Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Start of Public Praises

On Saturday night, many East Sea City’s residents had already seen Lingyou Zoo from their circle of friends.

In this age of self-media, everyone could become an advertising platform. Although the number of people who came to the Lingyou zoo on that day was only over seven hundred according to statistics. But, with them as the core, the information spread outward like spider webs. It was enough to be seen by seven thousand or even seventy thousand people.

As long as the content was interesting enough, the information could be quickly disseminated on the Internet.

“The man’s breakfast was robbed empty. Look at his expression carefully, I’m laughing to death…”

“No one saved this man. This is so 6.”

“Fuck, for the first time in my life, I saw a peacock opening the feathers. It’s super huge. It’s really super huge…”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I won the prize! The prize was actually a super meng bird accompanying me as I tour around the zoo. Let you guys see how my mom was melted by the mengness.”

Young people posted videos of a tourist being surrounded by sparrows, stealing his bread, or it was the gorgeous opening of a peacock’s feathers in their circle of friends.

“Today, I took my little obedient to Cape Park and also conveniently went to the zoo. He was leaning on the glass wall all the time. [Cover your mouth and laugh]”

“The intimate contact between my baby and the lion!”

“The children like here very much, they were unwilling to leave.”

“What do you call ‘The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there’? Today, I witnessed it. (Attached a photo of the “Aquarium”)

Parents shared interesting pictures of their children making faces at the lions across the glass or doing the same thing with monkeys in their circle of friends.

“The foxy and I.”

“The monkey that gestured a heart at me, hahahaha.”

There were also many seven or eight-year-olds who had their own mobile phones, and they could release the pictures they took.

Of course, there was also another clear stream, which was focused on expressing how there was a handsome man at the entrance of the zoo. So terribly handsome…

Among their circle of friends, a considerable number of young people, parents, and children who were very free on weekends had left messages to express their thoughts, most of which was:

“This is too interesting/cute/funny. Where is this?”

Then they all got a unified response: Lingyou Zoo.

Not to mention, in addition to the more than 7 hundred people, there was also a public platform with many fans that helped to publish Lingyou Zoo’s opening day. It had a sensational headline which attracted many people to click in.

So, even if you’re not a friend of these more than 7 hundred people or a friend of their friends, it’s very likely that you’re paying attention to the official account, or your friends were paying attention to them.

Then, in the news that the public address pushed that night, there were also many identical pictures, but they were taken by professional photographers, which also included some shots captured by the employees.

This included the scene of the first day of the opening where tourists were enjoying their times in the zoo. There were also pictures of the animals showing their mengness. Of course, there must also be a wonderful scene of tourists and animals interacting. Together with an interesting title, it was quite intriguing.

Many readers had been attracted, and when they scrolled down, there was more activity information; as long as you share to your circle of friends, and accumulate forty likes, you will get to enter for free.

The address, to say it was far, it was not far, to say it was near, it was also not near. There were direct buses to go there and it was next to Cape Park, which was a familiar place for the residents of the East Sea City.

It had to be said that many people had been stimulated with interest. Although the zoo on the camera looked interesting, many people hesitated to go to such a distance. But this was right at Cape Park, they would then think, anyway, it had been a long time since they went to Cape Park for an outing. Why not go and have fun?

There were many different thought processes, but the unification was that a certain proportion of people were attracted.

So, one by one, the links were shared to the circle of friends, and within the groups started appearing requests for likes.

With the help of his phone alarm clock, Duan Jiaze struggled to get up from the bed.

Last night, after the article was published, he did not go to bed immediately but stared at the data until later than midnight. As such, he slept in later, and now, he was not that energetic.

It was already seven o’clock, and the zoo opened at eight o’clock. Duan Jiaze quickly put on his clothes, washed up and made noodle as breakfast for himself.

Luya and You Su were carnivorous animals. They had no interest in eating noodles. They waited for their own food to be fried every day.

Last night’s article had been clicked at least tens of thousands of times. There were many comments left below the article. All of them were positive, saying that they want to come to play.

Duan Jiaze wondered uneasily, how many tourists would come today? His demands were not high, as long as it could tally up to two thousand when added with yesterday’s group. It was certain that no one would come on the weekday.

Before the zoo opened, the three employees and Duan Jiaze’s classmates all reached.

There was not much traffic at first when they just opened for the day. By about ten o’clock, the traffic was getting bigger and bigger.

Yesterday, a considerable number of tourists were attracted from the next door. Today, these people went straight to Lingyou Zoo. Some of them saw the article send to their circle of friends and found it interested, so they came after some inquiring. While some people came because they saw the article. They even took out their phones to show the forty likes.

In fact, the ticket was not expensive to begin with. Now, with the ticket free of charge, many families would purchase some food and drink in the snack bar of the zoo. So it did not necessarily mean losing money. Moreover, these expenses were a must when it was just the start of a business, it could not be saved.

The flow of people can be seen by visual observation and it was more than yesterday. Duan Jiaze also helped at the ticket office for a while.

Because there were more people, the people surrounded Luya was also naturally more.

Whether because they had seen Luya in the online sharing and knew that there was such a “scenic spot” or was it because they just saw him today and couldn’t help but glance a few more times at him.

Everyone thought he was an invited model, and someone even asked, “Handsome, when on earth are you going to performing?”

— Generally speaking, didn’t these models attract customers by performing shows? What’s more, there were many birds on this handsome man, and it suggested that he was going to perform something.

Luya’s face suddenly darkened. Performance? Would you like to show you a burning Lingyou?

At that moment, Duan Jiaze was afraid of that Luya would beat up the tourist.

Fortunately, he still took the overall situation into consideration and did not beat anyone up. He only looked at Duan Jiaze viciously. Although there were no intended performances, the birds still took the initiative to show the crowd a little performance. The crowd was very satisfied to buy the tickets and enter the zoo.

Duan Jiaze made another round of the zoo today. He found that the Arctic Fox exhibition area had the largest number of people, which was really… Unexpected, but reasonable.

There were even repeated tourists here. Yesterday, they came here and today they came again. Not only did they came by themselves, but also brought others with them. Together with today’s new visitors, it led to the largest number of tourists.

And You Su was still taking its own time drinking water, combing its fur, and even sleeping.

Duan Jiaze stood at the side for a while and even heard a girl complain: “… Too stingy. Why didn’t you build the area a little bigger? The Arctic Fox’s activity area is too small and there’s no place for it to play! “

Duan Jiaze sweated for a moment, and thinking, ‘Girl, your idea is very dangerous, this can lead to a tendency to being closer to the unconscious monarch in this feudal society.’

No matter what, a Nine-Tailed Fox was still a Nine-Tailed Fox, there was no doubt about its charm!

After Duan Jiaze went out of the Arctic Fox exhibition area, he heard a discussion from the tourists in front of him.

“There’s a handsome man in ancient clothes over there just now…”

“Ah? Why didn’t I see it? I’m going back to see it!”

Duan Jiaze thought that person was an ancient enthusiast or was filming a biography. They went to Cape Mountain to take the view and then came here to play. Duan Jiaze was also interested in going there to see if he could take some tidbits.

Duan Jiaze followed the two tourists all the way to the beast exhibition area, where for the time being there was only one lion.

At a pretty decent distance, Duan Jiaze really saw a young man in ancient clothes, looking to be around 15 or 16 years old.

He was wearing a blue-grey robe, with clothed shoes under his feet, his head was not like a wig, but a bun of real hair with a wooden hairpin inserted in it.

From Duan Jiaze’s point of view, he could only see his side. Even so, he could still see some of his exquisite faces. He was staring seriously at the lion in the glass wall with his back straight.

The tourists around him could not help but made space for him, leaving a circle opened around him.

The two tourists in front were whispering:

“He’s quite handsome, but it’s not an ancient dress. It’s like a priest robe…”

“Yes, is he from Linshui Temple?”

“I don’t know… Let’s ask?”

“Heh heh, you go!”

In the whispers of the girls, the lion getting gazed in the glass wall opened its mouth and roared at the priest outside the wall: “Roar -“

The priest stood upright without changing his expression. Although he was wearing dull clothes, at this moment, it seemed that he was the only one among the tourists who were equal to the lion. One was making movement while the other was still. Even after a roar, he was still calm. This formed a strange contrast.

The indoor lights were not very bright, but there was enough lighting in the cage, and it reflected in the eyes of the priest, forming a halo.

Duan Jiaze, like many onlookers, couldn’t help holding up his phone and filmed this scene down.


6 is a internet slang for powerful.Clear stream is an internet slang, referring to the praise of something / a person has a unique charm.
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