Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Taoist Priest Coming Down The Mountain (1)

At this moment, Duan Jiaze would not have thought that, a few months later, an international prize award for photography was awarded to a young Taoist Priest who looked silently at a roaring lion through a glass window, entitled .


Of course, this work did not belong to Duan Jiaze, nor to the many people who took the same scene, but to a photographer who happened to come to East Sea City with the mind of collecting the city’s style.

The young Taoist Priest only stopped in front of the cage for a while before he went to the next exhibition hall. No matter what he wore, his temperament or his behavior, they were out of step with the other tourists.

Instead of coming here to visit, he seemed to be seeking for something.

Duan Jiaze followed behind with curiosity, only to see the young Taoist Priest stopping at each exhibition hall, looking at the animals inside temporary.

Normally, tourists would stop when they saw the interesting behaviors of the animals, but he would not. He looked at what he wanted and walked away after a while, with disregard to what the animal was doing. Hence, Duan Jiaze felt that he did not come here with the purpose of seeing the animals.

Duan Jiaze did not know why he followed him, but the more he looked at him, the more he felt it was strange and his heart felt slightly peculiar.

He followed him until the Taoist Priest almost finished his tour and came out. However, he did not leave. Instead, he found a staff member and asked, “Hello, where is the director in charge of this zoo?”

This staff member was actually Duan Jiaze’s university classmate. He took a glance at Duan Jiaze who was not far from the back, and seeing that the Taoist Priest was gentle and courteous, he didn’t think too much and smoothly said, “That’s him. Why are you looking for him?”

As soon as the young Taoist Priest turned around, his clear eyes fell on Duan Jiaze.

“…” Duan Jiaze followed him all the way here. Now he was embarrassed and pretended to look around at the scenery while scolding his classmates in his heart for this pit.

The Taoist Priest went toward Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze had no other choice. Propping up against the wall next to him, he looked around to see if anyone noticed. He smiled dryly and said, “Hello, young Taoist Priest, why are you looking for me?”

“Hello, my name is Luo Wuzhou, practicing in Linshui Temple,” the Taoist Priest said solemnly. He took out a small book from his arms and opened it for Duan Jiaze. “This is my Taoist certificate.”

Duan Jiaze: “… Ah? “

The Taoist Priest named Luo Wuzhou was very beautiful and young, but he spoke with staid. The content of the following words was a little scary: “Director, there are demons in your zoo. I hope you can evacuate the visitors in the zoo immediately. I can negotiate with it…”

Without waiting for Luo Wuzhou to finish, Duan Jiaze shouted, “Monitor! Old Tang!”

His college class monitor and a classmate were beside him and they heard the call.

“Help me invite this little friend out. He seems to have watched too many TV dramas.” Duan Jiaze said calmly.

Both Old Tang and Monitor took a glimpse. Hey, he didn’t say anything even thought he was dressed like a Taoist Priest, but after hearing Duan Jiaze’s sentence, he had a face of surprise: “I am really a Taoist Priest. You can check my Taoist certificate number on the Taoist Association’s official website…”

The Monitor and Old Tang showed curiosity.

Duan Jiaze said impatiently, “Not exorcising evil spirits, not setting up any arrays. I am the owner here and I make the decision.”

Both of them suddenly realized that in recent years, with the wind of feudal superstition once again blowing up. There was a lot of swaggering and swindling happening in society. What ‘Outline of Buddhism’ and ‘Great Grandmasters’, in fact, they were just deceiving people. Even if the Taoist certificate was true… Which decent and righteous monk and priest would run to someone else’ house to catch demons?

The two of them each took one of the Taoist Priest’s hands. Unexpectedly, the Taoist Priest placed a foot on the wall and flipped in the air. Taking this opportunity to break off from their grip and landed steadily on the ground.

When some tourists saw it, they all “Wow”.

The two friends also showed surprise and dared not touch him for a moment. This year, those with no skills dare not come out and be a swindler.

Duan Jiaze slowly took out his mobile phone and dialed 110.

I’m really sorry about this little brother, but…


Duan Jiaze stood at the gate, watching the Taoist Priest followed two policemen into the police car. Before entering, the young Taoist Priest even turned back and gave him a glance.

Duan Jiaze felt guilty and he could even hear some people discussing:

“Is that a true Taoist Priest?”

“He must be a fake. A swindler and was taken away by the police.”

“How do I feel like he was a teenager that ran away from home…”

Duan Jiaze’s legs were going soft. Ghost knew how nervous he was just now.

Luya was sitting in the room of the ticket office resting. Now there were no tourists. Duan Jiaze waved to him, but he was languid, “What’s the matter?”

“Come out for a second, I have something to tell you.”

Luya tilted his head, “I still have to go out and stand later.”

When Xiao Su heard this, she ‘hehe’ twice.

“…” Duan Jiaze simply just came in and dragged Luya out while saying, “I allow you to rest.”

Duan Jiaze pulled the absent-minded Luya into a corner. “Did you see the Taoist Priest just now?”

Luya: “I saw him.”

Duan Jiaze: “He told me there are demons in our zoo!!”

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “………”

Duan Jiaze: “… Why don’t you have any reactions at all?”

Luya: “Cause there are demons.”

Duan Jiaze said frantically, “I know, but it was discovered! He also wants me to aid him in catching the demons! He is from Linshui Temple and Linshui Temple have at least 180 Taoist Priests! Oh, my God, I even pretended to be ignorant and called the police to have him taken away!!”

Compared with Duan Jiaze’s agitation, Luya was very puzzled: “What about that?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Well, it seemed that it was not a big matter for Luya. The Taoist Priest should be no different from the peasant villagers who made trouble before. Duan Jiaze calmed down inexplicably under Luya’s nonchalant repression.

Cape Street Police Station.

A middle-aged man in a robe hurried into the police station and said to the policeman on duty, “Hello, I’m Shao Wuxing.”

The police quickly stood up. “Taoist Priest Shao, please follow me. Your Junior Brother is over here.”

Shao Wuxing followed the policeman to an office and saw his Junior Brother sitting on a chair daydreaming. Beside him were a finished lunch box and a bottle of mineral water.

The director of the police station came over in a hurry. “Director Shao, you are here. Hello, our Director called me. I dare not mistreat your Junior Brother.”

“Thank you for taking care of my Junior Brother.” Shao Wuxing shook hands with the director with a grateful expression.

Shao Wuxing was the Director of Linshui Temple Office. He was mainly responsible for the daily work of Taoism in all aspects. He often contacted with many departments, enterprises and rich businessmen in this city. His contacts were even very wide. Knowing that Luo Wuzhou had entered the police station, he immediately called the Director of Public Security and came to pick up his Junior Brother in person.

The Director of the Police Station was very enthusiastic when he was called by the top boss. “It’s a small matter, I’ve already known the situation. The Zoo Director in our jurisdiction thought that his Junior Brother was a child that ran away from home and were poisoned by TV dramas, so he called the police. You can take him away anytime, we’ll explain it to the residents.”

Shao Wuxing left the police station with Luo Wuzhou after a quick greeting with the Director.

Luo Wuzhou then spoke. “Senior Brother, I screwed up.”

He thought he could catch the demon in one stroke. Who knew that he actually ended acting rashly and having risked alerting the enemy.

“You are still inexperienced. How can our Master let you do this?” Shao Wuxing shook his head. “Come on, let’s go back and talk more about it.”

He was the only disciple of Director Zhou. His innate talent was considered the first-class grade in the cultivation world. He was known as a rare genius that appeared once in a hundred years. Although he was only 14 years old, he had surpassed his Senior Brothers and could take on many big occasions by himself.

However, in terms of interpersonal communication, it was inversely proportional to his practice. Fortunately, according to his observation, the demon did not make any movement.


Duan Jiaze: “… As soon as the young Taoist Priest opened his mouth, it was ‘there are demons in your zoo!’ I was muddled! Yes, yes! I know, but how do you know? I’m also asked to evacuate the tourists. He’s trying to catch the demons!!!”

Duan Jiaze described today’s events to You Su with relish.

You Su also listened with relish, like she was just listening to tales.

After Duan Jiaze finished, he swallowed a glup of water and You Su said with regret: “No more? Did you not ask what happened to him at the police station afterward?:

“He should be picked up. After all, his Taoist certificate is true. I wrote down the number to check it.” Duan Jiaze silently said, “Just like that, I pitted a kind young Taoist Priest.”

You Su said thoughtfully, “If you don’t say, I don’t know that a Taoist Priest was in front of me today. The spiritual energy in the human world had declined too much. Taoist Priests were no different from ordinary people.”

After the separation of the three boundaries, the spiritual energy in the human world was scarce. For You Su, these cultivators could be ignored. What strong, what weak; they were all just different sizes of an ant, there was not worth mentioning to the ancient demons.

Duan Jiaze didn’t understand that very well, but he knew that You Su was as ferocious as Luya, so he warned, “He may come again in the future, you can’t do anything to him. We don’t kill people in this era, otherwise, we’ll have a big problem. We’ll just tactfully drive them away.”

Luya nodded thoughtfully.

Duan Jiaze looked at him and was very frightened. He asked anxiously, “Taijun, do you know what tactfully is?”

Luya: “Does it mean not beating you up when you called me Taijun?”

Duan Jiaze instantly deflated: “… It does, Daojun.”

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