Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 20

Chapter 20: We Are Open! (2)

When many of the tourists heard that the monkeys were gesturing a heart, they all went there with great interest. They thought it was the kind of situation in which a monkey acted on an instruction given by the keeper. Unexpectedly, there was no animal keeper beside him, but a staff who was maintaining order.

Those monkeys were playing with the tourists through their cages. Everyone knew that monkeys were smart, so no one doubted anything.

Monkeys had always been the smarter animals. With the help of high-grade rations, their IQ had made a leap. Now they were considered to be the intellectual among the monkeys.

For example, these monkeys could tell that in the zoo, the one with the highest combat power was Luya, followed by You Su, then followed by other humans, but the one making the decision was the Duan Jiaze who was somewhere in between. Therefore, they were cautious about Luya, but very flattering towards Duan Jiaze. Thus, they could be said to be very clever.

With such IQ, what was a mere heart gesturing?

They also knew to focus on gesturing the hearts towards the young girls. When they kept gesturing the hearts out, they were like an idol seeing his fans. The more tourists came to look at them, the more energetic they were.

The tourists were also very enthusiastic, they also rushed to gesture hearts at the monkeys, luring the monkeys to make all kinds of movements.

The most popular was still the little baby monkey, although it was not very sensible, but under the teaching of its parents, it learned how to gesture a heart shape. Anyway, the younger generations of monkeys in Lingyou all knew how to sell Meng* before they even eat banana.

{Meng = cute acts}

The little monkey’s fur was golden and soft with a hint of shine. It body was tiny with a pair big moist eyes. When it was held in the arms by its mother, it even gestured a heart toward the tourists. Or it will play with its own tail and learned how to hold its face like the children outside…

It could directly make people dizzy with this Mengness…

This interaction was satisfying to the tourists. It was interesting enough and it did not bought discomfort akin from watching domesticated performances.


At this time, Duan Jiaze was inspecting the situation of the whole zoo and was at the Lion Exhibition Area.

Today, the weather was good, the situation in the afternoon was not bad. So far, more than two hundred people had came in, and with the help of his college friends, the maintenance of order was not a problem, so Duan Jiaze relaxed a little.

It was his college classmates, especially the girls, who had been asking numerous questions about Luya, to the point that Duan Jiaze did not know how to answer them and ran away.

At present, there were about twenty or thirty visitors who were looking at the lion inside. They were all attracted by this unique lion.

By all accounts, male lions were the laziest. They slept most of the time and were too lazy to move at all.

But the lion in Lingyou Zoo was not the same. As it usually ate the high-grade ration, it was full of spiritual energy. It could not digest the food without doing much activity, so it was highly energized.

Moreover, in preparation of the opening, Duan Jiaze has asked You Su to order the lions to sell more Meng to support the early opening of the zoo, which was also in consideration for their long-term rations.

So, at the moment, the lion was trying to be a cat. Although they had some similarities, there was probably no other lion that could learn to twist its ass first before making a jump, just like a cat. It even rolled on the floor…

In this way, it really attracted a lot of tourists to stop their footsteps and take out their mobile phones to shoot this scene.

A visitor waved to this big cat outside of the window. The lion turned its direction, whined and rushed towards the glass window!

Even though they knew the glass would not break, they could not help taking a step back. A child also screamed and stared tightly at the lion’s movements.

Only to see the lion placing it paws on the glass and its face on it. However, its claws were tucked in the pad, and its furry mouth was pressed too tight and flatly against the glass.

Looking from the other side, even the twisted track of the whiskers could be seen clearly, while the two eyes stare outside with a strange angle at the human who started laughing inexplicably…


The Arctic fox Exhibition Area had the largest number of people. This was beyond Duan Jiaze’s expectations, but it also was reasonable.

In the exhibition area decorated like a outdoor scene, a silver-gray Arctic fox squatted on a stump and used its forepaws to hold up a cooked dried fish for food. It ate delicately, to the point of being elegant.

The Arctic fox ate the fish until it was only a complete fish bone. It started to clean its claws. It even washed its claws in the flowing drinking water. The audience’s eyes moved along with its movements.

The atmosphere on this side was quite different from that on the other side of the lion. It was extremely quiet, but the people were equally attentive, watching the Arctic fox doing some daily activities, as if they were not bored at all.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help talking to one of the tourists, “Is it nice to watch?”

The tourist woke up from surprise and looked at Duan Jiaze. He idiotly proclaimed, “Of course it is. I think I can stare at it all day. It’s just as cute as a young panda. Look at its curled up appearance, its face and squinting eyes as if it were smiling…”

Duan Jiaze also watched seriously for a while. It was cute and lovely, but he couldn’t understand the bewitched mood of the tourists. Even watching a fox washing its claw could deduce one to folly, as it they were watching farmers farming.

Not every tourist was so obsessed, it was not known what decided the conditions, but other tourists, even if they were not obsessed, they would be infected by this mood, quietly visiting the exhibition area, or with an unconscious prudence.

Duan Jiaze could not help doubting what kind of animal talent this was, but he was aware that this seemed ineffective against him, perhaps this was because of his identity of the director of the zoo.

Duan Jiaze was watching here and the photographer also wandered in.

As soon as he came in, the photographer was shocked. It was too quiet here, it was unlike a zoo, but more like a library. There were many people, but everyone looked at the fox seriously.

Looking carefully, these people, whether they were adults or children, were very attentive to the Arctic Fox inside the glass wall. Even those who were taking photos were silent. Occasionally, they sighed in their hearts, “Mom, it’s so cute…”

But there were absolutely no noise or crowding, just like a pilgrimage.

The photographer couldn’t help recording this scene. In his lens, the silver-gray Arctic fox that was stared at by the public, was just like it had holy rays shining!!

The photographer sighed with emotions. In the past, he had to make the object of the camera more attractive. But today, he only vexed on how to perfectly reflect the characteristics of this animal and together with the atmosphere of this scene.


In the entire zoo, only the bird exhibition area was opened for the tourists to enter.

Today more than half of the birds were in charge of accompanying tourists or were attracting tourists outside. The rest were left here, waiting to be visited, and these included the two peacocks.

They seemed to have their own schedules, opening their feathers every one hour. Which attracted many tourists, desperately filming down their gorgeous tail. For the rest of the time, tourists were trying their best to tease them into open their feathers.

Some tourists secretly tried to feed the birds with breadcrumbs, but they were very particular, and they will not eat it. There was only one male keeper here maintaining order. He was not in charge of helping the tourists and bird to get more intimate. They might have to use their own way to attract the birds.

Generally speaking, children and women were more popular with the birds. The birds were more willing to be close to them, they flew down from the high ceiling and landed on their heads, shoulders or hands. Or they played on their own on the branches, not spending good time with the humans; it all depended on their mood.

Duan Jiaze also took a look here before he went out and saw the same scene showing the harmony between human and birds.

There were almost as many tourists at the open space of the entrance as there were inside, except that they interacted with the sparrows rather than birds in the zoo. The birds inside didn’t eat anything, but the sparrows like to eat, which satisfied the tourists’ feeding desire.

It just that, these sparrows were more shrewish; they were less friendly and kind.

Duan Jiaze’s mouth twitched. He once heard that a tourist had been ‘robbed’. The sparrows often came here to steal food. Now they had evolved into bullying and seducing the tourists. Was this a good thing or bad thing? He himself was not sure too…


Throughout the whole day, according to the rough statistics of the ticket office, there were about seven hundred tourists today. Duan Jiaze’s college friends were all tired and had went back to rest. Xiao Su and the two of them had also got off work, and Duan Jiaze had to continue to work with the photographers, copywriter editors and so on.

They had to integrate the material filmed in the zoo today, compile the soft text, and then push it out to the public.

Duan Jiaze and the photographer picked out some pictures together, and the editor wrote the text at the side. As the draft had already been written, the process was very fast. They just needed to arrange the layout, and wait for the pictures they’ve chosen to be edited and then stick them on.

Although it was only this much, with today’s material, they had been busy since five in the afternoon to eight in the evening.

Through the previous reporter that came to for interview, Duan Jiaze managed to contact an Internet media with more fans. The photographer and editor were both employees from there. As soon as the soft text was written and checked correctly, it was published with their numbers. This was the peak time for many people to surf the Internet and brush their circles of friends.

Last time, the internet media reporter also told Duan Jiaze that if their content was well edited, they could also forward it there. After all, it was considered a follow-up report.

So after sending it out, Duan Jiaze also contacted them and sent them articles to see if they want to do it, and then he also let his friends and classmates help forwarded it.

After all this, the photographer and the text editor were sent home, and Duan Jiaze collapsed and sat down.

“Finally done with all these…”

Do him best and obey the destiny. The next step was to wait for the tomorrow to come. The second peak will be coming tomorrow. The flow of people between today and tomorrow basically determined whether the task could be accomplished or not.


I’m sure most of y’all heard of WeChat….

WeChat has incorporated a ‘Moments’ function that allows every user to have its own ‘timeline’ where they can post updates for all their friends to see. It is easy to select which group of friends can see what- some updates may only be viewed by work-related relations, while others are meant to be seen by a close group of friends. ‘Moments’ is a closed social network between friends. Besides that, WeChat has a ‘look around’ function where one can (temporarily) allow its location to be public; this allows one to find people in the vicinity to interact with.

The ‘moments’ function is basically the circle of friends mentioned in this chapter. There is also the public account/ official account, which will be mentioned next time. It acts like a Facebook Page, but in WeChat.

(Correct me if i am wrong.)

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