Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Huo Ren Sword Out of Sheath

The Street Officer did not know what was the real reason for the three Taoist Priests to come, she even laughed and said, “These Taoist Priests are from Linshui Temple. They want to apologize to you. You had a little misunderstanding before, right? Xiao Duan, I know both Director Shao and Taoist Priest Jiang. I often go to Linshui Temple to burn incense. If you have any misunderstanding, just talk about it. Young people, be more open-minded.”

“Yes, yes, sister, I know, in fact, I do not blame them.” Duan Jiaze nodded.

Shao Wuxing politely said, “Mr. Duan, can you give us a time to speak?”

The Street Officer said, “It’s all right. Y’all talk about it. I’ll go back to the street first, Ok?”

Duan Jiaze wanted her to stay, but the officer thought he was being polite and she was also afraid to disturb the Taoist Priests, so she left hurriedly.

Duan Jiaze didn’t want to bring them in. He said dryly, “What do you want to talk about, Taoist Priests?”

Shao Wuxing earnestly said, “Sir, there are demons in the zoo, and it’s also a powerful demon. I hope you can cooperate with us. Otherwise, such demons will endanger the lives of all the people in the East Sea. I know you don’t believe in ghosts and gods. It’s a bit absurd, but we can prove it to you.”

“You have come to spread feudal superstition stuff again, and even calling the police can’t cure you, right?” Duan Jiaze watched the Street Officer going further, and then started chatting absolutely unrestrained, “Do you believe me if I start a discussion on you through the Internet? Linshui Temple deceives people la. No matter what tricks you use, I will not believe it! I’m going to report you to office 610. I don’t think you’ are any proper Taoists! “

Shao Wuxing listened to him saying how he wanted to report 610. He did not know if he should laugh and cry. “We are not cults! Linshui Temple Taoist tradition had inherited for a millennium, we even won the city’s annual top 10 spiritual civilization co-construction units, if we hang sheep’s head and sell dog meat, can we had been entitled this name?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

He just talked about it nonsensically. He didn’t expect that the Taoist Priest could talk to him and even followed his words.

Shao Wuxing stretched out a finger. “I can open the third eyes for you temporarily, so that you can see the demonic aura.”

“Go away! Go away! ” Duan Jiaze hid straight back. “You think I’m stupid? You want to drug me and sprinkle some powder on my face, I’ll then believe in what you say and tell you my password of □□.”

Shao Wuxing: “…”

Jiang Wushui said with black lines on his face: “Little brother, you should look less at the circle of friends, this is all rumor.”

Duan Jiaze: “Impossible! My friend’s friend was deceived! Don’t try to fool me!”

“…” Shao Wuxing and Jiang Wushui looked at each other, feeling a little helpless. They regretted letting the Street Officer go just because they were afraid of frightening her. They also did not expect that Duan Jiaze who was at a young age, was so stubborn but also blindly believed in superstitious rumors.

Jiang Wushui was somewhat angered by Duan Jiaze’s attitude. “So what do you want to do? You tell us how do you want me to prove it?”

Shao Wuxing also added, “We absolutely will not charge a penny! You may rest assured!”

Duan Jiaze: “The cheaters all say that, some cheaters even give you eggs first, that is to numb you…”

Shao Wuxing and Jiang Wushui: “…”

They both thought: Incredible, now you’re smart again?

At this time, Luo Wuzhou, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said with sharp eyes, “Senior Brothers, I think this man has been bewitched by the demon. Let’s stop talking superfluous words to him. I will take the person directly to the inner Temple and set up altars, and he will know the truth!”

Luo Wuzhou saw through some of the essences of Duan Jiaze and felt that he was pretending to be stupid. With that being said, he rushed directly to Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze turned and ran in horror. As he passed the ticket office, he jumped straight across the railings of the tourist passage and said to Xu Wen, probing her head, “Hurry call the police!”

Luo Wuzhou seemed to have practiced martial arts and he did not need any help. He jumped over the railings from the ground and ran extremely fast. Duan Jiaze’s head turned back as he ran. Seeing him getting closer and closer, he could not help shouting, “Lu Ge!”

He did not want to be captured back and let him see what altars.

Luya sensed Duan Jiaze’s call and came out of the exhibition hall beside him. It wasn’t the bird hall, but he remembered that he couldn’t be exposed in front of ordinary people, so he moved to the nearest exhibition hall.

Duan Jiaze grabbed Luya’s arm and made a sharp turn. He went around to his back and hid behind him, saying, “This Taoist Priest wants to harm people! Ge, get him out!”

When Luo Wuzhou heard him slandered himself, he was angrier. As soon as Luya who looked like a normal person, or was Duan Jiaze’s brother (not), he said: “This gentleman, your little brother does not believe, but this zoo really has a demon, I can prove it to you!”

He said and tried to open the third eye for Luya.

Luya threw him aside with one hand and took out his magic artifacts directly. Oozing a faint chill as each his handheld one knife and one sword. Duan Jiaze could not help but grasped his clothes. “What are you doing?” Duan Jiaze said.

Doesn’t this expose us?

And you can’t cut people down!

Luya raised his left hand, and the Huo Ren sword pointed directly at Luo Wuzhou’s soul. The tip of the sword was only an inch from his forehead. The light spewed out Huo Ren sword awn plugged directly into Luo Wuzhou’s soul…

Duan Jiaze almost wanted to scream!

The next moment, however, he found that there was no splashing of blood occurred. The sword awn did not cause any wounds after it disappeared into Luo Wuzhou’s soul.. On the contrary, the Taoist Priest’s eyes showed confusion and stood still.

At this time, Shao Wuxing and Jiang Wushui also caught up, looked at Luya’s artifact in surprise while supporting Luo Wuzhou.

However, Luo Wuzhou closed his eyes, sat cross-legged and mediated on the spot.

Duan Jiaze didn’t know why. He thought that he was still sitting down to heal his non-existent wounds. Was this a deliberate provocation?

Shao Wuxing looked at Luya in awe and was even somewhat incoherent. He kneeled down directly, “Seni- Senior…”

After proving his identity, Luya took back the magic artefact and waved, “Come on, there’s nothing for you here.”

When Luya finished his sentence, he went off with a flick of his sleeve.

At first, Duan Jiaze wanted to stay and urge the people to leave, but he was afraid of weakening the momentum, so he ran away with Luya.

Duan Jiaze ran to the surveillance room to see the situation through the surveillance cameras. He saw that the Taoist Priests had really left, that was, the Taoist Priests were still in his meditation and was carried away by his two Senior Brothers.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help asking, “Daojun, what tricks did you play?”

“I didn’t hurt anybody just now. I used a Buddhist trick to make them think I was a Buddhist practitioner. Naturally, it’s not good to come to disturb anymore,” Luya said triumphantly.

Duan Jiaze almost sprayed, “Hahahahaha, good, this trick is good, such that even if they discover that there are demonic aura here, they will also think that you will subdue the demons, persuade the demon to do good deeds, and also avoid communication with these priests as you’re of a different practice.”

Luya was quite good at playing, heh. Duan Jiaze thought about it and asked, “I didn’t expect Ge to be so versatile. Are you sure you can cheat them all? There are many Taoist Priests in their Temple. The director has not come out of his house. It seems that one just now is just an office director.”

“It should be all right. I spent some time in Buddhism in my early years.” Luya was not sure, but when he looked at Jiaze’s expression, he was unhappy to say, “What are you questioning?”

“Nothing. Just asking. I’m sure I can trust you.” Duan Jiaze gestured his thumb.

It was reasonable to doubt that, after all, it was not Luya’s specialization, who knew whether he could pretend to be flawless, on top of that, this skill was even learned in his early years…

But he couldn’t say this in front of Luya.

Linshui Temple.

Zhou Xintang could hardly keep his Taoist mind steady when he looked at Luo Wuzhou who was still in his fixed position. No matter how he tried, he could not awaken Luo Wuzhou from his fixed state.

Generally speaking, meditating was not a bad thing. In today’s society, people were impetuous, and it was difficult for an ordinary person to enter the state of mediating. Zhou Xintang also mediated a day and a half on weekdays, but now, it had been half a day.

That exceeded Luo Wuzhou’s previous record and he was still not awake. It was unknown how long he would be able to mediate. This seemed to be a good thing, but the problem was that there is no well-planned way. He was stabbed by the Huo Ren Sword of Luya!

Zhou Xintang turned around and asked, “Are you certain?”

Jiang Wushui was sweating all over his head. “Disciples couldn’t believe it at first, but the aura, the form… It seems that it’s really the shape of a Huo Ren Sword! And look at Junior Brother…”

Shao Wuxing nodded his head in agreement and said blankly, “Director, what should we do about it?”

His and Jiang Wushui’s three views were washed again.

What was a Sha Ren Knife and a Huo Ren Sword? This was a metaphor in Buddhism. The Huo Ren sword referred to the wisdom that could awaken the spirituality of the human mind. It was usually used to describe the teachers’ enlightenment and guidance to the younger generation, while Sha Ren Knife was the opposite.

However, today they saw that the dweller, unexpectedly would use the invisible wisdom and transformed it into a real wounding knife and sword. What sort of cultivation level was this?!

Don’t say that nobody in today’s world could do it, that was, even thousands of years ago, nobody could do it!

According to contemporary records, it was speculated that after the Qin and Han Dynasties, the spiritual energy of human beings had been dissipating. To this day, there might be no more than one or two. Moreover, all kinds of skills had been lost with the passage of time. Therefore, nowadays, it was rare to see an ascended man.

However, if this Buddhist Monk could intellectualize Huo Ren Sword, it was not an exaggeration to say that this was entirely an existence of the standing Buddha?

This fact, like a thunderbolt, confused several Taoists Priest in Linshui Temple.

Don’t mention any demonic aura, that was considered to be nothing at all!

In addition to the existence of this senior of Buddhism, there was a very difficult matter before them.

The Buddhist predecessor used his artefact to point Luo Wuzhou’s forehead and used the artefact to prove his identity.

This action can be simply translated as: He injected a piece of wisdom into Luo Wuzhou’s soul.

—— Long life! Their only disciple of Director Zhou, a genius rarely seen in Taoism for a 100 years, and a future director with a definite plan, was enlightened by a Buddhist Monk who had profound and unimaginable cultivation level!!


610 office : Is an office in China, the name is – Central Leading Group on Preventing and Dealing with Heretical Religions Annual Top 10 Spiritual Civilization co-construction unit, there is indeed such a award, but i might be wrong about the “co-construction unit” translation partHang sheep’s head and sell dog meat: Cheat dishonest advertisement, (you are selling dog meat but why you do you show other animals instead of dog meat?)Third Eye: The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. In New Age spirituality, the third eye often symbolizes a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. (Google)
Dragon Ball Multiverse
Spirit Sword Sovereign
Random Room (Espau00f1ol)
Player Reborn (2019)

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