Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 17


Chapter 17 : Fox’s Tails

You Su’s arrival had added a new hobby to Xiao Su, that was when she was free, she would bring the child(in her eyes) to play.

Xiao Su even borrowed You Su as a model from Duan Jiaze. “I took some pictures of Xiao Su interacting with animals, which can be washed out and hung outside as promotional photos. It also can be used as leaflet materials before opening.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Duan Jiaze. “In the future, we can set up a advertisement platform for ourselves, and we can also distribute more pictures of this kind. Everyone loves to see lovely animals and cute children.”

Xiao Su wanted to said something but she stopped.

Duan Jiaze looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Liu Bin cut into the conversation at one side: “Director, she wants to borrow Lu Ge as a model.”

Apart from Lolita, handsome men was also an attractive point.

Duan Jiaze said painfully, “It’s not easy to do this… Your Lu Ge has a big temper and is not necessarily willing to pose. I see if there’s a chance to talk about it someday when he’s in a good mood.”

In fact, Duan Jiaze was making a casual remark, he would never dare to ask him.

“Okay, okay,” Xiao Su eagerly nodded. “Actually, Director, you can be a model too. You just need to change your clothes. Your clothes doesn’t fit you.”

Today, Duan Jiaze was wearing the clothes that Luya didn’t want previously. “The size was too big. But I can’t be a model either. Isn’t that Wang Po selling melons and boasting about himself?”

Xiao Su held onto You Su and lead her to take pictures first, intending to let her take a group photos with the birds. On the way, she sometimes reminded her thoughtfully, “Be careful here, there is a step.”

Duan Jiaze followed behind them, intending to look be an onlooker before going to work again. He sweated when he heard Xiao Su’s words. Xiao Su, do you know who you are reminding to walk carefully? You know, even if her grandson lived to be ninety years old, he would not slip and fall but only be slippery.

Xiao Su took You Su to the bird exhibition area, took a Thrust down from the branch and handed it to You Su.

Duan Jiaze saw You Su making all kinds of innocent and lovely gestures  under Xiao Su’s command. Xiao Su happily captured the scenes, without noticing that the Thrush in the lens was too obedient, in fact , it was shivering a little…

Thrust – 画眉鸟 which means painted eyebrows, referring to the mark around the bird’s eyes

Ay, everyone had hard times.

Duan Jiaze looked at it for a while, but he couldn’t bear to watch it any more and went to work.

He fed, cleaned and disinfected the animals he was responsible for. It was almost noon and he had to cook again.

In fact, after Xu Chenggong came, he took the initiative to undertake the responsibility of cooking lunch for his colleagues. He lived by himself all year round, and his cooking were actually quite good.

But why did Duan Jiaze still need to cook? Originally, he could ask Xu Chenggong to fry a dish for Luya too. But that asshole Luya insisted that the director should feed him because it was more respectable for him!

It’s enough grievance for him to come here to be an animal. If not, was any random person qualified to cook for him?

Of course, Duan Jiaze wanted to hit him at that moment, he was clearly punished and sent down here.

As there was only one kitchen, Xu Chenggong and Duan Jiaze used in in staggered time. When he arrived, Xu Chenggong was almost done and he served the dishes and informed Xiao Su and Liu Bin to come to eat.

You Su’s food was also distributed down, Duan Jiaze simply took charge of her as well.

Although You Su did not say anything, Duan Jiaze still let her eat alone. While You Su had been very complying, Duan Jiaze did not dare to let her eat with other employees, which might lead to her sharing her own food.

Xu Chenggong waited for Duan Jiaze to have dinner together, while You Su sat by the side and waited for her own dishes.

When Duan Jiaze was almost done stir-frying, he called You Su to ask Luya to come down. You Su pedalled her little leather shoes as she went upstairs to look for Luya. When Duan Jiaze set the table, Luya was rubbing his hair as he walked in.

Just as Luya entered the door, everyone stared at him. Looked at him, and then at Duan Jiaze again.

Duan Jiaze and Luya also looked at each other.

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze was speechless. He found that Luya was wearing the same clothes as himself, but he only bought this one set. Luya did not want them so he wore it himself, so where did the clothes Luya was wearing came from? Did he transformed them himself?

So what’s with the disdain you showed that day?!

Others were fine. Xu Chenggong and Liu Bin were both rough man. Xu Chenggong laughed and said, “Xiao Lu finally changed his clothes. Did he buy them with the director? It looks good.”

Liu Bin: “Well, Lu Ge bought two pieces and gave one on them to the director right? I was wondering why Lu Ge‘s clothes are big.”

Xiao Su (inexplicably excited): “It’s really quite nice looking!”

After Duan Jiaze talked to Luya, he felt unbalanced. He could change clothes every day if he wanted to, so he changed and it was the style that Duan Jiaze bought.

Luya even intended to ridicule Duan Jiaze when Duan Jiaze saw him wearing it. Who knew that Duan Jiaze actually wore the same clothes on the same day?

In the public’s eyes, Luya walked in uncomfortably and whispered at Duan Jiaze’s ear, “This is truly unruly. You wore this deity’s clothes!”

“The fuck,” Duan Jiaze softly said, “do I have to waste it just because you don’t want it yourself?”

Luya asked back: “Who says I don’t want it?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze was so angry that he scrapped up the dishes and gave half of them to You Su’s bowl as she sat obediently. “Eat, you are growing up, eat more!”

You Su quickly picked up the meat and put it in her mouth, both her cheeks bulged up.

You Su had already started to eat, Luya did not have the nerve to snatch the food from her bowl and immediately became very angry.

Duan Jiaze was only happy when he saw his shrivelled appearance.

Xu Chenggong didn’t pay attention to Duan Jiaze and Luya bickering. He was attracted by You Su eating her food. “My God, how hungry is this child?”

You Su’s speed of eating the meat was very fast, even to the point of a little fierce. Those who didn’t know might thought that she was a refugee.

Luya sneered as if he were laughing at the Nine-tailed Fox’s yet to removed wildness. No matter how she pretended, or how high her cultivation was, the fox’s habits were still exposed. Even nine tails were not enough for her to show!

Duan Jiaze gave a hollowed laugh and touched You Su’s head. “Eat slowly – this child was sick a while ago, and hasn’t eaten meat for a long time.”

In this aspect, compared with Luya, You Su was indeed a little inferior. Luya was able to retract his natural behavior as he wanted to. When he retract, those animals would not be affected by his aura. Nor would he show his Golden Grow’s habits when he was in human form.

In fact, it was just that Luya had higher restraint than You Su. With the strength of You Su, could You Su not do that? Certainly she could, but she was not willing to hide her nature behaviour to that extent.

Duan Jiaze told everyone about the introduction of the Arctic Fox and the arrival of the fox before the opening of the park. He laid the groundwork so that the fox would not suddenly appear out of nowhere and they did not know what was going on.

Xiao Su immediately cheered, “The Arctic fox is very beautiful, Director, do you have any pictures? Do you want to add the Arctic fox to the leaflet?

“Well, yes, but the Arctic Fox hasn’t arrived yet. Get a picture online first.” Duan Jiaze searched the photographs of the Arctic Fox on his mobile phone and bought the right to use them online.

You Su leaned on his shoulder and stood on tiptoe. “The Arctic Fox looked like this?”

Duan Jiaze thought inwardly, he was thankful that this “Arctic Fox” still knew that the Arctic Fox looked like this, “Yes, they live in very cold places, so when its winter, its hair is pure white, when its summer the hair is silver gray.”

You Su suddenly realized, “I almost made a mistake.”

Duan Jiaze: “…” He couldn’t imagine what You Sue wanted to transform into.

After Xu Chenggong and the rest finished their lunch and went to rest, Duan Jiaze said, “You Su, why don’t you change into the Arctic Fox for me to see first?”

“Well, Take a look.” You Su turned into a pale silver-gray Arctic Fox with soft and shiny hair, her fluffy tail was trailing behind her, with moist dark eyes. It looked particularly moving. When it squinted it’s curved eyes , it looked like it were laughing.

Arctic Fox

The only problem was that it was as big as a lamb.

Duan Jiaze sweated, “No, the average Arctic Fox is not so big.” He showed You Su pictures without reference. The time and background of You Su’s life were different. She probably didn’t get it clear and thought she had become small enough.

Duan Jiaze gave a comparison, You Su then changed almost to the same size. She walked around the house in this form and said, “Haha, I’m really not used to having only one tail.”

Duan Jiaze: “… You must hide your fox’s tail, I mean the remaining eight tails.”


An ancient man selling melons but no one buy so he self boasted about his melons} There’s another meaning for Fox’s tail, which means revealing someone’s real character/ bad intention}
Spirit Sword Sovereign
Player Reborn (2019)
Dragon Ball Multiverse
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)

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