Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 30


Chapter 30: The Relationship Between True and False

On the way, Sun Aiping introduced Duan Jiaze to Bao Hailuan again, “Director Bao, this is a young capable entrepreneur who went onto the city’s news channel some time ago. He is also an acquaintance of our bureau. Duan Jiaze, director of Lingyou Zoo. I think very highly of him and treats him like my own nephew.”

“Lingyou ah, I know this zoo,” Bao Hailuan looked at Duan Jiaze again. “This young man is very vigor, and whomever you, Old Sun think highly of, must be a pretty capable person.”

Duan Jiaze thanked him in a somewhat shy manner. Unexpectedly, facing this leader in charge of the Forest Bureau, he didn’t have many responses to communicate with the other party.

Fortunately, Sun Aiping was around to ease the tension and lead the conversation in a harmonious atmosphere. Thus, they went to the Pagoda Mountain, which was where Linshui Temple was located at, in a harmonious atmosphere. There was another origin of Pagoda Mountain. It was said that the mountain used to be very tall. Later on, the Pagoda Bearing God fell down and smashed half of the mountain, hence it became the flat mountain top of today.

When Duan Jiaze arrived at the foot of the mountain, he realized that he was going to climb the mountain to visit Linshui Temple. He felt a little peculiar. After all, there was some dispute between him and Linshui Temple. He always felt that he had taken advantage of them and was rather embarrassed about it.

But he gave a thought about the number of Taoist Priests and tourists in Linshui Temple. As long as he was careful and avoided the Taoist Priest that he had met before, things should be fine, right?

There were still a number of believers in Linshui Temple, especially when it comes to the 15th day of the lunar calendar, holidays or any legal activities, there would be even more people on the mountain. There wasn’t any cable car here, you could only climb with your two hind legs.

After climbing to the top of the mountain, Sun Aiping and Bao Hailuan were both heavings quite heavily. They had to sit down and rest. Duan Jiaze was after all, young, so he fared better than them.

The development of Linshui Temple to this day could be said to be very commercialized. There were also a lot of vendors outside the mountain gate.

After entering the Taoist Temple, it was also full of incense and crowds.

This Linshui Temple building was laid out in accordance to the position of the Eight Diagrams. The gods were worshipped in the hall on the central axis. The first hall being worshipped was Sanqing. At this time, there were many people outside the hall watching at the practicing of a group of Taoist Priests in the hall.

“It’s impossible to lit the incense now. I’ll go and register first.” Bao Hailuan said.

Sun Aiping asked him, “What are you registering for?”

Bao Hailuan said, “My mother is eighty-four years old this year and she is always shouting about irregular heartbeats. I’ll make an appointment to pray for her.”

Naturally, Duan Jiaze did not understand these, so he just followed along with them at one side.

The Taoist Priests ended their rituals and were queuing out from the temple.

Luo Wuzhou suddenly stopped. The Taoist Priest behind him dared not go past him. They stopped one after another. Some people asked, “What’s wrong, Martial Uncle?”

Luo Wuzhou was the disciple of the head of the temple and also a cultivator; his seniority was higher than many of those older Taoist Priests at the present. At this time, he frowned and said, “I seems to have seen someone I know…”

A glimpse of Duan Jiaze’s face seemed to have flashed by his sight, but he was not certain. He was confused and turned back to find Jiang Wushui. “Did Senior Brother Shao asked Director Duan to come and discuss matters?”

Jiang Wushui shook his head and said, “Shouldn’t be. Senior Brother Shao would go there personally regardless of anything.”

In addition to Zhou Xintang, the director of the Linshui Temple Management Committee and several other members, only those who have met Duan Jiaze knew the insider information of Lingyou Zoo.

They also knew that in order to solve Luo Wuzhou’s problem, The Temple Committee had promised him to do joint tickets or something, which was the responsibility of Shao Wuxing, the director of the office.

“That’s weird. With your eyes, you shouldn’t have mistaken it…” Jiang Wushui was also inwardly afraid. Who knew what Duan Jiaze was doing here? It was impossible for their people to have an appointment with someone and not accompany them. So he said, “Where did he go? Let’s go and check it out.”

The two fellow apprentices followed the direction of where Duan Jiaze had departed to.

Duan Jiaze and Sun Aiping were accompanying Bao Hailuan to register. To do the ritual ceremony, one must first register the time, their birth date, which Taoist Priest they would like to appoint and so on.

Bao Hailuan often came here, so he had a better understanding of the matters here. He was chatting with the Taoist Priest who was in charge of registration, “I think I still want Mao Benqing Taoist Priest, who has a good reputation for doing ritual ceremonies.”

The Taoist Priest said in embarrassment, “But for the time being, Taoist Priest Mao is really not free.”

“Can you contact Taoist Priest Mao for me?” asked Bao Hailuan. “I want to talk to him.”

Although Bao Hailuan was the director of the Forestry Bureau, Linshui Temple’s position in this relevant industry was really too high, so his status could not be easily used here.

At this time, Jiang Wushui and Luo Wuzhou came in. Bao Hailuan took a glance at them, and he didn’t take them seriously at first. He knew Jiang Wushui could interpret the lots and he would not comment on whether he was good at it or not. Regardless, he would not perform any ritual ceremony. However, the other teenager priest was someone he had never seen before. He was probably a child Taoist Priest.

But when the Taoist Priest in the registration office saw the two people, he immediately shouted, “Martial Uncle Luo, Martial Uncle Jiang.”

Luo Wuzhou had devoted himself to practicing at a young age and did not have much contact with the world, so the believers might not necessarily know him.

Jiang Wushui was certainly unable to bother himself with him. Now it was certain that they really saw Duan Jiaze. This was really embarrassing.

When Duan Jiaze saw it was these two acquaintances, he was a bit 囧. What he thought of really came running; he really bumped into them.

Duan Jiaze’s status was now different from that when they first met him. Duan Jiaze was on an equal footing as the mysterious Lay Buddhist Lu and he was even the leader of Lay Buddhist Bai. Thus, Zhou Xintang respected him and like each of his posts one by one…

Jiang Wushui, whose position in the seniority of Taoism was even smaller. He almost did not know how to address him. A long while later, he said, “Mr. Duan… Why didn’t you inform us that you are coming?”

At this time, Bao Hailuan and Sun Aiping thought Duan Jiaze also frequently came to burn incense. So, it was not surprising that he knew several Taoist Priests. It just that the tone of this fat Taoist Priest was quite polite.

Duan Jiaze laughed dryly and said, “I came with the leaders…”

Jiang Wushui thought; aren’t you the director of the private zoo, where does this ‘leader’ come from? But he did have a good memory and he remembered that Bai Hailuan was the leader of the Forestry Bureau after taking a glance at him. Was that not the governing body unit of Duan Jiaze?

Zhou Xintang had specially instructed him that they should not provoke Lingyou without any good cause. If they asked for anything, do not refuse them. If they were able to lend any help within their power, they should help them and form a good relationship.

Jiang Wushui uphold this idea. Although Duan Jiaze did not say anything, he was quick to say, “Well, greetings to these two leaders. Are you two here to register? Who is the Taoist Priest you have appointed? Do you need me to introduce any Taoist Priest?”

To help Duan Jiaze’s leader was to give him face. Then for Duan Jiaze to have face in front of his leader, was it considered forming a good relationship? Could this stop Lay Buddist Lu? The matter regarding Lu Wuzhou from last time had really frightened them.

Bao Hailuan said, “It’s no trouble, I’m going to make an appointment with Taoist Priest Mao Benqing.”

The registration Taoist Priest muttered, “He’s not free…”

Bao Hailuan was a little annoyed. “Didn’t I say to let me and Taoist Priest Mao have a talk?”

“Ah, do not be annoyed, leader,” Jiang Wu Shui said with a laugh. “Martial Nephew Mao is preparing for his closed training. He wasn’t stopping you on purpose. By coincidence, I think you should ask my Senior Brother Zhao Wujin and talk to him.”

Bao Hailuan widened his eye all of the sudden. “Taoist Priest Zhao?”

In Liushui Temple, besides Zhou Xintang’s rank, Shao Wuxing presided over the next rank, and Zhao Wujin had the greatest reputation in ritual matters and so. Therefore, it was usually almost impossible to make an appointment with him.

As far as Bao Hailuan was aware, the mayor still had to wait for his appointment. His fame went beyond the city and throughout the province.

This fat Taoist Priest was talking about Zhao Wujin, Bao Hailuan was naturally in disbelief.

The Taoist Priest checked the computer and said, “Martial Uncle Zhao did not arrange anything at that time. He should be free.”

Bao Hailuan listened to him and continued to stumble, falling in disbelief by the sudden change of occurrences: “Then I will… make an appointment with Taoist Priest Zhao?”

The Taoist Priest’s mouse clicked, “I’ve registered for you, please arrive on time on the day of the ritual.”

Jiang Wushui then asked politely: “Mr. Duan and the two leaders. Will you stay for lunch? I’ll call Director Shao and ask him to come back from the bottom of the mountain.” Zhou Xintang appointed Shao Wuxing to dock with Lingyou, and now that Duan Jiaze appeared, he would naturally call him back. If Shao Wuxing couldn’t come back, he would go and ask Director Zhou.

Why were the asking him rushing to come back? To act as an accompany?

Don’t even talk about Bao Hailuan, even Sun Aiping knew Shao Wuxing. Shao Wuxing often ran outside on behalf of Liushui Temple. Many people in East Sea knew him. His fame was second only to Zhou Xintang. For some people, his familiarity was even higher than Zhou Xintang’s.

Bao Hailuan wondered what the origin of this Xiao Duan was. The moment he was here, Director Shao had to rush back to accompany him even when he’s out?

In any case, Duan Jiaze and Sun Aiping were close, Bao Hailuan today could be considered to be stained with their honor, so he was even more pleasant than before. His attitude was also more fair as he asked the main person: “Old Sun, Xiao Duan, what do you think?”

Sun Aiping seemed calm, but in fact, his mind was also puzzled. He also did not know why Xiao Duan had such a big face. He turned his gaze to Duan Jiaze and asked him to answer.

Duan Jiaze also understood that Jiang Wushui was helping him. He was grateful for this, but he was also a little embarrassed. How could he call Shao Wuxing to come back? “We will not disturb you, uncle, isn’t your daughter coming home?”

“Oh, yeah, then we better not intrude.” Sun Aiping smoothly followed.

Since both of them said so, although Bao Hailuan wanted to make acquaintance with Director Shao, he could only regrettably follow them.

Although they did not stay for dinner, Jiang Wushui accompanied them to burn incense. Luo Wuzhou, though quiet, stayed with them. They then personally sent them out the mountain gate.

After leaving Linshui Temple, Sun Aiping couldn’t help asking, “Xiao Duan, why did this Taoist Priest Jiang treat you so… respectfully?”

It’s good to help, but when they interacted, it felt like Jiang Wushui looked at Duan Jiaze like he was the leader. It was really unknown as to what kind of relationship was between Duan Jiaze and Shao Wuxing.

Bao Hailuan was enduring very hard. At this time, he also said, “Xiao Duan, thank you very much today. This connection of yours is really marvelous. Taoist Priest Zhao was easily booked by me. Usually when I happened to ask Taoist Priest Zhao, I am certain to get a sentence of ‘not accepting an appointment for the time being’.”

Duan Jiaze: “I… I’ve unexpectedly helped Taoist Priest Shao Wuxing.”

This could not be concealed, and Linshui Temple would be selling joint tickets with Lingyou. How about, he thought of a reason first?

“You helped Director Shao?” Sun Aiping knocked at Duan Jiaze’s head directly. “You have this connection, what else could not be done!”

He even wanted to find connections for Duan Jiaze. Who would have thought he had such a solid connection, but on second thought, this good steel connection really should be used on important situations.

Bao Hailuan also showed an envious expression. Why was he not so lucky and helped Shao Wuxing unintentionally?

You have to know, that something Taoist Priest Mao Ben Qing was a head shorter in the face of Shao Wuxing. Shao Wuxing had a wide expanse of communication. He was the disciple of someone from Linshui Temple Management Committee, and also held a very important position in the Management Committee.

No wonder the Taoist Priest treated Xiao Duan so good, it must have been instructed by Shao Wuxing. From this, it could be seen that the advances must also be very important to Shao Wuxing.

“En, en…” Duan Jiaze responded vaguely, thinking that if he hadn’t insisted, Liushui Temple would have been forced by them to buy and sell…

But it was really because of today’s encounter that there was a rumor coming out of from Bao Huiluan. Later, some people were not surprised that Linshui Temple sold tickets together with Lingyou. It was just hard to guess how much Shao Wuxing owed the favor.

Although Duan Jiaze did not call Shao Wuxing to accompany him for dinner after Jiang Wushui reported Duan Jiaze’s arrival, Shao Wuxing, and Zhou Xintang pondered over it.

Although Duan Jiaze had indicated that he was accompanying the leaders, they had misinterpreted it.

Shao Wuxing was frightened and thought Duan Jiaze felt that Liushui Temple was too slow, so he stepped up his pace. So, in the turn of a few days, he stuffed Lingyou Zoo into the city’s joint annual ticket. He also made the joint ticket for the temple and the zoo. He went online and offline simultaneously, and posted a large number of posters at the ticket office.

The followers of the Taoist Temple were obliged to see the poster.

“… Wait, did I see wrongly, Lingyou… Zoo? Selling joint tickets?

“Why would a Zoo and a Taoist Temple sell joint tickets? It’s not misprinted, isn’t it?. What’s with this situation?”

“My God, is it opened by relatives?”

This matter was so weird and many people’s first impression was that they were puzzled. They did not know why the Temple would advertise the zoo.

The foreign tourists were even more confused. They asked the staff members or local believers: “Hey, is this a scenic spot here? It doesn’t look that amazing, that it is able to sell tickets with the Taoist Temple. Did some kind of God appeared there?”

“It could be that the zoo was paying for the advertising…”

“How much will that cost? This is Linshui Temple. Do you know how many years they have been here? How rich could they be?”

“Maybe the zoo is very famous here?”

“Yes, it doesn’t look too bad. Let’s stop by. You see, there’s a direct bus there.”

—— Shao Wuxing also ran around and added Lingyou to the bus stop. Later on, the station was reported as “Cape Park, Lingyou Zoo”.

“Okay, now that I’m here, I might as well go and check it out .”

There were really quite a few foreign tourists who bought the tickets. It’s a little cheaper to buy a joint ticket. Many of them were conceived that Lingyou was also a famous local scene. Looking at the poster, it said that under the picturesque Cape Mountain, people and animals in the publicized photos were interesting and loving, and the exhibition hall was advanced. But, that was really the case.

As for the locals, besides discussing the origin of Lingyou and its relationship with the Temple, there were also some people who came out of the news of the previous period of the popular Lingyou, which really attracted some people to buy tickets to go in and see.

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