Chapter 4 : The First Reward

The small signboard sent by the factory had not been installed yet. In order to save money, Duan Jiaze only chose to pay for the installation of the big signboard. The factory had sent in compliment nails. He took the remaining small signboards and nails them all around.

All the signboards with the words “Cape Zoo” had been replaced with the new ones.

Some signboards were placed in a higher location. Duan Jiaze had to stand on the ladder, climbing up and down. It can be considered a heavy labor and his breath was short after he was done.

Duan Jiaze couldn’t wait to open Ling Xiao Hope Project App. At first glance, his first task had been labeled as “completed” and a small pocket logo was flashing.

Duan Jiaze tapped open the small pocket, it showed:

Congratulations on completing the task, you can receive the reward now! Do you want to get it right away?

Under the yes or no choice, there was also a choice to view the reward. More details were explained after opening it.

The above also stated the feeding plan. How much food was needed daily for each animal and the different treatments for illness and pregnancy. For example, the lion had different meats every day, mainly beef or pork, supplemented with chicken and duck.

These foods would be automatically distributed in the warehouse every morning. Likewise, indicate where was the designated warehouse to receive the rations by filling in the blank.

This could be considered an education material as this was the best feeding list calculated by the system. Even if there was no reward in the future, knowing the ingredients and quantity, Duan Jiaze could still paint the tiger according to the cat. It was indeed the knowledge that he, as a director urgently needed.

After Duan Jiaze chose the designated warehouse, he pressed to receive the reward. A list came out below, corresponding the animals to some numbers.

Duan Jiaze ran to the warehouse and at one glance, there were some barrels that appeared out of thin air and numbers were written on them. It was written as Lion No. 1, Peacock No. 1, No. 2, etc. and inside contained the rations. In contrast, these numbers corresponded to the number in the list. He coukd follow according to this and go to the specific individual animal.

The important point was, Duan Jiaze actually saw the barrel corresponding to Luya! It was written as the Three-legged Golden Crow No. 1!

– Duan Jiaze wanted to say that it was not like he could find a second one right?

What do the Three-legged Golden Crow eat?

According to the feeding scheme calculated by the App system, today, Luya could eat beef and cabbage that were in the barrel!

The temporary workers responsible for feeding had not come yet and Duan Jiaze went out with Luya’s bucket.

At this time, Luya was just standing outside. With one look, he saw the barrel in the hand of Duan Jiaze and the words “Three-legged Golden Crow No. 1” on the barrel. Immediately like a cat who had its tail stepped on, the hairs stood up: “Such audacity, do not expect this deity to eat this!!”

“You will not eat?” Duan Jiaze found this to be a little hilarious. He looked at the beef meat and saw that the meat quality was not bad. In the past few days, he had been buying lunch box at the restaurant in the park. It tasted very ordinary and not to mention, expensive.

If Luya did not want to eat, Duan Jiaze decided that he would cook it for himself. The utensils and seasonings in the kitchen were all satisfying. When Duan Jiaze was still schooling, he and his roommates often cook at their dormitory. He can be considered a home chef.

Luya was particularly enraged, as if he received great humiliation, “Will not eat!”

Duan Jiaze: “Won’t you be hungry if you don’t eat?”

Luya coldly answered: “I have abstained from eating for a long time.”

Actually, wasn’t this a good deal that he cheaply earned? As soon as he heard that he did not have to eat, Duan Jiaze was particularly cheerful as he carried the barrel to the kitchen. The beef was sliced, the cabbage was cut into sticks and he fried a home-cooked dish.

While he did not know where this beef and cabbage were produced from, it was especially fragrant even though Duan Jiaze only simply stir-fry it. He had no rice here so he planned to go to the restaurant in Cape Park to get a bowl of rice. He took a bowl and ran out with saliva dripping.

Five minutes later, Duan Jiaze came back with a bowl of rice and he could smell the beef from outside the kitchen. He couldn’t wait to eat.

As soon as he stepped into the kitchen, Duan Jiaze saw Luya standing at the stove stuffing the beef into his mouth.

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze: “…”

Luya: “…”

Duan Jiaze looked at the Luya with black line on his face: Didn’t you said you will not eat this? Where’s the shame? Where the abstain from eating you’ve said?

He looked at the dishes on the plate and couldn’t help but said: “… How is there only half left.”

He only went out for five minutes!

There was a suspicious blush floating on the face of Luya. Some shame had turned into indignation: “This is to feed me! Are you coveting animal ration?!”

Duan Jiaze: “No,I just want to ask you… Do you want rice…”

Luya’s eyes were staring: ” … Yes.”

The imposing, with unmatched beauty Luya stood in the kitchen, holding the bowl of beef and fried cabbage with rice. The picture of him eating so delectably was too life-like that Duan Jiaze felt dazed.

More importantly, Luya did not seem to have then intention to leave him some…

Duan Jiaze’s stomach rumbled and Luya didn’t seem to care.

Duan Jiaze thickened his face and called Luya. He also sweetened his words: “Daojun, can you leave some beef for me to taste?”

“Cannot.” Luya lifted up his head and said coldly, “This is my daily portion of food if I give it to you. I will not be full.”

With his cultivation level, he had long abstained. However, today when he once again saw human food, there was a different kind of attraction.

This made Duan Jiaze angry: Why don’t you be so stingy until you die? Is the cultivation of the Three-legged Golden Crow in inverse proportion to the state of mind? The more you cultivate, the stingier you are?

Duan Jiaze angrily said: “Good, then you can cook for yourself!” Look at this Three-legged Golden Grow, don’t even say cooking, it will be good if he knows how to mix the feed.

Luya angrily said: “You dare to threaten this deity.”

So, who was the one threatening who?

The momentous was amazing, in between Luya’s sentence, cluster of flames appeared on the side of his body from thin air. The temperature in the kitchen suddenly rose, even the air seemed to be distorted. It was extremely threatening.

Duan Jiaze complained in his heart. He knew that he had the identity of the head of the zoo to protect himself so he was not afraid of the pressure released by Luya. “I don’t dare, I just don’t have enough energy to feed the animals.”

Luya angrily glared at Duan Jiaze. His face was full of displeasure, but the flame was extinguished one by one.

Duan Jiaze saw that he was softening and he quickly washed his spoon and dug into Luya’s bowl of beef.

Although Luya was looking at Duan Jiaze’s hand, he really did not stop him.

Duan Jiaze was really shocked by the taste of this beef. He did not feel that his cooking skills were earth-shattering and the cooking method was the normal home cook way. However, the taste was really delicious. Delicate and chewy, even the cabbage was extraordinarily sweet. Compared to the lunchbox that he ate for a few days, the difference was like heaven and earth. He was close to tearing up.

Duan Jiaze: “How is this so delicious… Where do this beef and cabbage come from? Can it be purchased online?”

If it was not too expensive, he wanted to buy it and treat himself.

Luya gloated: “You can’t buy it, this does not belong to the human world.”

The human world had been segregated for a long time and the spiritual air had become increasingly thin. To this day, it was already pitifully little.

And this ingredient was produced from the celestial world that was full of spiritual air, although this was not a special variety but growing in such an abundance environment was naturally many times better than in the human world.

Duan Jiaze listened and he deplored: What was the purpose of being a human? Not as good as an animal, and he waz still a director of a zoo.

Luya was focused on Duan Jiaze, reminding him: “You almost got it.”

Duan Jiaze took another bite and reluctantly put down the spoon.

After Duan Jiaze knew that the ingredients were so precious, he was distressed. After all, he could not eat it himself. At the same time, he also paid more attention to it. When the employed villagers came to work, his eyes never left them as they took the food out of from the barrels to buckets.

The temporary keepers felt inexplicable. After all, the naked eye could not distinguish how good these rations were, and maybe they even thought it was not as good as their own home grown.

But the effect was very obviously shown in the animals.

The lion who had been fed well these days had great enthusiasm for the new food it was eating. Or more like every animal had received great enthusiasm to the new rations. However, it was just because the size of this big cat reflected the most obvious.

Duan Jiaze supervised the villagers holding the buckets. They were still fifty meters away and the lion had already climbed up and was hurriedly wandering around the hurdles. It was staring so focused on the other side like it coveted the ration so badly.

When they were even nearer, the lion’s head was even pressed on the railing and when the villagers moved a little, its body followed.

The villagers’ feeding was very inconspicuous. They used long pliers to clamp the meat through the railings. They did not clean up afterward so the cage was dirty. Now that Duan Jiaze had requested for timely cleaning, it was much better, but the feeding method still remained unchanged for the time being.

When the villagers put the beef in, the lion almost immediately rushed up and buried its head into the food. The way it ate was worst than the first time it ate after starving for a while. It even made sounds of “Ah wo ah wo” from the throat. Duan Jiaze was a little scared that it will choke.

The villagers also exclaimed, “Why is it so hungry today?”

The same was true for the other animals. Several villagers looked at it and secretly thought that the new boss must have improved the quality of the food. No wonder he was so guarded against them. In the past, they just partnered together, secretly concealed the purchase price and the rations.

Duan Jiaze stared at the villagers as they made one round of feeding. When they proceeded on to cleaning, he returned to the lion’s cage. When he arrived, the lion was licking its mouth and paws, not leaving any residue.

Duan Jiaze could completely understand this behavior because the meat was really delicious.

Moreover, he always felt that the lion had a better spirit after eating those meat. In fact, he could actually say it’s glowing. He did not know if it was really the truth or was it because he knew the origin of the meat, hence giving him the psychological effect.


Paint the tiger according to the cat: copying the form without understanding the substanceDaojun (道君) , a title to call someone respectable in Taoism )

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