Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Lingyou’s Live Broadcast Record (1)

More than a week later, Duan Jiaze woke up in the early morning and saw on his phone that his task had been completed. He laid on the bed and accepted the rewards. Unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough, Duan Jiaze was finally free of worries, so he went to inform his employee in advance.

Everyone was already aware that he had contracted a land, so they weren’t surprised to hear that a construction team would be coming. They just thought that it was good to have money and wondered where did the boss find the construction team because the previous team worked fast and professionally basically without requiring any communication. That was really convenient.

Duan Jiaze took a look again, there weren’t any new animals dispatched yet.

In the first two times, the dispatched animals came almost at the same period as the task’s rewards. However, Duan Jiaze had inquired before and it was said that there wasn’t any specific time, so those two previous times might just be coincidental.

Having temporarily escaped a calamity, Duan Jiaze knew that there would be more dispatched animals coming in the future, he just hoped that there would be fewer troublemakers among them.

Since his task had been completed, he lazed on the bed for a while before getting up and heading downstairs. It wasn’t time to start work yet but the staff had already arrived. In the financial room on the first floor, Xiao Su and Huang Qi were both inside, facing the computer screens, typing on the keyboards with rattling sounds. Both of them had started their work.

Duan Jiaze walked over and took a look, Xiao Su was handling the photos and preparing them for their publicity. Huang Qi was talking to someone on QQ, but it wasn’t any idle talk, instead, he was asking around if there were any suitable films or advertisements that could be used to introduce Lingyou.

There would be numerous TV dramas, movies, and advertisements preparing to be shot every year. There would definitely be many concepts that would involve a zoo or animals. Lingyou might have a top-quality interior decoration, however not all of those concepts would be suitable.

This was a two-way choice, therefore, Huang Qi had also mentioned that it would take more time, but he was very confident because he had a pretty wide social network, so many people were willing to give faces to him by doing him a favor on their behalf.

“How hardworking,” Duan Jiaze said emotionally, “the construction team should be coming today, I want them to work at night and stop in the day. What do you two think?”

Xiao Su honestly replied, “You are rich, you call the shots.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Huang Qi gave it a thought and said, “That really depends upon how rich you are…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Duan Jiaze felt extraordinarily guilty for being called rich every time. He felt that this kind of split identity of being rich and poor would be exposed sooner or later.

Huang Qi said, “If possible, it will naturally be better not to disturb the tourists in the day, after all, our environment is also a big selling point.”

The fake rich Duan Jiaze was very embarrassed. “Okay… I’ll discuss this with the construction team.”

Objectively, the construction team would listen to his suggestions, so after they had arrived and looked for Duan Jiaze to show him the blueprint, he put forth this request. As expected, the construction team agreed to it. As long as Duan Jiaze was not bothered about their progression speed, they would be fine with working around the clock.

In the blueprint⁠, they had designated the name of the new exhibition area⁠⁠—which would be an expansion of the original foundation⁠, as well as other foundations that could not be built previously. However, there was still no aquarium, and Duan Jiaze was a little disappointed, but at their current state, it was within his expectations that they still couldn’t eat such a big biscuit right now.

If he wanted to construct an aquarium, according to common standards, he would need another ten or twenty mu. But at present, he couldn’t allocate it. However, Duan Jiaze was confident that he would be able to achieve it in the future.

After looking at the blueprint again, Duan Jiaze felt that something was wrong. “Can I alter the blueprint? There’s no office in the blueprint, I wish to construct an employee’s dormitory and a new office. Do you see my building over there? It was ridiculed many times by tourists and my employees. Help me demolish it and build a new one.”

Not only did this two-story building looked ugly, but it was also very crowded. The first floor was an office, parlor, lounge, so on and so forth, and even a temporary warehouse used to store the feed sent by the system. Currently, with Hu Dawei being in charge, it had been changed to a real warehouse now.

The second floor was basically a lodging place now and there were only two empty rooms left. Huang Qi was even staying in the infirmary. If two more dispatched animals arrived and took these two rooms, then there would be no more rooms left. If he didn’t build a new building, was he supposed to tell Luya to share a room with others?

The person in charge of the construction team smiled and said, “I am sorry, but according to what was written on the contract, we are only responsible for building the exhibition areas.”

“What? I can’t choose what I want to change?” Duan Jiaze took out his phone to make sure. The task description really did wrote that the reward was the construction of the exhibition areas, but he felt that the construction team was easy to talk to, so he thought that changing a little would be fine.

“Of course you can change it, but you will have to amend the contract first. We would only act according to the contract,” the person in charge said.

“How am I going to change the contract? This contract isn’t signed by me,” Duan Jiaze’s head was aching as he said this.

The person in charge innocently said, “I don’t know about this either.”

Duan JIaze thought about it, and the biggest possibility was that he had to make an application toward Ling Xiao Hope Office, wouldn’t that take another sixty to seventy years? He grew angry at this thought.

Duan Jiaze looked at his shabby two floors building. “That’s means, we still have to continue staying there…”

He even told the employees that they would be able to get a new office when the time came. He was even mulling over about how he had already let Huang Qi stay over, so when the dormitory had been rebuilt, he would also be able to let Xiao Su and the rest move in, which could save them the trouble of running back and forth and their house’s rent.

Looking at the situation now, he had to either wait for an employee dormitory reward or build a building by himself.

However, based on their current profit, they still had to keep some for their daily expenses, set aside some for their reserve, and also a portion of the money to bring in new animals. In their current state, he wouldn’t have the money to build a new building at the very least.

He didn’t have an aquarium, nor a new building and dormitory. He felt terrible.

Sadness was permeating Duan Jiaze and he looked at the construction team working at the side like he had nothing to live for. That feeling of having your hope getting extinguished was too frustrating.

Duan Jiaze went out in high spirits only to return listlessly.

Xiao Su carefully asked, “Yuán Zhǎng, what happened? Is it because the construction team refused to stop working during the day?”

Duan Jiaze moodily replied, “It’s not the case, it’s just that we wouldn’t be getting a new office building.”

Xiao Su: “Ah, why is that so?”

Duan Jiaze touched his face. “I’m so sad, I don’t want to talk about it…” Actually, it was because he couldn’t say the reason.

Xiao Su didn’t dare to stimulate him and comforted, “Actually, it’s pretty good now, we have whatever we need, it’s just a little ugly.”

Huang Qi also changed the topic, “Yuán Zhǎng, didn’t you say that you want to introduce new animals? I’ve studied for a while, I think we can get a pair of alpacas. The price is reasonable and has more appeal. Currently, there’s no zoo in East Sea City that’s keeping alpacas. The neighboring Le You City are raising a bunch of them and they’re very popular. We can contact the zoo, or purchase them directly at an alpaca farm. The expense should be around fifty to eighty thousand.”

Duan Jiaze’s attention was diverted. “Oh, they really seem to be rather popular these past few years, and the most important thing is that East Sea City doesn’t have them. We might not be able to get a lot of alpacas, but I think we can be the first to have them.”

It’s not like the zoo had a department in charge of bringing in animals to the zoo. It was Duan Jiaze himself who went to the Forestry Bureau and talked to them. At the moment, Huang Qi assumed this duty in his initiative. “Then, shall I do the contacting?”

Duan Jiaze did trust Huang Qi’s ability to handle his job. He was just a few months earlier than him in this zoo industry, but Huang Qi had more work experience and was very successful. He nodded and said, “Okay, I will pass eighty thousand yuan to you. If you need any travel expenses, just fill in approval from.”

Huang Qi could go out now, so Duan Jiaze had casually mentioned it to Luya, and the vengeful spirit outside was sent to be reincarnated.

When Duan Jiaze went back, he went online to search for relevant information on an alpaca and gained an understanding of it. At this time, the App on his phone also issued a new task. He closed his eyes and tapped the task.

Task Description: In order to fly to a higher point, please expand your strength as soon as possible! Within four months, introduce eighteen types of species under the Grade Two State protection, with the total number not less than fifty. Note: Grade One State protected animals can be converted into three kinds of Grade Two State protected animals.

Task’s Reward: After the task has been completed, you will be rewarded for a comprehensive aquarium of eighteen mu.

Duan Jiaze knelt instantly.

Didn’t he want an aquarium? Now it really came for him, but could he afford it?

At that time, he even bought the birds to fool the system, but now it had directly stated that it wanted the user to get protected animals. It wouldn’t do just relying on the Forestry Bureau, the City Zoo, and breeding center, instead, he had to spend money.

Just buying two alpacas already cost several ten thousand, he also didn’t have much cash to spare in the first place. How many combined tickets does he have to sell in order to get fifty grade two protected animals ah!

What flies to a higher point? Just let him fell to death directly instead.


Duan Jiaze went to find You Su in misery. At this point, there was no tourist in the exhibition area. He sat on the ground and leaned his head against the glass wall. “Another task has been issued, I want to die…”

Whenever Duan Jiaze went through a period of struggle, where his confidence was full, and he was about to go bigger and be stronger, the system just had to give him a blow.

Within four months, he had to save sufficient money, go around to talk about introducing animals and search for eighteen different types of Grade two protected animals adding to a total of fifty of them. This was just deliberately killing him, even if he completed the task, he would also be tired to death.

It was You Su who consoled him the previous time. No, he was here for psychological counseling.

After You Su asked about the content of the task, she comforted Duan Jiaze. “Yuán Zhǎng, at most I can go to the mountains and catch some protected animals…”

Duan Jiaze sadly said, “Jiě, catching Grade two protected animal and domesticating them has to be approved by the relevant province-level department. Moreover, this isn’t too good.”

You Su: “No, I will capture them and turn them into a demon, look at how willing Hu Dawei is.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

You Su’s logic was always so irrefutable, and now that Duan Jiaze had obtained means to guarantee himself, he got up and wiped himself. “I-I might have accepted the situation now, I will go back to work.”



Pagoda Mountain, while going uphill.

A young person holding a selfie stick was panting from exhaustion. He sat on a stone step and faced the camera lens before saying, “The monastery’s main gate can be seen, however, this streamer expresses that he couldn’t move any move and has to rest.”

Many comments appeared on the screen, “Streamer cheer up, hurry go up”, “Filming downward, this flight of steps is so high and steep, “Bai Nian-jūn that has undertaken this job is breathing heavily”, “You’ve worked hard, love you muacks muacks”, “Brother, hurry go up, I sent you an airplane”, and so on.

This young man was called Bai He and his net name was Bai He1. He was an streamer that did outdoor live broadcasts.

In this era where everyone could access to live streaming, his job was to run outside and go wherever the netizens wanted to see the most. In this process, he had to satisfy everyone, so he had to eat this and that, play this and that, sometimes, he might even receive requests to dance and sing. They all said that being a streamer was easy, but for Bai He, he felt that it was a pretty tiring job.

His income was relatively good because of his effort and his silly but amusing broadcast’s style. Currently, his streaming had always been able to maintain a constant number of viewers ranging from sixty to eighty thousand, something it would even break through the hundreds.

Bai He was from the provincial capital. This time, he had especially sat the high-speed rail to come to East Sea City in order to show everyone the famous Linshui Temple of the East Sea City. He had been streaming ever since he started climbing the mountain, likewise, viewers were also entering his stream bit by bit.

When it was eleven in the afternoon, Bai He had finally reached the top, the number of viewers had already reached fifty thousand. He believed that there would be more people in the afternoon.

Bai He first toured around and showed Linshui Temple’s external appearance to the netizens. Before he came here, he had done his research. “This Guest-Greeting Pine is very tall, it is said to have eight hundred years of history. At that time, a famous poet came and planted this tree with the Temple Head, it is very meaningful… Okay, I will go and get a ticket.”

Bai He walked to the ticket office, looked upward at the price and exclaimed in surprise. He lifted his phone, “Take a look, they sell combined tickets, but why is it with a… zoo?”

Numerous comments flew pass the screen2:

“I don’t understand, a temple and a zoo selling combined ticket?”


“Certainly a py3 transaction.”

“Is that zoo a believer?”

“Niao-gē, go and see it in the afternoon, you won’t be able to tour Linshui Temple for the whole day, don’t waste the high-speed rail ticket.

“Go and see, I want to see cute animals.”

“The combined ticket is cheaper…”

In the Internet age where there were explosive of information, everyone received countless information every day, so just based on looking at these names, no one could recognize that they were the Arctic Fox and Pythons that had circulated in the internet before, after all, it wasn’t like their news had flooded the internet everywhere.

Bai He scanned the bullet screen while he also made a decision, “Then I shall get the combined ticket, if we still have time after looking around, then we shall go to the zoo and have a look. As for now, let’s go and play with some Taoist Priests. Hehehe.”


After Bai He had toured around Linshui Temple while streaming, it was only one in the afternoon. “There’s still a lot of time, let’s go to Lingyou Zoo and use the combined ticket.”

Bai He boarded a public transport bus that went directly to Lingyou Zoo. When he reached the final stop, he saw Cape Park first, “Isn’t this Cape Mountain? I’ve checked the guide and it seemed like a good place to tour around, however, let’s go to the zoo first. As you can see, today is a weekday, but there is still quite a number of people. There is also a bird over there, probably to attract customers.”

It was a parrot on duty at Lingyou Zoo’s entrance for today. It was comparatively bigger and had a beautiful coat. Just be flying for a few rounds, it was able to attract several children to follow it.

Bai He had only walked a little closer when the parrot initiative landed on his hand. He grew interested and played with it. “Do you know how to talk?”

The parrot hopped onto Bai He’s hands and really spoke, “Come, come.”

In the first place, parrots were relatively intelligent and had a strong ability to mechanically repeat other people’s words, so even if they weren’t rear by Lingyou, there were still plenty of parrots that knew a large number of words, so this wasn’t unusual.

Bai He directed the lens toward the parrot, “Can you hear it? It says: Come, come.”

He stroked the parrot as he said.


“Shocking! A well-known anchor played with a bird in public…”

“Play bird 233333334.”

“Crap, I am so envious, this bird doesn’t even need to be bound up.”

“Is zoos nowadays so 6? Still could be played like this!”

“I wonder how much is this bird’s salary…”

Bai He played with the bird a while more, letting it recite a classical Chinese poem unsuccessfully before swiping the ticket and entering the zoo.

Following Bai He’s revolving scenes, the netizens all expressed one by one:

“This zoo’s decoration is pretty high-end.”

“Not bad, it has a sense of design…”

“The fuck with that building over there? It is so out of sorts sandwiched in the middle.”

“Is it a toilet?”

That two-story building was really abruptly plain that it looked like a product handed down from the last century. Bai He walked as he said, “I don’t think it’s a toilet, perhaps it’s a warehouse or something. Eh, wait a minute, there seems to be a large public space to play with birds over there.”

Bai He was referring to the open space where many people were feeding sparrows. He showed it to the netizens and everyone requested him to buy some food to feed the sparrows. Bai He excitedly went into the tourist center and brought a piece of bread.

“Now I’m gonna play with birds again, let’s see, tear apart the bread first…”

Bai He wedged the selfie stick and tore the bread. He was too excited to even notice the notice board aside or even take note of how everyone had fed the birds skillfully by preparing the crumbs in advance and throwing them outwards handful by handful, making sure that they would not attract the birds to themselves by constant looking out. Likewise, those tourists with no intention to feed birds would never open their food packets here and eat them.

So, the seventy thousand netizens in the streaming all saw the scene of a group of sparrows taking flight and pouncing over.

“What the fuck, steamer hurry look up!”

“Ah ah ah ah Bai He-sama!”

“Something awesome is about to happen?”

In the next second, a group of sparrows rushed at Bai He and scrambled for the bread in his hands. The screen was filled with feathers flying around and then it shook. Bird sounds and the terrifying scream of the streamer mixed together.

“My heart didn’t even make the slightest fluctuation, in fact, I want to laugh…”

“This flock of sparrows are so fierce, sympathize Bai He 2333333.”

“Shocking, streamer is unsuccessful with playing with birds and got played by them instead!”

“Fuck, not good, not good, he’s gonna die in battle!”

“I can see the ending…”

The screen turned black after a series of violent turnings, which signified that the streamer had finally escaped and had dropped his phone from the peckings, thus ending this live broadcast in advance…

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