Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 27

Will be changing Brother to Ge, Sister to Jie from now on, feel like it will reflect better, and not sure if i should change taoist priest to chinese too? Hmmmm

Chapter 27: Begging for the Sha Ren Knife

By the end of the mission in one week, the total number of visitors had reached nearly 2,500 according to the accurate calculation of the system. This had exceeded the requirements of the task.

Duan Jiaze pressed ‘receive reward’ with great familiarity, and a construction team came to his door at the same time. But they were a team of different people, maybe each of them have the professions of specialized skills. Duan Jiaze’s requirement was not to affect the zoo operation, and thus, the construction team also specially cooperated.

Their project was not to upgrade on the original address but to open a space beside it and build a tourist service center at that space. They would attach a gate, transfer to this new side, and then demolish the old house and seal the gate.

There were still the same number of people in the construction team, their stance was somewhat pulled apart but their speed was still fast. They worked all day and night. In addition, any equipment that would make a louder noise when using was put in to use at night or when there were few tourists.

It was Xiao Su who saw the construction team and was utterly speechless, “Director, you rich people are too much… Don’t tell me that you won’t have any money after you finish constructing this building! “

She would not believe the director’s words of saying he was poor again.

Duan Jiaze: _(:з」∠)_

By the second weekend, there were hundreds of people coming to the zoo, some were returnees which included You Su’s fans, some were those that did not manage to come last time as well as those who were attracted by feedbacks.

Many people, especially the children would send share on their social networks when they returned. They would also chat with their friends and even made plans to visit the zoo again in real life. In this way, all these words of mouth would naturally bring tourists through public reputation.

When Duan Jiaze saw that the situation was on the good turn, he was naturally even more meticulous on the establishment of the publicity platform.

Duan Jiaze had made an appointment with the Wechat network media platform to guide him on the operation, where he and Xiao Su learned it together. Weibo was very easy to operate. The operation of Wechat Official Account was the main issue, which was also not difficult to do so.

Xiao Su was a Chinese major herself. She also knew how to use photo editing software. Very quickly, she made the first issue of Wechat under the guidance of the guide. Besides putting more meng pictures, the main content was the lottery; the drawing prize would be a cash prize, some tickets, and the qualification of the bird companion tour. What the audience needed to do was to follow and share the Official Account.

This Wechat network media platform would also help share the post to their side. In this way, this could also directly transform some of their audiences into fans.

In the first place, Xiao Su herself was in charge of two tasks and now, she was still managing the Official Accounts of Weibo and Wechat, it was rather laboring. Although Duan Jiaze did not raise her salary, he did gave her a reward. The number of clicks and forward by the public platforms sent out would be calculated as bonus.

At this time, Duan Jiaze opened Weibo again.

The first post was sent by him before, and then for the next few days he was out for errands, so Xiao Su was taking care of it. He didn’t log in to see it either. At this moment, just a few days later, there were more than 1,000 fans.

“Damn, Xiao Su. Did you buy zombie fan?” Duan Jiaze asked in surprise.

Xiao Su came up and said, “Director, you scrolled forward, I’ve been too busy to tell you that the first post you sent has been shared a lot of times…”

Xiao Su sent out four or five posts every day, which were the meng photos of the animals in the zoo to welcome the tourists to Lingyou Zoo. On the basis of more than 2,000 fans, each post was shared on average about thirty or forty, one hundred shares if it was more. The activity stat was quite good.

And why was there more than 2,000 fans? Scrolling to the first post, we could see Duan Jiaze’s picture of the baby monkey gesturing a heart had been shared around nearly 10,000 times, and there were many cries in the sharing. Some people also put the words “gesture heart” and “love you” on the picture…

To be fair, the monkey was very cute, the tourists who came to see also liked it very much. This photo was taken well; the delicate fur and the warm tone fully showed the expression of the baby monkey. The gesture displayed out was very human-like and interesting.

The editor who also came to this class looked at it with great interest. “You can send out more pictures like this, especially for young animals, which quite fan attracting. Pictures are very important for online publicity, whether it’s Weibo or Wechat.”

“En, en, it makes sense.” Duan Jiaze smoothly sent out pictures of the Arctic Fox, typing and articulating at some times: “Forward this white fox who has been begging for thousands of years before the Buddha, good luck will accompany you…”

Xiao Su: “…”

Xiao Su wiped her sweat. She felt that the director really have a different brain wave from ordinary people at times.


The old tasks had been completed and new ones would naturally be available.

Duan Jiaze opened the new task to see:

Task Description: The situation is very good. In order to maintain the good momentum and accumulate funds quickly, please sell 3000 annual tickets with a price of at least 100 yuan in three months, or the turnover reaching 3,500,000 yuan.

Task reward: After the completion of the task, the exhibition hall building with an area of 40 mu can be obtained.

Duan Jiaze almost coughed out a mouthful of blood.

He had never thought that the task given by the system would be this perverted. He had just opened for a week, and he thought that the second task was to get him to gather tens of thousands more tourists in a month at most.

It’s impossible to sell 3000 annual tickets in three months even if he sold himself to Cape Park right now.

And that award was also very brain-damaged, send 40 mu of such a large area of building… Where would he put it? Was it to overlay the existing exhibition halls? That was to say, in order to receive these awards, he had to get 40 mu of land. Was it a reward or a punishment?

Duan Jiaze was going to die of anger. This damn hope project was too much of a bully. It was either to become a successful person or just die.

Duan Jiaze was so angry that he ran to look for You Su.

He looked at You Su anxiously. “I don’t want to open a zoo anymore. You have many ideas. Can you think of any way to complain about this bug?”

You Su was living such a comfortable life now, what kind of punishment was it to send her down to the mortal world? This was equivalent to free travel. She definitely did not want to go back.

You Su comforted Duan Jiaze: “How is it difficult to complete this task? Don’t dwell on the impossibility. You’ve once thought that it was impossible for 2,000 people to come in a week before. Now, didn’t we exceeded the amount? Take your time, we will certainly have a way.”

Duan Jiaze was about to cry. “I was quite pumped up at first. You don’t know, the award was 40 mu of building for me, and I still had to pay for the rental of the land! I don’t want to live anymore!”

You Su hugged Duan Jiaze and said, “Cheer up, Director, you have me, you can certainly complete the task!”

Luya came in and saw You Su holding Duan Jiaze’s head while Duan Jiaze was humming and crying. He said indifferently, “What are you doing? Don’t eat the director.”

Duan Jiaze shivered and sat up straight. He forgot that You Su was a great demon who would eat people. Because of the deceptive appearance You Su, he often forgot You Su’s “great achievements” in history.

—— Although his heart and liver had no seven apertures, they were still very precious!

You Su rolled her eyes inwardly and said, “I am comforting the director. He is afraid that the task would not be completed. Director, it’s really all right. If you take a step back, even if you can’t finish it, you can let Daojun help you withstand the thunder!”

Luya: “I help him receive the thunder? That’s too good for him!”

You Su: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su calculated, “It’s all right. The next colleague is coming. Let’s get him/her to do it.”

Luya had an indifferent face. He declined to comment on anything.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

These two people really loved their colleagues, but Duan Jiaze was really comforted. At most, he could ask You Su to release her charm and so on. Surely You Su had this kind of magic?

Duan Jiaze cheered up and went to find someone to design the annual ticket.

And he decided to sell the first batch of tickets to You Su’s fans; he was certain that her fans would buy.

While Duan Jiaze was looking for someone to design the annual ticket on the Internet. He opened the Official Weibo Account and looked at it. He was surprised to find that the white fox post he had randomly sent before had been shared 30,000 times.

Duan Jiaze: “??”

Isn’t this kind of forwarding luck long outdated? How could he post one at random and it would be shared so many times? It was also not bought by Xiao Su either. This one was from him, so it could not be counted as her bonus.

Duan Jiaze opened the comment of the shared post and took a look. There were so many people who expressed the effectiveness…

“Oh my mother, this is simply effective. I picked up 500 yuan immediately after I forward it!”

“After sharing it around in the late morning, I played mahjong in the afternoon and won 3000 yuan.”

“Thank you, Great Immortal Fox! Wuwu, my crush confessed to me!”

“This is really poisonous, I’m not deceiving! For the first time, I felt the change of my fortunate. Recently, I had been down on my luck!”

There were many similar comments like this, and the proportion was particularly high.

This age where forwarding luck could not be said to be completely outdated, but it was also not particularly popular. This white fox Weibo post could unexpectedly rely on “real strength” to kill a bloody way out, where the sharing rose steadily…

Duan Jiaze felt a little dazed and he ran to find You Su. “You tell me, this must be a coincidence, right?”

You Su gave him a glance and said happily, “Heh, no wonder I felt that something was not right. So, it was useful to the Internet too? Alas, if we had such a thing in our era, I might have become a saint.”

In fact, the difference between immortals and demons were very subtle, the intrinsic quality was the same. It was just that immortals had a permanent post. Hence, as long as you have believers, you could have anything and naturally, you could bless your believers.

As an exchange, the believers would give their beliefs to them, and when they got followers, they would bless them.

“That works too?” Duan Jiaze looked around and said, “You Su-sama, you see if you are sitting on the table, let me worship you first …”

You Su stopped him. ‘It’s no use to you, Director! We can’t hurt you. There is no exception to helping you change your luck.” Just like how her natural charm could not work on Duan Jiaze.

It seemed that there was always a good and a bad side to any issue. Duan Jiaze could not help crying, “I felt like I’ve missed 50 million…”


Duan Jiaze rejected You Su’s request to change Lingyou Zoo Official Weibo into Baihu Daxian Official Weibo because it seemed too feudal and superstitious. However, he did secretly roll between his hands and asked Xiao Su to post more about the Arctic Fox in the future to attract more fans.

Although those people on the Internet had yet to come for visitation, they could help to expand their influence and ultimately affect the local citizens.

Duan Jiaze wrote an announcement and printed out several copies of them to indicate that the zoo could now transact annual tickets at only 120 yuan. It was pasted everywhere in the zoo. This annual ticket was for personal use only, so you had to put your photograph on it.

It was really not easy for him to sell the annual tickets. The rise in 20 yuans was after much consideration and he even had to give discounts to the students.

As soon as the announcement was passed out, You Su’s fans were indeed the first and almost the only ones to purchase the annual tickets. Except for them, who would be happy to make an annual ticket for a newly opened small zoo?

At this time, Duan Jiaze also found out that his mobile phone had popped up a new notice. When he clicked on the Hope Project App, he actually had a new task, and this really made Duan Jiaze angry.

Why was there a new task overlapping?

When Duan Jiaze opened it, it turned out to be an unexpected branch task.

Task Description: The peacocks in the zoo are gradually getting into their mating period. Yet, they could only open their feathers to their peers every day. Many times, they are depressed. Please solve this problem in order to prevent the peacocks from suffering from depression and ensure their physical and mental health are well!

Task reward: After completing the task, the peacock will be entitled “King of Birds”.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

This task was absolute straightforward. Wasn’t this just helping the peacocks find a girlfriend? And the reward for this task was too hypocritical. What ‘King of Birds’? With such a flashy name, could the peacocks be ever more cow than Luya?

Duan Jiaze ran to Liu Bin and asked, “The two peacocks in our zoo, they do have any strange behavior?”

Liu Bin took out the record sheet and looked at it. “Director, they were really a little strange. They haven’t had much water recently. Sometimes they still like to call out, but I think it’s caused by the hot weather.”

“It’s their mating season,” said Duan Jiaze. “We don’t have an internal department to solve this. Go to the city zoo with me another day and help them matchmake.”

With the help of Sun Aiping, Duan Jiaze and the City Zoo had built a relationship. Last time he even received the lioness, Huanhuan, so he decided to go to the City Zoo to inquire about the matchmaking.

Liu Bin was happy, he was also a layman so he only understood when he heard Duan Jiaze saying that they want a girlfriend, “I really did not consider this reason, okay, let go find them a girlfriend.”

Duan Jiaze called the city zoo first and explained the matter to them when he went back. He knew that there were peacocks in the city zoo and it was much more than they had, but he did not understand the process.

It was also common for zoos to make friends with one another. When they heard that he was going to find companions for the peacocks, they were somewhat embarrassed to say, “There are female peacocks of suitable age, but this year we also had an unexpected situation, that we have more males than females…”

Duan Jiaze had the cheek to beg again. He was introduced by Director Sun Aiping and that side was embarrassed to reject him. So, he said, “Why don’t you bring the peacocks with you and put them in a cage on our side so that they can compete fairly?”.

“Yes, of course!” Duan Jiaze was overjoyed. It would be very good that the other side allowed them to send their peacocks there, after all, it was impossible for female ones to be sent to Lingyou Zoo. So the two sides made an appointment to send the peacocks together with the keeper to the merged cage.

But because they had two peacocks on their side, they decided to take turns; one to receive tourists at home while the other went for its matchmaking, and thus, turning this process into a rotation.

As soon as Duan Jiaze finished calling the city zoo, Xiao Su called, “Director, your line is busy.”

“I was in contact with the city zoo. I want to matchmake the peacocks. I even wanted to take pictures and compose it for the Wechat’s message.” Duan Jiaze asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Su: “Someone is looking for you.”

Duan Jiaze: “Is it a Taoist Priest? I will not see them.”

Although the Taoist Priest were frightened away by Luya, Duan Jiaze still felt a little palpitated.

Xiao Su: “No, it’s a lady and a handsome man, they said something about being dispatched, I don’t know what that means.”

Duan Jiaze: “… Let Xiao Wen take them to the lounge, I’m coming down right now! “

Duan Jiaze went downstairs before Xu Wen reached, he stood at the door and waited. Sure enough, after a while, Xiao Su came with a man and a woman.

The woman looks about thirty years old. The pearl white professional suit wrapped around her delicate figure, with long curly hair scattered over her shoulder. Her red lips were red like fire, it was beautiful and charming.

The man, who looked in his early twenties, wore jeans with a black T-shirt. He looked beautiful, white and tender just like a girl, but it could still be seen that he was a male. Moreover, this route seemed to be quite popular nowadays.

Unexpectedly, two came at once. Duan Jiaze shook hands with the woman. “Hello, I’m Duan Jiaze. Please come in first and have a cup of tea.”

Xu Wen also wanted to see the crowd. She was interested in that handsome young man, but she was driven away by Duan Jiaze.

The two new employees just sat down and Duan Jiaze was about to get to know them.  However, Xiao Su called again. He could only laugh apologetically. “Sorry, I’ll have to answer the phone.”

“Hello? What’s wrong?

Xiao Su: “Director! Someone is looking for you. This time it’s really a Taoist Priest. He said he is from Linshui Temple and wanted to see you. My God, he also said that if you don’t see him, he won’t go.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

He just drove away from the small ones and the big ones came. Now even an old one come after he drove away both big and small, there’s really no end.

Duan Jiaze sighed, “You delay the Taoist Priest first, and I’m still entertaining guests here.”

Duan Jiaze hung up feeling gloomy. Daojun must be bluffing last time, it seemed that the old Taoist Priest of theirs could see through his tricks. Maybe now he thought that there were two demons in the zoo, and he must know that he was a “human traitor”.

The beautiful lady said in a slight surprise, “Taoist Priest?”

With You Su’s experience, Duan Jiaze knew that all the “animals” sent by him had the heart to help him – as long as they were not bullies like Luy so he confidently poured out his difficulties.

He told the story from the beginning, how the priest came in to catch the demon and was taken away by him. As a result, his Senior Brother and even now his Master was advancing wave upon wave. Now that he had exposed himself, he might not be able to pretend to be ignorant as the old Taoist Priest was looking for him outside right now.

The lady’s elegant eyebrows raised slightly, “Director, you must be careful. If the old Taoist Priest believed that you were bewitched, he would try his best to brainwash you in the name of righteousness and even turn you into something else.”

To enhance the credibility of what she said, she added, “I have experience in this kind of thing!”

The boy next to him couldn’t help nodding in agreement.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t help asking, “I have not asked from your name?”

The lady got up, dressed in a modern professional suit, but squatted on her side and made an ancient greeting. “I haven’t passed my name yet. Bai Suzhen, I would like to ask the director to take care of me in the future.”

Duan Jiaze was instantly filled with respect.

The fuck. Wasn’t this an experienced person?

Wait, if this was the white snake…

Duan Jiaze looked at the boy and asked Bai Suzhen, “Bai Jie, is this…”

Bai Suzhen smiled, patted the boy on the shoulder and said, “This is my brother Xiao Qing.”

Duan Jiaze said in shock, “But… Xiao Qing, why is Xiao Qing… Male? “

Or was he wrong, in fact, Xiao Qing was flat-breasted, and like to dress neutrally?

Xiao Qing embraced his arms and complained, “I used to be a woman, but being a woman is too tiring, I was always asked by the elders as to when will I find a partner, so I just change my gender. At this point, everyone could ask and I can answer that I want to play for hundreds of more years, heh.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze sweated. He did not expect the social situation above was the same as the human world. Now that he thought about it, there should be more traditions than the human world.

Bai Suzhen asked softly, “Director, what can we help you with?”

Don’t look at how Sister Bai was gentle and soft, Duan Jiaze knew her history, aren’t you afraid that she would present a flood to the Liushui Temple?

He was actually anticipating, but his thoughts went away after seeing her.

He dared not ask Bai Suzhen to help him. He said, “It’s OK, I will not bother the two masters, I think I better call Luya to solve it. By the way, do you know about the Three-legged Golden Crow Luya and Daji the Nine-Tailed Fox?”

“Luya Daojun?” Xiao Qing questioned curiously, “I have had several affinities to meet the Nine-tailed Fox senior, but I have never seen Daojun before, so he the elderly is here too.”

Elderly? Duan Jiaze wanted to laugh when he heard this title. So, Luya seniority was still quite high…

However, when Bai Suzhen knew that Luya was the one whom Duan Jiaze was referring to, she stopped offering help.

Duan Jiaze said, “Well, I’ll take you to your room to rest first. Both of them are still at work. When we get together at dinner in the evening, we will all be colleagues in the future.”

Duan Jiaze arranged two rooms for Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing. He thought to himself that there were more and more people living on the second floor, they would have had to expand their accommodation space. Otherwise, would Luya and Xiao Qing had to sleep on the upper and lower beds?

Duan Jiaze thought about what reactions would Luya had when this happened, and suddenly he felt cold.

After temporarily placing Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing, Duan Jiaze went to Luya again and told him that the old Taoist Priest was waiting outside. Euphemistically, he said that Luya had not practiced for too long and that his technique from last time had been exposed.

Luya’s face suddenly turned green and then white, and he refused to believe it. Even if he hadn’t practiced for a long time, it was not to the point that he won’t be fooled by the Taoists in the world whose spirituality was declining.

So Luya roared back, wishing to scold Duan Jiaze like a dog sprinkling blood on the head, he dared to question the ability of this Daojun.

“That man is outside…” Duan Jiaze said gloomily, “How about this, I’ll go out first. If anything happens, you’ll have to show up in time.”

Luya waved his wings impatiently.


Duan Jiaze went to the gate and saw an old Taoist Priest standing outside. He said to Xiao Su and Xu Wen, “At such an old age, why didn’t both of you invite him to come in and sit down?”

Xu Wen was also helpless. “I had invited him, but the old man wasn’t willing.”

Duan Jiaze could only go out and say, “Taoist Priest… I am the head of the zoo here…”

Zhou Xintang stood in the sun for half a day, but his movements were still very agile. He stepped forward like an arrow and held Duan Jiaze’s hand. “Mr. Duan, what happened before is our wrong. I am here to apologize to you!”

His attitude was very sincere.

Duan Jiaze is a little confused: “Ah…?”

Zhou Xintang wept bitterly: “Could you convey our apologies to that Buddhist Senior and ask him to be the bigger person? Since my only disciple returned, he has entered the meditation state for three days and three nights, and when he wakes up, he wants to abandon Taoism and enter Buddhism!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

How could this be explained? In Duan Jiaze’s view, Luya seemed to frighten the Taoist Priests with his sword on that day, and they ran away. He did not know how Luya did it. He thought that Luya had failed!

Zhou Xintang was conscientious that he had no face when he was facing this senior that had already ascended, but the younger generation mentioned that the director here seemed to know the identity of the senior, somehow the senior still lived here, and initially, they harassed the director, so Zhou Xintang decided to seek Duan Jiaze to give it a try.

Duan Jiaze even questioned Luya before he came out, and now he felt like he had slapped his own face a little.

But Zhou Xintang was an old man, he was feeling a little ashamed that he was begging him with this posture. Besides, the whole thing was all about good intentions, the Taoists Priest thought there were demons causing disorder, so he stopped the demons to prevent them from eating the human.

So Duan Jiaze said, “Let me try and talk to him…”

Zhou Xintang bore a debt of gratitude for Duan Jiaze and wished that he could give Duan Jiaze a salutation. He also told Duan Jiaze from the botton of his heart. “Wuzhou is my only heir and the most gifted disciple in the Taoist Temple. If he abandoned his practice, not only would I lose the disciple to pass the cassock and alms bowls, but also lose the prestige of Linshui Temple.”

“I really don’t know how to express my gratitude towards sir. It was my disciples who disturbed Lay Buddhist in his peaceful life, but no blame is attached to the ignorant, we would never dare to disturb him again in the future. If Lay Buddhist had any errand, we would not dare to refuse it.”

Don’t mention the different ways of Buddhism and Taoism. It was indeed true that East Sea City had been the territory of Linshui Temple for more than 1,000 years. However, since the start of the temple, this level of Buddhism has never appeared in the practice circle for more than 1,000 years!

Despite Zhou Xintang’s deep respect for Buddhism, he was still considered to have a high inner quality. After all, he was an eminent descendant. He kept the news within the scope of several disciples, so that no one knew about it, so as to avoid the rippling of people’s hearts.

If it was other Taoist Temple, perhaps there was no need for Luya to enlighten. The head of the temple would bow his head to the ground for the first time and input himself into his door’s step. Of course, you would have to change it to a Taoist Priest of the same ranking. Some Buddhist disciples might also react in this way. After all, nowadays was not alike in the past, most people were utilitarian.

Zhou Xintang thought about it and gave Duan Jiaze a deep bow. “Thank you for your generosity…”

When Luya came out, this situation was no longer about who was right or who was wrong The rank of Luya was simply too high. Now that there was a person who could deliver his words, Zhou Xintang was naturally grateful. Duan Jiaze was made ashamed and looked at how he pitted this person.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. You get up quickly ah.” Duan Jiaze quickly helped Zhou Xintang up. “Please go back. I’ll talk to him later when I head in. I’ll inform you when I have news.”

Zhou Xintang knew that Duan Jiaze had once entertained Shao Wuxing and ignored them afterward. Although Duan Jiaze looked sincere now, he still took out his mobile phone very pitifully and says, “Then scan me and add me on Wechat…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”


After Duan Jiaze sent Zhou Xintang away, it was almost time for him to get off work.

Just now, Xu Wen and Xiao Su have been watching the two people talking from afar. They were not much different in age. Xiao Su often went to Xu Wen’s side to do work. They would talk and do things at the same time.

As soon as Duan Jiaze came back, Xiao Su asked, “Director, what is the situation?”

The head of Linshui Temple, while he could not be said to be particularly powerful, he would sometimes appear on the news. Why did he bow to Duan Jiaze just now?

Duan Jiaze said solemnly, “He sees my talent and wants to accept me as a disciple, but I just want to open a zoo.”

Xiao Su: “…”

Xu Wen complained, “Director, you’re talking nonsense…”

Duan Jiaze laughed and said, “Actually, the last time they had a little Taoist Priest from their temple who watched too much TV and was a little crazy, he came running here to make trouble, I called the police, and then he personally came to apologize, that is his apprentice, he is quite qualified.”

Although not everyone saw the incident of the priest coming to the zoo, Xiao Su did not see it and vaguely remembered hearing a few words from someone and nodded, “He really quite qualified, that is, this matter should be apologized to by his disciple. His disciple must be spoiled too much.”

His disciple now wanted to change to be a monk instead. How could he have the time to come and apologize? Duan Jiaze thought in his heart.

“Who are the beautiful woman and handsome man today?” Xu Wen asked curiously.

Duan Jiaze smoothly said, “That’s the cousin of your Lu Ge.”

Xiao Su and Xu Wen could not help exclaiming, “Their whole family is all so beautiful!!” From Luya himself to his sister You Su, to his cousins, one after another were all so beautiful. Look at how some people could give birth so well.

“Right, there still ten minutes to go. There’s nobody in the zoo too. Go straight off work and go back to bed early.” Duan Jiaze smoothly exclaimed and let Xu Wen and Xiao Su off work.

Xu Wen and Xiao Su left work. Duan Jiaze went back and saw Zhou Xintang’s circle of friends by the way. It was very in line with his image; middle-aged people, Taoist Priests, sharing some spiritual experience, life on the mountain, as well as health knowledge and so on.

Not only that, he incidentally saw the screenshot of his own commentary in the comment sections, and you could see a long string of likes… The old Taoist Priest had more friends in his circle of friends than Duan Jiaze!

While Duan Jiaze was thinking about this, he saw Zhou Xintang even liked his former circle of friends one by one. Duan Jiaze felt an indescribable soreness in his heart.

The staff did not eat dinner at the zoo at night. Generally speaking, the zoo had three shifts, but who asked them to be poor, there were even demons appearing and disappearing in the night, so everyone went home after work in the afternoon.

That was to say, everyone except Duan Jiaze when they dine together was not humans.

Duan Jiaze introduced Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing to everyone, mainly to Luya, because hearing Bai Suzhen’s meaning, she and Luya were not of the same generation or level.

Luya pointed to Bai Suzhen and told Duan Jiaze, “Since she came, you should have taken her out to find the Taoist Priests.”

Duan Jiaze said in his heart: I would like to ah, but I am afraid that she would flood the city…

Luya lightly touched on the subject: “Looking at her way of approach, there are some remains of Guanyin.”

Duan Jiaze then remembered that, yes, Bai Suzhen had once been taught by Guanyin. She had some understanding of Buddhism.

But when Luya mentioned about this, Duan Jiaze wanted to add on, “What did you do to the young Taoist Priest before? His master ran over and said that the young Taoist Priest was making a fuss to be a monk when he went back.”

When Luya heard this, he actually burst out laughing. He was ignorant as to how proud he was. “Now you no longer doubt right?”

Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing still did not know what Luya had done. Listening to Duan Jiaze and Luya brief conversation of the situation, they both showed a look of awe. “Daojun has good cultivation!!”

To turn wisdom into a magical artifact, don’t mention about her and let alone Xiao Qing, it was not necessarily that even Master Guanyin could do this kind of thing, and Luya even told Duan Jiaze that this was some small Buddhist tricks.

This was proclaimed by them, who were the insiders, and only did Duan Jiaze knew that Luya’s cultivation level was so cow. No wonder he still could live to this day despite his words of speaking was just begging to be beaten…

What else could Duan Jiaze say, he could only praise Luya. Seeing that he was mood was good, he just asked: “… Daojun, now that the old Taoist Priest comes to entreat, hoping that you can let his disciple go. Can you still possibly break off the enlightenment?”

They did not have the intention to cause a disturbance in the first place. If he was to allow his disciple to make a scene as he wished, and he then came again to make trouble for them, was it not that this overcorrection was counterproductive?

Without having Luya to speak, Bai Suzhen could explain to him, “That there are not only the Hua Ren Sword but also the Sha Ren Knife in Daojun’s hands. Both of them is a magical artifact that is transformed from the invisible wisdom into tangible ones. They can be used not only as artefacts but also bring out innate qualities. The Huo Ren Sword is the wisdom and knowledge of awakening people, while Sha Ren Knife has the opposite effect.”

Duan Jiaze: “That is to say, all you need to do is rub the Sha Ren Knife on him again?”

Just as Luya wanted to nod, You Su leaned softly on the table and said, “Wait a minute, you can’t let them off so easily! They want to request Daojun to undertake a task but came with such arrival? Not even one bit of payment?”

Everyone looked at You Su.

Duan Jiaze was somewhat upset, You Su was instigating Luya to stir affairs. He quickly added, “Daxian, nowadays was unlike the past, we can’t do any illegal punishment…”

You Su looked at him strangely. “Who says we are going to do illegal punishment? Director, I’m thinking for all of your sake. We’ve got a big task pressing on our hands right now.”

Duan Jiaze did not understand what You Su meant. “Even if the Taoist Priests each had an annual ticket, it would not be enough for us to accomplish the task.”

You Su smiled and her eyes were sparkling. “But we can also just had our sales reach 350,000 yuan. There is no restriction on visitors. Ask the old Taoist Priest to order Linshui Temple and Lingyou Zoo to sell joint tickets; that Linshui temple would only sell joint tickets. It’s okay not to come to the zoo, but to visit Linshui Temple, they must buy our tickets together. Just bind them forcibly.”

“Director, if you want to succeed in your career, you must not be bothered about trifles.”

Duan Jiaze was sweating furiously: “No… You Su, while the task might be completed, we will probably be scolded to death too..!”

The Taoist Temple and the Zoo selling joint tickets? To think that You Su was able to come up with this idea.

Linshui Temple was a famous scenic spot a historic site in the whole province and even as far as to being a nationwide site. It was unknown as to how much bigger was their passenger flow as compared to theirs. However, to bind them by force, was this sort of things doable as one wish?

He realized that although the Nine-Tailed Fox had many ideas, she loved giving suggestions that made him walked the path of becoming the enemy of the public at times. This route was proven ineffective more than 3,000 years ago!


Zombie Fans: Slang for buying followersMu : A unit of measure, 1/15 of a hectare Cow : A slang for powerful/strongPermanent Post: Example, a Temple.. for Xie Lian.. coughSama, (‘DaDa’ in chinese): This is the Japanese honorific that is a more respectful version for people of a higher rank than oneself or divine, toward one’s guests or customers (The direct translation would be BigBig, but i dkkkkk whats a good chinese term. )Baifu Daxian: White Fox Great Immortal Remember that You Su, identified as Daji, actually is very infamous for all the bad deeds, including inventing torture stuff, leading the country to demise, in one of the adapted drama, she ordered someone to dig out his heart that was rumoured to have the seven apertures because she was curious. So everytime DJZ refer to anything bad about You Su, remember her history! (if i remembered correctly, cause i watched that drama LOL long time ago) Origins of Bai Suzhen(white snake) and Xiao Qing(green snake), ‘Legend of White Snake’: A romance story about a white snake demon and a scholar called Xu Xian falling in love, and someway along the story, the white snake demon flooded a temple. Xiao Qing is a side FEMALE character.Guanyin: Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion or Goddess of Mercy (Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara)

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