Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 13


Chapter 13 : Interview (2)

Duan Jiaze brought Luya along and entered the bird shed.

The two reporters were still wondering, “Do they open their feathers every day? If we guard every day, we might be able to get the shot of them opening? Or do you have any videos taken by the phone? We can use it.”

As they were talking, they heard Chen Wei shouted a short cry and immediately lifted up the camera.

As they turned their heads around, one of the peacock’s tail vibrated for a few time and the tail feathers shook and unfolded.

With blue and green as the main color, there’s also yellow and red color feathers intertwined together. In between the shaking, the sunlight shone down from the transparent ceiling and reflected onto the feathers like it was glittering. A cool gold color that was extremely touching to the heart.

They two let out a surprised cry and hurriedly pointed the camera at it.

The peacock fluttered its tail feathers and opened the tail. Only now did they realized that the peacock’s tail was amazingly large. It was almost two meters long. It took their sights and caused them to hold their breaths.

Another male peacock had also taken shape. Chen Wei did not manage to take the starting scene of it opening the tail, so she slowly moved the camera away and aimed at the other peacock and just happened to take the scene of it unfolding its tail feathers.

The people in Lingyou Zoo didn’t lie. They were unsure if the peacocks here had any unusual hobbies, but they really like to open their tails.

From time to time, the two peacocks turned their bodies and displayed their tail in all directions. After a few minutes, the peacocks slowly gathered up their feathers.

“It’s amazing,” sighed one reporter. “To tell you the truth, it’s the first time I’ve seen the peacock’s opening up. I’ve seen peacocks before, and I’ve seen pictures and videos of peacocks opening their tails, but I haven’t seen such a sensational scene in reality. It’s so beautiful!”

“I’ve seen other peacocks in other zoos, but they’re not so beautiful. The camera couldn’t photograph the color. Its feathers were shining and was especially huge.”

Unexpectedly, today they were really lucky to have filmed the peacocks opening their tails. Several reporters were very satisfied.

Then they experienced the treatment given to Tongxin Primary School students. They didn’t need any bird food, as long as they opened their palms, the birds would stop in their hands.

The keepers also fed the birds with their bare hands. Xiao Su was more aware of this need and said, “We are a family with them and they are the same to us. Look at how harmonious they are.”

Different kinds of birds also combed each other’s feathers. The plump bird rubbed her head against Xiao Su’s cheek. Its hairy head almost sank into its round, fluffy body and it looked lovely. When it met Xiao Su’s cheek, it even closed its eyes comfortably and made a very human-like action.

Xu Chenggong was a complete newcomer but he still had to appear as there were not enough people. At first, he was really worried. He and the birds were totally unfamiliar, what if they peck him?

However, after he started, he realized that those birds were naturally friendly.

He had never feed them before yet a parrot stood on his shoulders and kept bumping him with its body as if it wanted to play with him.

He was a little stiff at first, after all, it was his first time being filmed. But, after finding them so proactive, Xu Chenggong forgot about the existence of camera and his ferocious face appeared a smile.

This effect was similar to that of Xiao Su. Xiao Su was beautiful and lovely, and the interaction between Xiao Su and birds made them felt very adorable. Xu Chenggong had an evil man face and he played with a parrot. This made them feel inexplicably touched.

After taking such a scene, the media reporters decided to focus on the love between people and animals and requested them to interact a little more.

Everyone was very satisfied with the shots, the scene between the keepers and birds was particular harmonious and their interaction was loving and spiritual. There were low traces of feigned act, unlike other zoos, the interactions were basically ordered by the keepers for the birds to complete the program.

Although their hearts slowly understood that these must be the result of training and for them to train the birds so brilliantly, was really an ability!

Since they could do this until this extent, of course, they should strive to sublimate the theme of “love”. Although there were not many kinds of animals here, there was love: if there was no love, how could the director scattered all his money to open this private zoo? If not for love, how could the birds and small fishes be so close to their keepers?

Afterward, the birds showed off their indoor flying skills as filming materials to satisfy the reporters.

Chen Wei was even more reluctant to say: “How can I edit this later on? I think I can edit out to around half an hour.”

Many of the scenes she felt were particularly exciting, but her theme was not as flexible as the online media, she had to focus on people, so she asked Duan Jiaze to also be more interactive with the animals.

Duan Jiaze “performed”on how to let the birds go out and fly around and then came back voluntarily and they were even lined from big to small. When they flew in back one by one from the doorway and their stature slowly declined, the girls were inexplicably happy in their hearts.

After filming the bird scenes, they went to the lion side.

Xiao Su and the rest dared not to go in so Duan Jiaze had to personally went in and had close contact with the lion. The lion shook his head and tail at Duan Jiaze and rubbed its head against Duan Jiaze’s calf, like a big cat.

Chen Wei asked with excitement: “After opening, will the lion be as open and interactive as the birds?”

“Only the birds, lions are different after all.” Duan Jiaze answered. Are you kidding? Can all animals be played with? Luya don’t need to rest anymore? He doesn’t even have enough security on his own seat and he still has to lead the team? Its better to let the animals perform by themselves.

Chen Wei understandingly nodded, but Duan Jiaze’s interaction with the lion was also very impactful. This picture was too convincing. Chen Wei had a hunch that the effect would be very good after the news broadcast.

Later, they went to several animal cages to shoot materials. The animal keepers and the director were interviewed separately.

At noon, the reporters had a homely meal cooked by Director Duan himself. It was not until more than three o’clock when they finished filming.

“Director Duan, we have troubled you for today’s cooperation!” Chen Wei said, “if there are no accidents, the news will be broadcasted after tomorrow night at 8 pm, do invite your friends and relatives to view. As for the online media…” She looked at the two online media reporters.

The two thought about it and said: “We will go back and edit the photos later, and it should be able to come out tomorrow. Let’s add each other as friends and we will send you the link when its done.”

Duan Jiaze quickly thanked the street and community staff for their cooperation and for the publicity. With his limited funds, Chen Wei’s arrival had greatly eased his pressure, so he also tried his best in the interview.


After the reporters left, Duan Jiaze let Xiao Su and the rest to get off work in advance. After all, the work for today was all finished. Everyone worked hard for the shoot so it was better to go home early.

Duan Jiaze was tired and satisfied and he returned to the office building.

Luya had also changed back to his human form. He was sitting next to the aquarium and staring at the fishes inside; this sight was very strange. The fishes all huddled in the other corner, shivering.

Duan Jiaze had a chill from seeing this. “Daojun, we are all colleagues, you can’t eat them even if you are hungry…”

Luya stared at him and Duan Jiaze immediately obeyed and bowed his head to play with his mobile phone.

At this time, Ling Xiao Hope Project App also pushed a new task. At the same time, Ling Xiao Support System had also been lit up, which showed that after the Luya, a new special staff will come.

Duan Jiaze pressed at the mission.

Task Description: Opening is around the corner, in order to achieve the first step of take-off, within the week during the opening, please achieve a minimum flow of 2 thousand people in 7 days.

Task Reward: After the completion of the task, the zoo will receive 30 days of high-grade animal ration and a visitor service center.


When Duan Jiaze looked at the requirement and felt mountainous pressure.

2 thousand people in 7 days, with an average of fewer than 300 people a day. It didn’t seem like much.

However, in places like zoos, business would be very light from Monday to Friday, only during the weekends that would it be slightly busier as everyone did not have to go to work or school and hadtime to go out.

They were just opening a zoo, even if there were local media to help publicize, it was hard to say how many tourists could they attract on their first weekend.

It’s not like a national TV station had helped them to publicize. Theirs was not the only place to see animals. Moreover, this year, there were too many places of entertainment, and zoos will not be the first choice for everyone.

It was really a question whether the content of the promotion would attract everyone to come to the zoo for the first time. Maybe everyone would be satisfied with wandering around the garden, or would they wait and see for a while?

Zoos and shopping malls were not the same. The zoo could not do discount activities to attract customers. Their ticket price was low enough and the location was more secluded. Even if they discount the ticket to half price, no one would come all the way for that little money.

—Even with enough manpower as a prerequisite, there were still problems.

Many of the exhibition areas in the Lingyou Zoo were empty. There were only so many animals. If one was not careful, it might become crowded and the tourists’ experience would worsen. Moreover, their safety had to be ensured. The pressure was really getting big.

The system required a minimum of 3 and he only had 3 employees. Seeing that there were not many animals nor did he thought about how many people would he need to receive for the opening. Therefore, he did not hire more people in order to save money.

Now, Duan Jiaze found that he was wrong as the system had no intention of letting him take his time. In order to accomplish the task of during the first week of opening, the system required him to have a minimum of 3 employees, which might be actually 3 exhausted to death employees…

So now Duan Jiaze had 2 problems, which he must complete within a week.

First, ensure that there was enough tourists.

Second, ensure that there was enough manpower.

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