Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Before The Opening

A thousand clear sky stretched over thousands of mile, East Sea City’s Linshui Temple was full of burning incense, enshrouding the face of the Golden Statue in the temple.

East Sea City was not particularly large, but Linshui Temple in the city had a small reputation in the province and even in the whole country. It was the heritage of the ancestors of the East Sea City’s Sect, which had been passed down for thousands of years.

The municipal government also protected the premise of Linshui Temple and paid attention to publicity. Linshui Temple still had a certain status in the minds of the local people. The representative for the head of the temple was even the Municipal People’s Congress.

At this moment, a couple was standing at the fortune telling area, handing the divination lot to the Taoist Priest who explained the lot. They also announced their birth date.

The Taoist priest, with his fat head, big ears and shiny face, did not look very much like a priest. He had already solved several lots before them. It seemed like the girlfriend didn’t find his appearance more unreliable then his words. Every sentence of him began with “You have a good lot.” and the content was exaggeratedly praised. It seemed that everyone would always have good luck. It’s perfunctory, and the lot’s explanation would be finished in half a minute.

The Taoist Priest looked at the signature in his hand and said, “En, you are born in the year of tiger. This lot is very good. You’ve had a good year. You’ve had a good time this year. You’ll sail with the wind, and you’ve got no disease or disaster…”

Half of his absent-minded remarks were old-fashioned phrases. He caught a glimpse of the couple’s delicate expression and gave a ‘haha’ again and added two more sentences: “They are all good fates. They are all good fates.”

The couple went out hand in hand, and before they stepped out of the shop, the girl could not help saying, “It’s all the same meaning. Hn, I said it was a fraud.”

The boy said with a little embarrassment, “Forget it, keep your voice down, what are you saying these in the temple?”

The fat Taoist Priest looked out, he did not care much about the implied words and stretched out his waist lazily.

Just stretching to halfway, the Fat Taoist Priest’s expression changed. He leaped out of the temple door with a speed that did not match his body shape and looked at the other side of the city on tiptoe.

“Ahyaya, this is really…” The fat Taoist Priest rubbed his big face and said, “I can’t ignore it even if I want!!”

The fat Taoist Priest put down his current work and ran to the area not open to the public behind the temple. He stopped in front of an old Taoist who was practicing his sword in the courtyard. He panted and made a chief inspector’s salute. “Director, east- east, there is an overwhelming demonic aura in the city, east of the city!”

Zhou Xintang, the old Taoist Priest, was the director of the Linshui Temple Management Committee. He was responsible for organizing religious activities of Linshui Temple and taking charge of all affairs. In the old-fashioned way of saying, he was the in-charge here.

Zhou Xintang didn’t bother about the fat Taoist Priest until he was done with his sword training. When it came to an end, he said quietly, “Such unbothered concealment, I have already found out. You go and tell your Master to send someone to find out the situation and see which demon is coming out of it’s cave and what motive it has.”

The fat Taoist Priest nodded slowly, “Yes.”

Linshui Temple might be only a little famous in the country, but in the industry, it’s prestige was impressive, which demon dared to be so arrogant in the site of Linshui Temple?

As this was a rare occurrence, the fat Taoist Priest was overexcited. At that time, Zhou Xintang had made arrangements in an orderly manner. Only then did he realized that he had lost his calm at the moment and he wanted to explain his behavior. But Zhou Xintang had already went off to do attend his own matters so he could only leave in frustration.


Under the eyes of Luya’s mockery, You Su silently hid her demonic aura that she carelessly revealed. She was a little upset inside. It was only a little aura, it’s not obvious at all, did he need to be like that?

And Duan Jiaze, who was oblivious to what was happening, was still looking at the accounts with tears. “Can I not rent a flower basket, it’s just a day and it cost hundreds of dollars and these balloons and banners? The leaflets that were just printed out, and also I’ve already hired so many people to send leaflets to the schools, community doors…”

Duan Jiaze’s heart ached as they approached the opening of the zoo. He had to spend money on everything and also set aside money for future occasions.

If business was not good after opening, he would jump from the Cape Mountain instead of waiting for the thunderstrike.

“What needs to be spent will have to be spent,” You Su said. “Otherwise, how can you attract the guests of Cape Park? We’re going to be the bloodsuckers of Cape Park.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su’s speech was precise and fierce. That’s the idea of the previous Cape Zoo, which was to attract the tourists of Cape Park to Cape Zoo, but it didn’t work out in the end.

You Su was fiddling with Duan Jiaze’s mobile phone, which was on the Wechat’s page promoted by East Sea New Media. As seen, there were more than 5 hundred thousands clicks, not counting the reprint of other platforms.

You Su said, “I’ve studied this Wechat. Regardless of the guests attracted by previous publicity. On the first day of business, we had to recruit tourists from Cape Park at the entrance and get them here. Because of insufficient funds, we need to spend wisely, so we’ll put the network promotion and activities on the first day. Film and record the first day’s situation, find someone to write online soft text and launch it immediately on the same day. Implement free entrance when they shared and liked the post, and also buy to get a promotion.”

Duan Jiaze nodded, wondering who was the one living in the current era between him and You Su, but he also raised a question.

“Buying soft texts and promotion are okay, but it’s a bit difficult to attract tourists from Cape Park. At most, they will come here on the second day. Generally, most of them come to Cape Park to barbecue and they are prepared.”

“It depends on who solicits it,” said You Su, shaking the mobile phone. “I’ve studied the audience too, they are mostly young people and students. Why don’t you ask Daojun to work outside on the first day – dress up and take some birds outside in his human form?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Luya’s face was already green, solicit customers? What do they take him for?

With a sincere face, You Su seemed to have absolutely no intention of consolidating Luya at all: “The boundary in this world is somewhat vague so this should not be judged to be illegal. The highly honored Daojun, now that Lingyou Zoo is at a critical juncture, you surely will not sit idly, right?”

Luya said with hatred, “Nine-tailed Fox, how dare you ask this deity to sell his face?”

You Su panicked and said, “Little fox dares not, Daojun, but currently there was no one we can use. I’d like to go, but the director has printed the Arctic Fox on the leaflet. If you don’t want to, then…”

As she spoke, she looked at Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

A certain zoo Director felt that he had been shot by an arrow in his knee, and strongly suspected that Comrade Nine-tailed Fox was avenging personal grudges in the name of public interests.

“Then, let me do it…” Luya’s expression was nasty. Thus, Duan Jiaze could only say this weakly.

You Su clapped her hands and said, “That’s great. I was about to talk about paying someone else to do it. Now it’s saved.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

“Abhorrent!” Luya struck the table, a small fire sprang up around him. “I’d like to ask when it’s your turn to decide?”

Now that Duan Jiaze thought about it, if Luya did not say this, it seemed as if he had become imperceptible to You Su giving orders.

Sue’s face was stiff too, and she said with a laugh, “What does Daojun say? “

Luya just accused You Su of usurping of power, of course, he would not slap his face, so he rushed at Duan Jiaze and said fiercely, “He will be the one making the decision!”

Duan Jiaze was very speechless. Could he say that he thought that You Su’s idea was very good? It’s good not to do anything by himself. It’s just that Luya might kill him if he said that out loud.

Duan Jiaze swallowed his saliva and said, “The soft media is a must to have, but how can we order Daojun like that just because we are opening our business?”

Hearing that his position had been affirmed, Luya was very satisfied and raised his chin, indicating Duan Jiaze to continue.

Duan Jiaze: “En… With the image of Daojun, does he still need to solicited actively? Daojun, you might not have seen many modern ordinary people so you might not have an idea, as long as everyone sees your dignity, you don’t even need to move, let alone shout anything, the guest will come like clouds.

Luya was very proud, “That’s naturally.”

You Su smiled slightly.

After a while, Luya came back to his sense, “What is the meaning of this? Do I still have to go out?”

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