Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Lingyou Live Broadcast Record (2)

A plastic notice board wrote: Tourists please take note that the local wild sparrows have food snatching behavior. At the bottom, some comic strips were illustrated to show what sorts of consequences could happen, indicating the tourists not to do such acts.

Bai He stood in front of the notice board and started his live streaming. The number of viewers shot up instantly.

“Hello everyone, I am Bai He…” Bai He faced the camera lens and greeted, “Everyone came so fast, did all of you saw my announcement?”

Only laughing comments appeared on the screen:

“That is a must… after the screen turned black, I have been swiping for an announcement.”

“Swiping for an announcement +1, been swiping for a streaming session and Weibo. Is your phone okay? hahahahaha.”

“Yesterday’s wave was seriously tragic, I didn’t expect your phone to die instantly!”

“I am dying of laughter, this is the first time I’m witnessing such a way to end a live stream. I am simply taken by surprise.”

“It isn’t too much to say that the sparrows here are fucking great!”

“Is yesterday’s live streaming recorded? Begging for the video.”

“Saw the post only to realise that I’ve missed such an entertaining traffic accident, I have specially come here to see more!”

When Bai He was live streaming yesterday, he dropped his phone by accident and damaged it. As repairing it was costly and would take a few days, he could only write an annoucement post and explain that he had purchased a new phone straight away, had changed his ticket, and would be re-challenging the zoo today.

That stumble of his could be considered a stumble into stardom. When people knew about this incident and his decision to challenge the zoo again today, they had specially taken note of the designated time stated and came to watch him. This resulted in the number of viewers rising to a hundred thousand at the start of his streaming.

At the moment, Bai He was adjusting the camera lens to face the notice board. He then said, “After yesterday’s tragic incident, I realised that there was a warning here. Come, everyone says this with me three times.”

After Bai He repeated it three times, he wiped his tears. “Treat it that I was seeking death yesterday, but today, I will not. I will not be feeding the sparrows today.”

The netizens were unhappy:

“Hhhhhhhh, the streamer is running away from difficulties!”

“Why aren’t you feeding anymore? I came here to watch you play with birds.”

“As Mr. Lu Xun had said, wherever you have fallen is wherever you should fall again, Brother, go!”

“I’ll not feed them this time round no matter what, it’s easy for accidents to happen when I’m holding a selfie stick.” Bai He mumbled, “If I fall again, do I still need to be a man?”

Once this sentence was out, many people in the stream started sending gifts to Bai He.

“Everyone, let’s fund Bai He to drop his phone again.”

“What about medical expenses?” Bai He showed the redness on his skin caused by the peckings. “Do all of you know the feeling of being surrounded by sparrows? Yesterday, I asked the locals, they said that those sparrows seem to be getting wilder every time the tourists fed them. Some were even in a worser state than myself and I actually have to go to the tourist service center to apply medicine.”

After receiving a wave of concerns comments, Bai He went to buy a piece of bread. This time he followed the proper method which was to break off the bread into pieces and put them into a bag in the shop first before he went out. He then adjusted the selfie stick and the angle before he began feeding.

“I am practically using my life to feed sparrows…” Bai He said as he carefully threw the breadcrumbs outwards. As soon as the sparrows flew over, he would nervously move backward to hide.

Many comments expressed that this was the first time they saw a person feeding birds like he was walking on a minefield.

One only learned from one’s mistakes, this time, Bai He managed to finish feeding a bag of breadcrumbs without being attacked, so he lifted his phone in extreme satisfaction. “Will this do? This time, isn’t it stable? Perfectly evaded!”

The netizens all lamented at him, look at this proud expression, those who didn’t know might have thought that feeding sparrows was a world championship contest.

“There’s a map here. Which Exhibition Area should we go to next?” Bai He showed the map to everyone and they used the live commenting function to express their suggestions. The Birds Exhibition Area had the most demand.

The sparrows and the parrot here had left a deep impression on them, naturally, they wanted to see other birds.

After entering the Bird Exhibition Area, one could see another world behind the glass wall. It had been decorated with various kinds of green plants making it look similiar to a miniature jungle with dozens of birds flying around.

The most eye-catching view was the two peacocks crouching on a branch. Their astonishing huge size and their unspreaded long tail resting behind them gave off an indistinct feeling of resplendence.

“The decorations here are pretty good.” Bai He read the rules and found out that if he paid another twenty dollars, he would be able to enter the exhibition area for fifteen minutes with a batch of people at one time.

According to the locals, it used to be free of charge last time, but too many people wanted to go in, so the zoo started charging fees.

Bai He came in the early afternoon and it was less crowded than yesterday, but there was still a group of people waiting in front. Since Bai He was already here, he would naturally choose to buy the ticket.

Bai He waited for twenty minutes before it was his turn. He put on the disposable raincoat, took his phone and went in. Before he went in, he even verified with the staff that the birds inside were different from the sparrows and not aggressive.

The staff member expressed that the birds were definitely not aggressive, but you shouldn’t look for trouble when no one was looking, for example, plucking the peacock’s feathers and so on. If the offender was caught, there would be no room for discussion for the penalty.

Would Bai He dare to? He was already terrified.

Stepping into this enormous enclosure, Bai He cautiously approached those birds. He realised that these birds didn’t have any seam of fear towards humans, perhaps they had been interacting with humans since young. A Zebra Finch even tentatively hopped on his shoulder.

Bai He held his breathing and aimed the camera at himself and the bird on his shoulder. He lowered his voice unawarely, “The fuck, did you see it? It flew onto my shoulder on its own!”

The Zebra Finch stepped on Bai He’s shoulder, it glanced to the left and right for a while before it snuggled towards his head, sticking out its round butt and used its beak to comb his hair.

Bai He: “…This bird is so adorable that my heart is going to melt. It’s extremely soft!”

Comments were appearing on the screen rapidly:

“This is too cute? So initiative!”

“It’s really soft, I really want to touch it!”

“I am actually feeling sweetness because of a human and a bird’s interaction…”

“These sparrows outside are really demons, what species is this cute bird?”

“Should be a Zebra Finch… It is very cute.”

Bai He carefully guided the Zebra Finch to his palm, with the hand holding it, he lifted it in the air and captured this sight against the sunlight. “Fuck, doesn’t it look like it’s emitting holy light?”


“Yes, yes, yes!”

“I’m done for, I stand HeZhen CP for a second!”

“The streamer is sick 233333.”

“Feel like it would ascend anytime.”

When Bai He filmed upward, the two peacocks behind also entered the lens, so even he himself didn’t expect to capture this sight——

The two peacocks flapped their wings and flew down from the branch. With their long tails trailing behind them, they flew to the front of the trough at the corner of the enclosure.

“What the fuck!” Only to hear Bai He cursed, and the camera lens quickly followed the peacocks’ track as they hovered in the air.

Both of their wings were extremely wide and had taken almost everyone’s sight. When they flapped their wings, their colorful feathers were lush and charming. Their tail feathers were also slightly opened in the air, revealing some of its lusters. Finally, they landed and closed their wings, hiding the brilliance while their tail feathers slowly spread out, reflecting the sun’s luster as they held their head high. It was an extremely breathtaking sight.

The screen instantly exploded.

“What the fuck was that? Mother, did I see phoenixes?”

“This is too beautiful ah ah ah ah ah!”

“They look like phoenix ah!!”

“They really look like phoenixes, it is really beautiful when a peacock flies!”

In the face of such a sight, Bai He was even more shocked. Although it was only around ten seconds, the whole of him went blank as he heard the malevolence coming from other tourists. Bai He couldn’t be bothered about the Zebra Finch and faced his camera lens at the peacocks.

The moment those two peacocks went to the trough, those birds that were originally drinking water moved away from all at once, and no one felt that anything was wrong.

“Domineering! The True· Kings of Hundred Birds’ aura!”

“Get the hell out for Lao Niang 233333.”

“They are peacocks, but calling them Lao Niang doesn’t seem out of sorts ha ha ha ha ha.”

Bai He filmed the two peacocks using the remaining of his allocated time, however, it was a pity that he didn’t get to see them spread their tails. He heard from the people next to him that these two peacocks were especially beautiful when they opened their tails. Their positions in the Birds Exhibition Area were the top 2 with no distinction to their position.

The screen was once again full of smearing.

“These two peacocks did a py transaction.”

“Still no distinction to their position…”

“Brother, it sounds gay.”

“Single for three years, peacock wins over Dian Chan.”

Bai He wasn’t clear about the timing of which when they would open their tails, so when his time was up, he could only leave with regrets, but he was also perfectly content to say, “Which Exhibition Area should we go next? That scene just now… twenty dollars was simply too worth it.”

The comments from the screen wanted Bai He to walk according to the order, and many of them were still immersed in shock from the sight of the peacocks flying.

So Bai He went to the Reptile Zone, and with a glance, there were three large pythons.

One was entirely white, another was golden and there was also a green one. The white and green pythons were both coiled on the tree while the golden one was laying on one corner.

The moment they see this combination, some of the netizens that saw the news began to recall:

“Are they the green snake and white snake with Fahai from recently? So it’s from this zoo?”

“I remembered this contrast too. I’m drowning in laughter, this zoo knows how to play.”

“So it’s here, 66666.”

“What the fuck, I just realised this is the home of Great Immortal White Fox! That green snake and the white snake is from the same zoo where Great Immortal White Fox is staying!”

“Great Immortal White Fox’s home? Really? Begging to see Great Immortal White Fox!”

“That White Fox is really… too metaphysics! I used to believe in science until I reposted it…”

Bai He really didn’t know what Great Immortal White Fox was until he saw what was on the screen and said, “There is still such a thing? Then I will bring all of you to worship the Great Immortal White Fox.”

He talked as he walked, “I only casually bought a coupon ticket but this zoo is so 6. This coupon ticket is worth it.

The number of viewers was getting more and more and had long surpassed the number of viewers for yesterday’s live streaming at Liushui Temple even though Bai He came for the Temple. This was really an unintentional positive outcome.

Bai He followed the map and walked to the Cannies Zone and suddenly grew elated.

Two young people were chatting at the entrance. One of them should be an animal keeper with a bucket in his hands, while the other one was hilarious looking. There was a big red bird of an unknown species on his shoulder. Looking at its size, claws, and expression, it seemed to be a little ferocious. At his foot, a puppy was playing with his shoes and sticking its butt out from time to time as it chewed at the tip.

Bai He: “I might have seen a profligate son of the rich carrying eagle and leading a dog ah.”


“What goddamn carrying eagle and leading dog…”

“That’s enough 233333. That is an eagle? And that dog hasn’t stopped weaning all right!”

“That little Gege’s side profile is so handsome, he even knows how to keep birds and dogs. A little fond of him!”

“Very handsome + 1, begging for his full face.”

In order to satisfy the female netizens, he especially changed his angle to film that person.”

So the hundred thousand viewers watched as the handsome lad with a bird on his shoulder turned around to look at Bai He who was too obvious about it.

“He’s handsome, he’s handsome!!”

“He’s even more handsome, streamer hurry go and flirt!”

“The one that says flirt, enough…”

Seeing the numerous comments shooting up on the screen, Bai He smiled at that person. “Hello-” He walked over there, “-I am currently doing a live streaming, can I film your bird and dog?”

After doing live streaming for so long, Bai He’s face had also thickened up, otherwise, how was he going to do all these embarrassing plays outside?

Duan Jiaze who was very easy going about it and nodded. “It’s fine, are you doing a live streaming?”

Bai He adjusted the camera lens and let him see the screen.

Duan Jiaze took a look. “Woah, very high popularity-” When he saw those comments complimenting him for being handsome, he smiled and greeted, “-thank you, hello everyone.”

“Are you a zookeeper here? Bai He asked him.

Duan Jiaze hesitated for a moment. “Not really, however, I am the Yuán Zhǎng here.”

Bai He didn’t expect the person he struck up a conversation to be a director, so he smiled at the lens, “We’ve met the Yuán Zhǎng, hahaha, Yuán Zhǎng, you are very young.”

However, now that he thought about it, if he wasn’t young, would he even think of putting the green, white, and yellow pythons together, and even thought of playing with the Great White Fox Immortal’s marketing scheme. This was obviously what a youngster would be able to come up with.

Duan Jiaze smiled. “Still alright.”

Seeing how Bai He’s streaming had such high popularity, Duan Jiaze wanted to conveniently make an advertisement, so when Bai He suggested shooting his bird and dog, Duan Jiaze was very cooperative. He carried Luya down from his shoulder and pulled open his wings to show them, “This bird is especially aggressive. Look at this build, I saved it in the wild but had never managed to find out what its scientific name is. Even the experts don’t know about it, it might be very rare.”

Luya who was forced to open both of his wings, “…”

The screen was laughing, and the netizens were all saying, “This bird’s eyes flashed”, “The bird wants to beat someone up, hahahaha”, “Yuán Zhǎng isn’t afraid of getting pecked ah, saying it is especially aggressive while playing with it”, “Yuán Zhǎng has a certain overbearing aura”, and so on.

The two alpacas would be sent here today and Luya who had never seen an alpaca wanted to see it. He refused to wait until at night so Duan Jiaze carried him out after seeing that there weren’t many tourists visiting him.

Luya never expected that in order to publicize themselves, Duan Jiaze fearlessly exhibited himself to the netizens.

Duan Jiaze fearlessly lifted Luya and shook twice before facing the camera. “Welcome everyone to come to East Sea City to play, if you come, remember to visit Lingyou Zoo, okay, our family’s adorable birdy is waiting for you.”

Luya: “…”

The screen were all amused:

“Hahahahahaha, the death glare of a big bird.”

“How is this cute? The bird looked like it wanted to kill someone, hahahaha!”

“Did Yuán Zhǎng had some misunderstanding about the bird he is keeping?”

“Hurry wake up Yuán Zhǎng! Only in your eyes that it’s cute!”

“This is called fierce, Yuán Zhǎng you are the cute one…”

How could Dào Jūn endure having his image damaged? He angrily messed up Duan Jiaze’s face with his wing and uncooperatively flew away.

Duan Jiaze nonchalantly rubbed his face, carried the dog and joked, “Take a look at our watchdog, it’s super fierce.

Bai He laughed heartily, “It’s really fierce.” This director is very interesting, the moment he came and made interactions, the number of viewers in his streaming rose again.

However, it was a pity that Duan Jiaze soon received a phone call about the arrival of the alpacas. He hurriedly bid goodbye to Bai He and the netizens but not forgetting to advertise that these newly bought alpacas were here and that the East Sea’s citizens or tourists must remember to come and visit Lingyou.

Bai He and Duan Jiaze then waved at each other as a farewell. As there was still the Great Immortal White Fox with relative fame in the net to be streamed, the number of viewers didn’t drop.

When Bai He walked into the Exhibition Area, he noticed that the atmosphere was very soothing and comparatively peaceful. Everyone spoke softly and slowly, which was unlike a zoo, but more of a museum.

And that Arctic Fox really did seem to be more lovely than other Arctic Foxes, especially when compared to that red fox opposite it, making it look even more fairy-like.

Bai He didn’t really believe in all these, but for the sake of fun, he also worshiped and bowed at the Arctic Fox behind the glass wall. “Great Immortal, Great Immortal bless me, if there is anything good, greet me with it and let me relocate my household. I am just too unlucky and had just broken my phone yesterday. If this comes true, I will donate money and contract three years of Cornetto for the Great Immortal1.”

In the screen, there were also many viewers worshipping the Great Immortal White Fox remotely and gifting presents.

However, in Bai He’s opinion, most of them were just doing it for fun. He thought that those who said their luck had changed were just mere coincidence, and it’s all small probability events. Anyway, he had also reposted some Weibo messages but it never worked.

Saying all those just now was to entertain his viewers.

Coming to this exhibition area was just to see the Arctic Fox, while it was indeed lovely, time seemed to be passing really slowly here. Moreover, he had to talk during his streaming and he was unconsciously whispering like the rest, causing the screen to go:

“All of a sudden it becomes ASMR…”

“I thought I was listening to ASMR 23333.”

“Falling asleep, falling asleep~”

“Everyone’s starting to talk softly somehow, Great Immortal is mighty.”

Hence after Bai He had walked around for a while, he decided to go to another Exhibition Area to see something more exciting.

As soon as Bai He stepped out of the Exhibition Area, he received a call from his mother.

“Hello? Xiao He, I just got a call from the community, didn’t they say our house wouldn’t be demolished? They suddenly informed us that our house will still be demolished but they will compensate according to the number of people in the household. Each person will get more than 800,000 yuan…”

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