Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Protagonist’s Halo

With more employees recruited, Duan Jiaze himself did not have to busy himself anymore so he began to plan the next step.

Now that Lingyou Zoo was opened, there were incomes coming in from the tourists. However, this speed was still somewhat slow for the time being. There were still some cages that were vacant in the zoo. The numbers of animal species were still considered to be little. Duan Jiaze thought wandered around for a while. With the task of the system getting more and more difficult, he really should start introducing some more animals.

But where could he introduce more animals? Could it be he still had to go to the bird and flower market?

Duan Jiaze had no experience in this field. After thinking about it for a long time, he decided to take a chance by going to the Forestry Bureau.

The Forestry Bureau was also considered to the department in charge of Lingyou Zoo. Duan Jiaze was sitting in the Wildlife Conservation Office and staring widely at the director of the office.

He just came here hotheaded, asking what procedures were needed to take in abandoned wildlife.

The director of the office raised his glasses and said, “Oh… So, you are in charge of this zoo. You want to adopt some animals that can’t return to the wild for various reasons?”

Duan Jiaze nodded. “En, en! Is that all right?”

He was suddenly inspired to think of this cost-free method and wanted to try it out.

The Office Director: “This… As a matter of fact, your qualifications are all in line, but it is our city’s usual practice to leave it to the City Zoo for adoption. There has never been a precedent for handing it over to the private zoo before.”

Duan Jiaze said hopefully, “Can I apply for it?”

The director of the office scratched his head and said, “I have to consult the leader about this. Why don’t you leave a contact number?”

“Okay, thank you.” Duan Jiaze felt that there was still some hope. If so, it would be possible to introduce new animals without spending money, and there would be no loss even if it failed.

Duan Jiaze left his own contact and went out of the office. When he came to the hall, he suddenly heard a voice from above, “Xiao Duan!”

There were not many people in the Forestry Bureau so the hall was cold and cheerless. Duan Jiaze had never entertained the thought that someone was actually shouting for him, so he ignored it and continue to walk outside.

The voice shouted again: “Director Duan?”

Only then Duan Jiaze found out that someone was indeed calling for him. Looking back, there was an uncle standing on the second floor. He was the one he met twice in the bird market. He still had a teacup in his hand and said with a laugh, “Do you remember me?”

“Uncle, it’s you.” Duan Jiaze greeted him with surprise. “Are you working here?”

“Yes, come up to my office and have a seat.” Uncle waved, asking Duan Jiaze to come up.

Since Duan Jiaze had nothing to do, and the uncle was still someone from the Forestry Bureau, he wanted to inquire about the situation, so he hurried up to the second floor.

The uncle brought Duan Jiaze to his office, which was a single room. There was a tank inside, with three or four goldfishes, but not the one that Uncle took to see the fish store boss.

Seeing that Duan Jiaze was looking, he cheerfully said, “Most of the fishes are kept at home. Let me tell you something, I removed the TV from the living room and replaced it with a huge aquarium. There are several dozens of fishes kept in it. I will let you see it next time.”

“Sure.” Duan Jiaze said with a smile, “These fish are kept very well.”

“Still not as well as you, I went to your zoo last Sunday and saw your ‘Aquarium’, hahahahahahahaha, I feel defeated! Your other animals are all well-fed and have changed a lot.”

The uncle had now fully recognized Duan Jiaze as an expert and admired him very much. It was completely a different place from the last time he went to that zoo.

“Hehe you’ve gone there. I’ve been busy all the time and didn’t see you.” Duan Jiaze laughed embarrassedly.

The uncle asked again, “Are you here to get any papers done? Is there anything I can do to help you with?”

If it was someone else, he would certainly not taken the initiative to say this, but Duan Jiaze and he quite knew each other by coincidence. He also recognized Duan Jiaze’s skills very much. In addition, he watched Duan Jiaze’s news on TV recently, hence he took the initiative to ask.

Duan Jiaze originally already had the intention to ask him. Therefore, naturally, he told his current situation and asked “I just want to ask you if you know about this situation. Is it possible for me to get this opportunity?”

“Hei, of course, there is.” Uncle drank a sip of tea and said, “There is much wildlife in East Sea City. The pressure of rescuing is still great. There are much wildlife abandoned by their mother or those who could not return after getting injured, or even those illegal pets collected. Generally speaking, the city zoo is the main place to receive them. Other zoos, as you know, are just makeshift organization.”

“But over time, the city zoo’s pressure is also getting bigger. They have some older animals themselves and have been thinking about removing them, pushing them to other zoos.”

“The administrative department in charge are reluctant to entrust these animals so casually. They can only let the city zoo stand on top of them. Recently, they have planned to communicate with other city zoos. If there are qualified excellent units willing to, that will be more than better.”

Duan Jiaze said excitedly: “We have, and we also welcome the in-charge to do an inspection. The animals were absolutely well raised by us! By the way, the animals that the city zoo wants to be eliminated can also be put here with me!”

Although he didn’t have much manpower, the system had already prepared all the qualifications he needed.

The uncle looked at Duan Jiaze silently. He could understand that Duan Jiaze was eager to introduce more varieties as he didn’t have much, but he was sure amazing to be not picky. He grew anxious.

“You have to be careful, these animals, especially the large animals and the rare animals, once they fall sick, you’ll have to go outside to invite experts. That’s a huge expenditure. Keeping aged animals is also very troublesome, you better not regret!”

Duan Jiaze was very touched to hear that the uncle was thinking for him. “Thank you for your concern, but I have no problem with my side. We will try our best to create a good environment for the animals. Of course, we will do what we can within our own conditions.”

The uncle thought of the news that Duan Jiaze had exhausted his household wealth just to install the equipment and facilities. It seemed that this kid really used all his means to do what he loved. He did not go to the zoo outside of the country but came to the Forestry Bureau to talk about adoption. This must be because of his love for wildlife.

“Yes, do what you can.” Uncle patted Duan Jiaze on the shoulder. “I’ll help you pull the strings and talk to the head of the city zoo to transfer their abandoned animals to you. There are also animals rescued by the protection station, you can receive them in the future.”

Duan Jiaze listened to the meaning of uncle’s sentence, the former was still saying about pulling strings, the latter seemed to be directly confirmed, so he could not help but stay stunned, “Uncle, what’s your position?”

Uncle laughed. “Didn’t you look when you entered the door?”

Duan Jiaze rushed to the fish tank as soon as he entered the door, so he really didn’t notice it. Looking back, there was a sign on the door that said “Office of the Standing Deputy Director”, and he fell onto his knee immediately.

… If he had known it, he would not have dared to say so boldly.

The uncle then gave him his business card and joked, “I know your name, but you don’t know mine, do you? Keep this properly. Send me a short message when you’re back so that I can save your number.”

Duan Jiaze saw that the Deputy Director Uncle was called Sun Aiping. He accepted his business card and shyly said, “Excuse me, Director Sun, I… That…”

“Well, you should just call me Uncle. I thought you had seen it.” Sun Aiping laughed.

His first two impressions of Duan Jiaze were quite good. The image of Duan Jiaze in his mind was a pure animal enthusiast and a master of fish keeping. He was fond of young people such as him.

So to say, do a good deed and solve many troubles, what was there to against it?

Duan Jiaze originally came to try his luck. Who knew his troubles were solved in one try – no matter what, it was considered to be half solved.

Uncle Sun helped him so much, so he wanted to express his gratitude but he was interrupted by Sun Aiping at the beginning of his speech. He just asked him to come from time to time to converse about his experience of keeping fishes.

Duan Jiaze was even more touched by Sun Aiping’s attitude and could only nod his head.

After returning, Duan Jiaze announced the good news to the employees.

Xiao Su said, “That’s fine too. Director, are you a rich second generation? You said to build new cages and tourist service centers and they were built. Now you even say about cooperating with the protection station. Just tell us the truth. I won’t ask you for a pay rise.”

“If I were really a rich second generation, I would renovate this office building first!” Duan Jiaze said, “This director is just a little bit lucky…”

Xiao Su shook her head and sighed, “It’s really the halo of a protagonist.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Among other things, Duan Jiaze felt it was necessary to put the zoo’s own public platform into practice through the previous two publicity campaigns so that they would not have to spend money on other people’s platform to publish events later.

But Duan Jiaze had no experience, so he called the platform he had cooperated with last time. He paid them to do some work and asked them to teach them how to operate. That side often took this kind of work, they even suggested that they could do another lottery and attract a group of fans through this way.

Duan Jiaze agreed very much. He asked them to help him apply for a WeChat Official Account. He also registered Weibo in order to authenticate it. All of them were named “Lingyou Zoo”.

Because Xiao Su usually liked to shoot some tidbits, so the two Official Accounts were managed by her and Duan Jiaze.

The content of the Official Account also needed editing. Only one message can be posted every day. There was much more freedom in Weibo. Duan Jiaze casually posted the first post on Lingyou Official Blog:

We are coming.

Attached was the photographer’s photo of a little monkey gesturing a heart. It faced the camera with its fingers crossed to form a heart shape. Its mouth was opened and its eyes were shining, showing a general joyful smile of getting a harvest.

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