Chapter 10 : Unexpected incident (2)

The people that appeared on the image were the villagers who were employed by Lingyou Zoo and served as temporary feeders before Xiao Su and Liu Bin came.

Before Duan Jiaze had taken over the zoo, they often deducted animal feeds because they were unsupervised; The meats for themselves to eat, vegetables and dry plants and the likes for their chicken, duck, cow, and goats in their homes. It could be said that they directly caused the pitiful conditions of the animals to be even worser.

Duan Jiaze still remembered how they asked for recruitment, he tactfully refused them due to their past records. Later on, he hired Xiao Su and Liu Bin and directly dismissed them. Seemed like they harbored resentment in their hearts and they actually came overnight to cast the poison.

Duan Jiaze did not believed that there were such people, he was more then furious: “I will make them!!! Pay the price!!”

Luya excitedly asked: “What do you plan to do?”

Duan Jiaze: “Uh, call the police?”

Luya: “….”

He should have known, Duan Jiaze already said that this was a law-abiding society, what else could he answer.

Duan Jiaze expressed that in human society, problems should be solved using human ways. Afterward, he ran off to call the police. The policeman came and they even brought him to the police station for registeration.

Luya heard Xiao Su and Liu Bin discussing the lack of security measures and evidence, that this trip made by the director might not bring any conclusion.

There were no guarantees that those people would not come again. After all, the animals were all fine, they did not achieve their plan. It was not possible to guard those thieves forever. This situation was sure a headache.

When Duan Jiaze returned, he did not seemed to be depressed. His hand held a stack of paper.

Xiao Su: “What is this, director?”

“The policeman is so good, I mentioned that I suspect those villagers and he says he will go investigate.” Duan Jiaze waved the thing in his hands, “And introduced me to the comrades of Cape Street, the street officers were also concerned about the situation and gave me these things, asking our zoo to work with their civilisation organization…”

The papers on his hand were actually advertisements posters. Although the place was rather isolated, the location of Lingyou Zoo belongs to the street rather than the township, whereas, the village where the villagers were located seemed to be the township.

Duan Jiaze: “Let’s all paste them up, cooperate with the organization(1) and be a civilized zoo.

Everyone: “……”

Inexplicably, Duan Jiaze was off-topic.

After Xiao Su and Liu Bin went to paste the posters, Luya felt that Duan Jiaze’s approach was too weak, and he decided to protect his dignity.

Duan Jiaze sweated and said: “You don’t be impatient. Wait for the investigation to be over. If the situation is true, they will be fine in detention.”

“What detention. Do you think this deity doesn’t know? The detention room is even bigger than the office of this deity!” Luya had already lost face because of this incident, now that detention was mentioned, he was even more resentful.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze said with guilt: “It will be better when we upgraded in the future… the main point is, the rules of the human world are different from those of your immortal world. You can’t just take the heads of other people.”

“Even if I don’t kill them, I still have ways to let them deeply know their mistakes.” Luya darkly said, “Otherwise, if other people found out, where do I put my face?”

Duan Jiaze thought in his heart: Face? Don’t exist, you are already an animal in our zoo…


Back at the village, Sun Qinglong, Wang Shengbin, and Liu Ming sat at the yard, discussing.

“That little brat, he even dared to call the police.”

“Count his luck good. Nothing died, what a waste of my house’s medicine.”

“Hey… if I really were to be detained. Don’t wait for me to come out, see how my brother finds him troubles, he won’t be able to open his zoo anymore.”

Those few people proudly said a few sentences and agreed to play mahjong at night. Wang Shengbin and Liu Ming then went off.

Sun Qinglong fed the pigs and he was complaining: “Mom, this pig is too damn smelly… Kill it tomorrow.”

These pigs were given as an assistant to the poor, but with them here, he actually found it troublesome to rear them. He was not happy at all.

Seeing that the sky was still relatively early, Sun Qinglong simply entered the house. He was ready to take a rest, prepare for the mahjong battle in the night.

When Sun Qinglong flipped and was ready to sleep, he suddenly felt flustered. At the same time, he felt breathing on his neck. He thought that it was the dog raised by his family. He rubbed his neck and turned his head very nervously.

A furry lion’s face appeared in front of him, and its mouth was wide open, “Roar-“

A fishy smell suffocated his face, the sharp teeth were shining.

“Ah! Ah!!” Sun Qinglong was frightened right at the spot and was kneeling backward. He couldn’t figure out why the lion would appear in his house. Was it that damn zoo did not lock the door and let the lion escape.

However, why did the lion come to his house?!

The lion’s body was lowering, ready to take action.

Sun Qinglong’s legs were soft like noodles, the distance was so short that he did not even have the courage to climb and run away. Tears and snot all came out and he did control any of them. It was incontinent.

The stinking smell was permeating and the lion once again roared.

“No, don’t, spare me! spare me!” Sun Qinglong was reminded of yesterday that several of them sneaked into the zoo and gave medicine to these animals. He was in charge of giving it to the lion. He used to feed the lion the most, or you could say, he took the lion’s ration the most. At the moment, it was revenge.

Sun Qinglong was not afraid of the lion who was kept in the cage. Moreover, the lion at that time was not energetic. It was not even as good as the dog of his family. Only until now that he was facing the horror of the lion that he understood the terror of those large carnivores hunting.

However, the lion did not listen to Sun Qinglong’s pleas. He jumped into bed and held down Sun Qinglong’s body in one paw. It opened its mouth and Sun Qinglong’s head entered it.

“Uh!” Sun Qinglong’s vision was black and he was scared to the point of fainting.

At this time, the lion had completely held his head in its mouth.

Three seconds later, the lion opened his mouth and spit out Sun Qinglong’s head, which was covered with its saliva. The lion’s gimmick revealed a very humanized “disgust”.


Seeing how each day was passing by, Duan Jiaze was still trying to recruit. This was the last condition for his task.

On this while having lunch, Duan Jiaze received a phone call from the Street Officer. After listening to a few words, his face revealed a surprised expression. “Is it? Of course… Alright, thank you.”

After hanging up, Duan Jiaze said incredulously: “Just now, the people from Cape Street told me that there are reporters coming in to interview our zoo!”

He had told Xiao Su some time ago that he intended to spend some money to find some people to do advertising after the opening. Who knew that the people actually took the initiative to come to the doorstep. Well not really, they contacted him through the Street Officers.

Xiao Su and Liu Bin were very excited. “Whatever, this is a good thing!”

“Yes, I have already given the contact information to the reporters. They should be calling me later.” Duan Jiaze did not even had the feels to eat a meal. “Oh, how should I introduce the zoo? I am not mentally prepared at all.”

Duan Jiaze was still saying when a unknown number called in and Duan Jiaze quickly picked it up.

The one in the call was a young girl, she self-introduced herself as a reporter from the city’s media, she hoped to arrange a time to come for an interview.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help but ask why she wanted to come to for an interview. He had never contacted the media at all, and there was no relationship between them.

The female reporter was smiling when she told Duan Jiaze, that was because recently the local social circle had an interesting video of a zoo circulating widely. It was rumored to be Lingyou Zoo, and it induced many positive reactions.

As after Lingyou Zoo changed its name and it had not opened, very few people were aware. Some even thought that it was the city’s zoo. Many were searching for the location, especially the parents of young kids who not only find the zoo entertaining but the interaction between the birds and children were all interesting.

Those few who managed to find out the location all came and realized that it was not opened only to return empty-handed.

After the female reporter investigated and realized that the owner was a young man and it fitted her company’s content. Hence, she decided to come down for an interview. As the video was circulated online, she would also invite the local media to come for the interview.

Duan Jiaze then realised the merits of Xiao Su. This was a good opportunity to publicize this place. However, they had not renovated and the conditions were really too rudimentary, the clips taken could possibly chase away tourists.

The female reporter wanted to publish the news while the topic was still hot, otherwise, the news article would not be as valued.

Duan Jiaze could only request her to wait patiently, their side will hurry their renovation. The female reporter then accepted and asked him to contact her after he was done.

Duan Jiaze put down his phone, and repeated the situation, “This, was all Xiao Su’s contribution, director give you an extra serving!”

“Thank you, Director!” Xiao Su said, “Should we make an announcement notice outside? Didn’t someone came to our doorstep and we were unaware. No one told them about the opening dates too.”

Duan Jiaze nodded his head repeatedly, this was his mistake, he should had written the opening dates on the outside. The main reason was that he always believe the zoo was not popular, how was it that there are people looking for it, he just was focused on other issues.

Xiao Su thought of the words said by Duan Jiaze when he was on the phone, “By the way, Director, are we going to renovate? When?”

“En… Soon, very soon.” Duan Jiaze thought in his heart, he really should have recruited earlier.


(1) This is the chinese version : “咱们一起贴上呗,配合一下创文,做文明动物园。”

Literal translation of 创文 : 创 is to create, 文 is culture

I’ve translated 创文 as organisation, but it actually means to create a national civilised city.

Purpose of 创文 is to : Improve the living environment, create a good social atmosphere, improve the happiness index and civilized quality of the citizens, and improve the level of urban civilisation, etc.

So what Duan Jiaze mean was to cooperate with the plan to create a civilised city and be a civilised zoo.

(2) Mahjong : a four players game

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