Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 14


Chapter 14 : News Broadcast

Fan Haiping was extremely angry as she held her mobile phone. She shouted to her husband, “Look, look at your son, how long did it last before he quarreled with his classmates again? The teachers are calling names in the Wechat group. This is so embarrassing.”

Zhao Zhengyi probed, “Let me see.”

Sure enough, the head teacher in Wechat said that Zhao Bo was punished for quarreling with his classmates during class time and hope that his parents would give him more education.

It was a headache for the couple to discuss their son’s education.

Fan Haiping was supposed to be watching the TV, but she couldn’t watch it now. In a twinkling of an eye, she saw a link shared by some people in Wechat Group, which was called: “Recently, the cute peacocks sprouting in the East Sea has appeared in Cape Mountain! Is coquettish, will open their tails!!”

Fan Haiping watched many internet segments every day and this peacock belonged to the local. At that time, her son was also in the motion picture, so she remembered it clearly and clicked in to see it.

At the beginning text, it recalled the recent clips which were very popular in the local circle of friends. Then it mentioned about how the author had heard about this place and went to see the peacocks. Unexpectedly, they were more lovely than he imagined.

Next, there were two more gif, one showing two peacocks opening their feathers in succession, which was very dazzling. On the other picture, they scrambled to their keepers for food, which was very cute and human-like.

Fan Haiping was immediately caught in the sight, it seemed that the performance in the previous picture was not accidental, these peacocks really quite human-like.

Fan Haiping looked further on with interest. This article started with the peacock showing their tails and then to the introduction of Lingyou Zoo. There were many clips and features on the furry animals. Previously, Fan Haiping only listened to his son’s few words and treated it as an exaggeration by a child. But, now that she had seen, it was really not.

In this article, it mentioned that the peacocks in the Lingyou zoo were especially fond of opening their tails and did not live alone. They lived with other birds, like a big family.

The reporters personally went and let a zebra finch stopped on their shoulders. The zebra finch squeezed at the reporter’s head with its body and the hairy body pressed against the cheek. The bird’s eyes were closed and looked very lovely.

As the clothes on the shoulders of the journalists were slightly slippery, one of them was unstable and fell down. Nevertheless, it did not drop on the ground but immediately fluttered up with its wings. Fan Haiping couldn’t help but laughed. “This bird is really interesting.”

In addition to the interaction between people and birds, there were also interactions between birds and birds. Although the species were different, they seemed particularly harmonious. As publicized, these birds were like a big family. The parrot combed the lark’s hair, and the myna napped on the peacock’s back…

Even though the environment and impression belonged to the predecessor of Lingyou Zoo, it was completely different from Cape Zoo. The ecological and natural decoration, the bird exhibition area that was planted with many plants that imitated the feeling of a forest, as well as the glass wall, showed quality at first glance.

This article also introduced that the zoo would be opening soon. After opening, lucky tourists would be randomly selected to have the birds accompany them during the whole journey and enjoy the pleasure of close contact with them.

This was the treatment that Zhao Bo enjoyed at that time, but Fan Haiping was not very interested. What if the bird casually shitted on her?

Although there were not many animal species in this zoo, the author’s main focus was on the quality instead of quantity. He indicated that the operators run the zoo with love, each animal was all particularly cute and spiritual.

There were various pictures at the back, such as the lion asking the keeper to touch it, the monkey imitating the action of reporters and so on. There were also lively scenes from the students of Tongxin Primary School that visited last time when the zoo had yet to renovate.

It looked very lively. Fan Haiping thought that it would be better to go to the zoo than to the game center. She had made a promise with his son. If his performance was good enough, she would take him and her nephew to the zoo again, which also prevented him from thinking about it all day long.


Wang Weiwei opened her circle of friends and saw the news link shared by her mother. Her mother worked in the city TV station, so she often shares news produced by some of the units.

Generally speaking, Wang Weiwei would not click on it. Today, she was really bored so she just causally clicked in.

The headline of the news was: Amazing, a 23-year-old man in the East Sea set up a zoo for love.

The female anchor spoke seriously. There was a young man who just graduated from this city who loved animals from an early age. After graduation, he did not choose to work in his major. Instead, he set up a zoo under the Cape Mountains. He ate and slept with the animals.

Wang Weiwei looked at it blankly without being moved at all.

Soon after, the camera cut to the scene in front of the gate of the Lingyou zoo, the female reporter introduced the 23-year-old man.

Maybe it was because of the plain language used in the news. At first, Wang Weiwei’s mind imagined the person to be an old fashioned and thin man. Unexpectedly, she found out that the young director was very good looking.

At the sight of a handsome man, Wang Weiwei gained some spirit.

The handsome zoo director took the female reporter to visit his zoo. The pavilion was beautifully designed and equipped with advanced equipment. He also demonstrated the equipment and said that the director had spent all his savings on these.

So far, it was still rather boring. There was so many similar news like this.

Next, his interaction with the animals was shown in a routine way. The narrator also introduced two peacocks that were recently been called out on the local network.

Wang Weiwei also saw the gif and soon remembered that it was this zoo.

Watching the peacock’s tail open and the interaction between the birds, Wang Weiwei began to be a little surprised. At the back, she saw the lion acting like a spoiled child to the director and she was slightly attracted. It was like a domestic cat. Her attitude had changed and she held her cell phone and tore a bag of potato chips while eating.

Many of the scenes used in the new were of the interaction between the director and the animals, and there were some notable points. For example, the wild bird rescued by the director was still following him. It looked fierce but it only listened to the director’s words. It was also the only bird that did not interact with other keepers and reporters; like it only trusted the director.

For the first time, Wang Weiwei thought the headline was real and full of love!

There was no deliberate sensationalism or poses. The interviewees were also very natural and did not speak many lines. They mostly used pictures to reflect events and it particularly made the audience feel the sincerity.

For the first time, Wang Weiwei had the idea of sharing the news. She felt that the content was really good. On the one hand, it was sincere and grounded. On the other hand, it gave a feeling of dreams and hope.

She was about the same age as the director but she didn’t necessarily have the courage to cast everything away and be powered by love.

So Wang Weiwei really shared the news with her circle of friends and attached a few comments.


“… No, I really didn’t lie to you! Look, I sent you the news and the reporters had even came to interview.” Duan Jiaze was calling his college friends.

The classmate was speechless. “You really went to open a zoo? I thought you were joking!”

“It’s true… Can you help me?” Duan Jiaze said.

He had already commissioned the recruitment company to recruit several more employees. There were both full-timer and part-timer. But this was on the premise that they could make profit after opening up – anyway, if the traffic was not enough, he would be strike by thunder.

Most of his friends were still doing part-time jobs, so long as they come to work during the weekends, holidays and other rush hours. However, there must also be full-timers. For example, if the first-week task was completed, they would get a tourist service center, which he would have to recruit employees.

The previous Lingyou Zoo had a small shabby door and the ticket office was also a small shop.

However, these people might not be able to recruit all at once. Just in case, Duan Jiaze was calling his college friends to ask them to come over to help out on the weekend.

Few people know about Duan Jiaze’s being pitted to open the zoo. He was busy here every day and had not contacted his classmates. At the moment, many of his friends even thought that he was deceiving people. They had never heard that he liked animals before.

Before and after graduation, he was busy looking for a job. Why did he suddenly opened a zoo? It was even a better idea to sell rabbits at a street stall.

Fortunately, both the TV news and online news had been launched at this time, so Duan Jiaze only had to send the news to them to prove himself.

His friends believed after seeing the news. They did not ridicule Duan Jiaze and those who were free agreed to help. Duan Jiaze was relieved after hearing this.

At this time, the second dispatch of the animal was still on the way. Duan Jiaze could not help but be a little worried and had a long sigh, “What if the new animal is very ferocious? I’m going to be miserable.”

Duan Jiaze was still pondering whether if it was necessary to let these big-name bosses learn about the common sense of modern human society before coming down. They should not be easily tempted to fight and kill.

Luya who was behind Duan Jiaze heard his words and proudly said: ” Who dares to be presumptuous when this deity is here?”

Duan Jiaze was silent for a moment before he whispered to himself: “What if this new animal is also cruel? Won’t I be even worse……”

Luya: “…”

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