Chapter 9 : Unexpected Incident (1)

Zhao Bo stayed more than one week in his cousin’s house before he was fetched back by his father.

Once he reached home, Zhao Bo’s mother, Fan Haiping had already made a sumptuous feast, she held back Zhao Bo who wanted to rush up and take the chicken wing. “Wait a moment, you tell mommy, how was playing at your cousin’s house? Do you know what you did wrong?”

Everything was good until his cousin’s house was mentioned, Zhao Bo immediately bounced. “Mom, can I transfer to cousin’s school!”

Fan Haiping was slightly crumbling, Zhao Bo’s score was average. He was currently studying in a key class at a key primary school*. She spent a great deal of effort before she managed to squeeze Zhao Bo in. Now, Zhao Bo said he wanted to study at the village’s primary school.

“What did you say?” It was only when Fan Haiping spoke that she realized her voice was too loud. The child was scared and she hurriedly controlled her volume, “Why? Is cousin’s school that good?”

“Yes, they don’t have homework.” Zhao Bo was playing with his fingers, pointing out, “After class, we all chatted about birds, do you know why?”

Mommy doesn’t want to know… Fan Haiping never thought that Zhao Bo who could never leave his Ipad, phone and WiFi, was able to stay at his cousin’s house without feeling any discomfort. Before going, he was still crying and throwing a temper. This made her feel like she had made a mistake.

For the first day, Zhao Bo was indeed very unhappy. But Fan Haiping didn’t know that on the second day he followed Tong Xin Primary School to Lingyou Zoo. He could be considered to be charmed by those birds.

After going back, his passion was not lessened and a variety of related film books had worn Zhao Bo’s amateur energy away.

Zhao Bo animatedly told Fan Haiping: “Mom, cousin’s school organized a trip to Lingyou Zoo, it was extremely fun, the birds were especially intelligent. But the zoo is still renovating, the teacher says that it will only open next month. When the time comes, can you bring me and cousin to go there and play together?”

“Still thinking of playing? You go and finish your practice papers, don’t eat if you can’t finish it!” Fan Haiping was angered to death, she chased Zhao Bo to his room to do his practice papers.

Zhao Bo’s father, Zhao Zhenyi was at the side, leisurely said: “I’ve long said, what ‘transformation record’, children can play anywhere.”

“Don’t mention it anymore, it makes me really worried to death, he is going to class tomorrow, why does he seem more naughty.” Fan Haiping moody said, “Still want to go some zoo, Lingyou Zoo?” I don’t seem to have heard about this before.”

“I have never heard before it too, a newly opened zoo?” Zhao Zhenyi said.

On the other side, Zhao Bo was crying as he finished one practice paper, he was then released out by Fan Haiping, rubbing his eyes as he sat by the table eating.

Fan Haiping educated him, “Do you still dare to bully other classmates?” Still dare to talk back to the teachers? If you still make continue to do it, don’t think about going to uncle there, I will send you to the mountain…”

While Fan Haiping chanted at Zhao Bo, Zhao Zhenyi was rubbing his eyes and he lifted his mobile phone to his wife. “Wife, look at this, isn’t this a bit interesting?”

Fan Haiping raised her head and took a look. It was Zhen Zhenyi’s WeChat group who sent a clip. A group of children, each of whom had a bird on their shoulders, suddenly all of the birds flew together, grouped up and flew into the distance. The children were also waving goodbyes.

At this moment, two fat peacocks were dragging their long tails madly chasing.

Fan Haiping laughed and said, “It looked like they were saying: Wait for me.”

Zhao Zhengyi also laughed loudly, “Right? This is too damn funny, Old Huang love to post this kind of entertaining pictures all day, some of it was really interesting, do you think this is trained?”

“Who knows.” Fan Haiping was scrolling through the comments, some people asked where this was. Some people said that it should not be at East Sea City. Old Huang did not voice out anything for a while.

When Fan Haiping slid up, the animation was once again released, but this time, Fan Haiping captured a familiar voice inside and couldn’t help but shouted. “Old Zhao, don’t you think this looks like your son?”

“What?” Zhao Zhenyi was stunned, his extended his head and looked, Fan Haiping was pointing at one corner, asking him to look clearly.

The picture once again played, Zhao Zhenyi followed Fan Haiping’s directions, he indeed saw it, at the corner of the picture was a child, it was, in fact, their child and his shoulder was still carrying onto a parrot.

“It really is!” Zhao Zhenyi and Fan Haiping remembered that Zhao Bo mentioned that he went to visit a zoo, and was even more affirmed now. “Xiao Bo, is this Lingyou Zoo?”

Zhao Bo took a look, excitedly shouted: “Yes, mommy, this happened when we were saying goodbye! Mommy let me tell you, my parrot was super obedient, cousin had one too, the teacher said his was a zebra finch, they stopped at our shoulder, accompanying us as we toured.”

“This zoo is quite impressive, to be able to train the birds to be so obedient. Where is this?” Zhao Zhenyi asked, seeing that it was so interesting, he felt that there will be no harm done bringing the child there again.

“Take public bus 117, stop at Cape Park Station!” Zhao Bo brightly reported, he still remembered clearly.

“Cape Park there used to have a zoo, is this that one?” Fan Haiping’s memory was not very clear.

At this time, Zhao Zhenyi’s WeChat group, Old Huang said: It’s our East Sea City’s! But I don’t know where it is, I saw it at another friend’s group chat.

The following classmates replied: It turned out to be East Sea City’s, I really want to go, is it a city zoo?

Zhao Zhenyi replied quite proudly: Dear classmates, this is the Lingyou Zoo next to Cape Park. The child wearing a blue checkered shirt in the picture is my son. He happened to be there that day!

With regard to the clips that was made into gif and was spreading wildly in the local circle of friends, Duan Jiaze was totally in the dark. At this moment, he was fuming. In the morning when Xiao Su and Liu Bin came to work, they rushed to find him saying that the door was smashed.

Duan Jiaze’s first reaction was that there must be a robbery. He hurriedly ran in to discover that the door’s gate railing was almost close to being smushy, the lock was also smashed open. Looking at it, this seemed like there was an intention to destroy, after all, if it was robbery, simply unlocking the lock would do.

He checked the interior of the zoo, he noticed that the rations seemed to be more, his heart was surprised, these were not the zoo’s rations. His first reaction was these items must not be clean, looking at the situation, it might be injected with poison.

“… The fuck, how, do they need to wash their stomach?”

“Wait, Director, they are not eating.” Liu Bin held a dry forage and was trying to feed the Sika deer, the sike deer immediately swang its head and walked away. This proved that there was a problem with the rations.

Duan Jiaze thought about it properly. At this time, it was also true that these animals had eaten the high-grade rations of the immortal world, and they were all smarter. They might had smelled something wrong.

However, Duan Jiaze was still extremely enraged, together with Liu Bin, Xiao Su, they disposed of those unknown rations, “Who? So inconsiderate!”

He moved here less than a month, at most he had chatted with the gatekeeper uncle at Cape Park, he would not think of anyone who was so heartless.

Duan Jiaze could not tolerant anymore and privately asked Luya, “Daojun, did you not notice even slightly anything last night?”

Luya was embarrassed, he was not in the human world for a long time, his sights were only on the top, why would he pay attention to any human movement. In his eyes, they were just a few ants crawling around, this was no reason to be concerned. However, if it was some immortals or demons coming in, it was more like it. Yesterday, he really did not pay attention.

Under his eyes, the animals were poisoned.

A seam of disgrace flashed within Luya, as soon as he lifted his hands, a knife and a sword appeared on his hands. These were his magic artefacts, Sha Ren Knife, and Huo Ren Sword. “Follow this deity’s way, get the severed heads of those thieves here!”

“… Wait!” Duan Jiaze was frightened, he hurriedly held him, “We are a society abide by laws, we cannot be rush, just tell me what you have investigated will do.”

“You humans are sure troublesome,” Luya grumbled.

Luya tapped his fingers at the aquarium, the surface of the water immediately appeared an image, covering the swimming fishes. On a closer look, it was at the zoo’s entrance; it must be the situation of yesterday night.

Duan Jiaze waited for a while yet he didn’t see any shadows appearing, “Can you wind it faster?”

Facing the restless human, Luya was quite disdained, “It’s coming already!”

With no doubt, not long later, the image showed a few human shadows, their hands were holding tools, racking the door open. Even though there was only the faint moonlight, with these familiar faces and body shapes, Duan Jiaze could recognize them, “Stop, Stop for a while…It’s them!”


Key=重点, or u can say important, these schools are generally more expensive, more extracurriculum}

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