Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 33


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Chapter 33: The Four Great Heavenly Kings1

Hu Dawei stood in the lounge of the office building and met with his future colleagues. He respectfully offered Duan Jiaze tea and then stood in attendance beside him. This behavior entirely regarded Duan Jiaze as the landlord2 of the old society3.

Xu Chenggong and the rest looked at him curiously. They had a good relationship with Duan Jiaze, but even in any other workplaces, they had never seen such an act of serving the leader ah. Seemed like the three views4 of this man doesn’t match very well with the rest at this first encounter.

Even more so, Xu Wen felt a little sense of familiarity when she looked at him. On that day, she only took a glimpse at Hu Dawei and now he was wearing a different set of clothes. So she was not very certain as to whether he was the person who had made a ticket evasion that day and could only suppress her doubts temporarily.

Duan Jiaze was a little embarrassed, and he coughed. “This is Hu Dawei, Old Hu5… He’s also an animal keeper, but he only works at night.”

Everyone nodded in understanding. They greeted Hu Dawei and introduced themselves.

A zoo was supposed to be cared for all day and night, and there were many places that had three shifts. However, they had only just started this business, and there were only that many animal keepers, so this couldn’t be arranged. Now that there was a night-shift animal keeper, it was more than reasonable.

Although the animals in the Lingyou Zoo, especially those that were dispatched into the zoo, had a strong ability to take care of themselves… There were always things that ordinary animals could not do.

Xu Chenggong was the oldest and was gradually gaining credit among the staff over this period of time. They were willing to listen to this Big Brother’s words. At this time, he naturally acted as a representative and gently asked Hu Dawei, “Looks like I should be a little older than you. I’ll call you Dawei? Which city are you from? You don’t seem to be a native of East Sea City.”

Hu Dawei was stunned for a moment before he slowly said, “My family lives in the mountains… I don’t know what city is it. This is my first time coming out.”

My God, how remote do you live away from here?

That was what everyone thought.

Now, it was true that there were some people still living in the mountains and had no access to electricity. This Hu Dawei’s home was so remote that he didn’t even know which city it was located at, he was even leaving the mountain to work for the first time. No wonder his behavior seemed so outmoded… Were their village even aware that the Great Qing Dynasty had ceased?

Xu Chenggong felt that he understood something and asked, “Then do you have a place to stay in? Do you want to come and share the rent with me? I live alone.”

Hu Dawei shook his head quickly. “No, I don’t need it.”

Hu Dawei had refused, naturally, Xu Chenggong would not force him either.

Duan Jiaze was sweating, he noticed that Hu Dawei said “no need”.

Just an hour ago before the employees came to work, the dispatched animals held the same meaningful meeting in the same place.

So let’s go back an hour ago.——

Luya carried a slightly wizened red fox into the door. He threw it on the ground, went to the sofa and sat down.

At the moment, Xiao Qing was leaning on Bai Suzhen, who was reading a book, to discuss the adapted plot of with You Su. Duan Jiaze was chatting with Zhou Xintang through Wechat. When Zhou Xintang learned about the incident of that little Dào Zhǎng7 stopping outside the zoo, he dared not question him. He and Duan Jiaze belonged to the “Liking Acquaintance8“.

Duan Jiaze took the initiative to explain to him that the demon had inadvertently broken in and had been surrendered by Lu Jū Shì9, but Lu Jū Shì was merciful, he did not kill him but left him to cultivate in the zoo.

This was also in line with Buddhist practice. Zhou Xintang said that if the demon could be proactive in improving itself, that was also a good thing.

The red-haired fox Hu Dawei was laying on the ground on all fours, too afraid to get up.

After Duan Jiaze was done conversing through Wechat, he took a look at Hu Dawei and searched the encyclopedia, “Red Fox10, with brown hair on the back, has a white abdomen, a tail gland that could release a foul smell… En, is this his real breed?”

Hu Dawei nodded obediently and looked at Duan Jiaze with his shiny black eyes that looked so gentle. No one would be able to guess that he had attacked someone before. Of course, that was because he had been taught to be a gentle fox by Luya.

You Su unhurriedly said, “Director, let him work in the glass wall during the day and outside the glass wall at night. What do you say?”

That was to say, to receive visitors during the day and to take care of his colleagues at night.

What else could Duan Jiaze say? He should have known that it was impossible to let Hu Dawei gain any bargain with You Su’s methods. Just look at this 24-hour continuous working method. If he wasn’t a demon, he would have died there. He also won’t be receiveing any salary too.

Hu Dawei had already understood that although there were several great powers here, it was this ordinary person that made all the decisions. In the “training” period, Lu Qián Bèi11 also strictly ordered him to obey the orders of the Yuán Zhǎnɡ12

A fox spirit’s mind was very flexible. Although Hu Dawei was somewhat stupid for a fox spirit, he still had a lively mind after regaining back his strength gradually. Now that he was in such a situation, he must please the Yuán Zhǎnɡ if he wants to live a better life here.

Moreover, since he had attacked Yuán Zhǎnɡ before, he had to double his compliment.

Hu Dawei gathered next to Duan Jiaze. At this time, if he was human, he would surely have a flattering smile all over his face. “Master13 Yuán Zhǎnɡ, no matter how hard I have to work, I would like to share your worries and services. I have learned the concept of a zoo. We, the foxes have the most flexible brain, and I can make suggestions for you to pit people’s money in the future.”

When Hu Dawei finished this sentence but found that from Duan Jiaze to Lu Qián Bèi, and then to the small girl and big boy, they all showed a strange smile. Even Bai Suzhen, who had been reading, raised her head with a shallow smile on her lips…

Did he say anything wrong?

Hu Dawei was very terrified.

And no one gave Hu Dawei any explanation. When he was officially on his first day of work, he naturally understood after seeing You Su picked up her cotton skirt and climbed into the glass cage to go to work.

—— When it comes to sharing worries for Yuán Zhǎnɡ, let alone Hu Dawei, any fox spirit in the human world has to kneel before You Su. Could this sort of things be handed over to just anyone?

More than 3,000 years ago, that person had already helped Nüwa Goddness14 shared her worries!

An hour later, Hu Dawei came to greet his colleagues outside the cage and got his own work card on the way.

As someone who was working similar to a coolie with absolutely no welfare and also held a criminal record, he had to work 24 hours. It was also reasonable to say that he would not be allowed to leave the zoo. When it was night, he would have to transform back to his human figure, so actually, he did not need a work card.

But just in case, he was given a workcard. That was, if sometime in the future, he encountered any Dào Zhǎng from Linshui Temple, he would have an identity card to prove himself.

Xu Wen whispered to Xiao Su, saying that Hu Dawei was the person who did not pay for the ticket that day.

Xiao Su took a look at the photo sent by Xu Wen in the group again. She thought the figure was really a bit similar. She couldn’t help but ask, “Hu Gē, how did you get yourself employed in Lingyou?”

When she mentioned this, Hu Dawei’s grief came over. He looked at Duan Jiaze wrongly and said, “It’s hard to express in words!”

What did it mean to take a look at Yuán Zhǎnɡ? Was it that Yuán Zhǎnɡ caught the person who did a ticket evasion and asked him to work in order to pay back the money?

Xiao Su suddenly shivered. She thought it was more likely that Yuán Zhǎnɡ had caught Hu Dawei who had made a ticket evasion. When he asked him and found that he had just come out of the mountains, he decided to let him stay and work under him out of pity.

In Xiao Su’s mind, Yuán Zhǎnɡ was still a very kind person.

At this time, it was time to work and the night staff, Hu Dawei was going to “rest” while the day shift animal, Red Fox should be on duty.

Today was Friday. There wasn’t too little or too much traffic. Hu Dawei was put in a house cage opposite of You Su. There were some loyal fans of You Su in the exhibition hall. They either did not need to go to work or just happened to be on a break and had came to see her.

Hu Dawei was trained and naturally knew the meaning of ‘visiting’. He also watched several episodes of

Sometimes, he would arch his paws to the outside, sometimes, he would run around and wagged his big tail. Such a big movement really attracted a little attention from You Su’s fans.

“Why is this Red Fox so noisy? Is it courting the Dàxiān-ér15?”

—— You Su’s loyal fans all knew that You Su was the hot white fox that was trending on Weibo, so they also called her Dàxiān.

“There is a possibility. Our Dàxiān is so lovely, it must be attracting the attention of Dàxiān. Unfortunately, there is a glass wall in between them, like there was a natural moat separating them, this is too abusing!”

“I will not allow our Dàxiān to marry such a fox like this! You see, how messy its fur is!”

Several fans began to criticize Hu Dawei. The final conclusion was that the Red Fox was lively, but its other conditions were too bad to match Dàxiān. They also agreed to go to the staff later to reflect that they must not be allowed to mate with each other.

The cross between the Arctic Fox and a Red fox was inappropriate, besides, the two foxes were not a match at all.

Hu Dawei had never been an animal in a zoo, so he didn’t know that it was a norm for animals to be praised in Lingyou. He was abandoned here, and he dared not complain. After all, not only did he not know the normal situation, but he dared not refute the fact that he was not worthy of You Su.

At noon, the keeper brought the food and fed them.

Hu Dawei had been hungry for a long time. Luya had not fed him food since the other day. After Hu Dawei was compiled, in fact, the system had already recorded him so there was also a share of his food.

Hu Dawei took in a few hard breaths, and his brain that wasn’t clear-headed due to his hunger gradually recovered. He felt that something was out of place.

This meat, these vegetables and this whole share of food rations, why did he think that there was something amiss?

Hu Dawei leaped forward and buried his nose into the food. Then he confirmed that the food contained a great deal of spiritual air.

Hu Dawei was very excited that he almost fainted. The spiritual air in this food was much more rich than what he absorbed from the essence of the sun and the moon. He was shocked as a demon living in the mountains. Could it be that all the demons in the city were living such a life like this?

Wasn’t it said that spiritual air in the city was much thinner than that in the mountains? Where did this amazing concentration of spiritual air of food come from?

Almost tearfully, Hu Dawei ate his food so cleanly, so much so that he even licked it clean.

If initially, Hu Dawei felt that he was extremely unlucky to actually bumped into the hands of a master,  turned into this state, and then, was fortunate enough to keep his life, he should just make good efforts to please Yuán Zhǎnɡ .

Now, he only had one idea. Why didn’t he come to Lingyou earlier? How could this be considered enslaving? This was just like the days of living as an immortal!

On a certain day and month, at 6 p.m., the staff of Lingyou Zoo knocked off work one after another and closed the gate.

Luya came out of the bird exhibition hall and walked back to the small white building. From a distance, Duan Jiaze and Hu Dawei were squatted on the ground. There was a basket in front of them, containing four hairy hybrid puppies.

There were originally five puppies, but one of them was adopted halfway through, so only four were left before they were sent over.

The four hybrid dogs had short white hair, but they were not entirely white. Their furs were also dyed with some light yellow and it made them looked mottled. They were all squeezed in one big basket, with eyes like grapes that were round and moist. From time to time, they would swing their short legs in an attempt to climb out.

Then Hu Dawei would catch then and flattered Duan Jiaze by saying, “Yuán Zhǎnɡ, I can give them a little bit of my food, so that they could improve their constitution. I am sure they will all grow up tall and powerful.”

These four puppies weren’t considered an animal of the zoo, so there was no food for them. Hu Dawei, though treasured the rare and full of spiritual air food ration, was more aware of the need to please Yuán Zhǎnɡ, so he made this proposal.

Duan Jiaze was about to speak when Luya raged behind him, “What are you two doing?”

Luya’s clothes and hairs were drifting without any wind, and the temperature around them was also rising. He looked like he was about to blow up any soon.——

The four puppies whimpered and Hu Dawei instantly sat on the floor.

Duan Jiaze held the basket and said, “This is Xu Chenggong’s dogs. He let Hu Dawei take care of them at night.”

His hair tips and clothes slowly drifted down, the temperature dropped, and the expression of Luya eased slightly, “Oh.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

The fuck, this is true! As long as he said that the puppies are raised by other people, Luya will be calm!

That day, You Su asked him about Luya’s threats, so he told her the reason behind it.

You Su quickly figured out the joints. She knew that after all, Yuán Zhǎnɡ was Luya’s animal keeper. There were only a few people before, so being busy with other animals was justifiable and because it was not fixed. When it was lunch time, Duan Jiaze still had to hold tight on Luya.

It’s different to own a dog. Could Dào Jūn16 be placed in the same category as dogs?!

You Su suggested an adoption in the name of the employees…

Duan Jiaze was also a little uncertain, so he tried it just now and it really worked!

Luya suppressed his hostility and squatted beside Duan Jiaze. He picked up one of the puppies and looked at it. “Do they have a name?”

Hu Dawei who was paralyzed on the ground, couldn’t stand being so close to Luya. He turned around and crawled outward. He said weakly, “Yuán Zhǎnɡ, I’m going to shovel shit for Huanhuan and Lele…”

Duan Jiaze looked at Hu Dawei who could not even walk. He crawled to the exhibition hall for a long time and was still not able to stand up. “…”

At this moment, Luya looked at the puppy face to face. The puppy was still too young and knew nothing about the immensity of heaven and earth, so, after Luya had retracted back his aura, it used its paws and patted Luya Dào Jūn. Its pink pad landed on his nose.

Duan Jiaze: “… They have no name.”

Luya frowned. He pushed the puppy’s paw away and put it back in the basket before saying unreasonably, “This one will be called Mo Lihai, this is Mo Lishou, this is just Mo Liqing, and Mo Lihong17.”

Duan Jiaze: “… Nobody asked you to name them!? And these names are all copied? Isn’t it the names of the Four Great Heavenly Kings! “

How much hatred and resentment do you have for those four innocent Heavenly Kings?

Luya looked at Duan Jiaze coldly.

Duan Jiaze bowed his head and hugged one of them. “Come, Mo Lihai, are you hungry…”

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