Chapter 8 : The First Batch of Visitors (2)

Zhao Bo utterly treasured the parrot that was parked on his shoulder. Every once in a while, he would look at it, touch it. The parrot was also very well-behaved when Zhao Bo stroked itself, it would rub its head against his hands, making Zhao Bo super excited.

They left the bird shed and went to see the monkeys.

There were more than a dozen monkeys in the zoo, including two young monkeys. They were the most common macaques. They used to be overly thin, after eating the food provided by the system these days, their spirits were extremely good.

They were also considered to be the old friends of the students. There were many students who had specially picked corn, apples and the likes from their homes and were ready to come and feed the monkeys.

“Don’t, don’t feed!” Duan Jiaze was not prepared and saw the children throwing the food into the cracks of the fence. He didn’t manage to stop them even if he wanted to.

He was also just beginning to learn about animal keeping. He knew that it was not a good idea to let the tourists feed the animals when the animals had their own fixed rations every day.

However, after the monkeys received the feeds, they did not eat them as usually did. After all, their daily rations were not any ordinary quality, and even the director could not afford to eat it. For a short while, they scratched their heads with their tails swaying. Following the instructions of the head, they actually threw out all the food.

There were no doubts that this happened by chance, the food were all thrown at the direction of Duan Jiaze as if they understand that he was the master.

Teacher Zhao looked and even said, “These monkeys are really smart!”

In Teacher Zhao’s view, the birds and lions were so well trained by Lingyou Zoo. Monkeys were naturally smarter, so there was nothing surprising for them to be able to do so.

However, Duan Jiaze sweated, only he knew that he had not tamed any animal in the zoo. Ever since he had replaced to the animal rations provided by the system, the animals in the zoo were not only mentally and physically better, but the IQ seemed to have improved a little.

Of course, the IQ of those birds had not improved to the point that they were able to do the previous actions from before, they still needed Luya, that old bird to command.

But with the monkeys’ current actions, it was like he had trained them. Duan Jiaze fed them quite frequently, maybe because of this, they understand Duan Jiaze’s status.

In view of what Luya said regarding the food, the ration absorbed more spiritual air than in the human world, therefore it was not surprising that the animals’ IQ grew after eating. Moreover, Duan Jiaze asked before, while these can make them more intelligent but it was impossible for them to become demons, at least not within the review cycle.

The students of Tongxin Primary School enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content more than any other times. These monkeys compared to before had much more interactions, not only did they thrown away the food, but they also imitated the students’ movements.

One student flipped upside down and the monkeys also learned and stood upside down, but their movements were much agile.

Under such an atmosphere, Teacher Zhao and Teacher Yan started a science lesson, and the effect was much better.

Someone like Zhao Bo who was a mischievous king, never once paid attention to the explanations during extracurricular activities. But this time he listened with keen interest and frequently asked questions. Compared with the surrounding children, he seemed to be more like a student of Tongxin Primary School.

After watching the monkeys, they went to see the Sika deers.

The process was not that boring. After all, everyone had a unique “bird companion”, which can satisfy their infinite fantasy and they can open their small theater.

The two pupils who were fortunate enough to be accompanied by two peacocks were even more proud. They regarded their escorts as the largest size and the shape as the most eye-catching. Although they couldn’t rest on their shoulders, wherever they go, the peacocks will follow; they were super obedient.

Zhang Shun saw them, and he was exceedingly envious. He came out with an idea, he held the zebra finch on his shoulder and then ran forward. “Come on, come and chase me!”

The zebra finch flew two laps in the air, and it really stared at Zhang Shun, with a dive, it once again landed on Zhang Shun’s head.

Zhang Shun saw that it really recognized himself and he was so happy. His actions also reminded the other students that they could play various games without hurting the birds.

Of course, even if they want to hurt them, it will be hard. After all, in all aspect, their standards had improved, the birds were all nimble in the first place, and they were even more acute now. What’s more, this old ancestor, Luya was here.

As they arrived at the Sika deer’s residence, not waiting for Duan Jiaze to say anything, Xiao Su was very quick-witted to remind the children not to feed the Sika deers with what they brought here.

There were two Sika deers in the garden. They were a pair of mother and daughter. It was unknown if the father was dead or not.

As a girl, Xiao Su liked these adorable animals. She also fed the sika deer before. She went up and pass her hands through the fence and picked up the forage to call the Sika deers over.

The little deer stamped over and stretched its neck to eat the fodder in Xiao Su’s hands. Xiao Su touched its head again, and it did not resist. A pair of big watery eyes and the brown fur on its body looked soft and glossy.

Many children pulled at Teacher Zhao, expressing that they also want to feed the deers.

Teacher Zhao checked with Duan Jiaze. After receiving a positive reply, he picked two students and asked them to follow Xiao Su to feed the Sika deers.


After half a day, they had completed touring the small zoo, and the two teachers together with the dozens of students came and said goodbye.

Teacher Zhao held the hands of Duan Jiaze, and couldn’t help but thank him. He also expressed that today was an eye-opener, saying that the animals here were all so smart and well-trained. He would definitely come back in the future.

When they brought the children out for extracurricular activities and after they returned, he would inform they about writing a reflective essay. Last time, the children would lament, but right now they were all in high spirits. They couldn’t wait to immediately start penning down their journey. This was all because they truly enjoyed themselves in Lingyou.

“I will be indebted to your promise.” Duan Jiaze gently patted grandmaster Luya on his shoulders.

Luya fluttered his wings and soared. The birds on the shoulders of the children also took off, and they left together, back to the bird shed, and the children made sounds of regret as they stared at the birds’ shadows.

“Big Flower!” Zhang Shun called out his name for the zebra finch, he was extremely reluctant to part.

“It’s alright,” Zhao Bo embraced his shoulder. “Next time I will ask my parents to bring me back, I will call you along, let’s come back to see them again!”

“Okay.” Zhang Shun nodded hard, then waved, “Goodbye, Big Flower!”

The children one by one said goodbye to the birds.

Looking at this scene of the children and animals saying goodbye, Teacher Zhao was quite moved. He wanted to say something to remind everyone to love and care for the animals. “Students——!”

Not waiting for Teacher Zhao’s overflowing emotions, under the birds that were flying off were the two peacocks sprinting and fluttering the wings from time to time. However, they were like the chickens raised in the home, they could not afford to fly any higher before falling.

Everyone: “…”

The pupils laughed loudly, and Teacher Zhao’s bowl of chicken soup was choked back, and he awkwardly said goodbye to Duan Jiaze.

It’s really a fly in the ointment… Duan Jiaze thought, if he knew, he would have arranged a beautiful exit method.

Saying farewell to the students of Tongxin Primary School, Duan Jiaze saw Xiao Su buried her head, playing with her phone. He patted her. “Let’s go, Xiao Su, go have lunch.”

“Hey,” Xiao Su looked up, her face was full of smiles, and handed the phone, “Director, look.”

Duan Jiaze took a look. It turned out that Xiao Su actually made a small video from the scene just now. The camera was initially directed at the children. The birds on their shoulders took off, and the camera also moved along, taking the birds flying in the air, and the children’s farewell sounds came from outside the scene.

… Immediately, the two peacocks appeared in the scene very abruptly, carrying their heavy tail as they chase after the birds, and from time to time flopping…

This little video was published out for not more than a minute or two, it had already gotten a lot of praises and comments. All of it was laughing, and they even asked Xiao Su where was this place, how the birds were so obedient, and the peacocks were too funny.

Duan Jiaze took a look at it again and almost laughed. “Why did you take it?”

“This can be considered our first group of tourists, I want to record it, I didn’t expect to encounter such a funny thing.” Xiao Su turned over the photo album, and she also took photos of the children during the tour. “I plan to advertise this in my circle of friends, hehe.”
“Good job!” Duan Jiaze exaggeratedly praised. “I also planned to spend some money after we opened to find some local media to do some promotions. Take more pictures, we can use that to make materials.”

After sending away the tourists, Duan Jiaze quickly went to the bird shed. Before he got there, he heard intensive and fierce screaming from the birds and it scared him. Was it because Luya was not feeling good, and was beating up the birds?

As he walked nearer, he realized that the birds in the zoo were chasing a group of wild sparrows. The two sides flew up and down in the air, the battle was in full swing.

The location here was at the back of Cape Mountain, there were many sparrows, but the well water does not intrude into the river water, it was not known as to how this battle started.

At present, the number of birds in the Lingyou was not as many as the other side, but the combat power was also not weak. Even the chubby zebra finch could pull the feathers of the sparrow.

Luya had already changed back to his human form. He was standing at the side heavily watching this battle.

Duan Jiaze humbly asked for advice: “Da Ge*, what is this?”

Luya: “Do you know what are these?”

What? Weren’t they sparrows?

Duan Jiaze was shocked. “Are they… Sparrow demon?”

“What are you thinking about,” Luya looked at Duan Jiaze with contempt, “They are thieves! When you left, you were careless and didn’t close the cages. These wild birds come to steal our food.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze was sweating profusing. “Just show your power, these sparrows will be scared to death.” Still need to stare at this bitter battle here?

Luya was angry: “You dare to let this deity chase sparrows for you?!”

Duan Jiaze said, “Your logic is too strong.”

However, the words of Luya reminded him, Duan Jiaze found a cleaning broom and drove the sparrows away. The birds that fought then returned with arrogance. He internally thought that they were exactly the same as Luya.


Chicken Soul: Do y’all know the book ‘chicken soup for the soul’..A fly in the ointment, everything is fine except for one small defect The well water does not intrude into [interfere with] the river water : mind their own businessDa Ge : Big Brother

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