Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Joining the Scenic Spots Package

Duan Jiaze felt that this kind of behavior would surely arouse the anger of the public. No matter how interesting their zoo was, those tourists who were forced to buy bundled products would probably be unhappy. There might even be a probability of things getting out of hand in the future.

At first, the others didn’t have any other ideas, but then You Su suddenly broadened their train of thoughts.

Luya: “Don’t bother about them, let the Taoist Priests carry the pot.”

Duan Jiaze sweated furiously. “Ge, you sure spoke so lightly. Of course, when they want to scold, they would scold both the units together.”

Duan Jiaze strongly opposed this idea and argued for a while. He was eager to complete the task, but if any mistakes were to occur during the course of events and the mistakes reappear afterward, would the gains be able to cover up the losses? It’s not like he only would be living for the next 3 months.

But the problem was that Luya supported You Su. It was all up to him to get Sha Ren knife out of its sheath. With Luya’s dog temper, once he had decided, even if You Su look at Duan Jiaze’s face and chose to give in, Luya could still persevere to the end.

In the end, Bai Suzhen said this one sentence: “Some of the ideas of Senior You Su are a little radical, but the starting point is correct. We can not agree to the requirements of those Taoist Priests randomly. Why not we take a step back?”

Bai Suzhen checked Duan Jiaze’s phone and said, “This Taoist Priest seems to be able to speak up with the human government. I have an idea…”


Xiao Qing sat in front of the TV,  watching ‘Investiture of the Gods’ with You Su, “Jie, I am not going. I want to watch TV with Su Jiejie.”

Duan Jiaze: “Later, let your Lu Ge show you ‘The Legend of the White Snake’ on my laptop…”

Xiao Qing was practically elated when he heard that he could still watch ‘The Legend of White Snake’.

“Okay,” Bai Suzhen tidied up her clothes and told Duan Jiaze, “Director, let’s go.”

Duan Jiaze nodded his head. “Bai Jie, I’ve to trouble you…”

Last time when Bai Suzhen put forward a proposal, both sides had agreed, thus, they decided to let Bai Suzhen accompany Duan Jiaze to talk about this matter with Zhou Xintang.

This was also because You Su feared that Duan Jiaze would drop the ball as Duan Jiaze had never been a bully.

Luya also handed Bai Suzhen the Sha Ren Knife. If this matter was settled, she would help resolve the Taoist Priest’s troubles directly.

This could also be considered as a loophole. These dispatched animals couldn’t use their magic to help to build or alter the zoo itself, but the system was not so strict on the other aspects.

For example, Luya even used his magic to punish the villagers who caused trouble to the zoo. Now Bai Suzhen could also accompany him to the negotiation. In any case, Bai Suzhen had yet to officially taken up her post.

Duan Jiaze invited Zhou Xintang to a teahouse in the city by Wechat. When he was about to arrive, Zhou Xintang even sent a Wechat message apologizing that he might arrive later. It was raining on the mountain and the road was blocked.

Although it rained on the mountain, it was still a cleared sky in the city center. Duan Jiaze told him that he would wait in the teahouse first.

Bai Suzhen’s transformed form was a woman not more than 30 years old. She was extremely beautiful and even alluring. The tip of her eyebrows and the corner of her eyes were full of amorous feelings. Throughout the whole journey, she had attracted countless eyes. Where ever she sat down, the majority of people would get restless.

Duan Jiaze went to a toilet and came back to find his seat was occupied. A man with his head almost bald was hitting on Bai Suzhen who held a face of indifferent.

Duan Jiaze inwardly said that this brother was in luck. If he hadn’t discussed the lad and order of this society with Bai Suzhen, he would have long drop dead. If he did not have Xu Xian’s fate, then don’t go hitting on Bai Suzhen.

Duan Jiaze was just about to invite the person to leave when Bai Suzhen, who had a cold face, suddenly melted her ice and snow. She replied to the man’s question: “Are you from Sichuan? I am also from Sichuan, Qingcheng Mountain…”

“…” Duan Jiaze choked silently.

The bald man was so delighted that just as he was about to talk, Duan Jiaze came over and patted him. “Excuse me, this is my seat.”

The bald man took a look and said to Bai Suzhen, “Fellow townsmen, let’s leave each a number to…”

“My Jie doesn’t use a phone.” Duan Jiaze shook hands. “Please.”

Although Duan Jiaze was not a muscular man, he was neither a weak chicken. Moreover, he was young, so the bald man dared not confront him. Bai Suzhen did not stop Duan Jiaze as the bald man thought Bai she would, so he cursed Duan Jiaze in his heart and reluctantly left.

Duan Jiaze sat down, and then their topic was, “Jie, your accent is rather clear, there isn’t any Sichuan flavor…”

Bai Suzhen gave him a bewitching smile.

Half an hour later, Zhou Xintang rushed to the teahouse with Luo Wuzhou and apologized incessantly with their sorry figure.

Duan Jiaze could not blame them after seeing their misery. He asked the waiter to bring a towel and let these young and old wipe to dry themselves first.

When Duan Jiaze looked at Luo Wuzhou, he found that the child’s expression was serene to the point of bewildered, he was just like that of being enlightened. No wonder he was clamoring to be a Buddhist Monk.

Zhou Xintang looked at Bai Suzhen. At first glance, this lady was just beautiful, however, there was always an air of unusual feeling around her. However, Zhou Xintang could not find the slightest amount of flaws and suspected that he was being oversensitive. For her to come out together with Duan Jiaze at this current situation, he felt that she was not an ordinary person.

When Duan Jiaze saw he was looking at Bai Suzhen, he said, “This is our assistant, surnamed Bai.”

Bai Suzhen smiled and came to the point. She took out a printed paper and pushed it to Zhou Xintang. “There are two conditions. First, for Linshui Temple to sell joint tickets with Lingyou. Second, add Lingyou to this scenic spots package.”

On the paper in her hand, it was printed with a price list and sales notice. This was a scenic spot package for the major parks and scenic spots in East Sea City. There were Liushui Temple, Cape Park, City Zoo and so on, and a dozen more units were indicated.

If Lingyou was added in, it could also share the money earned from the package and it also did not need to sell the tickets by itself; this was also considered to be a kind of bundling, but this bundling was more fierce!

And the first condition she listed omitted what You Su said about ‘can only sell joint tickets’. That was to say, let the tourists have a choice to choose. In fact, it was equivalent to publicizing a big advertisement in the most famous scenic spots in East Sea City.

What if foreign tourists might just buy the tickets after seeing that the zoo was powerful enough to be able to sell joint tickets with the Taoist Temple?

This was Bai Suzhen’s idea: to let Zhou Xintang and them had joint tickets, and therefore, letting Lingyou, a small private zoo join into the luxury scenic spot package…

Zhou Xintang was a little dazed.

He didn’t felt that Duan Jiaze was asking for something shameless, on the contrary, he even relaxed at once. This was pleasantly surprising!

Dealing with a recluse master, he was even prepared to be ignored, but yet he was told that it could be solved in this secular way, how could he not be happy?!

All at once, he returned to his familiar world. As a Taoist Priest in the modern society, Zhou Xintang was more comfortable with this kind of exchange.

He thought that it was probably that the senior trusted this Director Duan very much, and Director Duan was a secular person, hence, he had such a solution.

Bai Suzhen frowned as she looked at Zhou Xintang was who in a daze. “What? Don’t tell me this cannot be done.”

Zhou Xintang shook his head quickly. “No, no problem!”

Although in the eyes of ordinary people, Linshui Temple might seem to be a secular Taoist Temple. They sold tickets, helped the citizen to solve some pointless lots, and did some uniformed legal acts. They were like most Taoist Temples and Buddhist Temples; being a Taoist Priest was only a profession.

But in fact, Linshui Temple was a true religious practice. There were always some people that were aware of this, so Zhou Xintang was very popular within some high officials, rich businessmen circle. He also liked to be cold, just like how Luya faced them. This request from Lingyou was considered to be nothing to him.

Duan Jiaze was not aware of this and he was getting embarrassed. He wondered if the old Taoist Priest would have to request from many people. After all, the old Taoist Priest had no real participation in this matter. Duan Jiaze was just a fresh graduate, and he had never looked for connections in his whole life. No, this was simply a threat.

“The, we will be troubling you, thank you…”

Zhou Xintang said repeatedly: “Mr. Duan must not thank me, I should be the one thanking you ah! The matter regarding the scenic spots package, I will invite my friends of the relevant departments to operate it immediately. As for the matter of our two units doing the joint ticket, I will let our office director contact your zoo.”

Bai Suzhen was also very straightforward. As soon as Zhou Xintang promised, she raised her hand and wiped it on Luo Wuzhou’s soul. Luo Wuzhou suddenly fell on the table and fainted.

Zhou Xintang had no idea that the Sha Ren Knife was in Bai Suzhen’s hands and was in awe!

Luya did lend it out, but for Bai Suzhen to be able to hold it, she also needed some skills. If it was others, they could not even afford to hold it in their hands.

It turned out that there was more than one master. There was another one here. What’s the matter? The legendary masters came out all at once! Zhou Xintang’s three views were shattered.

Bai Suzhen did not care about Zhou Xintang’s undulating thoughts. she stood up and said, “Director, let’s go back then?”

She even called Duan Jiaze, ‘Director’. Just now, Duan Jiaze introduced her as ‘Assistant Bai’. And Last time, that senior even listened to Duan Jiaze’s advice!

Zhou Xintang looked at Duan Jiaze more and more in awe… Fortunately, when he knew about Luo Wuzhou’s accident, he ordered his disciples to stay away from Lingyou Zoo while concealing this news.

“Oh, then we’ll go back.” Duan Jiaze also stood up.

“Hold on,” Zhou Xintang stammered. “Can I ask for the name of the senior from last time?”

Duan Jiaze thought for a moment and said, “His surname is Lu.”

The old Taoist Priest nodded his head.

Duan Jiaze and Bai Suzhen went back to the zoo.

His custom-made boards had arrived. It was to be placed in the exhibition hall of Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing. The species he gave Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qingding were White Mutant Burmese Python and Green Tree Python, respectively.

In fact, Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing were not these two species at all. Bai Suzhen was a Water Snake and Xiao Qing was a Green Bamboo Snake. But these two species could not grow as big as their original shape, especially not at this era.

Duan Jiaze was reluctant to have them shrunk. Larger snakes could attract more tourists. So he chose these two kinds of snakes.

Duan Jiaze also made Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing transformed into snakes to take a look. Taking in accounts from his past experience with You Su, let him check first before going into the exhibition hall would be a must.

Bai Suzhen whirled her body and transformed into a White Python where both hands would find it hard to hold her. It was at least 3 to 4 meters long. Xiao Qing turned into a Green Tree Python which was several loops shorter than Bai Suzhen.

As soon as the two giant pythons came out, Duan Jiaze immediately got goosebumps. It was really a bit horrifying. He did not feel this way when he saw that lion. This was too dismay.

Luya discovered that Duan Jiaze’s cowardliness was way too significant. He even applauded: “Wow, Duan Jiaze is afraid of snakes.”

When Xiao Qing heard this, he swam naughtily to Duan Jiaze.

“Fuck!” Duan Jiaze jumped up on the tea table. His voice was hoarse and shook, “Don’t make a sight, I will deduct your ration! Luya must not be heckled! You are attacking the director, this is insubordination! “

Xiao Qing stuck out his tongue and raised his body at once. He circled around Duan Jiaze’s waist and put his head on Duan Jiaze’s shoulder.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Luya and You Su looked at Duan Jiaze’s white face and laughed joyfully.

“What are you all doing, laughing so happily?” Liu Bin pushed open the door of the lounge and saw a big white snake lying on the ground. The director stood on the tea table and was entangled by a big green snake with some white markings. His smile froze instantly.

In a split instant, all of Liu Bin’s hair stood up and his face turned white as he blurted out, “What… What the fuck! Where did the snake come from? Are you in danger, Director?”

Duan Jiaze wanted to say that he was in danger but Liu Bin would probably call the Forestry Bureau immediately. He squeezed out a smile: “No, it’s alright. This is the new Python from our zoo. I’m playing with them. It’s harmless…”

As if to prove his words, Xiao Qing twisted his body on Duan Jiaze…

Liu Bin looked at Duan Jiaze in awe: “Director surely is the director of the zoo!”

To boast for a while was invigorated but the crematorium was being watched ah!

When Liu Bin found out that everything was all right, he called out to the employees unexpectedly. All the employees who had nothing to do came to watch the director play with the snakes.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

However, the employees dared not approach and spread in a circle to see Duan Jiaze, who was carrying a snake in the middle.

“The python looks terrifying, the director is sure cow.”

“I didn’t see any vehicle came in today. Did they come in last night? What kind of snake is this?”

“Can you play the flute, director…”

Luya stretched out his long legs and folded them on the tea table, he swaggered, “Play with the snake for us to see ah. Isn’t director playing with it?”

Duan Jiaze looked at him with hatred after hearing Luya throwing stones at him who fell down a well. He must save his face and ordered, “This snake is not poisonous, as long as you pay attention to the way, you won’t get hurt. Now I’ll teach you all about it. Start from Liu Bin and come in close contact with the pythons one by one…”

Liu Bin immediately retreated three steps. Hissing sound started springing up all around.

Duan Jiaze felt justiced at once. “Then, I’ll put the snakes in the exhibition hall.”

He was so angry to death. He didn’t know that so many people would come surrounding him to watch. It was not like he could throw the snake on the ground. If he wanted to separate himself from the snake now, he had to put it in the container. So he reached out to Bai Suzhen and let both snakes crawl up to him and went to the exhibition hall.

Bai Suzhen’s size was more frightening than Xiao Qing’s. Once the two pythons hung on his body, Duan Jiaze began to walk. All the employees hid away and watched from behind him.

Duan Jiaze overcame the weakness in his legs and had two snakes hanging on him as he went to the exhibition hall and sent them inside.

There were also trees in the cage of the python exhibition hall. Unlike other exhibition halls, there were also strong trunks. Snakescould also hang on the trees.

Duan Jiaze sent the two snakes in and the moment his body felt lightened, the cold and strange feeling also disappeared. He could not help but sighed, “Their weight must add up to a hundred pounds…”

He didn’t feel like this before, but now that he thought about it, Xu Xian was really a cow person.

Now it’s not the weekend, and there were not many tourists coming. Duan Jiaze asked Xiao Su to take pictures of Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing. He sent Weibo and Wechat messages to announce in advance that there were new animals in Lingyou Zoo, focusing on Bai Suzhen, a “White Mutant Burmese Python”.

As far as Duan Jiaze was aware, other zoos in East Sea City, including the city zoo, did not have such large pythons, let alone such a thoroughly albino. Of course, it could also be said that he made Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing change according to other people’s standards…

The next day, Duan Jiaze took Liu Bin with him and sent the peacock to the city zoo for a blind date.

The two peacocks had already gotten their names. One was called Jinmao because the yellow feathers on its tail screen shone like a golden light. As for the other one… Xiao Su forcibly named it Cuicui. Today, it’s Jinmao’s turn to make a blind date. Cuicui would be receiving guests at the zoo.

When they arrived at the city zoo, they were naturally received and sent to the Peacock Garden. The City Zoo kept six male peacocks and two female peacocks. It was said that several peacocks died of illness this year. In the first place, there were more males in the group of peacocks, and now it was even more unbalanced.

Duan Jiaze took Jinmao out of the cage. Jinmao nested itself in Duan Jiaze’s arms. It was very clever. Although he was eager for a girlfriend, he knew he had to behave in front of the director.

When the keeper of the city zoo looked at Jinmao, he said, “You peacock is really big and has thick tail feathers.”

Duan Jiaze modestly said, “It’s average.”

They did a personal examination of Jinmao to ensure there was no problem with it before they let Jinmao enter the cage.

During the courtship season, male peacocks in the city zoo would make loud noises to attract the attention of the females. They would also unfold their tail.

At this time, Jinmao was also put into the cage by the keeper.

Jinmao was quiet in Duan Jiaze’s bosom. It seemed like it had nothing special except that it was bigger and had more hair on its tail. But when it got into the cage, Jinmao went wild.


Jinmao craned its long neck and it cries were so loud that Jiaze wanted to cover his ears. The sound was also very penetrating. Only then did he realized that Jinmao was very obedient in Lingyou. It knew that everyone was afraid of the noise. No wonder It was so getting depressed from enduring. This was not only caused by the fact that he could not find a girlfriend.

Many of the zoo’s employees were attracted by the noise and came here. “My God, why does it called so loudly?”

The two female peacocks were attracted and came to the area where Jinmao was located, and other male peacocks also rushed to watch.

With a swish, it’s tail screen was unfolded. Under the sunshine, the feathers were breathtaking and full of radiance. It also kept changing angles to show the females its tail feathers in all directions.

The two female peacocks observed Jinmao’s feathers and judged its physical fitness through the various situations it showed.

Other male peacocks felt threatened, and they all opened their screens and crowded in front of Jinmao to show their tails to the females.

With a loud cry, Jinmao rushed up to ride on the backs of the male peacocks and held it tails at its mouth. It moved swiftly and fiercely, snatching off a peacock’s long feathers at once.

The peacock screamed and fled.

Their feathers were very important to them. If it were gone or destroyed, not only could they not find a girlfriend, the peacocks who cherished their feathers would also fall into depression.

When other male peacocks saw this scene, they became timid.

Jinmao chirped and rushed to the other male peacocks.

Its body was really too strong, it’s fierce bearing was unlike a peacock, but more of a beast. It was unknown as if it learned this from Luya. The rest of the male peacocks did not even have the courage to fight with him, they were scared the shit out.

Jinmao was still chasing them at the back. When it turned around, the two female peacocks lay obediently on the ground and were subdued by the heroism of Jinmao.

The keeper of the city zoo was stunned. The battle strength of Jinmao was amazing. He did not expect that the other peacocks would not have the courage to fight with Jinmao and that their females’ heart were captured by Jinmao just like this.

The keeper sadly asked, “What on earth did you feed the peacock? It’s too fierce! Leaping out of the position like a fighter plane!”

When Jinmao rushed out to chase the male peacocks, it even fluttered and flew for more than one meter high, and several meters away…

Duan Jiaze was complacent and concealed his pride. “We have another one. We’ll exchange it next time…”

The animal keeper: “…”

The keeper was beginning to be a little scared, would the other one coming be as cruel as this too? If all the peacocks in their zoo were pecked bald, would they still be able to live on? Feathers were very important to birds. Looking at how other peacocks being bullied, they couldn’t lift their heads.

They either separates the other male peacocks or they have to send Jinmao away, but the leader promised Duan Jiaze about the merged cage for Jinmao. It was embarrassing to send them away. If they were separated, there was also a special sense of shame…

Fortunately, Duan Jiaze had deliberately learned about some peacocks’ habits and did not make things difficult for the keeper. He ran to touch the head of Jinmao and warned it. Then Jinmao just expelled the other peacocks and did not peck at their feathers anymore.

Duan Jiaze was only going to accompany for the first time, Liu Bin himself would come for the second round. He also ran to Xiao Xu, the old animal keeper of Huanhuan.

“Director Duan,” Xiao Xu was very happy to see Duan Jiaze. “How was Huanhuan living at your side?”

Duan Jiaze also came to tell him. He could tell from last time that Xiao Xu’s feeling for Huanhuan was very deep, which made him feel very touched. “You can rest assured that Huanhuan had a good time with us. Yesterday, we weighed it and she gained more than a dozen kilograms.”

Xiao Xu said in surprise, “Really? More than a dozen kilos?”

He was extremely surprised, Huanhuan was not proactive in her meal. She had lost a lot of weight since last year. Now she actually had gained back more than a dozen kilograms. How long has it been? He could not believe it.

“Really,” Duan Jiaze vowed, “You are welcome to visit Huanhuan.”

Xiao Xu nodded and said, “Okay! In fact, Huanhuan’s old friends are also asking me when to organize a visit to Huanhuan. I’ll talk to them and visit Huanhuan in Lingyou.”

Duan Jiaze: “Well, you can come anytime, this week is fine too, you can get an annual ticket…”

Xiao Xu: “…”

“Heheh,” said Duan Jiaze, “it’s a joke.”

Although Lingyou and the city zoo were now in a win-win partnership through the Forestry Bureau, it sounded strange to fool their keepers into getting annual tickets.


When Duan Jiaze came out from the city zoo, he received a phone call. As soon as he opened his phone, he saw it was Mr. Zhao from the protection station who had received Duan Jiaze at the beginning. Later, with Sun Aiping’s words, ever since then he had been in contact with Duan Jiaze.

“Direction Duan, this is such a case now,” Director Zhao said after a few words of greeting. “We found that there are citizens raising a Golden Python at home, reaching to two or three meters long! After persuasion, he agreed for it to be sent to the zoo. You see if your conditions permit, and if so, congratulations on adding another animal.”

“Golden Python? That’s very permissible!” Duan Jiaze said, “I have just introduced a Burmese Python and a Green Tree Python here. The environment of the exhibition hall is ready. We can just merge the cage when it comes.”

Director Zhao: “That’s very good. By the way, the city TV station will be following to film the process. The citizen will send the python to you personally. Many people know about it, haha.”

A lot of people knew about this? Wasn’t this another free publicity campaign for them? Even Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing would had the chance to appear on the screen.

Director Zhao: “By the way, this is a male. Is yours a male or a female? Maybe they can mate with each other.”

This Golden Burmese Python was the albino species of the Burmese Python. Duan Jiaze fabricated Bai Suzhen’s identity was also an albino Burmese Python. They both belonged to the Burmese Python species. It just that their whiteness was a different tone; the Golden Python was a light yellow, so it was called “Golden”. The one Bai Suzhen wore was called “snowstorm” and it was a pure white.

Duan Jiaze: “Er… Although it is a female snake, she is married…”


Carry the pot: ScapegoatDrop the ball: Screw upXu Xian: Bai Suzhen’s husband in Legend of White SnakeTo boast for a while was invigorated but the crematorium was being watched ah: i failed at this part, if you can understand, thats GOOD but the meaning behind is that he will have to bear the consequences of his actions. Very common phrase used in the chinese community. (whispers… the crematorium is most likely referring to the speaker’s crematorium, because the speaker’s actions cause his death….whisper i think…)

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