Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 32


Chapter 32: You are seeking your own death!

Monday, East Sea Railway Station.

Liu Benyuan was wearing a gray robe and sitting idly on the ground. There were so many people in the railway station today that he wasn’t able to find any seat.

A passer-by saw him, stooped down and asked, “Fortune-telling?”

Liu Benyuan rolled his eyes at him. “No.”

“Tsk.” The passer-by then walked away.

Liu Benyuan fanned himself with the leaflet and simply got up and walked around.

He was a disciple of Linshui Temple and the Temple had a rule. In order to protect the safety of East Sea City and safeguard the happy life of the citizens, they would set up mobile posts in several dense places in East Sea City. One such example was the railway station. The main purpose was to ensure that no demons were stirring up trouble.

There were few great demons at this present days, even if there was, they would be found deep in the mountains. So this task was done by the younger disciples. Sometimes, they would guard for a whole day in dullness.

Liu Benyuan once caught a retarded small demon in the commercial street with his Senior Brother that was disguised as a Taoist Priest swindling people. This small demon belonged to those group of demons that have insufficient demonic energy, and hence were hanging in the mortal world.

The warm afternoon sunshine made one feel truly drowsy. Liu Benyuan was getting spiritless as he continued to walk, but suddenly, he felt a seam of demonic aura.

Liu Benyuan instantly sobered up. He called his Senior Brother in the temple and reported to him before he followed the demonic aura.

There were many people at the railway station. Liu Benyuan took out his compass and positioned it. He identified the direction which was at the cab stand and rushed to that side.

When Liu Benyuan arrived at the cab stand, the demon he was looking for had already taken a cab. Liu Benyuan only caught a fleeting glimpse and the demon seemed to be a crafty looking middle-aged man.

Liu Benyuan directly jumped to the front of the queue and took a cab, which immediately aroused the discontent of the many people behind. The demon also looked back at the cab and saw Liu Benyuan in a Taoist robe looking at the license plate of the car he currently on. His expression changed.

Although Linshui Temple had been stationed in East Sea City for thousands of years and was well known, however, there were always some small demons living in the mountains that were not aware of them.

This monster was just a wild fox demon who could no longer endure living in the mountains. His name was Hu Dawei as his parents wanted him to accomplish great things. But it was apparent that he could not live up to his name. Unlike other fox demons, he could not mix well in his surroundings even though he was already 200 hundred years old. He was excluded by the demons in the mountains and finally decided to go to the human world in a fit of pique.

Didn’t the stories said that the fox demons would get lived very well in the human world?

Unfortunately, like in those stories, there was usually a Taoist Priest. And generally, the demon would meet a Taoist Priest somewhere in the story. Hu Dawei had already encountered one when he had just arrived in the town.

This year, the demons were all crushed by the Taoist Priests, so he better hide quickly.

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Hu Dawei saw that Liu Benyuan also grabbed a taxi and urged the driver to drive faster.

The driver looked at him and said, “Any faster and I will exceed the speed limit. Are you hiding from people? You haven’t said the location where you are going.”

How would Hu Dawei know where to go, but at this time, he subconsciously wanted to hide in a familiar place, “Are there mountains? Go to the mountains.”

The request was very strange. The driver muttered, “Let’s go to the Cape Mountain.”

He looked at the strange man and dared not drive into the wilderness mountains, so he said a scenic spot.

And would Hu Dawei know that much? He nodded fiercely as soon as he heard it was a mountain.

The two cabs started a very fierce chasing on the road which was still jammed from time to time. Hu Dawei had never been to the city and dared not get off to the road. Liu Benyuan was afraid that the road would be clear the moment he got off, so he was stuck in a dilemma and did not get off in the end.

Just like this, the two cabs headed for Cape Mountain on Cape Street.

There were still two miles away from Cape Mountain. Hu Dawei could see the mountain already, and he still thought that the car was still too slow. The one behind them was about to catch up. He simply said, “Stop, stop!”

As soon as the driver was steady, Hu Dawei pushed the door to get off. The driver said, “Give me the money first.”

Hu Dawei grinned his teeth at the driver and let out a low roar before he jumped out of the window.

The driver: “…”

He was confused when he saw the passenger behaving like a monkey, making eyes and even howled. Then, the whole man slipped out of the window with great flexibility. He had never seen such a way of escaping from paying the cab fare before and was stunned for a moment before he got off the car.

But the passenger ran too fast just like he had grown four-legs. The driver who sat all year round was left with no strength after running for a while. He squatted on the ground and rested. He saw a Taoist Priest running by, followed by another driver—— seems like this Taoist Priest—— he also didn’t pay the fare.

Liu Benyuan and Hu Dawei soon left the two drivers out of sight. Liu Benyuan was still shouting, “The demon in front, stop for me! I am a disciple of Linshui Temple. If you stop, we can spare your life and only expel you from the city!”

Hu Dawei could not hear Liu Benyuan’s words at all and ran desperately forward.

He didn’t know what Linshui Temple was, but he did know what a Taoist Priest was.

Liu Benyuan cursed inwardly at Hu Dawei for running so fast and wondered what kind of demon was he. At the same time, he began to congratulate himself on his solid basic skills. The good thing was that he had been running up and down the Pagoda Mountain from a young age, otherwise, he would really be left behind by this demon. His cultivation was not very good. If this situation was taken care by his Martial Uncle Luo, he might have just cast a spell and took this demon down.

Just that the more he ran, the more people were in front, and Liu Benyuan soon realized he had reached Cape Park.

Wait a minute. Besides Cape Park, there was a Lingyou Zoo.

Liu Benyuan was stunned for a moment and he thought of the strict ordered by the inner temple that he should not enter Lingyou Zoo without the consent of the members of the management committee. He also better not approach the zoo without permission.

But now he was chasing a demon…

Liu Benyuan was mulling over it. Hu Dawei in front of him found that the mountain was not so easy to get in. It was surrounded and one needed to pass inspection through some door. There were two big gates under the mountain, one on the left was blocked by old ladies and uncles, and the other on the right was empty.

Hu Dawei’s magic was not so good, or more like, the demonic magic power of his was not so good now. It was so weak that he could hit the root of the tree in the desert. He did not think much about it and directly turned a corner. He leaped into the right gate.

Liu Benyuan suddenly stopped and stood outside in a daze. He dared not enter, so he had to call the inner temple’s office again.

Hu Dawei ran into the Lingyou Zoo and realized that the Taoist Priest was no longer chasing after him. Instead, the woman who sold tickets shouted at him. He jumped in and went into the zoo and disappeared in an instant.

Hu Dawei sighed. There were many buildings in the city so it was really not easy to mingle ah. He also realized that there were many animals here in addition to the buildings. He was tired of running. Now the Taoist Priest was no longer chasing him. Hu Dawei wondered whether he should take an animal from this zoo first, drag and eat it in the mountains while he hides.

But which building should he enter?

At this time, in the three exhibition halls of the zoo, the golden crow that was combing its feathers, the white fox that was drinking water, the green snake and the white snake that was knotted on the tree and playing, all stopped and turned their heads.

Hu Dawei pondered for a long time. He saw a fish tank on the first floor of a small white building and decided to fish them out to eat them.

In this way, Hu Dawei perfectly avoided all dangers and headed for the least dangerous place which was also the most dangerous place.

Duan Jiaze just saw Xu Wen in the crowd saying that someone had sneak in without making a ticket payment. He took a picture of his back, so that when anyone who saw this person, they could banish him out. He was very angry when he arrived. “It’s just a 20 yuan ticket and he still wants to evade this fee? He must be insanely poor!”

Duan Jiaze went out of the lounge and decided to find where that man was. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a man standing in front of the aquarium staring at the fishes inside. The clothes he was wearing looked very familiar. Wasn’t this the man Xu Wen had just photographed?

Duan Jiaze: “Sir, did you come in without purchasing a ticket?”

Hu Dawei directly used his hand to scoop the fish and did not pay attention to Duan Jiaze at all.

When Duan Jiaze saw that he still dared to go on taking the fish, he rushed over and pushed Hu Dawei, “Let it go!”

Hu Dawei uttered a hoarse roar, and thick hair emerged from his face in a split second.

Duan Jiaze was shocked and thought that his vision was blurred. “…What the devil?”

Hu Dawei who had fled all the way was feeling anger in his heart. “Who are you again?”

Duan Jiaze felt puzzled: “I am the director of this zoo.”

“What is the director of the zoo?” Hu Dawei asked, “Sounds like the boss here?”

Duan Jiaze nodded: “Yes.” He thought this person was strange. Could he be a mental patient?

Hu Dawei’s teeth sharpened in an instant. He roared, “Very good! You will not be anymore! “

—— Tremble, human!

Hu Dawei’s figure rose in the air and his hands spread out. His fingers became longer and curved while his nails also became sharper. He became a half-man and half-demon appearance and threw himself at Duan Jiaze!

The next second, a fiery golden ray flew from the bird exhibition hall to the office building. Hu Dawei was kicked for more than ten meters and hit the wall!

Hu Dawei vomited blood together with some of his organ pieces. There was even a slight burning smell as if his organs had been burned.

Standing in front of Duan Jiaze, Luya held his arms. His golden hair had turned into the true fire of the sun—— Luya could burn the wild fox spirit to ashes directly, but he chose to vent at it first.

Duan Jiaze probed behind Luya and hurriedly shrunk back: this is too violent, too bloody.

He breathed a sigh of relief and said gratefully, “Thank you, Daojun, Daojun is mighty! This almost scared me to death!”

When Luya turned around, Duan Jiaze found that his face was particularly smelly. “You should be scared to death!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Luya:  “Do you still want to keep dogs? Can a dog fend off against this?”

Hu Dawei wiped the corner of his mouth and struggled to get up from the ground. The current state of him was really terrible.

“…” Duan Jiaze said in horror, “Don’t compare with the dogs first, Daojun. He’s going to stand up!”

Luya gave a light look at Hu Dawei and ignored him. “You tell me first, are you still going to keep the dogs or not.”

Hu Dawei continued to struggle as he ran to the door. He preferred to face the Taoist Priest than this scary man.

Duan Jiaze: “He’s going to run away… Ah ah ah! I won’t keep any dogs!”

Only then did Luya used the power of the fire satisfactorily, and put Hu Dawei onto the ground again!

“Ah!” With a scream, Hu Dawei looked at Luya in horror and felt that all the bones in his body were broken, but what he cared the most was, who exactly was this person?

There was no demonic aura seeping out from this person, but Hu Dawei was deeply frightened by the flames on his body. His instinct told him that if he was a little closer, he would be burned to ashes.

Who said that all the great demons were in the deep mountains? If all the demons were in the deep mountains, then who was this?!


Luya kicked Hu Dawei who wanted to stand up down again. He stepped on his chest, bowed his head and said, “You’re looking for death! I haven’t hit him yet. Who gave you the courage to do it?”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Why does this sentence sounds so strange? What is the logic of Daojun?

“Wait a minute,” Duan Jiaze came over. Hu Dawei’s current appearance was too miserable that even his tail was trampled out. He dared not look straight at it and half hid behind Luya and asked, “Why did you come to us?”

He was a little worried. Why would a demon come to the zoo for no reason?

Hu Dawei dared not answer, he lowered his head and said, “I was chased by a Taoist Priest. We fought a deathly struggle and I fled in…”

He thought of describing himself to be more brave and more miserable. Would it arouse the sympathy of this senior? Who had never been chased and bez aten by a Taoist Priest, right?

—— Of course, he did not know that Luya had not been suppressed by any Taoist Priest.

Duan Jiaze thought, should he really use the word flee? More like you were looking for your own death!

Luya even sneered, “Deadly struggle? Just vegetarian chickens pecking at each other!”

Hu Dawei looked blank.

Duan Jiaze sweated profusely. Daojun, what have you learned online?

After Luya disclosed the truth of Hu Dawei’s so-called struggle with the Taoist Priest, he was about to raise his hand to burn Hu Dawei to ashes. Before Duan Jiaze reminded him that someone would come at any time, You Su had already appeared.

Thanks to the low flow of people in the zoo at this time, not many keepers would be in the exhibition hall at any time. Of course, for You Su, it was just a matter of casting a small spell.

You Su stopped Luya and said, “Daojun, leave him alive.”

Luya looked at You Su, and then look at Hu Dawei. He narrowed his eyes and said: “Why? Is he your relatives?”

You Su hesitated for a moment and said with a grin, “Daojun you must be kidding. I don’t know this demon, but I just think that there is a shortage of hands and animals in the zoo today. Why not leave the demon as a servant? If the director feels feasible, I can give him a spell to ensure that he will not attack the director in the future.”

Keeping a man that unsuccessfully attacked him by his side? If this proposal had not been put forward by You Su, Duan Jiaze as a human would have a different thinking as compared to You Su.

He was already raising a Golden Crow, so why not an ordinary fox spirit too? After thinking for a long time, Duan Jiaze was in a dilemma before he said: “Then let’s try it. If not, send him to Linshui Temple.”

Luya: “You just listen to this vixen!”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “No… Ge, then do you have any good ideas?”

Luya: “I don’t have any ideas, but I did forward my opinion that you should not keep any dogs, why don’t you listen to it?” He then said proudly, “But in the end, you’ll still have to listen to me.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Luya was too wild. Duan Jiaze did not want to see this scene anymore. He turned to the panicky Hu Dawei whose legs were trembling. He changed the topic. “Then You Su will take him down for training?”

“Wait,” Luya said slowly, “I’ll train him.”

There was a difference between You Su’s training and Luya’s train. Hu Dawei was clearly going to suffer more. You Su smiled and handed Hu Dawei over to Luya. “Then, all the troubles will be on Daojun.”

Luya took Hu Dawei away. With his experience of attacking the director of the zoo, this training did not seem to be unfair.

Duan Jiaze looked at his back and whispered, “It’s really hard to serve him.”

You Su said objectively, “Director, Daojun is much better now. He came to save you at the first moment. We all watched all the way.”

Duan Jiaze tragically said, “You don’t know, he was in a hurry to threaten me at the first moment…”

You Su: “Oh?”


Real Fire of Sun: is a direct translate from 太阳真火, is the flame of the golden crow. ( i am setting a detail info sheet for the characters, please wait ~ in progress~)

Vegetarian chicken pecking at each other: people of sub standard agruing with each other

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Random Room (Espau00f1ol)
Player Reborn (2019)
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