Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Taoist Priest Coming Down From The Mountain (2)

Over the weekend, according to statistics, more than 2,200 tourists were received. This totally exceeded the mission’s requirement!

For the next five days, even if no one came, Duan Jiaze could still earn a tourist service center even if he was laying down.

Moreover, throughout these two days of business, Lingyou Zoo had laid a good foundation. Through the television media and network media, it had greatly increased its popularity and also left a good impression in the minds of the tourists; Lingyou Zoo had received good praises from the public.

The most amazing thing was that in just two days they already had customers that came back to visit again. You Su already had a small group of fans and all of them decided to come to Lingyou Zoo next weekend to see her again.

Everyone was very tired these two days. On Monday evening, Duan Jiaze invited his college classmates to have a meal outside. He thanked them for their kind help by treating them a meal.

The classmates were very emotional:

“This is ‘the cart will find its way around the hill when it gets there’. Who would have thought that our Jiajia who was still an environmental engineering dog who couldn’t find a job a month ago, one month later, he became a successful entrepreneur!”

“Lets applause for Duan Jiaze. The first entrepreneur in our class. If you need help, call for him.”

“If I can’t survive in the society anymore, let me go and be an animal in your zoo…”

Everyone laughed and agreed.

“Oh, yeah, I want that sister Xiao Su to feed me.”

Duan Jiaze sweated, “Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your help. If you have to say that, don’t mention anything else, the food ration is enough…”

Duan Jiaze was forced to drink a lot of alcohol in this meal. However, if it was not that everyone had considered that he would have to go to work tomorrow, they would certainly not let him off so easily. Even so, he was still light-footed and he had to take a cab back.

When Duan Jiaze got out of the car, he saw several people standing at the entrance of the zoo. Two of them were still wearing police uniforms. That immediately woke him up from his drunkenness and he stumbled over. “Police comrades, what.. What is this for?”

The two policemen gave him a hand. When they took a look at him, he was actually the one that made a police report from last time. “I thought you are not coming back! Director Duan, take a look at this two person.”

Duan Jiaze saw two Taoist Priests standing there. One was fat and the other was lean and elegant.

The Policeman said, “This is the Senior Brother of the young Taoist Priest you reported to the police. Taoist Priest Shao Wuxing and Taoist Priest Jiang Wushui from Linshui temple.”

Oh my God, the Taoist Priest came with his parents! He must have come here in order to settle the accounts.

Duan Jiaze’s intoxication had disappeared and he quickly raised his hand to make an innocent plea. “I didn’t hit him!”

The lean Priest laughed twice. “Don’t worry, we’re not here to stir troubles. We’re just asking the two policemen to help prove our identity. I hope we can have a peaceful chat with you and let you feel assured that we are not here to swindle you.”

It was unexpected that Duan Jiaze would not be at the zoo during his off-duty hours, nor would there be employees here. The police also said that they were poor and could not afford to hire so many people. If Duan Jiaze didn’t come back, they would all leave.

Duan Jiaze had a headache when he heard that they wanted to talk to him. The feeling of “I know what you want to talk to me, but I don’t want you to know that I don’t want to talk to you”.

“Well, it’s like this, I drank too much with my classmates and had a headache. Taoist Priest, why don’t you leave a contact number? I’ll contact you later, okay?” Duan Jiaze sincerely said, “I also hope you can convey my apologies to your teachers and younger junior brothers on behalf of me. Last time I have misunderstood him.”

Duan Jiaze looked very pure and his speech was even more bright. Even if Shao Wuxing and Jiang Wushui had been mixing in the Jianghu for many years, they were still deceived by his appearance.

Shao Wuxing took a business card out. “I understand. I hope you have a good rest and contact me as soon as possible. This matter is very important.”

“I see, Taoist Priest.” Duan Jiaze also carefully took his business card.

The meeting ended satisfactorily. The police sent Shao Wuxing and Jiang Wushui back. Duan Jiaze waved goodbye and went into Lingyou Zoo.

Duan Jiaze looked at the card as he walked toward the small building. The card was also designed with a strong style. It was a thick piece of paper with an exquisite paper pattern. It had written two lines: Shao Wuxing, Director of Linshui Temple Office and the phone number was on the other side.

Duan Jiaze smoothly tucked it into his trousers pocket and saw that the light in the lounge was switched on. When he opened the door, You Su and Luya were watching the TV drama attentively.

They did not have a TV in their rooms. Luya did have a mobile phone, but it was said to be celestial’s version and it didn’t match the human’s network.

Duan Jiaze looked at the TV screen again. It was broadcasting “Investiture of the Gods”, and black lines came out repeatedly.

“The Director is back,” You Su took the time to smile at Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help asking, “Did the drama retain the originality?”

You Su laughed.”You must be kidding. Can TV drama be real? The novel was already not very truthful, and this drama is still based on the novel.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “Then I will ask a more vulgar question. How will you compare your appearance during those years with this actor?” He asked, pointing to the gorgeous actress who played Daji on the screen.

At first, he didn’t feel much about it, but he had been with this Lolita for quite a while. Duan Jiaze was also curious about what the real Daji looked like.

“Different flowers look good to different people,” You Su said modestly and switched the conversation to some other subject, “but we, the Nine-Tailed Foxes won not only by appearance.”

Duan Jiaze immediately thought of the fascinated tourists and nodded in approval. As the saying went, beauty was not in the skin, let alone the Nine-Tailed Fox had racial talent.

“Does the Director want to sit down and watch together?” You Su saw him standing at the door and asked him.

“No, I drank too much, I want to go sleep. You two should too…” Duan Jiaze’s mouth twitched. “Nevermind, watch until you two feel like it.”

The next day, Duan Jiaze inevitably got up late and didn’t get up until 8:30, but there must be no business today. Although he had an interview, he could indulge himself in the afternoon.

By this time, the staff of the zoo had arrived, and Duan Jiaze greeted them.

Xiao Su saw Duan Jiaze and said sadly, “Director, when I came to work this morning and saw Xiao Su watching TV in the lounge, her eyes were red. I asked her how long she had been watching it. She said she hadn’t slept all night. After she took a look at the time, she rubbed his eyes and said she is going to school after washing up.”

“I went to talk to Lu Ge and asked him to pay attention to the child’s well beings. She’s so young, her eyes will spoil. However, Lu Ge just sneered and said that if spoil, then let it be spoiled.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

That was really what Luya would say…

Xiao Su: “Although she is not my family, I really can’t stand this. I have long felt that Lu Ge and You Su are not on good terms. Xiao Su is actually closer to you. Director, can you take care of the child?”

Looking at Xiao Su’s distressed appearance, Duan Jiaze was very embarrassed, “I, I’ll try.”

Xiao Su said comfortably, “That’s good.”

Duan Jiaze thought that he would buy two TV sets for Luya and You Su to put in their rooms and let them watch TV in their own rooms.

However, he was a poor director who needed to count every cent that spent, so if he planned to pay for the TV, it will be an installment payment. In case he got strike by thunders, he could just forget about the payment.

By this time, Duan Jiaze, who had changed a suit of clothes, had forgotten about the two Taoist Priests from last night, and actually had intention to hide.

How could he tell the Taoist Priests about this? If he was found to be mixing with the demons, would he become considered… How do you say, human traitor?

“By the way, next week, we’re going to build a tourist service center, right here.” Duan Jiaze indicated where the place will be and said, “The construction time is not long, and it will not affect the reception.”

Xiao Su: “… Director, why did you have the money again!”

Duan Jiaze: “Hey, this time is really true, there’s no money after it’s built!”

Xiao Su: “…”

In the afternoon, Duan Jiaze interviewed a group of people. He found an intermediary and this was definitely better than him putting out recruitment post. These people were preliminarily screened by the intermediary according to his requirements. It would be more convenient for him to choose them.

Duan Jiaze immediately hired three new employees, a girl named Xu Wen and two boys, Wang Zhao, and Wang Yibai.

Wang Zhao and Wang Yibai both went to the position of an animal keeper, together with Liu Bin and Xu Chenggong. With the current number of animals, they were almost enough. Part-time workers could be found in the peak period. Xiao Su and Xu Wen were in charge of Finance and the tourist service center together. Xiao Su did financial work alone and supported Xu Wen when needed.

After the establishment of this tourist service center, they would be able to integrate reception, ticket sales, information, small commodity sales, and other functions.

This was what Duan Jiaze could think of at present. According to the upgrading of the cage that he witnessed last time, the function of this tourist service center should also be top grade and completed.

Duan Jiaze began to be YY: “You say, which task can give me with a real aquarium?”

“Is it not enough to have that tank?” Luya showed a disgusting look. “This deity hates the water race the most. In the past, I used to eat one when I see one!”

Luya belonged to the fire race; the so-called incompatibility between fire and water. As he could not kill his colleagues in Lingyou, so he always scared the fishes in the aquarium.

But Duan Jiaze was reluctant to listen. “I think the water race is very lovely, easy to raise and beautiful.”

Luya sneered, and a very disdainful look appeared on his beautiful face. His mockery was extremely high.

“…” Duan Jiaze thought, damn, this big bird really deserved a beating.

So invisibly, one or maybe two huge flags had been erected…


The cart will find its ways around the hills when it gets there: thing will eventually turn out fineJianghu – the term the ancient/cultivator/ use for societyInvestiture of the Gods: This drama is a retelling of the overthrow of King Zhou, who got bewitched by his concubine, Daji (the fox demon). and various supernatural beings such as deities, immortals, demonsYY is a slang for thinking nonsense/ fastasyFlags: Is a slang meaning the remark turns out to be contrary to what had been said / Similiar to Jinx. So, the author said that 1/2 flags had been erected… you can fill in the blank yourself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) A little related to the reason why Luya had to be punished down  ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
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