Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 29


Chapter 29: This Color Combination Is Very Familiar

The citizen that raised the Golden Burmese Python by himself was called Yang Qi. He was a retired son of the idle rich and had been raising this python for nearly five years. Yang Qi and his children did not live together, but his children and his partner did not agree with him raising it, it was even more apparent when the python was getting bigger and bigger.

Some time ago, he was not careful and the python had sneaked out of his home. It frightened the neighbors of the community so much so that they immediately called the police, and this incident went on the news. It even attracted people from the Forestry Bureau.

At ordinary times, Yang Qi kept it at home and things were going fine. Of course, this matter could no longer be concealed after such a big disturbance. After all, Golden Burmese Pythons were  animals under the animal protection. Even if Yang Qi was unwilling in his heart, he could only endure his pains and send his Golden Burmese Python to the zoo.

He was just wondering why wasn’t his snake sent to the city zoo, but  instead to a new zoo that emerged out of nowhere?

The staff of the Forestry Bureau told him that the zoo had all kinds of qualifications. He was half doubting and half believing. In recent years, many people sent their privately raised protected animals to the regular zoo, and afterward the animals either died or were kept in poor conditions.

When it was the weekend, under the accompaniment of the Forest Bureau staff, the reporters and with his children, Yang Qi took his Golden Burmese Python, which he had kept for several years, to Lingyou Zoo by car.

“Hey, here, isn’t this Cape Zoo?” Yang Qi told the Forestry Bureau staff.

The other side smiled and said, “Yeah, it was originally Cape Zoo, and then it was replaced. You can rest assured that they also raise Burmese Pythons here, and they also seemed to have an albino too.”

As soon as Yang Qi heard this, his spirit grew vigor. There were not many snakes kept in East Sea City, and he thought the Golden Burmese Python he kept seemed to be the only one in the city, “Really? Then I’ll have to take a good look at it.”

Although the reporter who came this time was also from the city TV station, he was not on the same channel as the female reporters who came to Lingyou last time. He was a male journalist named Zeng Yu. At this time, he also took some pictures of the zoo.

Before that, the news of Lingyou Zoo had a good response and Zeng Yu even read about it. This time, when he came to Lingyou Zoo, he found that it was quite different.

It’s one thing to see more tourists after opening up. In addition, the gate had been changed. A new and elegant tourist service center had been built, which gave people a different feeling and a greatly increased in quality.

When the visitors of Lingyou or Cape Park found the TV reporters appearing, they all came surrounded and watching. After some inquiry, they found out that it was to deliver the python to the zoo.

The news of a golden burmese python sneaking out of the house and frightened the neighbours had spread widely in East Sea City. Now that they had seen the owner, many tourists who was supposed to go to the park had bought tickets and followed into Lingyou Zoo. This was also an unexpected pleasure.

When Duan Jiaze got the news, he came out to greet him. He saw a crowd of people coming in with Yang Qi and it was very lively. He shook hands with Yang Qi and took him to the reptile exhibition hall. For the time being, there was only Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing living here. Now he would also be adding this golden python.

“Hello, Uncle. We’ll take good care of it. Does this Golden Python have a name?” Duan Jiaze asked.

Yang Qi said with a trace of melancholy, “It’s called Jinzi. It’s over four years old.”

A group of people entered the reptile exhibition hall, many people were not aware that Lingyou had introduced pythons. Even if they were made aware through Wechat or Weibo, they had not managed to come in and took a look.

Now, as soon as they entered, they could see two pythons hanging on the tree behind the big glass wall.

One was a pure white jade, a Burmese Python without a trace of color. It was approximately three meters long and was as thick as the mouth of a bowl. The other was a slightly smaller emerald green python with some white stripes. It was more than two meters long and was a little thicker than that of a cigarette box.

“Ho!” Many tourists whispered, “How beautiful!”

These two white snakes, one was like a white jade, where the other was like an emerald jade. Their color was really beautiful. Originally, Yang Qi’s golden Python was vaguely seen in the box, and people who sighed it felt that it had lost its color in an instant.

Even Yang Qi was surprised. “Blizzard white!”

He heard from the Forestry Bureau that there was an albino Burmese pythons in the zoo. He thought it was also a golden python. He didn’t think they were a pure white. The blizzard white was a white mutation, and it was so big that it was more precious than his golden python.

Duan Jiaze: “This is the White Lady and Xiao Qing in our zoo.”

Tourists all laughed and Zeng Yu recorded the scene in time. Everyone thought Duan Jiaze was making a proper joke. Two pythons, one green and one white, were they just like the White Lady and Xiao Qing?

The following step was the highlight of the day. Yang Qi would be taking out the Golden Python and giving it to the zoo in front of the camera.

Wang Yibai, who had taken over to be the animal keeper of Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing, had yet to overcome having close contact with the snakes. Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing were easy to handle so they were obedient when he touched them. However, for this Golden Python, he was not very daring.

Wang Yibai looked at Duan Jiaze for help. “Director…”

In the eyes of all the audience, how could Duan Jiaze dare to drop the ball? He once again inwardly hated himself for boasting as he took the Golden Python from Yang Qi with tears flowing in his heart.

Duan Jiaze reluctantly smiled at the camera and put the python in the cage house.

Xiao Qing leaned down curiously from the tree. Duan Jiaze resisted the impulse to hide. He touched Xiao Qing’s head under the expectant eyes of the tourists. Xiao Qing also rubbed against his hand very cooperatively and ran to the Golden Python.

For Xiao Qing, it was a rare creature. He flicked his tongue towards the Golden Python.

The Golden Python was so scared that it dared not even resist. It stayed still, not daring to move at all.

When Duan Jiaze came out, he saw Xiao Qing circling around the Golden Python that was like a statue. The tourists was even discussing; They are making friends, maybe they even fell in love at first sight.

Duan Jiaze: “That’s a male snake…”

Although he was formerly a female, but he was now indeed a male, and they had too much difference. Don’t mention about the IQ, just talking about the age difference, it was too much. Xiao Qing probably do not like to eat tender grass.

Yang Qi, the master, stood in front of the glass wall reluctantly, but he was much more relieved.

After entering the zoo, a glance at the decoration and facilities, Yang Qi could tell that this zoo was not any small, poorly-equipped travelling theatrical troupe giving shows in villages and small towns. The two pythons in the zoo were raised as if they were illuminating, which made his Jinzi looked dim and dull. He was relieved to leave Jinzi here, and he would come and see it often in the future.

Zeng Yu filmed Jinzi’s new residence and its new friends. He then gave Yang Qi and Duan Jiaze a small interview, then concluded the shooting.

Zeng Yu’s news considered to be a good publicity for Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing, because Yang Qi highlighted the change of his mind after he came to the zoo, and popularized the white mutant Burmese python.

“At first I was worried about whether Jinzi could be taken good care of here. But after seeing the environment here, I’m really relieved. I’ll come here often in the future to see Jinzi and its new friends. This is also a surprise. I didn’t expect a blizzard white here. This pure white python is like Jinzi, a Burmese Python that was a white mutant. Jinzi is an albino. I think they will be very good friends.”

When Duan Jiaze heard ‘good friend’ these words, he sweated a little. He thought in his heart that the snake was really so frightened to the point that it couldn’t even reacted at all. It was lying there all the time and everyone actually thought it was being calmed and relaxed.

Duan Jiaze felt that the snake was probably suffocating. Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing were both its senior-seniors-senior-senior…. senior. The snake’s instinct told itself that things were not that simple.

“Haha… Yes, they are not very different in size. They should be able to get along well.” Duan Jiaze laughed and advertised, “Those two are specially introduced by our zoo, especially the white mutant python. It could be said that it was the one and only in East Sea City. Welcome all citizen friends to visit them.”

When it was aired, many people knew that besides receiving the Golden Burmese Python, Lingyou Zoo itself had a blizzard white Burmese Python and a Green Tree Python, which were bigger than the newly delivered Golden Python.

Needless to say, many people specially came to visit the three pythons. There were snakes in East Sea City Zoo, but they were not that big nor were there albino species as well, and definitely were they not on the news before.

Now that Xiao Su was also in charge of publicity, naturally, she was accompanied at the side taking photos. She took a number of photos and post them on Weibo. She briefly summarized in the post that Mr. Yang, a citizen, sent the unlicensed and privately raised Python to the reptile exhibition hall in Lingyou. It was now living happily with the new blizzard white Python and Green Tree Python.

Xiao Su did not post many articles on Weibo, but for Wechat, she had made a special issue. It introduced in details the story of Jinzi’s home in Lingyou Zoo and conveniently, mentioned about Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing to attract everyone to visit them.

The interaction(activities of publicity) in Wechat was still not as strong as that of Weibo. After Xiao Su’s posted it, she found out that the post from Weibo had been shared a lot.

Originally because of You Su’s effective Weibo post from previously, and afterward, it was often shared a lot. Thus Lingyou Zoo had quite a bit of increased in their fans. It already had more than 5,000 fans, which was the foundation from now on.

After the Weibo post of the green and white snakes together with Jinzi was sent out, even You Su did not know why the post got the shares so much. She was puzzled. Just that the two Weibo post from before that had been shared widely had their own reasons, however, the stuaition got the same from this post really made her confused.

This was bonus ah!

Xiao Su excitedly asked Duan Jiaze to look at it together. They looked over the sharings and comments before then they knew what was going on.

At first, a netizen shared a picture:

Bai Suzhen in the TV drama stood on a high spot, Xiao Qing and Fahai was fighting at a side.

Bai Suzhen was wearing white, Xiao Qing was wearing green, and Fahai was wearing a yellow monk’s robe.

Looking at the pictures on the Weibo. The white Burmese Python and the Green Tree Python circled around the Golden Python.

The sharings were all as:

“23333 the left one has no problem!”

“Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Fahai is coming, quickly beat him!”

“The souls followed to the zoo, ha ha ha ha ha…”

“Very good, the colour is exactly the same!”

“That comparison is killing me. The zoo must be doing this deliberately hahahaha.”

Xiao Su spurted out, “The fuck, the color combination is really the same.”

Duan Jiaze’s corner of his mouth twitched. The weirdest thing about this was just that the netizens were laughing at the real Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing.


Duan Jiaze went to the city early in the morning, he first went to the mall and bought two bottles of wine. Today he was going to visit Sun Aiping’s family, and this appointment was long made. Sun Aiping had sent the address to him through a message, and after buying the wines, Duan Jiaze went to Sun Aiping’s house according to the address.

Sun Aiping lived in an office district. Duan Jiaze entered the door opened by a middle-aged woman who still had charm. He guessed in his heart that it might be Sun Aiping’s lover. “Hello, Auntie, I’m here to find Uncle Sun.”

“You must be Xiao Duan, isn’t it? I’m your uncle’s lover. He told me you would be coming. You can call me Auntie Liu.” Liu Lian and Duan Jiaze shook hands and have him entered the house before she shouted, “Old Sun! Here comes Xiao Duan. You come out now!”

“Ah! Wait a minute, I’ll be right there!” Sun Aiping’s voice echoed from the house.

“Xiao Duan, I heard that you are young yet already running your own zoo?” Liu Lian asked with interest.

Duan Jiaze was embarrassed to say about it, “The zoo is inherited from my relatives. Now I’m indeed running it by myself. And Uncle Sun had helped me a lot.”

“You see, you’re quite modest, and Old Sun told me you’re quite capable. By the way, he also told me that you are a professional, can help me see my daughter?” asked Liu Lian.

Duan Jiaze stunned for a moment. “Your Ling daughter?”

Liu Lian clapped her hands and shouted, “Baby!”

A golden-haired dog leaped out of the room and stood up with its front paws in Liu Lian’s hands.

Duan Jiaze then realized that it was a female dog. Many people had adopted cats and dogs and then treating them as their sons and daughters these days. But, even if it a dog son, he still couldn’t treat it ah!

Liu Lian said, “Our baby went to a matchmake some time ago. It seems that the pregnancy reaction is a little big. Do you think you can give some advice…”

“…” Duan Jiaze said with black lines on his face, “Auntie, I’m sorry, I’m not a professional, I do not know much about dogs…”

Fortunately, Sun Aiping also came out at this time, “You really are too much. Just take your dog to the pet hospital, why are you asking Xiao Duan on doing this kind of things? He mainly studied fishes and birds ah.”

Duan Jiaze thought ‘he actually didn’t even know about birds ah’.

Liu Lian said disappointedly, “Isn’t this because pet hospitals are unreliable? They always said that I worried too much. I was thinking that zoos are also very professional…”

“Go, go go. You were just thinking too much.” Sun Aiping waved Liu Lian away.

Sun Aiping made a pot of tea and took Duan Jiaze to watch the fish while drinking tea.

“Now that your auntie mentioned about this dog, I am thinking, when it gives birth, would you like to have one sent over?” Sun Aiping asked, “I heard that there were thieves in you zoo before. I don’t think you have security guards at night over there. It’s better for you to keep a dog to watch the door. She deliberately put her dog in someone else’s home with a golden retriever for the matchmaking, and then the dog was pregnant.”

Golden retriever to be trained as a watchdog? It seemed a bit unreliable, but since Lingyou did not require any security at all, Duan Jiaze nodded and accepted Uncle Sun’s offer.

Duan Jiaze also drank tea and looked at Sun Aiping’s fishes. After pointing out several problems, Sun Aiping sighed; a master was indeed capable. He knew at first glance what was wrong, it was just like the fishes are telling him their problem.

Duan Jiaze didn’t understand his talent either. There were other things in his mind. “Uncle Sun, can you give me some information? My zoo wants to expand its scale by contracting 40 mu of land, but I’m not sure whether it can be the open space in the village next to it or the mountains.”

Some of the Cape Mountain belonged to Cape Park, but there were also vacant ones. Three months later, there would be a new building, during which the land had to be contracted out. Duan Jiaze checked out that there were other zoos that was built on the mountain. Thus, he also planned to begin and follow suit. But he was not sure if he would be successful, so he asked Sun Aiping.

Sun Aiping had worked for many years in Bureau and was experienced. After listening to this, he said, “If you want to build a house after contracting the land, you need to get the approval. If you want to contract for the mountain areas, you need approval from our Forestry Bureau. Although I can help you in this respect, I do not recommend that you contract for the mountain areas. Your idea should be to build on the mountains to restore the natural form, right?”

Duan Jiaze nodded.

Sun Aiping nodded and said, “Although this idea is likely to be novel, it is complicated in the management. It is not suitable for your present scale. I suggested that you consider contracting the mountain areas in the future. If you want to contract the land in the village and run through the approval procedure for building houses, I can introduce some friends to you. I will tell you what you need to prepare. It’s much quicker for you when you have to do this again.”

Duan Jiaze quickly thanked Sun Aiping and was again interrupted by him half way through.

Sun Aiping: “Enough with these polite words, Xiao Duan, I think you are very good. I view you as my nephew, you need to strive hard and made a career for yourself; it will be better than saying thanks to me.”

“Yes, I will work hard.” Duan Jiaze nodded earnestly. Originally, he was forced and had to be the director of this zoo. He was still confused and needed other peoples’ helps and ideas to make up his mind. But when he met so many good people, his ideas began to change a little.

Before Sun Aiping could speak more to Duan Jiaze, the doorbell rang again. He got up and opened the door. The person standing outside was his leader. Bao Hailuan, the chief director of the Forestry Bureau, said, “Director Bao ah, come in and have a sit.”

Bao Hailuan lived upstairs his house and he did not come in. He held the door frame and said, “Old Sun, come, let us go climb the mountain. My wife quarreled with me and refused to go together.”

When Sun Aiping heard this, he laughed. The so-called mountain climbing was not the real mountain climbing, but to climb the mountain and burn incense in Liushui Temple. Today was the first day of the lunar mouth but Bao Hailuan was inside the system, so he was more obscure.

Sun Aiping didn’t believe all these, and also there was a guest at home. “Director Bao, my god nephew is here.”

“Why is there a god nephew? I don’t think he looks like a relative.” Bao Hailuan took a look, “Forget it, who cares. Let’s go together. Old Sun, accompany this older brother.”

They were friends even before they went to the Forestry Bureau to work. They indeed had two layers of relationship. Sun Aiping was embarrassed to refuse. He also thought that Bao Hailuan would rarely come by himself, so he could introduce him to Xiao Duan. So he turned back and said, “Xiao Duan, let’s go climbing together?”

Duan Jiaze did not know Sun Aiping’s intention, and he did not want to disturb him and his friend. He only saw Sun Aiping winked at himself then did he nodded, “Oh, oh, okay.”

Sun Aiping told Liu Lian, “I am climbing the mountain with Xiao Duan to accompany Director Bao.”

Liu Lian looked out and said, “I see. Come back early. My daughter is coming home today.”

“Yes.” Sun Aiping replied as he led Duan Jiaze out.

Duan Jiaze really thought that he was climbing a mountain. He didn’t know which mountain they were climbing. If only they were climbing Cape Mountain, he could go home on the way.


Fahai: In layman terms, Fahai is a monk that keep doing stuff to separate Bai Suzhen and her husband, Xu Xian.. He is 100% of the time, the bad villain the the legend of the white snake. Small, poorly-equipped travelling theatrical troupe giving shows in villages and small towns: idiom, meaning makeshift organisationYour Ling daughter: I direct translated it, it means your house’s daughter White Lady and Xiao Qing: Bai Suzhen is also called White Lady(uh in english) and Xiao Qing , is the original name.and YES, because Bai Suzhen always depicted to be wearing white, Xiao Qing green, and Fahai the yellow’s robe, hence the comments Xu Xian, Bai Suzhen Inside the system: Inside the system, people who eat imperial food, including civil servants, and people in various public enterprises and institutions, enjoy social security such as medical care and pension, which are beyond the reach of ordinary people, as well as the right to access priority information, and the unit’s generous financial allowances. (google)
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