Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 39


Chapter 39: The Ferocious Bird (1)

After hanging up the call, Bai He was absent-minded for a long time before he said to the viewers, “I didn’t believe in heresy before…”

The netizens didn’t know the content of his phone call and had all began joking:

“What? You won the lottery?”

“I used to believe in science just like you.”

“Brother, did you pick up money? Is this so effective?”

“Is this for real, is the streamer a confederate…”

“Is the cornetto you said still available?”

This situation was simply… too coincidental that even Bai He who had never been superstitious was trembling slightly.

The call didn’t come earlier or later but right after he made a promise.

However, at this time, Bai He didn’t have the intention to donate Cornetto right away because he still felt that this was just a small probability event that happened on himself and somewhat understood the mentality of those people who shared posts.

The matters of the demolition made Bai He somewhat distracted and he went home that very night.

At home, Bai He treated this matter as an interesting episode and told his parents.

Bai He’s mother immediately said, “Since you’ve promised to give it something, then you have to deliver it!”

Bai He’s father also followed suit and nodded his head. “There is such a principle. Foxes are extremely evil animals, since you have already spoken in front of it, you better not go back on your words.”

“Ah?” Bai He was a little speechless, he hadn’t realized that his parents were so superficial. “This is merely a coincidence…”

Bai He sternly said, “There are some things that couldn’t be explained by science at present, moreover, just like what your Dad had said, foxes are evil, didn’t you also say that many people worship it online?”

“…That is for fun!” Bai He was totally astonished. “Do I really have to donate…”

One black and one white alpaca had been placed in the open-air exhibition area. They were around a person tall with big silly-looking eyes and curly hair. They were the smaller breed in the camelid family.

In comparison, there were also Llamas that were bigger in size, however, they weren’t very suitable to be raised. Most zoos and private owners kept alpacas and they were the more well-known ones.

Duan Jiaze carefully observed for a while and reached out his hand with the intention to touch that black alpaca.

However, Duan Jiaze hadn’t even got close to it when its saliva spurted out.

Fortunately, Duan Jiaze was mentally prepared and managed to dodge in time, even so, he could still smell the saliva stench.

When the employees heard that there were alpacas, those who were free all come to take a look and try to touch them, but they all ended up getting the same treatment as Duan Jiaze. Those who were more agile were fine, but those more clumsy were spluttered a facefull.

A group of people had suffered and Duan Jiaze awkwardly said, “Perhaps they are tired from the journey so their moods aren’t that good. I heard that alpacas are rather docile nevertheless.”

They all nodded their heads to redeem their dignity and wiped the saliva as they said, “Right, right. We might have scared them.”

Duan Jiaze: “We’ll let them out for the tourists to see once they stop spitting saliva.”

Now that the employees had seen them, it was the dispatched animals that came after operating hours were over.

As alpacas weren’t from Asia, so from Luya, You Su, to the white and green snake, and even Hu Dawei, had never seen them before. They stood at the side and watched with curiosity. “They look… weird. They really look like a combination of a sheep and a camel. Can I touch it?”

Duan Jiaze: “Yes, but be careful it will spit saliva…”

Before he had finished speaking, You Su already couldn’t restrain herself and touched the white alpaca’s leg.

In fact, the white alpaca did not spit saliva and even knelt straightaway. It  bowed its head in front of You Su and let her touch it meekly.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Okay, so what exactly was he worried about? It’s pretty good that these great immortals weren’t scaring the alpacas.

You Su probably felt that the sensation was pretty good and got excited. She lifted her skirt, took a step and got on top of the white alpaca. She then hugged its long neck and with a pat, the white alpaca got up.

You Su was happy and said, “This height seems to be very suitable to be my mount.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

No… What was this? Next time those great demons had a gathering, they would be riding lions and carrying swords, but you would be riding a comical looking alpaca over there?

Not saying that this wasn’t allowed, but this sight was just too weird.

He could only say the way these ancient demons looked at alpacas were just different from them.

Xiao Qing looked enviously at You Su. ”Jiě, why don’t we change our appearance too?”

With his current body, the alpaca could probably die right away if he rode on it.

“Don’t joke around, how am I going to explain if you change your appearance…” Bai Suzhen had yet to speak when Duan Jiaze had already rejected him. “Moreover, with how you stick around with Bai-jiě, outsiders will think it’s a single mom bringing her son instead of you two being siblings.”

Xiao Qing resentfully said, “Then forget it.”

At this moment, Duan Jiaze realised that Luya had been quiet all along and didn’t express any opinion. He wondered if he was angry because of how he had played with him during the day. But he couldn’t tell just from looking at his appearance because when Luya was a cold Male God when he had no expression and didn’t speak.

Duan Jiaze hesitated for a moment before he went over. “Dào Jūn…”

Luya immediately turned a forty-five degree to indicate his disdain. “Hn.”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Just by looking at Luya’s speed of reaction, he felt that he had been waiting for a long time…

Duan Jiaze was probably the only animal keeper of the last Three-legged Golden Crow, none was there anyone to interchange with him, so he could only follow his own experience to pacify him, “I was in the wrong during the day, I am guilty, I am audacious…”

Only then did Luya turn back and look at Duan Jiaze disdainfully from the corner of his eyes with his hands around his chest like he was waiting for him to continue.

Duan Jiaze thought: Damn, it’s still not enough.

Duan Jiaze: “I swear I will use a more respectful method to showcase Dào Jūn’s heroic bearing.”

Luya bore a ferocious attitude as he spoke angrily, “That depends on your behavior!”

“…Okay, okay, okay.” Duan Jiaze thought that it was relatively easy to coax him once he got the knack of it.

But this swore was meaningless because in the face of tourist volume, he couldn’t help sincerely acknowledging his fault only to resolutely court death again as Luya had never beaten him to death…


Duan Jiaze had arranged Xiao Su to write a publicity post; The general public are welcome to come and visit our alpacas and suggest names for them.

The second day after the Weibo and Wechat’s post had been posted, they received many suggestions from the citizens, such as “Black Alpaca” and “White Alpaca” comments. Lingyou naturally and definitely wouldn’t accept such suggestions.

Moreover, at You Su’s side, he still had to choose one alpaca to be her mount. Duan Jiaze thought for a long time before he agreed to let You Su ride it around the zoo after operating hours. If others wanted to ride it, he really wouldn’t dare to agree.

So, on that night, other than the director and Huang Qi who was the only human employee, saw You Su riding the alpaca over after notifying them over dinner at the office building. The alpaca could run rather fast despite its short legs, and this scene couldn’t be even more beautiful.

The more worthy topic to bring to today was that someone actually called Lingyou to donate money.

Duan Jiaze was baffled and felt that the voice was pretty familiar. It sounded like the streamer from yesterday and when he asked about it, it was really him. He was puzzled, “Thank you very much, but we did not appeal for external donation…”

That’s right, he might be mad poor, but having someone eager to donate money was still too strange.

The streamer hurriedly added, “The netizens in my stream wish to donate to the animals, er, everyone felt that it was particularly educating, I feel the same way too. This is the combination of our heartfelt intention. I hope you will be able to use this money to create a better environment for them, especially that Arctic Fox… most of the donation is for it.”

When there were people offering their love, Duan Jiaze very much wanted to accept it, but when he heard the last part that it was actually for You Su, it all made sense now. So after Duan Jiaze repeatedly thanked him and accepted the donation, he promised to allocate it according to what the streamer said.

If it was possible, Duan Jiaze really wanted to present a prize to You Su. Look! Look at how her ability to generate income!


On the other side, Bai He scratched his head with a bitter smile after he ended the call. He thought he would be still conflicting with his parents, but inexplicably, he dreamed of that Arctic Fox at night. Although it didn’t do anything it was really frightening to have its jet black eyes looking at him.

After Bai He woke up, he felt apprehensive and was especially flustered. He didn’t know if there was just a psychological effect of not, but under this state of mind, not only did he prepare sixty thousand yuan, he even added the revenue of twenty thousand yuan he received from his streaming, gathering a total of eighty thousand yuan in total and donated all of it to Lingyou Zoo.

But he couldn’t tell the director the real reason, otherwise, the director was either going to not believe or be scared by his words, so it was a good thing that he managed to fool him. After donating, Bai He felt unimaginable and comforted himself by saying it was to buy him an ease of heart.

Although Bai He didn’t have any intention to give publicity to the zoo, there weren’t any secrets that could be kept forever in the world. He only told one or two of his close friends but the news of his house’s demolition ciculated in the net rapidly. There was even a rumor saying that he would no longer do any streaming after receiving the money from the demolition.

So, Bai He had no choice but to specially explain in his streaming that he wouldn’t be stopping his streaming.

In fact, Bai He’s income generating from his streaming was pretty high but it was no match for ‘demolition’ this eye attracting word.

Later on, some metaphysics association guessed that Bai He had deliberately gone to East Sea City’s Linshui Temple to burn incense before heading to worship the Great Immortal Fox at the zoo. As he used both the right and unorthodox method, that was how he managed to receive those definite messages of his house’s demolition. This caused many to laugh and treated it as an interesting topic.

It was only Bai He that knew that this conjecture was accurate to some degree, however, because this had been weaved too far-fetched, it only added on another legend to Great Immortal Fox’s numerous accomplishments.

Sun Aiping’s daughter, Sun Ying was a twenty-five years old teacher taking care of grade two students in a private school.

Sun Ying had received a notice that it was their turn to bring the students to visit Lingyou Zoo today—— ever since the combined tickets had been issued and because of Bao Haoluan’s unintentional spreading, many people knew that Lingyou and Linshui Temple had a close relationship. This was enough to make those people ponder.

In addition, Lingyou was indeed very popular nowadays and had a good reputation, so Sun Ying’s boss made the final verdict that the students wouldn’t be visiting the City Zoo anymore, instead, they would partner up with Lingyou Zoo despite their lesser animals count.

When Sun Ying went back home and told her family about it, Sun Aiping immediately expressed that he had a pretty good relationship with Lingyou’s director, Xiao Duan, if Sun Ying had any needs, she could look for him for help and then phoned Duan Jiaze.

Hence, Duan Jiaze was waiting at the tourist service center today.

Sun Ying resembled her mother, so even though Duan Jiaze had never seen her before, he recognized her after she had gotten off the bus when their school bus arrived.

“Ying-jiě right? I am Duan Jiaze.” Sun Ying was slightly older than Sun Ying, so he called her older sister.

Sun Ying was particularly embarrassed. “Hello, hello. You really came, I really don’t have anything here, I’m just bringing the students around. You can do your own stuff. My Dad was just making blind orders, don’t bother about him.”

Duan Jiaze chuckled. “It’s fine, I’m afraid you won’t be able to manage with so many children, I’ve to make a round around the areas every day anyway.”

It was a class of thirty students but there were only two teachers around. Sometimes when the kids got naughty, Sun Ying’s throat would really get hoarse, so she really didn’t dare to say that she would not need Duan Jiaze’s assistance.

Every class has arranged volunteers to guide them but for Sun Ying and her class, she didn’t want to be too conspicuous. Duan Jiaze initiatively offer to help and because of his young appearance, other teachers thought he was a volunteer.

All classes were separated to avoid overcrowding. As it was a Friday, the zoo wasn’t empty, but there weren’t that many people either.

Originally, these children could all have the chance to draw a lot and receive the chance of having a bird to accompany them, but Duan Jiaze considered that if only some of them managed to receive the accompaniment, the other students might make a fuss, which would make it difficult for the teacher to handle them. Hence, he only made a simple preparation of allowing the students to come to the Bird Exhibition Area and interact within the enclosure.

Duan Jiaze took Sun Ying and her students to see the alpacas. “Does everyone know what they are?”

Some of the students knew while some did not, so the teachers who already prepared their teaching material began to explain to them. Duan Jiaze then led the students to touch the alpaca’s fur. “Now these two alpacas are polling for names. Everyone can go back and search for our WeChat or Weibo to make a vote.”

Duan Jiaze contacted the staff in their work groupchat. When the children were almost done looking at the animals and that the next exhibition area had been emptied of students, he announced that they would be moving to the Bird Exibition Area.

At the moment, the children were reluctant to leave, but when they arrived at the Bird Exhibtion Area and saw the peacocks, they had all forgotten about the alpacas.

Unlike the children, Sun Ying noticed the big and fire red bird in the enclosure beside her. “Is that the bird you’ve rescued? I’ve heard from my dad. It is… especially quiet.”

Although there was a lot of noise, such as people’s voices, birds’ sound, and peacocks’ sound that echoed far away, it was completely undisturbed as it stood still on the branches with an elegant demeanor.

Duan Jiaze thought to himself, ‘That’s right, It’s very perfunctory at work and will never do cute acts. Of course, such a big beast may not look good if it does. Now that peacocks had taken over the command, it was even more free, and not many tourists would come and see it.’

However, Sun Ying’s attention soon focused on the students. The two teachers had divided the students into two groups, each with fifteen people. Sun Ying stayed outside and watched the rest of the group. The former group, led by Duan Jiaze and another teacher, came into the cage to have close contact.

Duan Jiaze helped the students put on their raincoats, opened the door and led them in.

The peacocks timely spreaded their tails which made the student exclaimed. The tail feathers of the two peacocks looked even more and more dazzling.

When everyone’s attention was on the peacocks, Duan Jiaze heard a scream from Sun Ying. He quickly turned around and saw a man with a big beard holding a student’s upper body while Sun Ying held the student’s legs. “Come here!”

Other than a bunch of children, there were still a dozen tourists outside. They were attracted by the peacocks and were ready to help her when they saw the situation.

That man wanted to kidnap the child when everyone’s attention was diverted, but Sun Ying’s reaction was fast, she rushed forward and hugged the student. At this moment, the student was wailing while the rest of the students had stepped back in fear.

Breaded Man’s eyes glinted a flash of cruelty and he pulled out a sharp knife from his chest. Everyone was instantly stunned and he warned, “Everyone don’t fucking move!”

He looked around but no one dared to meet his eyes.

This man’s expression was simply too insane, no one at present dared to gamble their life and immediately kept quiet and squatted.

Sun Ying who was still carrying the child was stunned momentarily.

Breaded Man kicked Sun Ying’s stomach. “Let go!”

Sun Ying fell to the ground and the students all screamed incessantly. The child in his hands was crying even more badly as he called out, “Teacher Sun”. When Sun Ying heard her student calling out for herself, she endured the pain and cried out, “Go on him ah!”

Breaded Man was unbearably angry. In the first place, he was a criminal paid by someone to capture someone but when he saw Sun Ying daringly lifted her head and called others to attack him, he pointed his knife at her. “Damn you, courting death aren’t you?”

When everyone was scared witless by this and didn’t notice, Duan Jiaze had pressed the students down to the floor, including the stunned female teacher, and immediately opened the door. When the door was opened, he told the tourists and students outside, “Hurry, all of you get in now.”

But at the moment, no one heard Duan Jiaze’s words because they were all attracted by the sight in front of them.

——Just when Duan Jiaze had pressed open the door and called out, something flew out swiftly from the enclosure aside. It was so fast that no one was able to react in time.

In the twinkling of an eye, that bird red bird that had always been quiet and ignored by tourists landed on Breaded Man’s hand.

With Breaded Man’s posture of lifting his hand and the size of the red bird, it was looking down at Breaded Man with an ice-cold expression.

As the only person looking it at this moment, Breaded Man felt a deep dread!

Even he himself couldn’t believe that he would feel terrified of a bird’s stare that he couldn’t hold his knife stably.

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