Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 19

Chapter 19: We Are Open! (1)

“Wang——Wei——Wei——Hurry up!”

Wang Weiwei smeared her lipstick hastily, took her bag and went out.

Two of her classmates, Liu Xuefei and Mi Xiaomai had already waited so long that they were doubting the meaning of life. The moment they saw her coming out, they let out a breath of relief, “Let’s go, go find a taxi.”

A few days ago, Wang Weiwei made an arrangement with them to go to the zoo today. At that time, both of them were somewhat puzzled. What was so nice about going to the zoo? Only the primary school would organize this sort of trip. After junior high school, neither of them had ever been to the zoo.

But Wang Weiwei insisted so they could only agreed with her request. That was also because the place was said to be small so it would not take too much of their time.

On the taxi, Liu Xuefei reported the location name, “To Lingyou Zoo.”

The driver was rather stunned. “What?”

Wang Weiwei hurriedly said, “It’s Cape Park!”

Only when the driver heard it was Cape Park that he immediately understood, “Alright!”

It took about 40 minutes from Wang Weiwei’s house to Cape Park.

At this time, there were large billboards, some flower baskets and many balloons at the entrance of the Lingyou Zoo, which indicated that today was their opening day.

But Wang Weiwei and her friends were not attracted by these conspicuous objects. Instead, the first thing they saw was a handsome man holding onto a string of balloons, standing in front of Lingyou Zoo.

His facial features belonged to the anicent kind of handsomeness, his eyebrows slanted into the temples, his phoenix eyes were slightly raised, his temperament was so cold that it a complete mess, and his bangs were dyed with a golden red.

It was no exaggeration to say that he was shining, and Wang Weiwei and her friends could not help but stare at him even when thought there was of distance of around 20 meters away.

Don’t mention about their real life, even on TV, they had not seen this kind of handsome man. He was just like a real life version of the male protagonist in ancient love stories.

At least Wang Weiwei and her two friends intended to go Lingyou Zoo in the first place. Looking around, they could see that many girls who was supposed to go Cape Park to barbecue turned around and went toward the zoo muddleheadedly.

Wang Weiwei only bothered about staring at the handsome man’s face and she walked in a trance until she was near the man. She realized that the handsome man had several birds on him and one of them was still flying in circle around him.

And at this distance, there was a sister next to the man who said with a smile, “Beautiful, do you want to visit the zoo? Our peacocks love to open their feathers. We have Sika deer, monkeys, and the newly arrived Arctic Fox…”

In the first place, Wang Weiwei had already planned to buy tickets. There were also a group of college girls beside her. They were still carrying their barbecue supplies. Now they looked like they were embarrassed; They were attracted by the handsome man.

The sister continued to make great efforts: “Today is the first day of our opening, the tickets are only at 15 yuan. Come in and take a look, there will still be enough time to barbecue.”

Following her words, the birds on the handsome man flew up, some used their beaks to hold onto the girl’s clothes as they flew in the direction of the gate, some was flapping their wings behind them to drive them in.

“Oh! Is this bird soliciting visitors?”

“Oh my God hahaha, it’s so capable!”

The handsome man with the balloon noticed the movement of the bird and he looked over coldly. Several students was flushing because of this, but he did not open his mouth to promote as they thought he would.

“You can draw a lottery when you purchase a ticket. There’s a chance to get these lovely birds to accompany you as you tour around the zoo. They are all very obedient.” The sister promoted again. At this time, there were families with children buying tickets into the zoo.

The combination of the handsome boy and the bird at the entrance basically captured all the groups of women and children, that they unconsciously walked up to take a look…

The female college students were a little embarrassed. She looked at her friend, her friend looked back at her, and they tentatively said to each other:

“Should we go in? It’s only 15 Yuan…”

“Anyway, it’s still early. It’s doable to go in and take a look and then go to the barbecue. What do you say?”

“Then let’s go and have a look. The birds are very interesting…”

Xiao Su breathed a sigh of relief. She succeeded again.

The road was facing Cape Park, but it was not known how many people came over because they were attracted by Luya at the entrance of the nearby Lingyou Zoo or by several birds who constantly “solicited” around him. And whether they chose to go in afterward was because of interest or was it because they were persuaded.

Xiao Su felt that if Lu Ge was willing to sacrifice his face, the efficiency and success would be higher than they were now. However, on second thought, this showed that Lu Ge had moral integrity. Their director really taught well.


In addition to the tourists who was diverted from Cape Park, a considerable part of the customers received on the first day of the opening of the Lingyou Zoo were attracted by their news and promotion in advance.

For example, Fan Haiping and her family. Today, Fan Haiping and Zhao Zhenyi took their son, Zhao Bo and nephew, Zhang Shun to play together in Lingyou Zoo. Interestingly, they also planned to visit the nearby Cape Park after seeing the animals and breathe in the fresh air there.

“This place is not that small. With so many exhibition halls built, the owner is willing to spend money and to grow the business bigger.” Fan Haiping commented while she handed the balloon to her husband, her hand reaching out to draw a lottery. The balloon was given by the handsome man at the door when he just came in. Everyone had their own share.

Previously, Zhao Zhengyi, Zhao Bo and Zhang Shun did not win the lottery. Although the ticket seller did not reveal anything, they thought the probability would not be very high.

Fan Haiping looked at the paperboard on her hand, it actually wrote “Congratulations to you! You won a bird to accompany you!”

“My God, I got it!” Although it was not any big prize, Fan Haipaing still screamed.

“Woah——” Zhao Bo and Zhang Shun both voiced out their envy.

The initially uninterested tourists at the side couldn’t help but paused their actions and watch what was happening.

“What bird companion? Tying a bird to your body?”

“Didn’t the city zoo has this? Letting the parrots stop on your shoulders or something?”

While they were discussing, a staff had come out of the room and with a yellow sparrow on his hand, but there was no restraint on the yellow sparrow. When he went to Fan Haiping, he pushed at the yellow sparrow’s butt, and the yellow sparrow flew to Fan Haiping’s shoulder.

Although there were two children present, it was precisely because there were two that Fan Haiping could not give this opportunity to anyone of them. She might as well do this herself.

When the yellow sparrow landed on her shoulder, Fan Haiping held her breath and dared not move, fearing she would frighten the bird away.

At this moment, the people invited by Lingyou Zoo were holding cameras to capture all these wonderful tidbits.

Others watched the yellow sparrow jumped onto Fan Haiping’s shoulder for a few times, and then started rubbing its head on fan Haiping. It even spreaded its wings as if trying to hold Fan Haiping’s head.


“Heh, this bird is really cute.”

“It behaves like a human.”

The children showed envious eyes.

Don’t mention about them, Fan Haiping herself felt that her heart was going to melt. Why did this bird even acted coquettishly?

The staff members told Fan Haiping some things to note, such as not injuring, not feeding, etc., and they also provided a disposable raincoat. Afterward, from now on until she leave the zoo, she can enjoy the company the whole time.

Walking in the zoo with a yellow sparrow, Fan Haiping herself also felt incredible.

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