses, the originally abandoned open space was used up and they even dug out an additional fish pond…

The overall style was more ecological and natural and synced with the Cape Mountain behind it. Even the display boards were designed. With the increase in animals in the future, it was well organized.

Compared with the previous cages, the newly built cages were a difference in heaven and earth.

The original cages were just bigger cages. These new cages used a large number of tempered and laminated multi-layer glass walls in the indoor exhibition area. The lighting and ventilation were good, the entrances and exits were replaced by auto-machine, and there was drinking water equipment transplanted in. Many plants were moved inside as decoration, creating a rich ecological atmosphere.

The outdoor exhibition area was also diverse and was designed according to the characteristics of different kinds of animals. The height was different, some were capped, and some were open-air.

According to the needs of the animals, various ingenious designs had been carried out in a limited space so that the animals could have a place for sheltering. This design had many uses for animals.

There was everything about disinfection, drinking, bathing, and more.

There were also rest facilities outside the animals cages and monitoring was also provided. The rearer’s workshop and lounge were set up.

In addition, each exhibition area had a board with animal descriptions and QR codes on it. After scanning, you will enter a website and click on the voice commentary. This was also a consideration due to the shortage of manpower in the zoo.

Duan Jiaze was an amateur and the designer did not even show him the drawings but he was not dissatisfied.

Anyway, when he looked around, everywhere were satisfactory. After all, the starting point was bitter. After comparison, he felt that these designs were too convenient. Of course, it also made clear about the rough treatment from previously.

After the animals were moved back to the new cage, it was apparent that their moods were surging.

Considerng that there was one lion comrade in the zoo, the place where it used to live in was extremely grievence. Now the construction team had given him a total area of ​​50 square meters and up to 3 to 4 meters high.

The original bird shed had changed greatly. Other than the area being enlarged, there were many plants transplanted inside and it created a small jungle. As the birds here were all harmonised, they also took out the cages and chose to set up a lot of perched wooden frames.

Although the current animal species were not abundant, the construction team still designed a large number of exhibition areas. In the future, when new animals are introduced, they would be able to live in rightaway.

Once the revonation was completed, the construction team left.

During this period, Duan Jiaze also contacted the reporter and asked her to come over for an interview after the renovation. At this time, there was still a week more before the opening date.


On the morning of the fourth day before the reporters arrive, Xiao Su, Liu Bin and Xu Chenggong arrived first. They saw the new zoo and neatly echoed “Wow-“.

Xiao Su shouted: “Director, you still said that you have no money!”

Duan Jiaze vowed, “I really have no money. There is no more money after renovating.”

“Wait, don’t you think that,” Liu Bin mysteriously said: “It used to be a garden of grey in our zoo. Now, after the renovation, the cages are beautiful, and so it seems that our office building is exceptional crude…”

Everyone acted in concert and looked upwards. Sure enough, in between the exhibition area with a sense of design was a two-story building with a conbination style of urban and rural, it was so old fashion.

Duan Jiaze: “…..”

If nothing was mentioned, he indeed did not feel anything, but now that he take a look, it was so ugly that it stood out.

This is good, last time it was just the animals having better food than the humans, now their homes are even better than the humans….

Luya also made a round at his own office, it was indeed better than before.

As respect to Taijun, Luya’s office and other birds were placed separately.

Duan Jiaze satisfying said: “Ge, how is this, is it much more impressive than before, you can freely flap your wings.”

Luya extremely detested his manner and he took out his phone and let Duan Jiaze sees a webpage. It was on a news article reporting a certain country welcoming pandas and spending a large amount of funds to renovate a garden as big as a palace, just for the pandas to stay in.

“Why are you so happy, I also want this.” Luya was enivous and hateful: “On what basis allowed these fat bears to have such a large place, are they even rarer than me?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”


Ge: Brother, or Hyung ~~

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