Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 15


Chapter 15 : You Su Enters The Stage

Early in the morning, Duan Jiaze got up and took the bus to the city. In less than a month, the filter equipment in the fish tank actually broke down. He decided to go to the bird market to find the boss to change it.

Conveniently, Duan Jiaze also had a small idea, that was to buy Luya two sets of clothes.

It’s not that he wanted to say about this, but for the past few days in Lingyou, Luya had not changed his clothes…

Even if Duan Jiaze was crude and careless, he still realized and even heard Xiao Su whispering around how Luya was born so beautiful yet he doesn’t change clothes all day. That was too damaging to his image.

Of course, as the director, Duan Jiaze had a certain responsibility. After all, comrade Luya came down to the human world and stayed in this remote area without even going shopping.

Duan Jiaze reached the urban area and first went to the bird and flower market to find that store from last time.

When the boss saw him, he still remembered him and asked: “Hello, came to buy fish again?”

“I’m not buying fish, Boss, your filter broke down by itself.” Duan Jiaze stressed. “You’ll have to exchange one for me.”

The boss shirked: “It’s not like I can verify it. The quality of our goods here is very good, how do I know if it broke by itself…”

“How did it not broke by itself? If not, was it because I have nothing to do and broke it?” Duan Jiaze said.

Boss: “How would I know? How about you go and send it for repairing?”

Duan Jiaze: “Where do I take it for repairing? Boss, you are acting shamelessly…”

Boss: “Don’t argue with me, I am speaking the truth.”

Duan Jiaze: “Boss, you are too much. Just tell me if you are willing to make an exchange or not, I still have to go back to feed my fishes.”

Boss sweated: “Your fishes are still alive?”

“Of course they are alive!” Duan Jiaze angrily said. “What do you mean? Did you sell me sick fishes?”

The boss thought in his heart,  ‘I sold you sick fishes. You even kept so many fishes in a tank. You must have seen ghosts for them to be still alive.’

They were wrangling when someone came in. “Old Tang, see what happened to my Black Dragon-eye with Butterfly Tail.”

Black Dragon-eye with Butterfly Tail

Duan Jiaze looked back. He was the uncle he met at the market last time. Now he seemed to be impatient, holding a plastic bag with a goldfish in it.

“It stayed at the bottom of the tank all day and looked like it was depressed.” The uncle said gloomily, “It’s no use adjusting the conditions. I’m almost depressed too.”

“Wait a minute first,” The boss said to Duan Jiaze and without waiting for his answer. He took the uncle’s goldfish and asked solemnly, “Is it isolated? How about its feces?”

The uncle said, “It’s not isolated yet, and there’s nothing in its excrement.”

The boss thought: “I think it might be enteritis! Isolate it and buy some medicine.”

The uncle keep on nodding. “Alright, I just bought it for less than a month!”

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help said, “What enteritis? This fish can’t adapt to the change of water. Just put some salt in the water…”

The uncle looked up at him in surprise and wanted to ask if it was true or false. Suddenly he felt somewhat familiar. He somehow recalled that he had once met Duan Jiaze in the market before and said, “It’s you, young man!”

He still remembered the story of the young man who mixed a tank of fishes. He was not very particular attentive, but he felt that his words just now were inexplicable and credible just because the fishes of his did not die.

The boss couldn’t help but asked him, “How do you know that?” He also felt that according to his performance last time; he was obviously a layman.

“You can see from this fish itself, don’t you know?” Duan Jiaze retorted.

The owner was not a professional veterinarian. He had just given a possible solution based on his experiences. But when Duan Jiaze retorted, he had nothing to say.

The uncle helped to smooth this dispute and said: “Then I’ll buy some medicine and salt and try both methods. Thanks, you two.”

“You’re welcome.” Duan Jiaze said, “Boss, go on telling me about the filter.”

There was a regular customer nearby, the boss was too embarrassed that he wanted to kill someone and finally said, “I’ll exchange for you then.”

Duan Jiaze was satisfied and took a new filter.

The uncle was curious. He went out with Duan Jiaze and said, “Young man, how are your fishes?”

“Very good!” Duan Jiaze even took out his mobile phone and showed his saved picture motions to the uncle.

When the uncle looked at it, he thought to himself, ‘this boy really kept the fishes together and they lined up neatly in the direction of his finger. Is there any food placed there? Could it be photoshop?’

But looking at the bright colors and flexible movements of these fishes, they were really very energized.

“Where did you raised them? It doesn’t look like indoor. Is this your company? It also wrote ‘Aquarium’. Haha, young people are very interesting.” The uncle asked curiously.

“Yes,” Duan Jiaze advertised, “this is a zoo. Did you know the original Cape Zoo? It’s right there. Now it’s renamed to Lingyou Zoo and it will reopen next week. If you’re free, you can come and play.”

The uncle was momentarily stunned. So the place was actually a zoo and that made it even funnier. “Well, I mean you are quite capable. So, it was actually a zoo. Well, I’ll definitely go when I’m free!”

Duan Jiaze laughed and said, “Hehe, remember to give my name to get a discount. My name is Duan Jiaze.”

After saying goodbye to the uncle at the market, Duan Jiaze went to the mall to pick up two new set of clothes and then took the bus back.

As soon as he entered Lingyou Zoo, Duan Jiaze saw Xiao Su and Liu Bin playing with a little girl under the shade of a tree.

The little girl looked to be around six or seven years old, with two horsetails tied at her back. She looked very pretty, with red lips, white teeth and the clear dinstinction between the black and white of her eyes. Her long and narrow eyes was spirited and it gave a rather classical feel. She wore a white skirt and was holding a biscuit in her hand, which was supposedly given by Xiao Su.

Xiao Su and Liu Bin watched her eat and their eyes were full of love. One handed water to her and the other brought a fan; this child was really too cute.

“Whose child is this? She’s beautiful.” Duan Jiaze asked as he walked over.

Xiao Su looked back and said in surprise, “Director, isn’t this your child? She said she came to see you.”

Duan Jiaze was confused. He didn’t know this child at all. “What’s your name, kid?”

The little girl ate the last bite of the biscuit and her eyes wandered around. “My name is…You Su.”

The name did not give Duan Jiaze any impression. He was afraid of frightening the child and asked gently, “Who asked you to find me?”

In fact, he seriously suspected that she was lost while playing in the nearby Cape Park and she said she she wanted to find the director, maybe it was the “director” of the neighboring park.

This girl called You Su lifted her face and looked at Duan Jiaze, saying: ” Ling Xiao…”

Duan Jiaze blocked her mouth and strangely told Xiao Su and Liu Bin: “I understand! This is a relative of Lu Ge, I will bring her to find Luya!”

Duan Jiaze picked up You Su and ran straight to the office building.

He could reckon who this little girl was. It’s clearly the new “animal” sent by the Ling Xiao Hope project.

—— This system is so despicable that even children were arranged to come here. This is child labor! He doesn’t have the nerve to put her in the cage.

“Daojun,” Duan Jiaze put You Su down and probed into the room. “Here comes a newcomer. See if you know her?”

After You Su was put down, she straightened her skirt and stepped into Luya’s room in one step.

Luya was lying on the bed, shaking his feet and playing his mobile phone. “See what, I can smell that fishy smell five hundred miles away.” He stretched out his hand and fanned it in front of his nose before raising his eyes. “So, the Nine-tailed Fox is here too.”

You Su sweetly smiled: “Luya Daojun, it has been a while.”

Duan Jiaze rubbed his ears: ” Wait, Nine-tailed Fox? Which Nine-tailed Fox?”

You Su smiled unwavering and said: “The most famous one.”

The most famous one? Only after a while that Duan Jiaze reacted and asked in a dazed expression: “Daji?”


Daji was the favourite consort of King Zhou of Shang. She was portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit in many tv series and caused the downfall of the dynasty.
Dragon Ball Multiverse
Spirit Sword Sovereign
Player Reborn (2019)
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)

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