Chapter 41 Guanyin’s Ma Zi (Part 1)

The popularity of land pressure on the Internet continued for several days. Duan Jiaze even saw someone turning over the recording screen of the original Baiyun live broadcast.

In that video, Duan Jiaze shouldered the landing pressure, and took it down for everyone to see, and jokingly said that the super-civilism, and said that the bird sprouted, the land pressure is no resistance (stayed off), and finally fly go.

At that time, many barricades in the live broadcast were laughing, and some people really felt that the bird was big and the claws were sharp, but because of being raised by humans, the character was already soft.

After this is turned out, it can be interesting to compare various barrage.

There are also long-time video details that have been intercepted. It is the students of Tongxin Primary School and the birds accompanying them to wave their hands. The birds return to the nest together, which is the head of the land pressure belt, which can reflect his status.

“…I think the director is superfiscous now.”

“God **** cute! The head of the garden, you look at the gangsters who are taking out the ketchup and say your bird is so cute!”

“The head of the garden is a real man. I think this bird has a shadow. He shot his old hen like a hen. He opened his wings…”

“What is the old hen 233333? This is the home of the homeowner!”

“After all, the head of the garden rescued it, this is true love.”

“This bird is really amazing. Take the lead, big brother, no wonder you can live in a single room.”

“The headmaster is equal to having a bodyguard, very good.”

“It’s really a man who can’t be seen. The head of the park is young and grows up, and it’s so fierce.”

“How can I marry the headmaster? I feel already in love.”


The brutality of the land pressure has been well-known, and Duan Jiaze had to seriously consider changing his office.

The existing pavilion is not suitable. Duan Jiaze decided to choose one of his new pavilions as his exclusive office, but there will still be some time to complete, and the voice of the masses has been very high during this time.

Duan Jiaze temporarily put the land pressure on the reptile exhibition hall, where Bai Suzhen, Xiaoqing and Jin lived, which are also relatively horrible types.

It is just that the pressure of gold is even greater. It would have been enough for him to live with Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing…

The label of the cage of the land pressure is generally blank. Although there is still no variety name, there is already one more introduction: This is a raptor, please do not play.

The land pressure is still lingering: “My new office is big, the pillars are covered with gold foil…”

Gold foil? ? Wouldn’t it be better to build a dry house for you?

Duan Jiaze bowed to the land pressure. “Brother, small business, are you forcing me to sell blood?”

Lu Jiang looked at him unhappyly. “You can make money quickly.”

“I think too…” Duan Jiaze sighed and turned the national secondary protected animal list out again. He can’t just introduce dozens of casually, the money is worth the money, and some people are willing to visit, in order to form a virtuous circle, which requires careful calculation.

As the super raptor, the land pressure was placed in other exhibition halls, and it is said that there will be a separate exhibition hall in the future, and everyone is more curious about it.

The varieties of land pressure have never been said to be one or two, but it is Duan Jiaze who is guessing how to train birds. Everyone is right.

Visitors to Lingling also strongly requested that the director could show the bird training.

Although many zoos now do animal performances, Duan Jiaze did not intend to open the project. Their cognitive animal intelligence is far superior to other similar ones, and there is no need to pull out the performances.

Duan Jiaze looked at these tourists and was afraid of land pressure. He wanted to see the performance. He was contradictory and refused.

Huang Wei said next to Duan Jiaze: “You can refuse to perform animal performances, but this bird – what is its name?” It is a marketing point like Arctic fox. It is recommended to shoot some of you two privately. The small video is placed in Guanbo and Guanwei.”

“It’s OK to shoot a small video,” Duan Jiaze glanced at the land pressure and said, “It is called…”

Luke looked cold and cold and looked at Duan Jiaze.

Duan Jiaze: “…”

When I was seen by the land pressure, Duan Jiaze had a dim sum and didn’t dare to talk nonsense.

And Huang Wei is still looking at Duan Jiaze with the eyes of the inquiry: “Well? What is it?”

Duan Jiaze: “Calling land pressure…”

Huang Wei said, “Isn’t this the name of Lu Ge?”

Duan Jiaze laughed. “Yeah, don’t you think they are very similar?”

Huang Wei looked at Duan Jiaze eccentrically, I don’t know what it’s like, but it’s really a little bit interesting. He can’t help but start, “Okay, land pressure bird.”


At noon, dinner time.

Huang Wei saw that the food had some inspiration. He said to Duan Jiaze: “The head of the school, it is better to go back and take a small video of your own hand-feeding food.”

Duan Jiaze: “Okay.”

When the two finished speaking, they found that everyone else looked at them with amazement.

Huang Wei: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Especially Xiao Su, holding chopsticks has fallen into a psychedelic state.

Liu Bin can’t help but say: “The head of the school, Lu Ge has already passed this one? Let all the relatives bring your unit to eat and live, let you wear his old clothes, the food you want to do it yourself, now you have to eat even Hey?”

Duan Jiaze: “Hey!!”

“Cough, cough, cough!” Duan Jiaze coughed and smothered the granules on the table and said, “What are you talking about!”

Liu Bin looked around for a week and weakly said: “Is it wrong?”

– From the eyes of other people, they also agree with what Liu Bin said.

Huang Wei actually agreed with Liu Bin’s saying that the land pressure brought the relatives to eat and eat, but the land pressure he said before was really not the land pressure. “Well, we are talking about the raptor, the head of the garden gives It has a name, also called land pressure.”

Liu Bin just bowed his head: “Sorry, I made a mistake.”

Xiaosu: “Ah… the same name…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Xu Chenggong patted Duan Jiaze and sincerely said: “The director, although he made a mistake, but Liu Bin said it is right, sometimes you should refuse it, you can’t refuse because of the relationship, so you can pamper, you see Sometimes you are too busy, and Xiao Lu still wants you to cook. It is really ignorant. You better, talk to him.”

Duan Jiaze: “………”

Duan Jiaze said: “Thank you for your concern, I will consider it, but you should never say this in front of the land pressure.”

Other employees shook their heads quickly, and they dared to say it face to face. Lu Ge looks too cold, they are only privately agree, although one is willing to fight a wish, but the director is too fond of Lu Ge. Good relationship with the head of the school is good for Lu Ge, Lu Ge should be considerate.

This is a problem that people are coming out one after another, and the zoo is getting more and more busy. In the eyes of others, the land pressure has become such an image. It seems that the animals that can no longer be said to be sent by relatives in the future.


One day later, Guan Bo and Guan Wei actually released a small video titled: One hundred ways to feed the Raptor:

The person who recorded the video seemed to be sitting at the door of the cage, reaching out a hand, holding some rice in the palm of his hand, summoning the net red raptor to eat, “land pressure, come.”

The land-pressure bird really flew over, bowed his head and smelled it. Not only did he not eat it, but his wings took the rice off his palm.

The lens slammed and the screen was black.

Then there is the second quarter. This time, the palm of your hand is breadcrumbs. “Small land, eat?”

The land pressure came over again, and this time I didn’t even smell it. I went straight down and used the wings to beat the video recorders several times.

Then the screen switches to the third feeding: this time the palm of the hand put a piece of cooked lean meat, suspected of beef.

“Lu Ge, eat meat.”

The land pressure only gathered the wings, standing in front of the palm and bowing the meat.


“66666666 is the head of the garden feeding? Not afraid of being beaten!”

“The original raptor is called the land pressure? This name is very close to the face! The breeder is also cute, also called Lu Ge 233”

“Not a breeder, it’s the head of the garden. It feels like the sound in the news. Does the average breeder dare to feed?”

“Brass duck?”

“Empty ears xswl!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha, I will lose my temper, shoot people with wings, can be said to be very tempered!”




In a few days, Jia Ze was busy, how to use the money to make notes, how many animals to introduce, and more tourists in the park. They started to take a nap at noon, otherwise they couldn’t stand it.

Halfway to sleep, Xiaosu came to wake him up. “The headmaster, someone came to you.”

Duan Jiaze stumbled to open the door, “Who?”

Xiaosu: “I don’t know, a big brother, talking too retro, and everyone else, now in the reception room, Huang Wei accompany him.”

Who else? Duan Jiaze felt that it was not right. He took the phone out and saw that the APP actually sent animals!

Duan Jiaze took a shot and he was too busy to take off. He didn’t notice this. Now, looking at the progress of this logistics, there should be dispatched animals.

When he went downstairs, Xiaosu said: “Is it a relative of Lu Ge?”

Duan Jiaze: “…should not be.”

In the hallway, Duan Jiaze heard that someone in the living room was singing: “The smell of anger is three thousand feet, and the sun is burning on the head. You can sigh 36 members, and flee east and west to each side…”

This trick is quite high, Duan Jiaze is thinking in his heart, who, which fairy monsters still sing?

Duan Jiaze pushed the door with a sigh of relief –

Sitting in the face full of arrogant jaundice, there is a minimum of one meter nine, dressed in Chinese men’s clothing, the side of the strong man standing in the middle of the door, carrying a hand to sing: “… I only want to be an emperor, under the sword of Heyang Princess funeral.”

The brawny took a step, his fingers turned to the side, and his eyebrows glared: “You are a person – the face of the beast!”

Duan Jiaze, who was accused: “…”

Huang Wei was busy standing up. “The head of the garden is coming, then I will go first.”

I don’t know how Huang Qi was so awkward, but actually sang it. What is even worse is that Huang Wei was sung.

Duan Jiaze saw Huang Hao bring the door, and turned to ask: “I am the director of the Lingbi Zoo, Duan Jiaze, you?”

The strong man looked at Duan Jiaze and carefully arranged the clothes. By the way, Duan Jiaze really felt that his clothes were not fit, and his muscles tightened his clothes.

“Under Xiong Siqian, this time the harassment of the director,” the strong man Xiong Siqian also bowed his hand, “If there is a offense, I hope that the director will bear a lot of money.”

Although Xiong Siqian is a big five, but he is very arrogant, it is the most ancient style of sending animals. Duan Jiaze doesn’t like it very much. “That… well, let’s say, dare ask you… what is the root?”

Listening to the name may be a bear, but I don’t know what a bear is.

Xiong Siqian’s bronze bell eyes stunned and said: “Yeah, the head of the garden said this… Have you ever heard of the next name?”

Duan Jiaze: “…no.”

Xiong Siqian got a waist, and the whole person looked taller. His head was about to reach in front of Duan Jiaze. He roared: “I am Luojiashan, the guardian of the mountain, you haven’t heard of Laozi?!”

Duan Jiaze: “………”

I rely on you, there are actually two faces in this big eyebrow?

Xiong Siqian took Duan Jiaze to sit on the sofa. He had a big mouth and a fierce sorrow. He still had to learn the little white face, and gave him a Mawei.

It was at this moment that the room where the doors and windows were closed, I did not know where to blow a hot wind, a figure appeared behind Xiong Siqian, and he kicked him a dog’s mud and then stepped on his back.

Xiong Siqian’s muscles are tight, and the clothes are broken. The blue veins rise and the hands are on the ground, but they can’t escape from the foot.

“The Guanyin Ma Zi, but also his mother wants to bully the deity?” The land pressure went up and directly put Xiong Siqian half of his face into the floor tiles.

Duan Jiaze: “………………”

Wait, let me know, it should be your breeder…

This reversal came too fast, and Duan Jiaze was too late to feel emotional.

When the land pressure burst, the Xiong Siqian was picked up and went to the ground. “Apologize.”

Xiong Siqian climbed up and gave Duan Jiaze a head and gave a shallow pit to the ground. “I’m sorry!!”

“…” Duan Jiaze’s two hands were still open on the sofa, and the whole person was squatting inside. His face was arrogant. “Okay, forget…?”

Xiong Siqian looked at the land pressure and said: “I don’t know if Daojun is here… I just made a joke with the headmaster.”

If he knew that the temper of the three worlds was here, how can he come to Mawei, he had long been a bear with a tail.

The land pressure snorted and didn’t speak, but with long eyes, he could see that he did not believe Xiong Siqian.

Xiong Siqian resumed his previous elegant appearance, and added a few more pleasing smiles. He said to Duan Jiaze: “I was a black bear in the Black Wind Mountain. After that, I was a janitor at the Guanyin Tuas Dojo. My little bear is.”

“Well, let’s talk.” Duan Jiaze looked at the attitude of a lot of Xiong Siqian, and I was a bit grateful. Although these dispatched animals couldn’t hurt him, they had to be as savage as Xiong Siqian, and the heart was scared and scared.

And you can imagine, if it is not the land pressure, he may decide how to go to work. Look at this mixed look, the bad review does not care about the evaluation of the meter does not care, not a few hundred years ago, no free body.

Before that, I still disliked the king. Now it seems that Daojun is already good. If he is one, he will indirectly suppress the whole park and it will be very worthwhile. Duan Jiaze thought, gratefully glanced at the land pressure.

The land pressure saw Duan Jiaze’s admiration (mistakes) from the heart, and he was very proud.


Xiaosu took a pot of tea and came in. He saw the director sitting opposite the guest. The atmosphere was very good. I just didn’t know what was on the ground. There were two pits, one small and shallow, one bigger and deeper. Shocked: “What is going on here?”

Duan Jiaze glanced at it: “…not careful.”

“What is smashed into such a thing, that watermelon is so big,” Xiaosu groaned, so he didn’t go deep into it. “Would you like someone to make up?”

“Looking for it, don’t look for it,” Duan Jiaze waved. “Save some money. This building will be demolished sooner or later.”

“That is also true.” Xiaosu said.

Duan Jiaze introduced her to her again. “This is Xiong Siqian, a friend of my friend who works nearby and borrows to live here.”

As long as it is not a relative of Lu Ge, of course, this time, this is not like the relatives of Lu Ge, Xiao Su Chong Xiong Siqian smiled and said hello to him.

Xiong Siqian also handed over, “The little lady is polite.”

Xiao Su stunned and snorted, “The bear brother is really elegant.”

It is also a singer and an ancient ceremony, but there are many such people now. Xiaosu’s street can occasionally see people wearing costumes. This is a hobby. At most, Xiong Siqian is too strong, and wearing this dress looks a bit awkward.

I didn’t know Xiong Siqian’s identity before. I knew that after I saw him, Duan Jiaze had only one idea. The black wind king really didn’t change his style. He must be a cultural person.

After Xiaosu sent the tea out, Duan Jiaze asked himself a question: “How did you get down?”

Xiong Siqian said with a sigh: “We usually like to collect some wild fruits on weekdays. I don’t want wild fruits to become wine for a long time. If I accidentally eat and eat, I will be drunk. I will destroy the environment of Luojia Mountain and be sent to the heavens by the Tuas. Supporting the Hope Project, it was sent here.”

Duan Jiaze: “…oh.”

Who are you cheating! The wild fruit turns into wine and believes. Why can you eat it accidentally or even get drunk?

Duan Jiaze did not believe it at all, but thought that this Xiong Siqian was undermining the environment. Others had asked him, and Su (self-proclaimed) married a little god. Bai Suzhen is said to have had a conflict with a certain Luohan. She has not been feeling good about the bald head since the sea of ​​law. Xiaoqing did not make mistakes, but blindly followed Bai Su.

This land pressure alone is not willing to say that he has made something wrong.

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