Those Years I Opened a Zoo Chapter 40


Chapter 40: The Ferocious Bird (2)

After that brief chilliness, Bearded Man reacted and consoled himself: This is merely a bird!

He waved his other hand to chase it away.

The bystanders saw a red bird landing on the criminal’s arm. Within seconds, it retracted its sharp claws and tore out two pieces of bloody flesh.

Bearded Man made a blood-curdling screech and the knife in his right hand dropped to the ground as he lost his grip.

Meanwhile, that bird had flapped its wings and was diving downward continuously to peck his face and head. With every single peck, a piece of flesh or tuft of hairs stained with blood also followed out. Its movement was so fierce and accurate that Bearded Man had no means to dodge.

Bearded Man screamed incessantly and wanted to run outward, but this bird of prey seemed to be capable of seeing through his intention and had been adjusting their position.

Under this situation, Bearded Man could no longer carry the child and was using both of his hands to cover his face and head instead, but even so, the bird still managed to find an opening and attacked him into a bloody mess.

He picked up the knife with his bleeding hand and wanted to stab that bird, but he didn’t know if it was the blood that had obstructed his vision or the pain that had affected his aim because he couldn’t make any contact with it. On the contrary, the veins on his hands had been ruthlessly pecked and had become another bloody mess.

He looked up and the devastating states of his face and hands were extremely shocking that the adults did not dare to look further and had closed their eyes.

The child who had been released sat on the floor, he was so badly frightened that he became dazed to even know that he should get away.

The tourists and students looked at this brutal scene in fright until Duan Jiaze hammered the door to evoke their response.

Knowing that Luya had subdued the criminal, Duan Jiaze no longer needed them to hide. “Get out, get out now!”

These people reacted and moved around the battle of this one man and one bird to get out.

The remaining teacher was crying as she led the students outside. Meanwhile, Duan Jiaze had run over to get the child who was on the floor and helped Sun Ying up.

Duan Jiaze was the last one in line and when he looked back, he saw Bearded Man running around hysterically. Luya didn’t allow him to go out and was still chasing and pecking him. He could even see his bone in some areas.

——You said, aren’t you just seeking death? You can commit a crime anywhere but you chose Lingyou. You can commit a crime anywhere at Lingyou but you chose the Bird Exhibition Area…

Duan Jiaze’s hair was even standing slightly, what happened to the light and fluffy novel as agreed? He quickly turned around, closed the door and locked the exhibition area.

When Duan Jiaze turned around and saw the group of tourists who had just run out standing there, he felt exasperated. Nevermind about other people from other exhibition areas, but instead of running away, this group of tourists actually stayed behind and were probing around.

When they saw Duan Jiaze closed the door, they rushed to him.

“What’s happening inside?”

“Does that bird eat people? Crap, I’m scared!”

“What sort of bird is that… so fierce… My legs went soft when I saw it attacking a human, fortunately, it only focused on him.”

“A chunk of meat out in one peck.”

Duan Jiaze didn’t have the mood to answer them, instead, he lowered his head and asked Sun Ying, “Ying-jiě, are you all right?”

Sun Ying endured the pain and shook her head. “I’m fine, have you called the police?”

Duan Jiaze looked up and saw his employees rushing over, so he nodded his head to show that they had called the police.

“Yes, we have called the police. Let me take you to the infirmary.” Duan Jiaze carried the child again. Initially, this child had been frightened to tears because of Bearded Man but got frightened again by Luya that he stopped crying. He was in a daze at the moment so Duan Jiaze touched his face. “Little kid, do you feel any discomfort?”

The child looked at Duan Jiaze for a few seconds before he started crying out loud again. He hugged Duan Jiaze’s neck and was crying so badly that his body was moving up and down.

Duan Jiaze sweated, he suspected that this child was more frightened by Luya…

The police arrived very quickly and Duan Jiaze opened the door to the exhibition area for them. Other than the tourists presented on the scene, any unconcerned people had been requested to leave.

The police were very cautious. They were mentally prepared for the criminal to go into hiding or make a resistance with his remaining strength.

They had heard a brief explanation from the person in charge of the zoo beforehand. He had released a bird to attack the criminal and utilized that opportunity to bring the tourists out and lock the criminal in.

However, when the door opened, they saw a man who matched the description made by the mass lying on the floor. It wasn’t clear whether he was dead or alive, but his face was badly mangled and his bleeding body had stained the floor red. On his chest, a big red bird of an unknown breed was standing on it.

This sight was so strange that it even made the police who had handled numerous cases shuddered.

“This— this bird…” A young-looking police officer hesitantly asked, “was it this bird that has injured the criminal?”

According to what he remembered from the director’s narration, there was no mention of him going forward to fight the criminal. Even if he did, how did he injure him to this extent? Did he use his fingernails to scratch the criminal?

Duan Jiaze stood at the entrance and whistled.

Inwardly, Luya gave an eye roll and flew to Duan Jiaze’s shoulder like a well-trained bird, and this almost gave the police a scare.

“It is this bird that did it, but the criminal will definitely be fine. It’s very obedient.” Duan Jiaze was a little guilty as he said this because looking at his current condition and ignoring all things else, it was inevitable that he would have a scarred face and develop a psychological trauma.

The police went forward and checked, it was true that he wasn’t dead but he was extremely weak. There were also many wounds on him—— when he tried to get away from Luya, he had knocked onto himself many times from panic.

All right, with his current state, he had to go to the hospital first.

The zoo had temporarily ceased its operation and the students had been sent back to their school. Sun Ying had gone to the hospital to do a check-up as Duan Jiaze was worried that she might suffer internal injuries because of the kick. However, Duan Jiaze didn’t follow her as he had to go to the police station to make a statement.

He also had to send a copy of the surveillance video to the police—— after the villagers made trouble at the zoo, they had installed surveillance at the gate. However, for the exhibition areas and enclosures, it was part of the upgrading package from the system so that the animal keepers could monitor the animals. In the past, Duan Jiaze didn’t monitor the dispatched animals at night but ever since Huang Qi arrived, he had them place a substitute inside after work.

This incident had taken most of his time and it was already at night now.

Duan Jiaze met that student’s parents at the police station and both of them were very grateful toward him. They had just rushed over from the hospital after visiting Sun Ying.

The police were very fast in their investigation. As that bearded man was someone with a criminal record, they were able to form a general conclusion after checking with the student’s parents.

The student’s father was undertaking a project and had offended some people, so the other party found someone to kidnap his son to teach him a lesson.

If it wasn’t for Sun Ying who held the student in time and Duan Jiaze who had released the bird to trap the criminal, the child would definitely suffer if he was taken away. Hence, the parents were extremely grateful for Duan Jiaze and especially Sun Ying.

Duan Jiaze also received several calls from Sun Aiping, Zhou Xintang, a reporter from the city’s media, and others. Both Sun Aiping and Zhou Xintang said that they would be coming to the police station to fetch him but Duan Jiaze refused them.

Duan Jiaze’s mind was in upheaval. It wasn’t a big issue for him to close the zoo because of today’s incident, he was afraid that this might have a bad influence on the zoo’s reputation.

What if someone brought this up and all they talked about was the kidnapping case? The police would need some time to settle the case so until the truth came to light, many people would think that the zoo was a dangerous place.

Even with Sun Aiping and Zhou Xintang, they wouldn’t be able to help him change the public’s impression. Although the reporter from the city’s media had requested an interview that might negate the bad reputation, Duan Jiaze was still worried about the extent of it.

Duan Jiaze was feeling extremely heavy-hearted. It was more than 11 pm when he left the police station. He took a taxi and went back with a gloomy expression.

Duan Jiaze dragged his exhausted body back to the office building and saw that the lights were still on. The employees had not got off work and were waiting in the office. This was the same for Luya, You Su, Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing. They were even typing something with their phones.

Duan Jiaze was surprised and asked, “Why are all of you still here?”

Since they had closed the zoo in the daytime, the employees should have gone back home to rest.

Huang Qi smiled at Duan Jiaze. “Yuánzhǎng is back, we are currently debating with the public opinion.”

Duan Jiaze was confused. “What?”

Xiao Su excitedly pulled Duan Jiaze to the side and explained to him that after he left the zoo, Huang Qi had decisively called everyone to get down to work.

In this era of self-media, the moment something happened, people would put the news online. As Duan Jiaze had thought it would be, the content was one-sided and horrifying, such as students being attacked in Lingyou Zoo and police coming and so on.

But Huang Qi was exceptionally fast before the rumors could circulate further, he had immediately contacted paid internet posters, inhibited the distribution of the surveillance video and circulated it privately instead. He made a move beforehand to direct the public opinion before this news got distorted and spread further.

Hence, instead of a criminal kidnapper a primary school student, what had been pushed out was a bird subduing the criminal, and since the video was with Huang Qi, many media cited his content.

And the majority of the key points of those news were focused on the keen and courageous teacher, and the zoo’s well-trained raptor— because of their cooperation, no one was harmed and the kidnapper was brought to justice.

Although the police had not reached a conclusion, there was a video to capture the truth, so this big matter was basically self-evident.

So, other than the numerous compliments for the teacher and the zoo’s director for their response, there were also many that expressed their shocks at the bird’s ferocity. It was practically a lethal weapon!

The news did not just circulate locally. Due to Sun Ying and Luya, many big media also published this news and some of them seemed to have been contacted by Huang Qi.

He could only say, if Dàojūn had to go onto the news, it must be big news.

—Among the public opinion, they managed to dodge danger and turned it into publicity because of Huang Qi’s swift response.

Huang Qi smiled at Duan Jiaze, “Yuánzhǎng, can I apply for a reimbursement for the marketing expense?”

“Sure, sure, sure!” Duan Jiaze was about to cry and he hugged Huang Qi. “Fortunately, I have decided to let you stay.”

“It’s nothing. By the way, Yuánzhǎng, I have an idea for the second part of our publicity, do you have the energy to listen now?” Huang Qi asked.

Duan Jiaze thought that that was why he was an elite, don’t mention how he had fiercely led this crisis, he was already thinking about the next step. He wiped his face and said, “I’m fine, go on.”

Huang Qi said, “I saw many comments discussing and arguing about the breed of that bird. I remembered you saying that even the forestry bureau couldn’t identify it, so I want to direct the focus on the bird. Could it be an extremely rare breed?”

After all, they were a zoo, if they had a rare animal that saved people, wouldn’t it be a wonder?

Duan Jiaze was stunned and he looked at Luya. “Yes—yes it is…”

“Alright.” Huang Qi nodded. These two points were sufficient to stir a hype.

Now that they had reached this point of discussion, everyone was going off to shower and rest. Duan Jiaze thanked everyone and sent them off before he went to sleep.

The next day, Duan Jiaze woke up and daydreamed on the bed for ten minutes.

Even though such an incident had happened in the zoo and the zoo would be closed for a day, they still couldn’t rest. A reporter from the city’s media would be coming in for an interview. Duan Jiaze also had to stay in contact with the police and issue an official announcement.

The reporter from the city’s media came over at noon and requested a copy of the surveillance video even though it was circulating on the net.

Because of the direction the discussion in the net had gone to, the reporter also followed suit; because everyone was just giving their attention to it. Duan Jiaze had no choice but to showcase how tamed Luya was, he even had to narrate the incident in his perspective and talked about his thought process.

The reporter asked, “Do you know that many citizens, especially the netizens feel that this bird of an unknown breed is too fierce, it even caused psychological trauma to those who have seen the video?”

The reporter didn’t say how he knew that while the hospitalized criminal wasn’t in critical condition, his spirit seemed to have collapsed.

Duan Jiaze gave a forced laugh. “…If there is much feedback regarding this, I will consider moving it to another exhibition area and prohibit minors from visiting it.”

The reporter was amused. “Thank you for your cooperation. You and Teacher Sun— and your bird— were very gallant. I admire you.”

Duan Jiaze embarrassingly said, “Thank you, it was mostly Teacher Sun.”

After sending the reporter off, Duan Jiaze went online and saw that #EastSeaCriminalWhoTriedToAbductSchoolBoyHasBeenSubduedByABird had become one of the most searched topics.

Duan Jiaze sweated. “Huang Qi, you even brought the hot topics? How much did you spend!”

It was one of the highest rankings and who knew how long it had stayed in this position. Duan Jiaze’s heart was aching so badly. How much was this going to cost?

Huang Qi turned around and took a look. “Ah? But I didn’t buy any?”

The two of them looked at each other.

Duan Jiaze had no choice but to admit that Dàojūn became famous after those public discussions.

Incidents of a bird saving people were so much lesser than a teacher saving people, and with this clearly filmed surveillance video, it showcased how great that bird was.

When he clicked in, most of the comments were as followed:

“My legs went soft from watching it, this bird is too fierce…”

“Beg for the criminal to be traumatized!!”

“What breed is it? This is too scary, I couldn’t stop myself from touching my face.”

“This bird is not from Asia. Evaluation complete.”

“Looking through the old news of this zoo, it seems like this bird has been rescued by their Yuánzhǎng. It might be a rare smuggled animal.”

“No one feels that Yuánzhǎng is very handsome? He even raises a raptor and saves people. This setting is even more handsome! Unfortunately, I am not from East Sea, otherwise, I would really want to go and visit the zoo.”

“I am from East Sea and I want to visit too but I’m afraid. Will this bird peck just anyone?”

“Didn’t all of you see carefully? It is usually locked inside. It was Yuánzhǎng that called it out at the last moment, so it probably attacked because it heard a command. Look at how it only targeted the criminal and didn’t attack the student who was so close.”

“I think I understand why it has its own enclosure…”

“The parents really need to thank the teacher and Yuánzhǎng, missing either one of them and those students wouldn’t be safe.”

“Frankly speaking, I am a little worried about the zoo. Yuánzhǎng did a good job but will the residents not dare to go because a kidnapping incident has happened there before?”

“It was an unsuccessful attempt… If I am a local, I will only go to that zoo because it’s goddamn too safe all right!”

“The one on top, would any criminals dare to go to this zoo? Release the bird and make you a waste!”

Duan Jiaze breathed a sigh of relief after looking at the comments. Although Huang Qi had directed the discussion initially, he didn’t see much of those “This zoo cannot be visited anymore” comments when he browsed through it.

As for Luya’s breed, as the zoo didn’t give more information, many bird experts went online and commented that they couldn’t identify what sort of bird it was. They could only verify that: It is definitely a raptor! Ultrfierce!

On the third day, Duan Jiaze resumed operation in fear. He made a post on Weibo and Wechat yesterday, stating this incident and attached a government-approved video and announced that that would be resuming operation the next day.

What made Duan Jiaze overjoyed was the effect of the publicity. The tourist volume didn’t drop, in fact, it bought another wave.

Today was a Saturday and many people came. They went straight to the Bird Exhibition Area.

The Bird Exhibition Area had been cleared and Luya was inside like usual. But what differed from the norm was that not many came to see the peacocks, instead, they went to see Luya.

Although Luya was motionless, his mighty action had already created an impression for everyone. The more they looked, the more they felt it was undeniably fierce.

Duan Jiaze even heard parents using Luya to scare the kid. “I will get the big bird to peck your butt if you aren’t obedient.”

The kid cried immediately.

Duan Jiaze was speechless. What? Does our Dàojūn have this much style that he will peck your kid’s butt?

Once this kid cried, the surrounding visitors thought that he had been frightened by the bird, and this news passed quickly and became a rumor that Luya’s expression made a kid cry.

When Duan Jiaze knew about it, he felt speechless. Was this a raptor or Hannibal? It even made a child cry?

When the city’s media broadcasted the news, it included an interview from the Public Security Bureau. After it had circulated in Friends’ Circle, more people came to Lingyou.

They knew this matter wasn’t related to Lingyou and Lingyou didn’t make any mistake despite the critical situation and had stopped a kidnapping case.

As for Luya, he sprang into fame, at least he did within the city.

As the tourist volume grew, the number of people who voiced out their opinion to Duan Jiaze also increased.

——With the continuous visitations to his enclosure, everyone realized that because of Luya’s well-known deed, his ferociousness was no longer a secret.

Even the degree of his rarity became higher and higher as the rumor circulated. They said Luya was a rare bird smuggled from the Amazon forest or Africa. There were also some that said there were not more than ten of such a bird or that it was a population that had not been discovered and recorded.

Anyway, the original Bird Exhibition Area filled with cheers and laughter gradually changed.

More than half of East Sea City’s residents saw the video of Luya attacking the criminal. This was a piece of big local news and those who saw it was left with a deep impression.

Thus, when you were interacting was a chubby Zebra Finch, how would you feel when there was always someone talking about that bird that mangled a person’s face?

When you were looking at the peacocks fanning out their tails, how would you feel when your sight sweep over to that raptor at the side, and wouldn’t be able to focus on enjoying the sight because you felt traumatized by its expression?

This was simply heaven and hell, cute and hardcore.

In addition, the incident of ‘Luya pecking face’ had been widely spread. The children nowadays knew how to use their phones to surf the internet so even if they did not watch the video, they could imagine just by looking at the title. As soon as they saw Luya in the zoo, the fear they had would pop out immediately.

From the tourists to the employees, they all suggested, Can you place it in another area! It seriously doesn’t match the environment!

Duan Jiaze then innocently express: Could it be that he really had to move Dàojūn to another separate area and probit minors from visiting it?

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